8x RTX 3070 Mining Rig Build in a X8 Server Case & Hashrate Testing LIVE

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[Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh oh [Music] [Music] test test test test test test test test test can you guys can you guys hear me hello hello hello this is my microphone it's very far away from my from my head depends which which head we're talking about uh uh Vinnie Del Greco what's up hope red P's black L gotten better I am definitely much better yes I'm doing good uh okay wait can you guys you guys can uh I'm I'm standing like 5T away five no no no more like yeah 5T can you guys still hear me I'm going a little bit closer can you still hear me uh good day sir Dom G RI what's up man good to see you Ry how are you good sir is the pirate audio is fine okay great EVGA xc3 Legend yes this GPU I have I have 48 of them 48 still sitting so I really I really need to get these up uh travels travels yes we here okay sounds like you are in my living room Vinnie D Greco are you watching me on your TV travels travels I ordered my fourth KS Z Ultra with a coupon for $214 ship today ah nice Travelers travels nice were you able to use the red panda coupon as well as as well as the ice River coupon or no were you able to stack coupons uh bearded cryptic thank you for joining good sir thank you thank you for joining okay guys so I'm just I'm just going to build this 3070 rig and get it all Mining and that's that's the plan that's it that's the whole plan today so I'm going to um all right going to make sure I don't you know dox myself here I'm going to put all the gpus over here spread out the gpus over here and uh here here here oh we got a we got a problem oh we're going to have to bend this one back oh yeah I can't I can't do it with my fingers my fingers are are not strong enough I'm going to I need a uh I need to bend that back um Travelers travels you should have a bunch of ir coupons um all right I'll check it out I'll check it out Vinnie delgreco how did you get the those two two three prong plugs in that outlet two three prong plugs in that outlet what what are you talking about Vin DG Greco I don't know what you're talking about all right okay taking off the lid here we go all righty so this is the OCTA minor X8 Ultra uh not the X8 plus this is like one of their first X8 Ultra Generations I believe I believe oh bearded cryptic bro thank you H bearded cryptic thank you for the 10 man RPM ubiquity networking is god tier what why I I didn't do anything no be cryp oh be cryptic are you are you who I think you are are are you are you the gentleman from uh North Carol uh from car North Carolina is that you Mr bearded cryptic I'm sorry if I forgot is that you that's awesome uh yeah we had some fun setting up your ubiquity that was great uh I'm guessing he means um the silver one on the wall katanu what's up Patrick Murphy you're thinking of Brandon coin I got $80 coupon for the one Ultra at higher price travels travels okay nice Nick what's up how's mining how's your morning so far it's great my morning is great doing good doing good all right so this X8 Ultra is good now I'm just going to start populating the gpus in here okay just very easy I want to get I want to make sure this thing mines we're going to get this thing we're going to get we're going to get this thing mining in in one out less than 1 hour I I better be able to do it in less than 1 hour while doing it live okay that's the whole that's the whole thing can I put this in it's not going in first [Music] issue first first issue I'm having all right there we go okay first one's in ah I don't have any screws I need some I need some of the Octo Miner octo Miner screws okay I'm going to need to go get some I'll be I'll be right back be be right back smash the like only 23 likes what the hell ter ter terrible nobody nobody hits the like all right I got my OCTA minor screw uh husky magnetic husky thing uh tray magnetic husky tray okay uh panu panu panu panu how are you man how are you good sir custom Computing I just got here what did I miss uh you missed nothing custom Computing you missed nothing I'm it's it's 2019 and I'm building a GPU mining rig it's 2019 all over again I'm building like I'm building like GPU mining is back oh that's not oh that's not fitting oh my god oh this is bent out of whack okay I need to get I need to get pliers hold on I need to get pliers pliers pliers H okay these are not pliers these are uh yeah I'll use these on so I got to bend this I got to bend this got to bend this down a little bit of damage little bit of damage from Shipping just just a little bit just just just a little bit okay now will this fit it's not going in there we go there we go much better much better I'm sweating I am sweating so hard right now you guys have no idea a little bit it's a little bit hot right now in this basement and you know what that's not going in that's not that that hole [Music] is that hole is not all the way you missed screws any updates on