Accidently Over Sold GPUs at my pc shop

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all right so first off I want to thank everybody for visiting the Shopify store today well technically yesterday we had a Christmas sale we did a 20% off the entire sitewide and I actually slightly oversold some things but I can definitely make it right so um everybody that scooped up some some deals I hope you guys are happy uh and I am able to I went through back through my inventory and for some reason I had an extra Asus 37 in stock that I didn't intend on selling I had it I actually have it but I did not intend on selling it but you know what I sold it so it's time to go get it and it's actually in my personal rig oh well um so I'll pull it out we'll get her dusted up tomorrow all those orders are shipping out tomorrow I think the post office is open tomorrow right yeah so all those orders are shipping out tomorrow and thank you guys immensely um um so we will be doing some big sales and stuff like that in the future uh obviously the best place to to keep up with it is the Discord and over on the YouTube channel but let's pop this side panel off and pull this 3070 out kind of makes me wonder what I'm going to put back in my personal my personal rig uh because I always like to have a little bit of horsepower but nothing crazy like I've never been like oh man I need like 4090 but you know I've been I've been running this machine for a while and she might deserve some love not only in like the the graphics card department it definitely needs to be clean too um so I'm not sure I'd love your your comments and um your thoughts down below I'm leaning towards hold on let me power this down so just for reference I have a ton of like 30 60s 3060 TI and I guess I could just grab one of those and put those in there um also I do have some 6700 XTS in the shop I could grab one of those I don't have anything higher than that and I kind of want something higher than that um I've I've had my eye on a couple 7900 XTS so I might scoop one of those up I'm not I just I guess I'm not sure um but yeah let me flip this camera around let's grab this bad boy out of here all right guys please don't judge me um this this case has been apart many many times let me go ahead and hit the power spy switch uh this case has been apart many many times and this case has had a lot of different setups in it um I absolutely love the motherboard that's in here it was given to me by a friend and I've used it with a couple different processors it's one of the Asus x99 uh uh Rampage extremes I think it's the Rampage Extreme 5 but I have all that housed inside of this is a Thor V2 big big full tower case and it's all being powered by this super flower 1,000 watt so anybody that knows anything about power supplies I think superflower made EV used to make evga's power supplies I'm not sure if they still do but I mean she is nasty this bad B this this bad girl is super nasty that GPU is not that nasty cuz I just put that GPU in there recently but I'm thinking I'm going to pull that GPU out of there and um probably not going to do it night cuz it's dark but I need to take this whole thing outside and dust her all down as you can see I have a ton of plugs and stuff going up to the top because I used to have a big front IO plate thing here with like a bajillion plugs in it I kind of went away from that and I just haven't got to like redone all my my wires the wire management in this thing is atrocious but when I built this thing I didn't care about looks I just wanted Straight Up Performance and I needed stuff to go um funny enough this Cooler Master 120 keeps that Zeon 12 core cool cuz it only runs at like 40 150 watts doesn't actually burn that much power compared to like new new CPUs nowadays but there is that Asus tough so we'll go ahead pull those power power connectors off that bad boy you can see that's the cleanest thing in here um but like look at look at the how big this side panel fan is and then that front fan this bad boy breathed and um I really like you can see like I've I've had so much junk in here at one time I used to have three gpus in here I had like one big one one big one and then like a like a midsize GPU in the middle um man it's just crazy to look at this and and look back at how many different setups or think back to how many different setups I've had in here I need to grab me a screwdriver and pop that out now bear with me all right all right so uh I'm just waiting cuz for some reason when I I set clips and transition them in the little Movie Maker thing uh if I talk right away my audio fades in slowly but uh anyway I got the ASUS T 3070 in so I'll blow that bad boy out tomorrow and for right now I just stuck a little Zotac 2060 in there and this is what I'm talking about like keeping wire management doesn't even like exist because I'm always swapping stuff around or I used to swap stuff around in this machine a lot this was a test machine for a lot of the different Graphics CS that I've done over the years so if anybody has watched you've probably seen this machine um just for reference this is an E5 2670 V3 that's a 12 core Xeon of the older Generation Um and we're running 816 yeah we're running 32 gigs of Cor I don't remember yeah it's Corsair Vengeance uh can't quite see what speed it is I don't know Corsair Vengeance probably like somewhere in the 3,000 Range 32 or 3600 MHz and that runs in Quad Channel because this is x99 or you know extreme Zeon server what prosumer whatever you want to call it but yeah so got a Dusty old Zotac 2060 just to hold me over but because I don't want to put any of the 30 60s or 3060 TI I I just I I want to get a little bit more so all the 360s and 3060 TI are going to get cleaned up and added into inventory uh so if you missed out on a couple sales today I know not everything is online yet but we're getting there slowly but surely so just bear with me um the 5% off code 5 off is still working some people were asking if any of the other discount codes are working that one is still working I think until the end of the year so if you wanted anything else you can snatch it up boom boom flip it oh yeah there we go powering it back up I need to clean my office any body into uh like RC stuff Santa Claus got me that this year so shout out Santa um I've never really had anything like highend I had like a little Traxxas two wheel drive one but this one's four-wheel drive so yeah my brother's big into RC and he was telling me all about it we're going to go and make some little jumps anyway I need to get off here y'all have a good night appreciate it all that kind of stuff we'll see you on the next one later

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