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AG [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] got a [Music] do [Music] [Music] yo everybody Welcome to the live stream can you guys hear me okay testing testing testing testing testing testing testing welcome Bros welcome how's everyone smash the like Keith bets what's up man crypto pounder 4 what's up crypto for seniors what's up Chris Henley shs a pirate rude puts BC what's up man BC thank you for sending me one of these ASRock BC 250s thank you VC I see you in the chat so this guys is an ASRock bc250 it's basically 12 is it 12 12 PlayStations but in terms of comparing to what they are CPU and like GPU wise or it's an APU but it's like a I believe it's like a ryzen 5600 CPU comparable to and also the GPU is comparable to like a RX 5700 so this thing is what 500 bucks hold on let's go let's go to the let's go to the screen let's let's just see how much this thing cost so I disclaimer I I am not I repeat I am not recommending anybody to go out and buy this okay this is this is not a profitable machine of course dependent if you had free Power then this is great if you had free Power this is great to rent at home or something except the fans are apparently really loud which we are going to test here and we're going to turn it on in a sec but this is was maybe a little bit profitable or maybe was profitable I think warthog is no longer profitable on this thing anymore um but yes this was at a time point in time where it was good but I don't think it's good anymore uh so yeah they repl there's 12 Playstation 5es in this thing which is which is pretty funny and uh in terms of hash rate I think it does roughly 610 Mega has on eash uh which obviously we all know it doesn't ethereum is gone so I think maybe ethereum classic 245 megahash on Raven or 610 on Etc okay all right details 16 GB gddr6 12 AMD P bc250 mining Apu passive design so there's no fan we're going to open it we're going to open this in a second all right um yeah so that's yeah that's that's it Bros I don't know that looks to be pretty pretty good all right um all right uh I'm going to go back to the let's go back guys let's go back to the thing okay hold on this camera is about to like I got to put it up like this okay all right so first things first let's shall we turn it on you guys want to turn it on shall we do that first I think I'm going to puke I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry yes post test okay so it does it does come with the power cables but the power cables that it came with is for 120 volt and I am pretty sure that this will not run on 120 volts at the power capacity that we are probably going to use it for if we're going to have have it for mining uh 1200 watt two 1200 wat power supplies can I take these out does this does this come out oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I think I just broke it oh no okay it's just this plastic piece okay okay there we go all right okay this is not your standard HP server PSU that is that is not your standard size that will not replace these are these are a lot shorter uh Great Wall 12200 watt 200 to 240 volt okay all right uh yeah it can run on 100 to 127 volts okay all right nice nice okay let's let's plug it back in ah retro mic thank you for the one gifted sub good sir uh I think that went in there we go okay that's in all right okay um can I before I turn it on before I turn it on can I turn can I un unbolt the top cover can I can I do that I want to unbolt the top cover so let me get my screwdriver here I just I want to see the inside may I actually it's probably a good idea we on the inside because I don't know if shipping if shipping may have uh taken out anything so let's see let SC here one screw how many screws do I have to take off is it just these two looks like there's two on the other there's two on each side too okay let's this oh no no no oh I think it just slides out now oh okay no yeah just two screws oh nice oh yeah oh wow okay that looks pretty that looks pretty cool wow look at that that is wow this is Stacks man this is really stacked 12 ps5s question question can I take one out and play like game on it like can I can I is there a way I can like have the PlayStation software can I actually game on this thing like can I plug it into my TV like that's the first thing I want to know like can I play Playstation games with this thing can I can I do that ah uh talk to Ry he has one okay um PlayStation software no way no no okay craft Computing tried and couldn't ah okay okay uh n uh yes you could run 12 different OS if you wanted you know that's the value that's the value I see this thing is I could theoretically run 12 I don't know different different OS instances you know a couple Linux a couple Windows you know and run run nodes granted I think uh I was told each each PlayStation 5 has eight that each one has 8 GB of RAM so it would it would really only be like a singular a singular OS not like a hypervisor I wouldn't put like VMS I wouldn't run VMS off a single one it would it would just be a it would just be a uh it would just be a singular OS so this would I could see the value in turning this into some type of node for your server Rack or something actually one thing I'm I'm I'm concerned about is like idling how much power consumption does this thing take if you had all these on if you're running Windows nodes or Linux nodes like how much power would this whole thing take that is what I want to that's what I want to try so I think that's where I find Value in this thing not not for mining like this thing's extremely inefficient