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[Music] oh boy can you guys hear me this is I don't know if this is going to work you guys need to let me know in chat if you guys can hear me I have 10 MVPs up and down this might be a disaster literally disaster oh boy one block left C can you guys can you guys see me is there anything I think he forgot oh boy one block left Bros oh God ah ah can can you guys hear me we can hear you but not see you okay that's that's not good uh oh boy oh you guys can't see anything loud and clear all right perfect oh my God what holy crap Bros Are We There Are We There face reveal Panda we can't see you what can you guys see anything on the screen I can see and hear okay big Ash okay a god guys I I need to know is the stream clear I'm streaming from a cruise ship right now red panda one block to go okay well the BTC block Explorer is not is not working here oh there we go block number what four oh block number uh four uh 800 840,000 right we're at 83 9999 oh God yeah yes clear loud and clear okay perfect one block Bros I wasn't going to miss this I just got into my room I set up my laptop I'm here Bros I'm here oh God I couldn't get any music up I'm sorry guys we're going to do the s19 sorry S21 giveaway as well okay let me I need to get set up here I literally just sat down got my laptop all set oh this is crazy how many people watching right now let's see how many people we got here oh almost 300 people people that's nuts just just nuts you guys are you guys are crazy welcome everybody Welcome to the live stream okay um smash the like Bros Smash the like sync or Swim techman uh [Laughter] sync H okay is there a better like Bitcoin block uh countdown there's got there's got to be a better one there's got to be a what's that uh TX Street does that TX Street work uh we can't see your face P bacon bacon eggs what what are you talking about what face why you want to see my face Cal Rosa got lucky wow I'm here so I'm winning so I can begin uh panda in the house Kevin R what's up Bros what's up oh my God fully electric thank you for the five gifted Subs it's done it's gone oh yes complete Bitcoin having yes there we go next having 2028 I love it I love it here let me refresh this I want to see the block I want to see who found that block who found it complete slow clap everyone slow clap slow clap slow clap that that was great now let's watch the Bitcoin hash rate fall let's watch the Bitcoin hash rate fall like 800 x a hash uh wait what's it what's it right now 650 guesses right now I'm going to say it's going to go down to 450 30% drop that's my guess I want to see this block come on where's ah is so okay let's go to uh let's go to blockchair Let's I think blockchair is faster I want to I want to read the info on this block who found it is is the big thing blockchair explore uh sorry block chair there it is 46 45 50k 50 Ex aash you think is going to come down yeah yeah let's see all right all right block we're already 8 840,000 in one now uh where's the blocks let's go to blocks all right let's go to number this one via BTC yeah I'm on Via BTC yes yes hell yeah wait output 1,400 Bitcoin holy crap oh oh my God wait no that's that's what was transacted okay not not the actual block uh okay let's go see what the let's see uh let's see Bitcoin block output uh fee 37 Bitcoin fee oh wow okay generation 3.12 Bitcoin yes yes look at this there via BTC 3.125 Bitcoin dude the fee was 37 Bitcoin oh my God oh my God GP risers bro what $100 donate GP risers are you kidding me risers donated $100 Super Chat another Haring for the books Panda enjoy the cruise exclamation mark colore Bitcoin colore Bitcoin colore Bitcoin colore Bitcoin vcoin v v v Vang thank you man thank you that is insane you are insane good sir ah bro thank you thank you ah this thing I'm I'm going to come see you soon okay fully electric thank you for the gifted Subs earlier okay I wanted to check out the the previous block before that uh 839 8399 N9 okay let me see this so this was generated see 3.6 uh sorry 6.25 Bitcoin in that block and then the next see this was a fee of 1.0 Bitcoin now you go to the next one 800 40,000 3.125 with a fee of 3 37.6 Bitcoin oh 2 million $2.4 million fee oh my God so the reward whoever was mining on vbtc got 40.75 Bitcoin 40 dude whoever was mining on VTC got 40 uh was split amongst the miners 40.75 Bitcoin all right let's go look at the next block I'm actually very curious 840,000 And1 3.125 Bitcoin right and then 7.6 dude the fee was on this one was 4.4 Bitcoin so the the whole block was 7.61 dude oh my God that is insane oh whoever was whoever mined on VI BTC on this block you guys will probably see a massive you will see a massive payout oh jeez oh that is [Music] nuts that 40.75 Bitcoin block oh dude that is insane okay um hold on I need to um uh hold on I need to uh oh hold on