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right mortgages aren’t scarce houses aren’t scarce buildings aren’t scarce  land’s not even scarce silver gold and oil are not scarce there’s only one institutional grade  property that is truly scarce that’s ever become an investment great asset for the  public markets and that’s bitcoin welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is aaron  in today’s video i want to go over four or five different altcoin projects that are making big  moves that you need to know about of course the reason why you subscribe to our channel  is because on a daily basis we drop at least one video every day keeping you informed news  opinion interviews perspective analysis that’s exactly what we’re doing today we have so much  to talk about in today’s video make sure you check the timestamps below make sure you watch  the entire thing everybody take two seconds and softly tap the like button and also go in the  comments section right now and comment which altcoins you want us to cover in future videos  and with that being said let’s dive in and take a look at the current state of the market and  let me show you which altcoins are building first of all the sec has recently just rejected the van  ack bitcoin trust spot etf it did not however condemn blockchain or cryptocurrency  so the sec recently approved a futures bitcoin etf surprised a lot of people  many were expecting a spot etf to be approved recently did not happen but that’s okay bitcoin is  just as scarce as it has ever been and more than that taking a look at the price chart confidence  in the asset class did not suffer bitcoin at all-time highs consolidating at all-time highs  ethereum consolidating above all-time highs how could you not be bullish and to understand  perhaps it seems to you like it’s boring right now maybe it seems to you like you’ve gotten in  too late i don’t think that at all it’s time in the market not timing the market and during  the boring times in the market pay attention to projects implementing progress is happening and  i’m going to show you what progress is happening right now before we talk about specific projects  let’s just take stock and understand that the world is changing so much in such a positive  direction towards web 3 which is kind of like the soft name for crypto now and it’s just so cool to  see how these huge brands that had nothing to do at all with cryptocurrency in years past are now  signaling we want in before we get to specific altcoins did you realize starbucks is getting in  to web 3 and crypto quote through blockchain or other innovative technologies we are exploring  how to tokenize our rewards program so if you’ve ever been to starbucks you’re already aware that  basically what they already have regarding with their app it’s basically like a cryptocurrency  already except not on a blockchain it would make sense to tokenize this and this is not according  to the barista this is according to the ceo of starbucks so first mcdonald’s sells nfts  then burger king then so many athletes and sports organizations now starbucks getting into crypto  who’s next who’s next what’s next let me know in the comments below now speaking of progress during  boring times in the market let’s talk about it which projects are making significant progress  despite whether the price is going up and down in any fast amount of time first crypto project  we have avalanche 358 projects in 13 months in the rapidly growing avalanche ecosystem  take a look this is what real progress looks like next on our list speaking of projects making real  progress phantom keeps growing exponentially phantom is a fast and scalable next generation  layer one platform and let’s take a look at some stats 1.1 million unique addresses 75 000 plus  daily active addresses almost 1 million daily transactions 44 000 plus smart contracts  deployed and 5.3 billion total value locked phantom certainly still in the conversation  next crypto project that continues to build and progress ave version three the next generation of  the ave protocol could change the game and here’s why and some of this is simple to understand some  of this is more complex i’ll just give you the bullet points so you can begin to understand this  first of all ave a blue chip already they’re launching their version 3 now it’s packed with  tons of brand new features take a look at your screen probably the biggest game changer is what’s  known as portal allowing assets to seamlessly flow between ave version 3 markets over different  networks so ethereum to avalanche to phantom to cardano to solana this is what we’re talking about  this is a big game changer also regarding ave version 3 high efficiency mode allowing borrowers  to extract the highest borrowing power out of their collateral isolation mode risk management  improvements that’s great layer two specific features these are all building to get on layer  two to scale i like that community contributions i mean you can read this for yourself but do not  count ave out just because we’re in the boring times ave is doing big things how about crypto  companies doing big things coinbase like them or hate them and there’s plenty to critique when it  comes to coinbase but they’re doing huge things to spur cryptocurrency adoption for better or worse  do you like my portfolio coinbase adds social media buttons so coinbase is adding a button  to let users share their crypto portfolio to platforms like twitter and instagram instantly  seamlessly it’s pretty cool i mean personally i would never share my exact crypto portfolio not  even with friends but regardless how you would do it and i’m not trying to tell you what to  do plenty of people are going to do this and more than that you can start to try and like  envision the future understanding that this is the kind of thing that gets more people to buy  seeing all their friends what their cryptocurrency portfolio is and people comparing them  and anyway this is going to send cryptocurrency to the next order of magnitude higher and this is  all with the macro backdrop of money printer go bur they continue to devalue the dollars  that everyday people use on a daily basis the purchasing power of your money is becoming less  and less used to be kind of decade by decade then year by year now month by month now week by week  and what this does is i mean pretty much first of all scarce assets should increase in value  but more than that all investable assets should increase in value and you know people are looking  to get out of cash get into something that won’t lose value as fast as the dollar  so what do you think knowing that the us dollar is getting devalued deflated away what’s  a better hedge is it gold or is it crypto i really appreciate what anthony scaramucci had to  give for his answer you know what is a better hedge for inflation gold or crypto  i really appreciated how he articulated it whether you like this guy or not what he says to this  question i think is true but you tell me what you think which is the better hedge for inflation gold  or crypto joining us now is anthony scaramucci he is the sky bridge capital founder former  white house communications director and a cnbc contributor it’s good to see you this morning  good morning scott let’s start there i’d like to hit you with a bunch of different topics but  we have had gold come back in vogue if you will as the debate on inflation continues to heat up does  that form some competition again for crypto listen i’m never going to sell short gold it’s got a 5  500 year history of offering a store of value but like everything in our society when you  get a technical property where there’s a massive improvement that has a tendency to  eclipse things and so you know we we had dvd scott and we moved to netflix and streaming  the satoshi nakamoto white paper basically put us into a new era and the technical  properties associated with bitcoin are infinitely better than gold you can move it  costlessly you can store it virtually costlessly uh and it has uh this it you know ledger that is  completely missile locked you know you can’t hack it and so with 21 million coins and it’s scarcity  remember we only have 65 percent of the gold mined right now the shortage of supply the technical  properties i think it’s probably going to be 10 times better than gold over a long period of time  but for right now bitcoin is pacing what people like michael saylor and kathy wood are predicting  that it will do it will eventually eclipse gold it’s about a 1.2 trillion market cap today gold’s  roughly 11.

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But i think bitcoin gets there scott the same way we’re using our smartphone today  and not using a rotary phone then the final crypto project which is making huge progress  well the news is this that the new england patriots american football team which is one of  the most successful american football teams with the biggest fan base has just signed with ethereum  fan token platform socios the patriots are the first nfl team to partner with the firm although  no fan token is dropping for now at least so this is the cryptocurrency project what’s basically  the social basically what is the fan token platform you know what token is associated  with this well i would say chili’s chili’s the world’s first tokenized sports exchange chili  token powers the socios fan engagement app so i would say this is probably pretty good for chili’s  or projects like chili’s and that’s why i’m putting them on our list today and they’re  looking good so which alt coins did i miss which coins are making huge progress let me know in the  comments below i do want to remind our audience i continue to stack bitcoin on a regular basis i  know a lot of people do bitcoin is like my savings account altcoins are like you know different  things that can help you you know obviously they appreciate far faster and higher in bull markets  but i guess the point is do not count bitcoin out bitcoin has great fundamentals and it is the  most scarce anyways make sure you subscribe to the channel and with that being said see you tomorrow

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