for for mining but uh Tech Noir says I think it idle at 300 okay cruitman says 700 Watts idle oh okay that's that's a lot 700 Watts idle is a lot ah okay all right so so I want to see here the fans in the front these are the Apparently really loud uh 80 mm fans so okay all right just let me like are these all it like I don't know I don't want to take out each one but it seems like they're it was well packaged well packaged from the uh PC server parts website PC server parts server PC server and BC that's where you got it from right BC PC server Parts it's a long that's a long domain all right let's let's turn it on let's turn it on let me get uh 240 volt plugs here I don't think uh I need longer cables so be right back let me let me grab some let me grab some longer cables one sec one [Music] sec okay be right back uh I got to actually hold on hold on one second [Music] [Music] [Music] gskt blue you got 12 network cables ready definit itely not I do not have 12 network cables that's another that's another drawback uh currently if you're were to buy one of these things you have to buy 12 Network tables yeah nope definitely not all righty all right I got hearing protection okay changing the screen here one second he I plugged in two C13 to c14 cables we are plugged into to my 240 volt Outlet right there I don't know if you guys can see it okay I'm plugging it in let's turn it on actually is there a power button in the front I think there is I'm just going to all right first PSU is plugged in second p yes you all right they're both in they're flashing green all right all right okay here we go are you guys ready you guys are probably going to hear this in the you know what let's turn off the music let's let's turn off the music all right no music no music okay here we go the raw power of the bc250 I think the power buttons on the front yeah right here here we go three two one oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] it's so loud oh no oh boy oh Bo hey one's not turning on one's not turning [Music] on oh my God receip number five isn't on yeah uh I think we got one that's that's not working so uh let me turn this let me turn this off oh holy holy [ __ ] oh yeah that's loud oh yeah oh yeah oh boy okay hold on let's turn it off uh I'm afraid this one is uh tweaking out that one's not turning on yeah we're going to turn it off [Music] dude all right uh crap which one it was it it was the fifth one in right it was it this one fifth one was it the fifth one in all right let's take this one let's take this one out you guys said to receip it okay let's let's take it out the technicals what's up man technicals how are you yeah okay um do I just simply pull it out oh there's another screw on this side too ah there's two screws two screws all right there we go okay pulling it out how do you I just do do I need oh there we go does it need Force yeah I use a little bit of force PlayStation 5 board look at that wow interesting very very interesting okay okay I'm going to plug it back inh anything look arai on there nope it looks fine to me okay I'm going to slide it back in okay is that it is that all I need to do I reat it back in let's see if it uh let's see if it works now all right we're going to turn it back on again it's going to get loud here in a second all right here we go turning it off 3 2 1 oh it's dead uh it's dead look got one we got a dead one I think that one's dead DC if you run this rig your wife won't notice the Jackhammer you have in the backyard oh man you could try in another slot wait question I I should have kept it out where do I okay so I have a bunch of these will these work will these work the parallel minor 32 gab uh m.2 ssds will these work okay all right I got a whole bunch then now that's going to be fun wait so how do you install them we got to take out each board right each board one at a time Jesus Christ scrap part some good medals in this rig I want to know what the idle power here is 1,52 Watts 1,50 Watts right now I do these things already come with hard drives or or what like how are these do they come already with an OS is there an OS on these things dude a, 50 Watts what the hell they are blank okay just bios all right just bios and we're at 1,50 Watts already idle are you kidding me are you are you kidding me that much power the fans use an F ton okay Jesus man all right let's turn this thing off let's turn this thing I can't hear anything jeez horri oh my God man that is that is incredible that that that is let's take out this one again I hope this one's not dead but let's just take it out again okay all right um fifth one in right okay so where does the nvme go ah right there okay I see I see all right so if I take one it just goes like this but I can't screw it in it's not long enough oh that's that's nice oh yeah yeah oh great retro mic you need 2280 m.

