Behind My Biggest PC Parts shipment

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[Music] all right so we have as you saw in the little time lapse uh pack Ed up a bunch of stuff and uh I just ordered well I ordered it last week it's supposed to be coming in I think tomorrow but uh I ordered me a a decent well what seems to be decent shipping scale it had good reviews I think it goes up to like 90 lbs that way I can I'm going to I got me a little tape measure in here I can start measuring everything out and weighing everything so that way when I start entering it it into the web store uh people can get customized shipping quotes because right now just doing like CPUs and small stuff no no big deal um that's that's pretty easy stuff that fits in like bubble mailers um but once I get into like selling bigger stuff especially like computers um yeah shipping can can definitely definitely hurt if I get it wrong and then I don't want to like overcharge people for shipping and um you know not not trying to pull pull the wool over anybody's eyes but anyway I do have some stuff that's coming into the actual office uh I got that little desk so let's go grab that it goes like somewhere right in this area I think I we got to do some rearranging over here so we'll go through all that um I think I found a buyer for a majority of this mining Hardware stuff um but don't worry if you still want to buy more mining Hardware stuff I still have tons of it this was only a small portion of that was only three motherboards uh and at one time I think I had 12 I think I sold off two of them so I have like another six or seven setups that I still have to break down uh so we still got more um but yeah let's go grab it let's go take these out to the truck all right so got that that little desk right there um this is not staying here this is moving uh and I think I think I'm going to get rid of that chair and put another um like shelving rack right there beside it that way I can just have more storage and then this chair I guess what I was thinking is I could just kind of have this over here over to the side cuz people don't need to be just going over to the storage might even you know maybe a little curtain or something over that to cover up storage but I could have a computer set up here plop a monitor right there here I'll just put one up there right now for visual reference monitor right there let's grab a keyboard and let's get a mouse boom so monitor keyboard mouse I can plug a computer in and somebody could actually sit down and test something out a little bit easier than testing it out over here um still going to leave this area set up that way I can maybe have a computer plugged in there maybe have a computer are plugged in there um I don't think it hurts I wish I had more space and hopefully uh this location I'll be able to transfer into the bigger location cuz I'd love to be able to set up like multiple desks with computers that are basically just ready to sell um that would be ideal but you know what got to got to work with the cards that I'm dealt so there we are so far close this I also got courtesy of my wife let me hold on let me change the screen real quick so I don't leak any any information minimize all that okay and um yeah so she gave me her old desk setup which is like a little laptop stand you know some pencil holders that kind of thing and I know this stuff is this is like stuff I would never buy but it's kind of Handy like I I I do like it um as for having like a nice workspace I got to clean all this up I got candy and all kinds of stuff all over the place that that was all shoved behind the computer I pulled it out I need to throw all that away um and I think I'm going to end up ordering a mat to go across this entire table cuz this is kind of my work area where I got my light I'll pull it down do all that that kind of stuff let me go ahead and get all this get all this out of here this is mainly extra bits and Bobs computer bits and Bobs need to reorganize all this this is kind of my storage for working on stuff at the moment having a small space forces you to like uh be organized which I know my organization is subpar at best but it is it is it does exist so I got the little CPU holders I like those for transporting them around we'll just plop those in there plop those right there all right close that then this keyboard I could just to keep that down there for the time being pop that right there got the old knife need to go get a real lunch I put this little clip up here that way when I'm not using this power cord to like power a computer it's kind of up and out of the way I don't I like it you know heck might be able to I'm not using that to charge a phone paper towels I need some more paper towels so that's behind the scen setup of my table workbench area but yeah I'd love to put a uh a mat across that and then I do need to measure this out and I was going to get a matte cut uh for this I know this is probably like an awkward size so um probably not going to be able to find one exactly but I you never know worldwide internet might be able to find it so that is currently the setup a little behind the scenes look I am also 3D printing which you guys will probably see that on upcoming video GPU mounts um or GPU stands so that way I can stand them up vertically I'm going to do that in here I'm going to place you know probably have the front row laying down the back row standing up but I was mainly doing them because on the shelves back there I want to stand up gpus uh on the two shelves that are going to be up there so yeah wham bam uh I was also thinking I could probably put a shelf right there I just got to remember that everything that I put in here is going to need to be moved eventually at least that's that's the goal and then this monitor is still going to get end up getting mounted on the wall once that wall mount comes in all right so yeah I want to thank you guys for coming out I do appreciate it um and just look look forward to seeing you guys on the next one if you have any questions comments concerns recommendations please drop it down below in the comment section and if you made it this far in the video if you made it this far in the video I don't know just drop a jelly down below and um yeah yeah all right guys later sneak peek of what we got going on so got to say a board two boards here going to get those measured up cut down those are going to end up being our shelves uh so I'm going to measure them cut them take them back outside I think I'm going to paint them black or stain them like Ebony or like a really dark black color uh and then those will be our two shelves where we'll be putting some graphics card up so yeah bonus footage woo got two more packages to go drop off

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