tangum shipping hammad rashed um I still have not gotten a response from tangum I'm going to send a followup and uh and ask them uh guys total cryptocurrencies is 2.4 million probably it will not be bull season Arch Stanton wash your mouth with soap Ultra PID and on the way red pan of salesman of the decade oh God no I told you guys not to buy ice Rivers I but I didn't say buy it I said if you are going to do it you can use my coupon but just understand the risks involved in buying an ice River an ice River Asic right now understand why why did Ice River Why did Ice river drop the prices so much why there's got to be a reason what's the reason well I think they're anticipating that you know a lot of hash rate is coming up you know um 93 people 40 likes smash the like Bros Smash the like is this build for salad eeny meenie miny mo uh no no but but stay tuned stay tuned tomorrow I I I might do a live I might I might do a live stream I I I I might do a live stream I'm not going to do a video but I might do a live stream of building a thing GPU mining is dead uh yes GPU mining is extremely dead right now if you have cheap electric then it's not dead okay uh I got got a problem with this one this one has this one has a massive problem this this IO bracket is extremely mangled here I am going to try to bend it back attempt attempt to attempt to um one one year anniversary they said lack of orders clean warehouse for new miners make more money from people buying mag China boxes Smokey Dan okay I'm going to try attempt to bend this back oh boy that's this is a problem this is potentially a problem uh uh no oh God I screwed up Joker Miner got the ultra for my server did you that might have been a bad idea might have been I don't know je this is I don't know if that's I don't know if that's any better well let me see all right let me put it [Music] in can you guys see my belly oh you can see my crotch area oh that's not good that's not good I'm sorry please please don't put that on please don't put that on only fence or or PE Hub or whatever whatever the go-to site is these days uh heat it first yeah I yeah good yeah I'm I'm not going to I am not going to heat it up okay that that doesn't work that's not even you know we bent it back but the the uh uh it's still like a few millimeters short from the screw hole I don't know man how's that going to work is that going to [Music] work nope that's that I can't even screw it in that needs to be way more okay okay considerable amount of no that's not going to work that's not going to work I need to pull this way more it's just it's not it's not straight ah it's bent here ah look at that okay you can see why it's like bent inward so I got to I got to bend this part out there we go that's better [Music] okay yeah that that's better okay let's try it [Music] now damn shipping [Music] uh okay that didn't that didn't do anything H that didn't let me see if I could just force it yeah yeah that didn't that didn't work yeah ah I hate it I can't screw it in because the thing is [Music] bent God damn it I'm so mad you need a forge and an anvil to fix that thing ah wouldn't that kind of torque the affecting PCB yeah probably I'm not worried if it's dead then I mean it would have been dead by it would the PCB would have been stretched by the by [Music] shipping all right I'm getting mad all right I'm getting I'm getting very mad okay this side is not good [Music] all right let's try now I really bent it extremely bent [Music] oh better much better okay can I screw this in now [Music] uh oh thank God okay it's in oh that took way too long from a mangled uh mangled pcie bracket thing okay that's the next one doesn't have that let's put it in let's put it in [Music] that's frustrating that is frustrating uh yeah uh let's see what are you guys saying you know you could remove that from the cards PCB so not to damage the board trying to fix it but hey do you Smokey Den don't don't give me no don't even try it don't even no no no no no no no don't even that's nope that's not going to do anything no [Music] no [Music] uh Yeti why not just take the pl Yeti I'm not even gonna nope not even going to try that not you guys you guys come here and do that all right you guys do that live no I'm not taking it out hell no hell [Music] no this one another one another one another one where I need to bend the I need to bend the thing [Music] all right please please spit yes it's in it's a Canadian thing right Yeti it that no that's not a Canadian thing it's it's called a lazy it's called a lazy thing okay no Smokey Dan we are not I repeat we are not doing the fans on that Zotac rig yet not not yet okay all right last 3070 is going in can you guys even see what I'm [Music] doing as long as long as you you can't see me that's that's the whole that's the whole point all right the last GPU is going in all right screwed in done okay now what what's next what's next let me drink my [Music] coffee smash the like Bros Smash the like okay he said he would do the 20 