guys I'm just I'm just getting a situated here how many people we got here holy crap there's 413 of you smash the like Bros welcome welcome to the live stream holy smoke I can't believe this is working I want one BTC veteran minor what's up what's up man vist tang I can't this T I can't believe bro can't believe you donated thank you enjoy the cruise thank you bro thank you so much seriously crazy okay um wow I'm I'm in shock I'm in shock right now this this okay anyone okay I can't log into my VI BTC but anyone mining on Via BTC can you see if you just got like an insane like a block at 4 840,000 if V VF BTC got a 40.75 Bitcoin block including the fees right look look at this via BTC got that block how lucky is that DJ raid oh DJ What DJ you're not streaming anymore ah DJ you should keep streaming Bro thank you for the raid thank you for the raid thank you for the raid pelish Miner welcome to the stream bro hash cats of crypto hash cats of crypto bro here's to Mr overboard Tech we miss him we miss him A Lot H uh DJ mindes 13 hours is enough for me okay yeah you stream for 13 hours bro that's insane uh DJ did you find a nice hash block Bitcoin block that's crazy that is crazy watch Guru doc uh watch.

Gurus is breaking Bitcoin having officially complete and VI and has the price of Bitcoin gone up not really not yet uh all right the biggest thing for me is the network hash rate for Bitcoin uh so it was at 662 ex aash now we're at 636 I don't know maybe it's going to it's going to take a while for it to come down difficulty too um DJ killed it today yeah DJ's stream was awesome I came in and out um let's see here 514 people all right this is crazy Bros so the Bitcoin having just happened and for people just tuning in Via BTC was the pool that found that block and you know what the fee was on that block 37.62 Bitcoin including the 3.125 Bitcoin block after the having in here so the total generate the whole total reward for that Bitcoin block was 40.75 2.6 million that's going to be shared amongst anyone who was mining on VI BTC 2.6 million bucks Bros oh my God okay wait we can we can kind of we can kind of do some math here all right via BTC has 80x a hash what's 80 what's the percentage of 662 of adx a hash tell me guys what's the percentage uh someone do quick math what's the percentage out of 662 x aash 80 xash for Vi BTC somebody I don't have a calculator up somebody do the calculation I need to know the percentage 20 no not 20 I'm guessing like 10 20 that's 22 that's not 22% is that 18 yeah so 1/8 of 100% is what uh like 15 17 12 all right man you guys are slow man you guys are slow 12% thank you little little bits mining 12% okay what's okay 12% many miners are actually mining on VI BTC uh almost 1.1 million different wallet addresses so 1.1 million divided by uh you know actually because there could be some bigger minor some smaller minor 1.1 million divided by $2.6 million I don't know dude I have about dude that's that is nuts that that's that's a that's a big that is a big Bitcoin block could you imagine someone solo mining C could you imagine someone solo mining the this block 840 840,000 Bitcoin block and then they get a including the transaction fees 40.75 Bitcoin co could you imagine pisher I left you a laugh on Discord for later I'll check it out bro I'll check it out um his YouTube must be lagging yes I'm actually streaming on uh on starlink right now so if the stream dies you guys need to let me know fully electric thank you for the 3 months bro RPM do you know if it's a solo hit or a pool hit on V BTC oh that I don't know I'm assuming if it says via BTC here it's actually taking it from the M it's taking it from the uh PPS uh it's taking it from their pool here actually I don't you know what I'm actually not sure if it's Solo or pool um here can we figure that out here let's go to let me go to VI BTC viab let's see retirement with 40 BTC yeah dude yeah that's ah I'm that is insane insane that is crazy that is a big block I'm uh minor reward no I don't see any I don't see anything here resources assets no it doesn't it doesn't show any like blocks or anything oh my God techman thank you for the 10 gifted Subs bro holy smoke sh Jim C the next block will be over 12 BTC uh no we did check it out um Jim C the next block 840,000 one is um 7.61 Bitcoin so this one had a fee of 4.48 Bitcoin which actually curious what the next one's going to be I'm I'm going to guess it's going to be around okay uh that was slush pool that found that one so another couple minutes here we should be hitting up the next block um every oh thank you for the gifted Subs Bros uh techman all set Chuck danger Chuck danger what are you doing man what's up man P mining Scott Sheffield much train not James trade win bees Andrew mad Nick Riley congrats Connor schs congrats Bros travel is travels what's up man how are you uh ER Ted 