Tws all right I'm not spending any more I am not buying 12 I am not buying more hard drives okay these are just going to I'm just going to put hios on these things and call it a day duct tape duct tape yeah yeah that's there you go that's a good idea I can't get in it's not long enough RPM 2024 son of a rabbit you bastard uh electrical tape okay just leave it like that okay well first things first this one doesn't turn on I wonder if it's I don't know I don't know I don't know what to I don't know what to try looks like these pins are a little bit further out than the other you see that you see that that these there's two pins that are a little bit higher than is that why is it like not making are the other ones not making contact like this this one here you you guys see that am I am I am I drunk or that pin is is that pin there's two pins that are like a little bit further out than the other ones yes pins are not even all right let me let me take out another all right let me take one out then let me take another one out here let me let me take one out and we'll see uh let's see let's see I take out the next one right beside it compare the other one the only way all right let's compare uh sairat says that's normal for hot plug devices ground pins are a little bit longer okay that's the first time I hear something about that something like that but that could be true I don't know all right all right this one pulled out yeah this one's longer too these ones these pins are a little bit further out as well yeah these pins are also further out yeah okay so what I'm going to do I'm going to swap it to the other one I'm going to swap it to the other slot see if it's the slot or the board so I'm going to put the good working one here on this side okay and I'm going to plop this one that didn't work on I'm going to take out the hard drive and plop it on this side and see if it works and we'll turn it on in a [Music] second okay do I even need to screw it down can I just plug can I just turn it on all right I better screw it in someone's going to yell at me all right SC it in Smash the like Bros we got 100 almost 200 people watching 56 likes you don't have to screw it okay W I'm doing it turn off that power supply red Pand of mining uh oh yeah I should have I probably should have uh before I I plugged anything in I should have taken out the power cables okay turning it on here we go 3 2 [Music] 1 uh it's it's dead the board I SW swapped it I swapped these two so I think this this PlayStation board is is is is dead I think it's dead yeah dead motherboard connector no it's not the motherboard connector because looks like this one's on it's I think I think it's the I think it's this C here oh my God this thing's loud man [Music] there crazy uh crypto Mel press the button on the left where the giggles press the button on the left what button on the left wait are these buttons oh oh wait it turned on Mel what I didn't know these were buttons I thought these were LED indicators oh wow okay uh I I thought these are just indicator lights I didn't know these were buttons that's awesome push the button and let it go oh there you go wow I had no idea Mel thank you Mel fixed it send him an fpj I don't have any more fpgs I gave them all away left is power right is reboot okay I why didn't anyone tell me that I thought a lot of you guys have these things why was Mel the first one to tell me that c man come on C man is the first C man didn't tell me you bastard I'll take Soul as a tip uh I don't have any salana uh okay all right there we go so now what now what do I do now now what do I do do these get do these get network connectivity see yeah looks like they're getting network connectivity uh do I have 12 network cables extra network cables no I don't so that's that's a problem already um do I have 12 hard drives yeah I do have the 12 32 gig nbmes but they're just going to be sticking out so that's kind of a problem um what else do I need what what what else do I need to run run these things now you get the fire extinguisher yeah dude this thing's idling at 12 1150 Watts man this is is that correct lower the fan speed how do you lower the fan speed dude this thing's idling 1100 WS bro that's that is nuts HW Crypt mining welcome welcome bro um lower the fan speed how do you lower the fan speed I haven't watched I I seriously I haven't watched anyone's video about the bc250 so this is something uh definitely new I mean it sounds like a digital water or something Chum change um this thing is very loud it's very loud it looks cool the back of it looks sweet though yeah um okay here let's try okay I'm going to I'm going to take out the first board and I'm going to put hios on it I I just want to I want to get hios on one I just I just want to see I just want to see so um let's let's let's let's turn this thing off let's turn this thing off oh this thing is is way too loud yeah this thing is Extremely Loud okay in the meantime hold on let me let me let me uh let me burn hios on one of these things one sec let me let me burn iOS okay let's uh I have my m.2 reader here oh hold on okay let's go with the computer okay um why not use use a USB drive USB sticks are terrible for hios the amount of read and WR for hios is quite insane and the USB sticks Will Will just die and degrade after like a month if you have a bad one a bad USB stick USB sticks are yeah they just don't handle all the reading right where is my m.2 reader I don't see it I am hooped where is it where is it again I know you guys are seeing this thing on the screen it's $500 I'm not saying this thing's worth it but if you had free Power if you had free Power it seems like it could be something you can have fun with but would I personally go out and buy one of these myself no for mining no um it seems like a pain in the a to set up and uh at my current electrical rate I think I'm breaking even he where is my I don't have my m.2 where's my m.2 reader I'm getting mad I'm getting pissed off where is my m.2 read okay my m.2 reader is nowhere to be found I can't burn Hi O on it oh I may have found it I may I found it I think I found it all right balina etcher Flash from F hold on uh uh do I have hios on here hi I don't have hios uh I don't have the latest version of hios what oh there it is hion stable okay there we go select Target all right select all right I can flash now flash yeah yes