GP rig before he did the zot tax yes Yeti don't don't bring up don't bring up past history all right nobody nobody likes a a title tail all right nobody nobody likes that so get no okay do I have one two uh three four 5 6 7 eight okay eight all right I got eight PCI cables each of them with dual eight pins on it this should be good enough for the 307s should be all right what's in next one none of you guys can stop me none of your troll none of your troll comments can stop me at this point PTSD from the 20gp yeti someone ban Yeti right now someone banned Yeti good God uh how can I buy mining cases from Korea ooh probably I don't know man you want to do mining in Korea is is mining like cheap over there or um I I I actually don't know any Koreans mining in mining in Korea that is uh I would think mining is very expensive over there electricity wise custom Computing what are you mining these days with your 300 gpus I am still currently on zealous I am still currently on zealous yes sir mining zealous profitably at this at this moment in time I've seen the zealous price go down like a tank or go down go go go off a cliff not like a tank um I saw the network hash rate for zeis go go down quite a bit as well but uh I know a lot of people are some people are spec mining at friend coin uh not not friend coin spec mining [Music] um [Music] uh good after uh Keith Betts what's up man Keith Betts long time no see good sir hello ke uh panu ton is going up every seven days $7 yeah ton coin is it's it's tied to the Chinese CCP or something so that's why that's why ton is going up all right ton is heavily tied to China so heavily it is heavily manipulated right now in my opinion but anyways okay let's go we need to Cable manage we need to Cable manage all this first I need uh where's the red red panda mining velcro velcro straps I all right here we go I'm just going to I'm just going to tie all this together did you guys hear the Saudi Arabia dropped USD uh to to oil deal uh Kings rejects yeah man I heard about that that's I don't know if that's a good thing for the US dollar or a bad thing uh people are saying it's a bad thing but um we'll see I'm sure the US dollar will be manipulated in some way still always is always is there's always some way yeah I'm just trying to Cable manage everything then we're turn it on oh no no we need to do the SSD I need to get the SSD uh BTC plummeting again yeah well it's it's probably shaking out the weekends now BTC dropping who knows maybe it's a you know when it's dropping it's a good time to buy it's always a good time to buy and uh see where that goes all more all the more reason for us to mine crypto yeah yeah man some type of crypto whether you're GPU mining or Asic mining or whatever mining cable manage everything here okay all right okay cable manage to the max max voltage pun intended okay all right now I need to I need I need the SSD I need the SSD so we can uh [Music] so I can uh put the hios image on here ever since hios got hacked uh those rigs that I had off were were gone oh boy there we go put this back all right you know what just for good measure I'm not going to use this I have a bunch of new ssds I'm just going to use these Patriot I'm just brand new one cuz I know I know that SSD is probably going to die okay all right let me uh sweating balls right now it's getting it's sweating sweating hard all right let me just burn bolina let me get BINA etcher uh Flash from file I need the hios image H where's hi hi beta H stable stable [Music] uh all right this does not show the SSD why huh shoot hello hello I I think I crap I don't have any more USB ports [Music] oh it works there it is Flash okay all right why why did why did that work I don't understand I just pulled it out pull it back in all right uh we're going to read the chat while that high voice image is burning Patriot is good stuff yeah i' I've had some I've had some good I've had some good times with Patriot ah 114 people 71 likes smash the like Bros what do you guys so what what what are you guys feeling right now what are you guys feeling right now Bitcoin is 65k oh man let's see let's see Bitcoin is 65k if that's not a buying opportunity I don't know what is no just kidding not Financial advice I have no idea but that looks let's go let's go with the screen oh yeah 65k Bitcoin oh we did oh we just dropped too 60 almost 67,000 to 65 oh yeah o ooh oo very nice I figured out the Jaz miners the Kings rejects nice man oh the Kings rejects did you email me yesterday I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you man I I was so I was so busy yesterday but did you get them hooked up did you get them hooked up Steve Smith red pen of mining any issues with your Tesla uh Steve Smith no I haven't had any issues with my Tesla uh we made a good on shorts secretly trading Yeti I'm what Yeti I'm not a Trader damn it God damn it Yeti all right let's see if this oh flash is complete all right uh I need to go to my I need to go to my hios hold on let me uh hold on i.