84 2 is 10 BTC no way oh Foundry okay Foundry found the next block 840,000 and2 let's see let's see oh 10.1 Bitcoin it's like the Bitcoin having never happened it's like it's even it's better it's just because of the fees people are spending ginormous amounts right now on on on transacting the transaction fees are are what is is equating to this craziness greater good mining what's up bro greater good mining great pend of mining you're supposed to be on vacation bro I got to tell you the the story man I was like we just got to our room I right away get my laptop set up and I'm like three blocks away three it said like three blocks remaining uh on this live countdown I was just like oh God and then and then at 1 I got set up and started streaming and we I actually got to it right when the uh the stream happened so I was pretty pretty lucky travels travels hope you're having a nice c yeah thanks bro thank you yeah I uh well now that this internet seems to be working um I'm happy about it uh nice no dips uh the Bitcoin price is kind of been kind of been going up kind of I mean as of the past not really I mean past seven days it's been going down but past day it's been it's been climbing beer and the beach P yeah Bros yes yes um all right when is the giveaway okay let me uh okay let me let me get up The Gleam link here okay I just like I said I just got I just sat down um I need to set up here okay all right there we go okay so let me do this real quick and uh we'll be on our way unless uh you guys want to talk for a bit um fees are high because the runes are etching they are trying to get the earliest block number as possible ah you're talking about the ordinals right that makes sense ordinals must be uh doing a lot of uh yeah transaction fees right now ah I can't believe it VI BTC got this block dude I can't believe amount oh wait someone oh wait a sec 40 Bitcoin oh man that is a lot someone someone just moved a lot of Bitcoin um okay so the yeah 3.125 the fee on that block 37.62 BTC so yeah ordinals must have must have been this one it must have been that one Chris Hanley I know someone who was mining with v BTC trying to get the scoop okay nice nice yeah anyone mining a VI BTC let me know um if you got like a massive like a a much higher number of Bitcoin like 0.1 0.01 or something um uh Kevin R I'm here for you not not for the prize ah thanks thanks man that's that's so nice runes launched at having okay that makes sense um bro give away some BTC dude I I barely have any all right don't don't ask don't ask me to give away BGC I I need to accumulate more here okay let me uh let me log into the thing here and uh let me just figure out how this giveaway is going to work so okay just a disclaimer I'm not home so I will not be whoever wins I will not be able to ship it until I get back okay which is like in the next two weeks so the S21 all right we're giving away a bitmain at minor S21 thank you to crypto Miner they are the ones who sent to me I already did videos on it um I have I have the s19 right now so I'll be the one giving that away okay the crypto Miner Bros website's not loading it's this one 195 terahash model okay we're giving away this one right now all right so people already entered um how do I join the giveaway well you were supposed to join The Gleam giveaway a long time ago I announced it in many videos if you haven't been watching the videos then you're going to yeah yeah I'm sorry it's uh you missed it uh crypti word is good as gold not pick me Ah that's too funny I got four entries okay good stuff okay let me let me get it up okay let let me get us situated here Bros Smash the like guys how many people we got here we got over 6 554 people here crazy 263 likes smash the like Bros Smash the likes 15 new members oh thank you thank you oh techman and uh fully electric thank you for the gifted Subs Bros thank you for the gifted Subs okay um let me go to my giveaways here um competitions uh finish all right ended five hours ago yep okay okay um Tech man random Miner what's up BC what's up BBT also live yeah BBT was live I totally I was going to watch but my phone wasn't working H I just I just got down here just sat down I I'm glad I at least streamed pretty much when 840,000 block was hit oh man I I'm still amazed that this this block was hit by Vi BTC and the block was like 40 Bitcoin that is crazy 40.75 was the reward the transaction fees alone were 37.6 Bitcoin the initial block it did go down from 6 to 3.125 bitcoin so that worked $200,000 block or you know this block reward was 2.6 million just insane just just crazy geek of all trades what's up man I went to get a pizza did I win uh no I I wish I won this block geek goat this via BTC got that block just Inc just insane uh cough mining red pad of mining I don't see it in my vbtc might have been solo unless it's pending oh my God okay okay