yeah Crypt pounder 4 so you want us to buy these no I don't Keith bets kman said you need a specific beta oh I can't use the stable all right cancel uh I think I had the stable I think I had the beta oh wait wait wait hold on hold on hold on flash from file yeah I had the beta I had the beta one here beta here all right select the drive flash all right I got the beta hios there done crypto pound four thanks Panda I'm getting two um don't I I don't if you have like if you if you have 25 27 2800 watts to use and free Power go for it but I don't recommend it that I don't I don't recommend it otherwise now uh if you plan on buying one use put in the notes cro man all right C man tell them cro man sent you I don't get any money I don't get any money from this now I don't know if any of you guys saw this but on PC server and they also have the octom miner X12 with 12 RX 470s 8 GB GPU use 12 of them for 3.99 including the octom miner now there's 2500 of these in stock I again this is these gpus are no longer the king of mining right they're not efficient at all but you get 12 of them plus the case for 4399 is this a deal or not the 3750 wat PSU like I I think that I think having the is cool but I don't think you can put um I don't think you can put see these are these are the the 38 30 the 407 8 GB cards that it comes with no fans ah but it's free shipping within the USA which is pretty insane for $3.99 I feel you get 12 of these cards 12 470s 8 GB and the server case that's if you have free Power Man why not why why not why not if you had free Power uh what is a is a 407 even profitable at like what's the break even price right now better than the bc250 nonsense yeah if I were to choose I would I would buy this than than that BC than the bc250 that we just we just uh we just unplugged we just plugged in still flashing the beta image um for me and it's AMD cards all in great for spec mining yeah forget the cards the case alone is worth it yeah I mean I mean getting the cards is icing on the icing on the cake here that's uh it's pretty interesting um I was thinking of buying a couple but I live in Canada and the shipping was almost $200 per octom Miner so it didn't make yeah I'm not spending that kind of money it if someone can someone figure out a cheaper shipping method to me in Canada I'll buy like I'll buy like 10 of these I just want the cases I just want and like I'll make wall out wall art out of the 478 GB cards uh uh hi show folks mining on them Minor by 18% yeah what site is that oh right here I you know what I'll put in the chat again if you're playing on buying one of these uh put in the notes cro man uh this is I'm not affiliated with PC server and parts so I don't get anything out of it so uh go for it I I I I'm just this is a I don't know if this is a this is a pretty decent deal I'd have to say um yeah decent decent looks like Jake Wier is going to buy one thank you I'll use C man there you go there you go gr man's in the chat right now I think yeah he is but the 407s have never been mined on yeah I mine about 3470 cards just spec M Dan Jenkins you have 3470 cards bro that's crazy that's crazy it is does anyone live in Washington or sorry Oregon like you know west side of USA like I want to buy 10 of these can I like drive over to your place and pick them up [Laughter] I just want the cases I want the cases uh I live in Bellingham washingt dorin ain't easy oh my God you live in Bellingham all right I'm I'm driving to you I I I can go to Bellingham in about 45 minutes can I can can I buy 10 of can you can we ship 10 of these to your house who is the mask man yeah right I'm going to H oh that's funny that's funny oh man dude you can buy 10 of the BC 250s for $7,000 that's that's pretty crazy it looks like oh they sell the case by itself for $2.99 like so so for extra $100 you get the 12470 8 GB 8 GB cons which I feel like that I mean for the extra 100 bucks yeah i' I'd buy the 470s I'd buy the 470s hot crypto mining please buy me a bc250 thanks love Hawk Hawk trust me you don't want it you you don't want I you don't want it bro it's it's you don't want it uh dor canes yeah buddy if I can have one wow w wow just for that I am not driving to you anymore I am not driving to you a great paper weight yes oh flash complete all right okay good all right let me uh let me sign into my hios uh off screen here and uh I guess I got to make a I got to I got to make a rig uh uh is it a separate rig it's considered a separate rig right what's my [Music] password ah all right let's see here what's my password all right I mean authenticator damn it all right okay I'm in I all right okay do I need to make a separate Farm should I make a separate farm for this 370 Farm my other Farm uh let's see here it's like 12 separate rigs oh my God okay all right ship to Blaine yes I know yeah Hagen's a Blaine yeah all right all right here we go I supporting uvp uh I don't think so okay all right I'm going to add a rig here add a worker GPU uh connect existing all right there we go okay I need to go to settings here I'm going to call this what's this going to be called BC 250 I don't bc2 01 there 01 update worker okay I got to take out the I got to take out the h I got take out the m.2 get back in all right does it show up in Hive yeah it shows up here it is okay I got to go download the rig config we're going to save it in Hive here all right that's it I'm going to eject e eject external okay that's it all right I'm taking out this thing we're going to plug it into the bc250 now yeah let's let's go out here okay all right all right we're doing number wait oh uh any does anyone know