far I'll show you guys my hios here in a second I just need to log in why does hios always want me to log in can can can we stop can we stop doing that I I I I have to log in like every day like couple times a day [Music] terrible okay [Music] uh n okay all right all right so this is a 37 okay this is going to be called GP risers are no no it's not a GP risers it's an octo Miner X8 d01 Okay add a worker add a rig connect existing okay uh let's go to settings now I want this to be called uh octo minor x801 there no 0 no 11 11 update all right okay I need to download the rig config to it and then I'm going to put the I'm going to put the SSD into the rig and let's do it hold I got to reset the SD here it's not coming up it's not coming up hash fluctuations you were having related to the tight temp threshold on throttling I have one near AC that wants to stay highish o nice that's not going to work this is not working storage disc management initialize well that didn't work hold on there we go now I can save the r and fig save okay now I'm going to eject there we go okay success all right who wants to bet who wants to bet that who wants to bet all eight of these are going to show up or not show up who wants to [Music] bet all right okay um # mm City sometimes uh I as much as I'd love to try Mmp I I don't have the I don't have the I don't have the mental capacity right now to switch everything over to a new OS okay network cable I need uh two c113 to c14 power cables C13 c14 power cables I'm plugging in the HP servers into the back of the HP servers should maybe you know what I just for good measure CU I did transport these I should probably re rep pushing the server power supplies just just for good [Music] measure all right watch this thing blow up now okay here we go hold on this thing's going to blow a lot of this thing is going to blow a crap ton of dust okay we're at zero Watts right now all right here we go are they going to show up as the 20 G click bait me more you are banned someone B him right now all right I'm gonna plug it in here we go three two [Music] one it's on it's got network network connectivity it's blinking yeah [Music] oh man I'm sweating so hard you guys have no idea you guys have no idea I'm sweating so hard right now smash the like 136 people here 77 watching happy Friday to all of you TG or not unless you're a very pessimistic negative person you don't like Fridays then something is wrong with you oh it worked it worked wait did seven or did eight gpus show up that's the question 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 yes eight success success okay we're going to we're going to update everything uh upgrade oh we got to enable the auto fan uh Auto everything apply Auto fan settings stop the minor at like 80 84Β° C fan mode auto save all right there we [Music] go ah thank God all right it's rebooting now uh okay I'm going to apply my zealous flight sheet look at this I have since these are all 307s so happy that these are all 370s they just they just they just work so good I just one flight sheet to rule them all one flight sheet to rule all of these 3070 rigs oh man I just you know what I'm going to sell I'm going to sell my 3080s my 309s my 3070 TI my 30 60s you know what I'm just going to convert everything to 307s you know what I I'm doing it I'm calling it I'm doing it right now all right I'm going to sell all right I'm selling I'm selling everything who wants who wants to buy my 309s who wants to buy my a2000s oh wait no I can't sell my rad on sevens no no no I got to keep those uh uh a2000s I'm I'm solid it all fire sale I want I want 307s somebody I will trade 4 to one you give me 4 370s for one of my gpus doesn't matter what it is 4 to one I will sign every single 30 uh GPU that I trade for deal deal what a deal what what a deal what a deal okay it's mining now $50 I will give you a$ 309 $50 I will give you a 439 rud puts sounds good give me the 36 to me smokey Dan I double dare you collects 3080s and 30 60s s sometimes all right that doesn't sound like a good deal auto automatic beats automatic Beats why did you have to ruin it see everyone was agreeing everyone wanted to trade 4 to1 and assigned for for aign GPU that's a great deal I get 4 370s for the price of one like RTX 2060 signed by me come on how much more narcissistic do you want me to get I'll give you 4 370s for a 4090 The King The King's rejects that's actually actually that's actually a really good deal that's actually a the Kings rejects that's actually a really good deal I would do that I would I would I would gladly trade for 370s for 14090 just just to have it just to have it I guess okay well looks like the rig is good we didn't have any issues oh my God I'm so happy I'm so hey what what what hash rate numbers are you guys getting on your uh uh on your 307s uh when are you going to get a 20 foot container and move all your rigs into it 7 frro probably never I can trade you a a GTX 70 signed by you for 3090 Dom G God damn it uh what is the power consumption uh some of you guys are getting on your 307s so I'm getting getting uh 1.

643 mahash the whole rig at uh the power consumption here says 804 Watts let's refresh that 803 Watts at the wall at the at the octom miner software so if we go to the wall here we're at 787 7 78 798 so we're we're not we're pretty close 788 to 798 on the watt meter not bad not bad I'll do you a trade a Yeti sign 3074 Yeti uh thoughts on the k5l Yanik Mayer you know what uh because of the pricing that came down you know I I don't want to talk about ice River today I I know people are ordering it I know a lot of people have been ordering it today uh again use code red panda if you are planning to but uh honestly I let you know what let's do a let's do a live stream of that tomorrow let's do that tomorrow I don't want to talk about ice over today um I because the price has come down there is a reason for it uh just understand the risks okay so just there there's a reason why they did that so H game SP Dan question is you is have you picked them up 370s and far garage so you wife can park her car yes uh Smokey Den that's why I'm doing this live stream to start building these 3070 rigs so my wife can park her car in there uh are you going are you mining to unminable you know they added zealous uh steo crypto no I currently I am mining um I'm mining zealous to K1 pool and it's going to my trade OG directly and I'm selling the zealous uh not every day but uh every now and then uh to trade to trade for for other coins I'm Mining neox and sell zealous are there any good calculators for zealous uh Delta I think hash rate.