if V okay if that was a solo block on Via BTC that's going to be Insanity could you imagine who is the solo Miner then that got that block oh man 40 Bitcoin could you could you imagine dude 1% what's 1% of 2.6 2.5 million uh that's uh 1% would be 10,000 no 100,000 no no $150,000 I don't know that's insane 250 thou yeah $250,000 oh my God one dude VI VTC just got a nice payout that's that's insane nefarious technology bro bro nefarious how are you bro thank you for the donation man I has no entries but I miss you buddy but bro I miss you too I'll be back soon and now I'm failed Ponda Cherry is over nothing left but nothing but criminal charges on three a-holes an attempt to get 140 million back to investors Insanity 40 BTC nefarious that's insane Mo that's insane thank you for the 50 months too navarus bro you've been subbed for 50 months that's crazy I would legit have a heart attack if I randomly hit a 40 BTC block I if I hit a 40 B TC block I would give 10 Bitcoin away if I hit 40 I'd give 10 away oh nefarious technology donated $50 through Super Chat I has no entries but I miss you B I'll be back soon the now unveiled Ponder Cherry is over nothing left but criminal charges on the three holes in the attempt to get 140 M back to the investors crazy crazy neis thanks bro thank you um okay uh you guys said another Pool just hit a block let's see let refresh crypti I believe you would can't say that about many give away 10 to cover taxes yeah yeah pretty much uh an pool okay so the next four blocks after the having 840,000 and3 let's see how big this one was oh oh 16 Bitcoin fee $1 million Bitcoin fee uh this block was 19.19 BTC ah oh what Bitcoin having oh my goodness it's just just Insanity it's just Insanity right now um ah crazy why are blocks so big um crypto Frank what's up bro um some people were saying were saying because of the uh ordinal inscriptions or uh runes I think that's a new some new thing regarding uh uh uh the inscriptions uh Bitcoin ordinals sorry runes I I I haven't looked much into it um it's some sort some sort of NF it's like some sort of nft right ordinals um they said they were minting that on the first blocks first couple blocks apparently uh but yeah just saying that that was happening on the first block was a reward of 40 Bitcoin it's just nuts yeah RuneScape look it up yeah RuneScape ah man too good too good too good too good just Insanity zarov what's up man what's up can't stand runes don't clog the system uh I'm getting $10 a day more estimated since having on nice hash with my s9k well yeah probably uh some people are probably overpaying for renting right now because the blocks are are quite large so imagine getting any of these blocks now you're getting a pretty nice you're getting a pretty nice payday here latest PL let's see an pool that was almost 19 Bitcoin that is just nuts just insane okay you guys want to do the S21 giveaway oh wait and I just realized npol found two blocks they just found another one back to back back to back to back 27 Bitcoin all right whoever turned off their Bitcoin miners don't turn them off you guys you guys got to keep them on right now cuz holy smoke man you're we're getting you you're missing out you're missing out on some big profits here you're missing out oh s sometimes thank you for the two months thank you RPM # cats of crypto hash cats of crypto here's to overboard Tech rest in peace my friend ah uh crypto and hot rods uh nemesis thank you for the raid bro thank you for the raid bro ah guys dude if you're solo mining or trying to get a Bitcoin block right now it's these these these blocks are heavy these are very heavy blocks right now it's they're they're they're full of transaction fees I I just can't believe this first one was almost 40.75 40 Bitcoin 40.75 Bitcoin on that first first block that is insane I can't believe it serpent welcome bro welcome everyone welcome to the live stream welcome Happy Bitcoin having day Bros I'm sorry I'm sorry I couldn't start earlier I I literally just got into my room got set up I got internet and uh yeah but uh let's do the giveaway you guys want to do the S21 now DJ 700 bet failed feels bad ah DJ damn it man it's okay we'll get him next time we'll get him next time okay um Iowa Dean what's up man good to see you I am still waiting for the feet and wet sandp pick you promised H I didn't take one to I didn't take I'm no longer on the beach no longer no longer Beach um all right okay all right S21 all right let's do this let's go who's going to win the S21 let me get my uh let me get the giveaway up here guys hold on let me let me figure this out it's been a while since I've done The Gleam thing uh one sec one sec one second one second um and entries there's been about 5,800 entries okay winner unpicked okay draw winner okay all right all right Bros I'm going to draw the winner for the S21 okay I'm