does anyone know is it like one is it 0 to 12 or 0 to 12 this way does it matter is this number 12 or number zero that's 12 God damn it God doesn't matter I don't care all right I don't care okay all right okay here we go uh one control the fan and temp sensor ah okay interesting all right so how am I going to am I just going to let it sit here like this you know what that should just stay right oh man that I can't there's no way for me to screw this in there's no way to screw that [Music] in all right all right um I don't have any tape near me I don't know where my electrical tape is use a piece of stick foam to hold it down geek of all trades leave it hang geek of all trades leave it hanging all right um I trust geek of all trades with my life so all right I'm just going to leave it hanging let's let's see if it starts let's see if I can if it shows up in high watch it like pop [Music] out right I just want to see if one shows [Music] up okay all right plug it in the network cable okay let's turn it on here we go three two [Music] one I'm going to press the button on that one yeah there you go all right does it will it show up in Hive let's see all right let's go back to the computer all right let's see how long it'll take [Music] oh this thing's loud this thing's very very loud very very loud plug in a display PC monitor I don't have one near me oh dude this thing is this thing is loud will it boot off one of those type of SSD you know what I'm not sure Yan all honestly if you want to ship something to Bellingham and pick it up let me know I'll wear a [Laughter] blindfold bro that's so funny that's so funny all right so how do I know if this thing is uh working or [Music] not how long does it normally take oh it's in yes yeah all right we got it we got it all right that took about what less than a minute I'm going to update it update so it's an AP but there's a CPU and GPU so the CPU apparently is like a 5600 a ryzen 5600 and then the GPU is like a RX 5700 is that is that right is that what it's like guys or no hdm2 12 GB oh dude this has 12 GB of RAM that's awesome all right pretty good all right it rebooted already okay so what what do I do here what I don't uh ASRock [Music] B all right what what should i m what can I mine on this thing what what how do you so you have to make a new flight sheet for CPU and GPU ah dude this has been way too long what what H let's go to uh let's go to uh all right steephen look at ry's farm he has them oh okay I'm not going to I'm not going to look at R's Farm on uh on on uh on stream here but um dc250 see here yeah bc250 so [Music] bc250 oh even at my electrical rate I am profitable 20 cents if I were to mine iron fish on this rig wait 12 * 20 is what 12 * 20 is I can make $240 $2.40 after my 8 cent electrical on this bc250 so $240 how much money is what's my Roi all right $240 a day times 30 days I can make $72 in a month which is not a lot but I mean 7 that's 3 500 divided 72 that's uh 6.9 months currently which is I mean we all know that that could that could fluctuate the C the calculators are all wrong oh okay power consumption is wrong okay okay okay you guys are saying the power consumption is wrong it's not 67 Watts yeah dude idle dude idle right now is six is uh 1150 Watts 1150 look at that 1150 box will warthog even exist in 6 months probably not uh he bets kmen said uh crewman said $26 a day cubic and iron $26 a day on a bc250 rig no no that's that can't be right that that cannot be right is that right cruit man are you actually making $26 dual mining cubic and iron on this break I didn't say a day oh then I said it hit four souls okay all right I was going to say I was going to turn off the stream and go buy like a whole bunch of these just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding let's see if anyone bought these we at 25 22 Yeah nobody's bought these all right so I want to see this m on one can I mine I want to mine on one so huh I don't have uh somebody give me their someone give me their iron fish wallet I don't have an I don't have a new Iron fish wallet iron somebody post their iron fish in the live chat five per five per day iron okay I know it's cubic is a crap shoot but if I hit two Soul re pays the power back for week oh nice so I made 26 on each rig so far on Cuban wow that's pretty good plus five day per day on iron interesting interesting very interesting all right Daniel Porter is the first person to give me their iron fish all right Daniel Porter thank you uh let's go back on screen here Daniel Porter thank you I got your iron now I need a uh what's the CPU coin what's what's the CPU coin people are mining to on uh bc250 not Zephyr not varis you guys said uh Ze all right somebody give me a Ze address someone give me your Ze or address is it actually profitable mine's it no it looks like I'm losing at like I'm losing money mining effer at 8 cents per Kow [Music] hour cubic all right give me a cubic address I'm on cubic for 4 days with 10 CPUs and I got one solution I turned everything off after that nerd Beast oh that sucks EIC with APU test varis for the win yes vars for the win uh way too fast for you thank you for the Ze all right we we'll try are we doing are we doing cubic or Ze uh I've never done cubic so uh ke bets already G gave me the first cubic load I'm sorry sorry everybody I I'm cuic this one is this is this the one is is this cubic is this the is this the logo I don't know anything about cubic is this the logo cubic mining is [Music] pplns okay that's the wallet all right create all right now the flight sheet all right so you wallet cubic which pool how does cubic work