Has zealous uh there uh but I don't know how accurate it is uh I know that I'm still making about 50 c 50% more than my electric so in profit so I'm I'm still happy about that uh I will swap a brick Radeon 7 for a 380 TI red P jock MC Miner that that I don't I don't think so man that sounds like a terrible that sounds like a terrible idea that sounds that sounds like a terrible very terrible like very bad idea ah I'm I'm really man I'm wondering how many 307s I could swap you know for my 3080s 309s 8 2000s uh I have a bunch of 30 uh 2070s just one rig of 2070s uh what are these 16 16 series cards ah man you know what I can't sell these gpus I I could never sell I I could never sell my gpus it's it's it's it's not in my it's not in my blood to sell these gpus I I just can't I can't do it I can't do it 30 90 HX I have a 90 HX uh 2070s Dy these one these ones are not running not good where's my 3060 rig I a 30 I need to get this 3060 rig off because uh ah 30 60s there they are wait I have a lonely 37 in there okay yes keep the gpus yeah don't sell them right of mine give them all the way to us yeah right yeah right actually I got I got a stack of gpus over here I can give away I actually already have a stock of gpus I can give away right over there you see that right in the right you see the stack of gpus just they're they're right there you guys see that I I got a stack of gpus I can give away right there I got a stack of of random random random gpus all right uh will you trade a p106 for 1660 Delta that no all sorry I already have a bunch of p106 is which by the way we need to continue that p106 stream uh what time is it by the way 10:47 okay another 15 minutes guys and then we're going to head on over to Mr cman Mr cman is going to be streaming oh guys we're almost at a 100 likes uh do you guys want me to do anything with this rig here is there anything else um well that was a success so we got I got four more no five more rigs to build five more 3070 rigs to add to this list five more five more very good trade Delta ah it's a pirate oh my God please no water cooling please uh red P do you have any s19 95 terahash yes I do I have an s9j 96 terahash I've been meaning to do a a video on that actually of uh just totally uh doing a low power mode thing on the 96 ter I think I've done that already Panda talk about the good timing selling your cast miners oh man I I don't want to rub it in but I when we talked about that a couple weeks ago that was that was a good play I I and I sold my miners already couple weeks ago two weeks ago that was great that was great uh great time great timing uh how many 370s you will you have total Delta um all right well online currently I have 88 88 of them plus I also have a bunch of 370 rigs over here uh so I have another 8 plus 8 plus 8+ 8 plus another 3070 rig right here uh this is the founders I need I need to bring these Founders I need to bring these 3070 rigs over here um this is so 8 plus 8 * 3 is 24 what's 24 + 88 I'm so terrible at math 24 + 88 is uh and uh oh my God 132 wait 112 jeez I'm so bad at math yeah 112 online currently I have another 34 I have another 40 offline so what's 112 + 40 That's 152 I have a total of 152 370s okay so I'm going to swap all of my other gpus to 370s and then I should have maybe like 400 I should have 437s in total oh my God I would love that one flight sheet to rule them all oh that would be a perfect YouTube title the perfect perfect the perfect YouTube title man I'm doing it I'm I'm doing it just kidding I I I I I just can't sell my gpus I just can't come to terms with selling my gpus um let's see here the moment red panda Miner realizes he goes into the card spit in his farm he can easily calculate that number Yeti God damn it uh please don't refer to A6 as castle miners they are K heavy Ash miners jock MC Miner that is false if you put all your 307s you have on salad you would make $350 a day uh Delta don't do not talk about the SW word all right don't don't do not talk about the SW word why did I buy this why did I buy this 64 G kid of [Music] R uh if you put all your 37 yeah yeah I no 100 likes oh my God guys we're like 11 likes away from 100 what is block de coin and they have multiple ads on their Instagram Steve Smith that's probably a scam don't don't click on it amateur I run 128 gigs of RAM Z pirate that that will get very expensive quick excuse me all right you guys have any final remarks any any questions any concerns um what what are you guys what's anything else or 70 no 3070 oh oh I'm supposed to be I'm supposed to be mining Ergo ground right now but no zealous is still is still pretty good at my 8 cent 7.5 Cent electric uh E when are you going to build the cell phone mining rig for Varys uh eel I'm I'm probably going to give up on that Scott Sheffield you're crazy am I crazy uh all right okay Bros all right oh GPU mining I think the GPU mining the bane of my existence have good times and then there's bad times I mind cedra on my kso Pro is K what's with you guys no more no more Caspa talk it's a it's GPU mining only no more no more Casp talk god damn it you know what that's