just going to show you guys something I just want to I don't I just want to show you guys that I'm not lying here like this is a true okay I haven't I haven't okay I'm just showing you here I I okay so I so you see unpicked I haven't drawn the winner yet okay but I just want to have a disclaimer I can't do this I can't show this page live because it doxes their full name last name and their address and everything so email address so I I don't want to dox the person so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do it off screen here I'm going to get the sniping tool and I need to I need to uh I'm going to get the sniping tool and once I do it I'm going to scribble out their names and uh I I just don't want to dox them okay all right I'm just I'm just doing this for privacy reasons I would love to I would love to click this right now and show you guys the winner but just just okay here we go here we go okay okay okay it's not rigged it's not rigged okay it's not rigged how can I how can I rig a randomized draw on gleam okay it's not rigged you want me to rig it who in chat wants it let's see Crypt pounder 4 all right I'm rigging it for you bro crypto pounder 4 I'm rigging it for you all right okay all right here we are you guys ready are you guys ready type 22 22 in chat give me 22s in honor of DJ DJ stream for like 12 DJ how long did you stream for ah all right here we go 22 here we go 3 2 1 oh uh hold on hold on it's fetching winners okay hold on okay draw it's drawing and uh announce winners in widget where's the winner what oh there it is oh okay there it is Mr okay I got okay I got to I got to take a I got to take a screenshot hold on hold on hold on hold on I gotta I gotta I got to do it again gotta copy it here one second all right where's the snping tool here we go okay I got to scribble out some privacy here hold on hold on hold on Scribble out the email okay there we go uh scribble out okay hold on uh I can put it I could keep that someone in North Carolina has won here congratulations congratulations oh my stream died I can't read the chat oh God hold on there we go all right someone named uh Mick kitten if from North Carolina USA who who it mck kitten if I don't know who that is but uh congratulations uh the email says Carl Carl Carl K from North Carolina that's the that's the name all right so congratulations I don't know who that is Brandon coin oh is he from North Carolina uh endless bro thank you for the donation man Rigg 22 love you panda it's not rigged I'm telling you it's not rigged I'm I'm I'm not it's not rigged I'm I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry you guys all didn't win I'm sorry congratulations Mr mckitten so okay if this okay I'm telling you guys right now if this person doesn't email me in like a week all right if I don't get an if I don't get a response in a week I'll do I I'll do I'll I'll repick a winner okay all right if if if if they don't respond in a week I will mining donated $10 through wrong car is that you love you panda uh Kyle Classen bro you know you need to rig it for us fellow [Laughter] Canadians H man it's too funny that's too funny okay so congrats I will email this person and uh see if they are there if they don't email me within a week I will choose another winner okay I'll choose another winner okay guys well was that was that fun or what endless mining endless mining bro endless okay guys I have a question endless I have a question or guys like H how much are are Bitcoin as6 making now are we are we making we're supposed to be making much less but I mean at this point looking at the Bitcoin blocks being like you know over 20 Bitcoin 40 Bitcoin for the first block after the having I mean what's what's everyone making now definitely rigged it's not rigged it's not rigged you guys are rigged crypto 440 you crypto 440 you tell me your email and I will choose you okay I'll choose you 40 BTC reward for the having yeah that that was that was pretty crazy Carl M member for 48 months that's me man Carl m is that actually you no Carl M car Carl m is this you Carl M remember Carl him I know who you are M 48 months is that actually you there no way are you kidding me no no Carl M Carl are you serious are you serious bro you won the S21 dude are you kidding are you kidding me no way dude Carl m is like my one of my very first first like Carl M has been on the channel since like the beginning that is actually insane that's actually insane I think Carl M won my is it my 2,000 subscriber giveaway Carl M email me Carl M email me right now Carl M please I want to make sure that's your email email me right now Carl M Carl bro email me Insider job Rick it's not Insider job it's definitely rig it's not it's not something like that Carl M are you mining donated $5 through Super Chat at red panda mining half the amount endless mining bro thank you