oh my God this is all Iron all right I know I know the iron fish one so that's uh uh which iron fish pool Mr Dave Daniel Porter Daniel Porter which iron [Music] fish cool you need to set up a custom Miner are you are you serious oh boy this is getting this is getting this is good you know what can I all right can we try zepher we're going to try Zephyr instead we're going to try we're going to try Zephyr instead all right way too fast for you where where was your zeep address all right right too fast here got it let's great go back to flight sheets okay let's let's do Ze all right oh [ __ ] which one Dam it uh oh I didn't I didn't put that in correctly yeah [Music] way way too fast all right all right let's do it again okay all right uh way too fast for you I just want to see the hash rate I don't think it matters what pool I'm mining I just want to see I just want to see hat I don't know I don't know what to expect here XM rig new right ad Miner all right now we're going to do iron iron and uh wait to who G Daniel Porter Daniel Porter hero miners all right hero miners uh USA West uh LOL minor I'm assuming it's LOL minor for AMD all right let's just let's just go I want to see what this thing does okay here we go all right there we go all right all right let's go all right we're at 1150 Watts I would mind warthog because it does both even though it isn't too profitable okay it's going to be real bad since you have the modded bio all right perfect perfect [Music] okay let's go let's connect to the Shell shall we oh I can't even log into it um hold on I got to enable the webshell that's webshell okay there we go all right it's back on let's go back here all right all right [Music] user all right bc250 all right how do we control a uh control AA to switch is it mining oh yeah there we go iron fish at 31 megahash Zephyr is what Ry 17 preset successfully [Applause] [Music] values all right fish hash 24.95 Mega has whoa 80° C oh that's too hot is that too hot I got to put on the cover hold on hold on I'm putting on the cover this thing is shaking like crazy this thing is is shaking really okay the cover is on air is going through the bc250 now ooh that's getting hot that's that's getting hot that's getting hot 275 combo yeah we're at 1250 Watts we're at 1250 Watts now so we were idling at like 1150 now we're at 1250 1253 so what we added another what 100 Watts mining on just this one bc250 I mean Jesus a lot of power here uh 30 megahash on a 5700 basically 1.85 8 1.85 Kash on this almost like a 50 ryzen 5600 so that's that's not uh I don't think that's very [Music] good okay 30 is good okay I mean I I haven't even set any overclocks here but 107 Watts 32 megahash what what do other gpus do on um on iron fish so what does the 370 do what does a 370 do on iron [Music] C 38 megahash 10 wait ready the singular IR fish wow at 3070 does 39 [Music] megahash at 120 watts and this 57 the bc250 does what 32 Mega has at 108 Watts probably a little bit more that's pretty good that's that's not bad that's that's not bad actually the temperature is horrible 85° C Jesus this thing's going to is the temp going down no it's not this thing is extremely hot right now this this this thing is pumping out heat like [Music] mad uh um yeah the fish hash the fish hash the the mega Cas here is pretty good I can say this is pretty good is the fan on can you not hear it it is it is on I can feel a lot of air going through the back here under vage okay well I need some settings what settings do people use all right let's go to bc250 it actually shows right herec all right so let's go fish has so 35 okay so 67 watt okay so we can actually bring it down we can unevolve it yeah okay let's use this 12804 clock let's try it 1280 1280 uh M clock M clock lock 937 uh where's me clock 725 under 725 all right let's try the other idle cards are still turned on they are wasting power sitting not mining uh geek of all trades yeah yes you're right so you know what Gall trades let's try something can I just turn these [Music] off oh we just dropped 100 walks oh we dropped another 100 walks oh we're at 1050 Watts all right we're at 950 Watts 8 70 Watts 868 869 784 we're dropping we're dropping like 80 watts each each idle BC 250 here 76 697 Watts now G all trades great idea great idea uh 612 Watts it's like 80 watts to 80 Watts there uh 7 527 Watts now uh 443 Watts 354 one more and we're down to oh oh the fans turned off oh that's not good oh so the fans are really controlled by this first one here so we're at 25 watts now oh okay 12 is okay hold on let me see the temperatures of this thing oh temperature is much further down now 74° 74° that's climbing it's it's clim I'm turning one all right I'm turning one back on uh we're at 7 it's lower oh 79 okay it's getting worse all right I'm I'm turning on number one all right number one's back on we just we just jumped up like another 100 Watts there we go there we go all right all right let's see the temperature Dro now let's see uh it's going to take a bit this thing is loud man holy smoke warthog is 14 Cent kilowatt Revenue so at your 8 cents you are 6 cents profit 6 cents profit for word hog nice dude this thing is loud man very very loud um so looks like the overclock uh did it change a little bit we're getting 32 Mega has 84 Watts that's not bad it's not bad well 80 84 watt software so I'm I'm guessing add on like another 40 50 Watts cuz it's an AMD gaball trades red pen of mining you can pull the SSD out of the card it's in slide it into the last card you can also adjust the fan speed in the last card bios to change B on temp read oh nice okay uh is there