it I'm recording a vlog it's going to be called I am done with cast for mining here's why that's it that's that's my video that's the video title right there it's going to draw in so many views I'm going to I'm going to troll everybody that's it that's it that's it Yeti okay red P of mining lots of DX talk instead yes DX yes [ __ ] yes oh did I swear I'm sorry DX yes Yeti please give us some news what is DX working on what what can we do what am I doing with what what should I do with DX right now should I put all my rigs on DX is that what you're telling me is that what you're telling me custom Computing red P I remember when I tweeted something about c ah custom Computing yes I remember domg done with my ex doesn't sound right uh ye new Deployable DX environment was released on OCTA space today nice dude I love OCTA space I'm mining OCTA space on on everything uh well actually I hate that I say that because I actually have I have the I have the x16 QE and the x6p sitting right there on the floor which they should not be sitting on the floor right now I should really have them really have them on but I I I just I ran out of power capacity cuz I turned on the L L9 uh not L9 I turned on the uh dg1 uh yesterday so fun times go all in on DX you know what I bet you anything I bet you the DX seal is probably amazing right now let me see let me see DX where is DX on this list if it's at the very bottom that tells me it's it's probably a a pretty decent time so dude 1370 will yield you4 44 DX a day 1370 will give you 44 DX a day that's actually that's actually amazing wow all in DX hash rate uh it's not loading all right uh hash r.

is not loading that there we okay there we go difficulty for DX is pretty much way at the bottom so it is definitely a good time to yield it's it's it's it's definitely a good time to yield DX on your gpus if you believe uh DX will have price appreciation Yeti don't tell everyone that I've been mining DX non-stop for over a year that's it YY that's it all right we're all right I need to use lower I need to use lower power anyway all right let's do it let's let's do it let's do it DX uh ra uh where's my oh I need a DX address that's I don't have DX added I need a I need a I need a new wallet I need a new wallet for my DX add wallet DNX uh where uh is there an app is there a Yeti is there is there a there's no app for DX wallet right like iPhone Android you don't need that anymore right our CMP cards are monsters on DX as a pirate yeah that I want to get my 50 hxs on uh web wallet okay Yeti two weeks oh two weeks for the web wall dude we're getting some good we're getting some good info here from you Yeti yes yes two more weeks for app an app Wallet uh uh mobile mobile app Wallet awesome awesome awesome I mean I could I got I could do the whole VM thing with the core wallet as well but you know I like I like having a I like I have an old phone that I don't use and I just put some Wallets on there uh nice man Yeti awesome awesome two weeks okay all right well in the meantime I will uh I will I will do that I will do that I'll do that after then I'll do that after all right I'm not going to switch yet I'm not going to switch yet DX is doing big things it is they are definitely okay guys we are heading up to a 1 hour live stream thank you all 130 people watching 104 likes thank you guys uh we are releasing our own Wallet app on both IOS and Android awesome Yeti awesome I can't wait that's going to be awesome wait so if I if I had if I had 130 you know let's go let's go back here let me let me just let's go go back here I if I had 100 how many how many do I have2 307s 152 370s if I was mining DX right now I could yield 66 DX 77 DX a day dude that's pretty good I would be I'd be yielding good amount of DX a day yeah okay all right all right guys uh Christian Johansson did you draw the kso pro winner uh Christian Johansson yes yes I did the gentlemen got back to me yes we already gave that away uh oh we got to choose a winner oh crap I totally forgot we got to choose a winner for the uh uh for the Nano the 93 oh my goodness oh my goodness I got to do that I got I'm going to do that offline here okay it's on gleam I got to log in gleam and all that stuff uh would be like fpj miners on Al rxd uh Vinnie delgreco yes yes exactly okay all right Bros that's it I'm done I'm going to put this on my my 3070 shelf and uh go to town this rig is good now 840 Watts 820 Watts for the whole rig okay all right thank you guys for watching you guys have a great day thank you you guys have a great Friday all right thank you for watching I'll see you all in the next video peace out live stream tomorrow oh live stream tomorrow of the uh bc250 we're going to set up the bc250 tomorrow I think actually I might I might change set up to a solid rig instead I may not do yeah I'm I might not do I might not do bc250 I might do the solid rig uh okay peace out Yeti thank you good sir all right peace out Bros peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out thank you so much smash the like on the way out [Music]

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