half the amount duh thank you bro Financial failure Cong oh dude thank you for the eight months Carl M rigged and congrats uh 2,000 Subs kind of no way that never happened no he Carl M won like a 2,000 subscriber giveaway that I did uh Carl you emailed me all right let me see if that's you let me see if that's you if that's you I'm going to freak out I'm going to freak out if that's you crazy endless mining how are you man how are you did you see the did you see the insane block that was found by via BTC man dude that that is that is insane that is actually insane uh Carl M no Carl you actually oh that is you Carl dude that is insane that is insane man I can't believe it Carl I can't believe it bro I am actually so happy right now bro I cannot believe it that's awesome that is awesome Carl congrats man dude so sick serpent uh open this more interactive all right uh I am so oh my God cannot believe it I'm so shocked I'm actually in shock right now Carl you won the S21 bro you won it you won the S21 from Crypt Miner Bros I have it with me I got to ship it to you dude 195 terahash man I'm going to plaster RPM stickers all over this thing all right is is that okay can I put RPM stickers all over it Carl I'm so happy You've Won you've been a like you just did 50 months you've been subbed to my channel for 50 months that shows how supportive you are to the channel and I've seen you in every single live stream bro you're you're you're making me emotional you you I've seen you in every live stream since the very beginning Bro you've been on my channel since the very beginning that is bro I'm so happy You've Won I'm I'm actually super happy that it's going it's going to you bro that is awesome DJ mines RPM did anyone else email you uh no DJ nope only Carl M with the official wait DJ DJ Waters 22 DJ what are you doing DJ you emailed me hey dude I saw you told me to email you for the s20 giveaway I'm so excited I won you bastard DJ get out of here get out of here ah damn it DJ oh man geez get out of here DJ get out of here Carl congratulations man congratulations on the S21 I I can't believe it I I'm that is awesome man yeah man you got me into mining crypto mining dude awesome dearch rig Panda mining dearch you're banned you are now banned all right um all right serpent sent me a link here this is like it's got s that's it's like this is wow this is really cool actually uh what am I looking at here total fees 24 Bitcoin okay oh so this is block 84 840,000 and4 nice nice nice oh mpace oh mempool dospace okay okay yeah I've seen this one before yeah this is this is cool excuse me oh I just ate um ghost network did you take out your panda suit on vacation I did not wait wait wait what kind of panda suit oh you're talking about the one that uh uh uh who sent it to me uh what's his name uh tyen tyen sent to me um just nuts I will trade Carl a s19 pro 110 with one bad hash board for that S21 onetime only deal mind Capital uh I think Carl M would definitely appreciate that get would that would definitely appreciate that deal Tyson's here Tyson's here Tyson what's up man tysen coin you can go right and see golden block from via uh golden block oh right here yeah right here right here yeah uh right there yeah look at that oh 40 Bitcoin just insane Insanity Insanity now oh okay here who's whose Bitcoin address is this let's see okay total receive total sent okay I'm assuming this is this is this has to be VI btc's uh main like pool wallet it has to be so okay so they sent okay uh when did they send out okay did they send out that 40 Bitcoin to the person or no let's see five confirmations uh oh 1709 what time is it now uh no yeah so I don't think they've I don't think they've sent it out yet that's coinbase no or is it coinbase I don't know via it says via BTC mined by Buzz 120 h who is this mined by Buzz 120 oo is this a solo guy dude I just realized I'm On Top chat I got to go live chat um yeah Carl M1 Carl congratulations man uh ghost network also when finish the sauna God damn it damn it you still some people damn it ghost you still remember the sauna uh uh Delta it was a solo it was a solo via BTC damn a solo that is that is insane that is insane oh coinbase newly generated coins okay so if this is coinbase when when did they when are they going to pay this out to that gentleman though when are they going to send this 40 big 40 75 Bitcoin to that dude that's what I want to know I want to know whenever this address is going to send 40 Bitcoin to that person CU damn that is that is a lot of money that is a lot of money ah great a good mining you missed so much awesome stuff I've been saying this whole time because you weren't on top chat jkj ah damn it it ggm great a good mining God damn it h so glad the winner was an OG Panda supporter Yeah Carl M I'm bro I cannot believe it I'm actually shocked that you won like dude I I