an internal is there an internal temperature inside or is it the temperature of this itself put your card you're mining in the first slot ah okay feels like an episode of the S Scott Sheffield you are Bann it's the temp of the card the fans are linked to okay for for number one okay this thing's taking 357 Watts [Music] now yeah I don't know man I I I mean okay let's think of it this way let's think of it this way for 500 bucks what would else what else would you buy for 500 bucks that could be maybe more more profitable or not even is there anything that anything that beats this for $500 if you had let's say 8 or 10 cents per kilowatt hour at this point in time but I guess the value really the value in this thing is like the potential you can run with like 12 separate computers like nodes like you put this on your server Rock like you can install a t different instances of like Linux or Windows you know it's like I see the value there but if the idol is 1150 Watts then I Maybe not maybe not then but it it yeah as the pirate says I see it as a good spec mining box one different algo for each bc2 yeah you know what that that's true if you had free Power lot of power and you're willing to pay for out of pocket and just spec M yeah yeah that's true that's true yeah that's true ah cre man see you later man see you later yeah that that's really the only that's really the only benefit I see about this thing um yeah I don't really see I don't really see much other benefit other than spec mining yeah or turning it in into a server or node or something nodes bunch of nodes grman you should update the fans yeah I know there's a fan mod for this thing yeah I don't I don't know if I'm going to bother I mean well this thing is very loud yeah this thing's very loud all right but it does pretty good on on on iron fish that's not bad that's actually not bad really I'm profiting like 20 cents well per bc250 so I mean but for for I'm using like I I guess once this all start starting to mine it's going to use like 2400 Watts if I got everything to mine oh wait I would need to change out the power supplies I heard if you were to CPU mine and GPU mine with this thing you would you would need to add or change the power supply is that right can I add more power supplies here is is there another slot for a PSU down [Music] here got to go see you do all trades see you buddy exactly why I bought mine it was like $700 after tax oh please mining King welcome mining King Taco Bell bito Baja Blast J oh my God that sounds amazing man that sounds amazing uh C man see you later bro see you later uh BC says no the other slots are blank and not wired ah okay so there's really there's only two power supplies okay all right I do not have power Supply Replacements so I can't run like 14 or 1500 all right interesting interesting interesting awesome okay well I uh I I think that's it guys that's all I I really want to do in this stream let's turn it on I guess it works we turned it on um I obviously I'm not mining on all of the BC 250s um I can do that later I have to set up I have I I I don't have I need more network cables so that's kind of kind of one of the cons about this is you need 12 network cables and 12 you know nvme m.2 style ssds in here and uh a crap ton of power available it's basically it I really like you can turn on each one from the back here that's pretty cool uh Keith bets crew man say he's making a video upgrading the PSU okay nice nice nice nice so what do you guys think all right let me put let me put the let's do a poll let's do a poll here let's do a poll hit that like guys we're almost at 100 likes let's do it let me put a poll you like the bc2 yes no all right let let I see what you guys think USB Wi-Fi dongles Maybe travel is travels uh that that would exponentially raise the price decent amount I mean you could that's an interesting thought having Wi-Fi on each like a little cheap Wi-Fi stick on each one it Le yeah yeah sure [Music] [Music] all right um one second [Music] here all all right I buy Nano USB Wi-Fi off Amazon $10 each I use on all my rigs travel is travels okay that's not bad I mean you have to buy of them so that's 120 bucks right there too much power you're making nothing really yeah I mean that's true uh so let's look at the poll w we got it's it's pretty much 50/50 right now some of you guys like it some of you guys don't I guess for people that have free Power I mean sure you could go to town with one of these things if you had free Power um yeah I could there's value in many ways here I see a lot of value in many ways but it just depends it just [Music] depends I like that my my favorite my favorite thing about this is that it's rack mountable and we can install an OS on each one by itself so like I could run like uh like a Windows instance or wallets whatever um I mean another positive thing there there is Network on each one right a physical Nick on each one so uh yeah like you have a ubiquity system you can segregate each one core wallet testing type of thing um yeah I mean you can do you can do some fun stuff are you sick again Joker no I'm not sick no I'm doing great man doing good if Etc pow didn't die off this would be a banger uh assuming it doesn't idle at 1150 Watts I mean uh Etc PO on this if if it doesn't idle over 1,000 Watts then yeah I mean like uh I don't know I I I don't know the issue with this thing is the idle the power consumption idling with this thing is is insane life gamer I wonder how the th pad face St next video tear down uh bot life gamer uh I'm not going to tear it down no that mining identical hardware for pool compare