cannot believe it was you who won the S21 that is actually awesome thank you to crypto Miner Bros by the way if you guys are looking for Asic miners they have been partnered with me for over 4 years now if you guys are looking for Quality Service Asic Miners and such go visit their website use code red panda if you are interested damn this is I can't believe it bro this Bitcoin having was quite insane I honestly I'm actually just waiting for like the aftermath here like I'm waiting for like the aftermath of um like if hash rate's going to fall off at all like I know the blocks right now are extremely are extremely big so the blocks are like you know paying out an F ton um but how long is this this is not going to last forever like people uh the transaction fees aren't going to stay up this High forever right so well we'll see we'll see uh the aftermath after like a couple days um hopefully I can stream for the next couple days here why nice hash is going crazy is nice hash going insane uh let's see how can we see that let's see um yeah I have a few rigs on night hash rate rental that's why uh crypto Pano 4 I have a good trip buddy I'm out yeah have a good H thank hey crypto Pano 4 did you email me that's you right did you email me this morning I responded I said get the 1660s versus the uh sorry 60 6,000 series cards versus the 1660 TI or supers um 6600s yeah [Music] yeah uh Financial ordinals maybe yeah runes I think it's called runes that's why the uh fees are um extremely extremely high right now um well yeah I'm not expecting this to last very long so until the runes thing is done or Whatever ordinals Whenever that's all done it's it's it's probably going to drop off like drop uh drop off a cliff the transaction fees but the having happens we're at 3.125 Bitcoin now so yeah damn damn man um mine Capital have fun on your cruise man thank you man thanks for the the giveaway for the community yeah no worries mind Capital bro um seriously this uh S21 giveaway from the from Crypt Miner Bros thanks to them seriously they're they're they're the biggest sponsor on my channel and um over the past four years they've they've really gone above and beyond uh helping the channel out and doing giveaways all right uh endless mining bro thank you for the $5 why aren't profitability calculators is adjusting already uh it's you know what it's probably going to yeah it's going to it's going to take a while it's going to take a while for these things to adjust um but I think you know what uh let's see you know what to mine's usually pretty good here let's see what to Mine uh Bitcoin what to mine Bitcoin calculator hold you know what to mine's usually pretty good so let's just do uh 104 teror ASC 3250 3200 Watts 1 cent we we got to do current value current difficulty uh see the block reward didn't change here oh no it did but it's it's equating the average 5.61 Bitcoin H that's funny yeah at 10 cent an S an s19 104 s19 J 104 is making endless mining donated $5 through Super Chat why aren profitability culat adjusting already but if we change this to like 3 you know 3.13 with some fees you know is this s9j 104 is making negative2 $2.60 a day uh at current BTC value so Bitcoin has to be like I think 880,000 for an s9j to be good oh wait no ooh that hurt hurts s9j 104 has to be oh that hurts okay s okay $95,000 Bitcoin uh let's see there $997,000 Bitcoin to to break even at 10 cent kilowatt hour there $97,000 Bitcoin we need $997,000 Bitcoin for s9j to be okay uh all right um Blue Moon mining what's up man have a good Cruise man I'll get those pcks for you on Sunday when I'm there sounds good Blue Moon let me know let me know man I don't know if I I don't know if I I don't know if I want to uh announce why on stream here um to be respectful for the family but uh thank you man um fully electric RPM put in 100 20K BTC okay 120,000 sure 120,000 oh yeah s9j Pro 104 3200 Watts 10 cent kilowatt hour it'll make a191 we need a 120k Bitcoin let's go come on bitcoin go up go up come on 30 63,000 Bitcoin we're we're probably going to go down that's my gut feeling don't not Financial advice but but please please go up I would love for it to go up but my gut feeling is we're going to go down but we'll see who knows all right H who found the next block let's see 29 Bitcoin oh my god dude this one was a 29 antpool found another block are you kidding me antpool seriously antpool is finding all the blocks here antpool was the previous one as well damn ant pool ant pool ant pool um uh let's see here yeah if you want to make the same amount as you are now it needs to double in price basically uh Blue Moon miny it's for anyone to attend so it's all pish Min donated $10 through Super Chat RPM I know you said you don't promo new coins but under the circumstance once the cats of cryto token on salana is completed will you help the team out in oval Bo's name of course yes pelish Miner yes yes cats of crypto hashtag cats of crypto of course bro yes yes I I I can I can I can definitely I can definitely push it out there yes of course of course man of course um it was great that um uh from the meter box uh they he got the donation set up I think was it $5,000 uh set up for his family that was really good that that was really that was really awesome um that was really good uh okay uh let's see here let me see one second okay dashboard okay my laptop my internet is really bad here guys I don't know am I skipping at all I just want to make sure I'm not skipping um yeah okay yeah I think we're good okay um yeah uh pelish Miner please let me know bro pelish Miner let me know when uh when that happens okay just uh message me on Discord message me on uh message me on Discord okay um Vol electric I need details of that coin do you know the distribution I I don't but pelish Miner is here he can definitely definitely Panda are the violinists playing no it was uh it's the it's the ship's announcement uh system okay um let's see here all right Bros um okay guys I think that's it I'm going to leave you all to it happy Bitcoin having thank you all do you guys have any final words or remarks you guys would like to talk about otherwise I think uh the Bitcoin having was a success seems like it's been going good congrats to uh man congrats to the solo Miner on Via BTC Mr Buzz 120 ah $2.5 million payout 4.75 Bitcoin oh my God that is just I am in shock I am in literal shock um happy holidays thank you bro to the Moon see you folks good luck manave crypto good to see you buddy crypto for seniors evening all good to see you enjoy your vacation P I will thank you 10 minutes to midnight thank you thank you so much that man won the lottery he literally did he literally did um thanks RPM for the stream give away enjoy your vacation yeah mental mining UK no worries uh Carl M congrats congrats man I'll I'll email you shortly uh for the S21 uh unfortunately again I'm not home until the end of the month so so I'll ship that out once I get home okay all right I I would love to change the Bitcoin address for you but I don't have remote I literally forgot to turn on my computer so that I could remote access to my home and I can't so I'm so sorry but I will ship that out as soon as I can okay man um any final remarks Bros uh we know his login ID just need that password fully electric God damn it uh low Buck mining thank you bro Andrew mad thank you thank you bro great a good mining thank you man have fun on vacation happy Bitcoin having day everybody good things coming for all of us I agree thank you greater good mining endless mining thank you so much man thank you guys Carl M it's all good man all right Carl M yeah no worries man I'll talk to you soon okay okay guys uh pel Miner says testet transaction showed to you and chump change mining on Discord okay if you if you want me to like do I do I do I get a point to rig is it a proof of work coin or oh no it's a salana it's salana so uh okay how can I buy it can I buy the coin pelish Miner can I buy some endless mining love you too man endless mining talk to you soon okay serpent thank you guys all right you guys have a great one Carl coat RPM your machines are still on while on vacation yes yes I I was going to do a video of like showcasing like while I'm gone am I going to keep my machines on and yes I am but I didn't get around I didn't have enough time to record that video I got like balls I got those fire extinguisher balls all over the place smoke detector not that that's going to help or anything because I'm not there but uh all right see you guys later peace out I appreciate everybody I will see you guys tomorrow maybe for a stream Saturday I cannot miss a a stream so uh tomorrow hopefully I can uh I'll get a stream out for you guys so thank you guys so much thank you for the fun thank you for the having thank you for the giveaway everyone you guys have a great one well uh keep touch on the Bitcoin profitability I guess tomorrow we'll see if it tapers off it it will definitely taper off by the time uh these transaction fees all the ordinals or runes are done peace bro thank you so much Carl coat RP you have a lot of balls I also have security cameras everywhere so uh peace out Dean good to see you yeah thank you guys sorry that there there's no music I have very limited band with here peace peace guys have a great night thank you so much thank you thank you thank you thank you techman for the insane gifted Subs earlier R Electric thank you bros vist Tang if you're still here bro vist Tang thank you for the insane donation man uh nefarious thank you man endless thank you bro hellish Miner I'll talk to you soon see you guys see you see you see you appreciate you all stay safe for

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