could work on this setup identical hardware for comp right uh I wonder why the idle wattage is so much yeah I I don't know I thought this thing was like someone said was like 500 watts item 300 watts item this thing is like when when all of these are on it's like 1150 [Music] Watts uh from my testing I don't know Austin Jones with I have 20 of these things they are quite quirky but if you understand the quirks they work great Austin Jones do you have free Power Austin Jones what what what how how are you mining with these is you have free power or what like how cheap is your power I'd like to know cuz I don't think you're mining with these with um more than like 8 n cents per kilow hour Austin Jones 6 to seven cents okay that makes sense that makes sense you're at six cents so so the so right now I mean these are you're making a little bit you're making maybe three bucks maybe four bucks a day on one of these things that's not bad that's not bad at all not bad for something that cost 500 bucks yeah and okay here's the True Value all right here's here's the true value of this thing then is if all right if and when the bowl run comes around the next Bitcoin cycle the altcoin season this thing it doesn't matter if this thing starts mining 10 20 $30 a day it doesn't matter how much power this thing is taking you you could potentially be profiting a good amount if when the good times start coming back if you know a lot of coins start popping off some CQ coins start popping off some kapow algo some Eep algo coin starts popping off iron fish starts popping off that's where I see then your $500 investment you could you could break even in like 10 days of mining in the bll that's the only saving grace really really this is and cheap electric that is your only Saving Grace for one of these things is if the bll Run came about you're yeah this thing could be a Powerhouse honestly this thing could be a Powerhouse for mining um for the simple fact of uh it's got CPU it's got CPU it's a Apu but both like a it's like a r it's like a ryzen 5600 CPU and a RX 5700 GPU so I think that's I think that's true that's the True Value right there is if if uh mining profitability starts coming back in the bull run or altcoin season um it's this this could this could bode well that um not Financial not Financial advice of course so Patrick Murphy when e comes back to proof of work it's going to be a party yeah right yeah right when did ethereum announce they're going to go back to proof of work that is that is that is not going to happen that is not going to happen uh Austin Jones all 20 Network boot no nvme drives oh man okay all right Network boot all right let's do it that's that's the way to go then that's the way to go right there wait how did you wait you have to connect a US you have to connect a keyboard and a display to network F off right yeah in order to get to the BIOS the Nick you got to enter in the IP address to network yeah that that works yeah that's a that's a good idea that's a good idea actually that's much cheaper obviously that's that's much cheaper nice nice if eth goes back to proof of work I will eat my shoe if ethereum okay if ethereum goes back to Pro a proof of work I will I will give away all of my Aces I don't even care I will give away all of my Aces man if AUM went the proof of work holy smoke man that would that would be insanity that would be Insanity seriously Austin Jones no IP address R designs it the ones I got the BIOS were set to P pxc boot oh nice awesome awesome [Music] awesome uh do they run as separated minor uh each well each individual dc250 best yeah Patrick Murphy when e goes to back to proof of work you send me a working Radeon 7 yeah right Patrick Murphy I will send you all of my Radeon 7s you can have all 12 of them you can you can have all 12 radon SS Patrick M all right guys that's it that's it I'm done that was fun that was fun this thing yeah you know what I I I like it and I don't like it I I love it and hate it at the same time so all right all right guys that's it I'll see you all in the next video or live stream tomorrow you guys have a great day smash the like on the way out you guys have a good one hopefully you guys enjoyed that that was pretty fun this thing is too loud I'm going to turn this off you know what I'm curious can I shut it down um can I shut down if I hi a w shut down this last one will it work okay so I just put a boot to shut down uh a command to shut down this last one will it turn off let's see yeah it shuts down yeah perfect perfect perfect so what if I hit the power button on the front yeah it's it's completely off now all right yep it's off now all right you guys can hear me finally can hear you okay perfect yeah sorry sorry about the loudness yeah that thing was really really loud bro really really loud okay yeah you guys have fun you guys have a great one oh I just got in I just got in who wants I just got another giveaway Avalon nan3 another one who who wants this I think uh I'm going to do a video or a live stream giving this away we we have another one to give away another another Avalon 903 oh man so much oh shoot I still got to choose the crap we got to choose the winner of the of the of the ks zero Pro totally forgot totally forgot about that one too oh my God so many giveaways I forgot I forgot about all the giveaways all right see you guys later peace peace peace peace peace you guys have a good one I'll see you guys later Patrick Murphy you Bast Ard don't clip anything [Music] [Music] [Music] he ch [Music] a [Music] d [Music] oh [Music] [Music]

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