Bitcoin is $37000 and the FOMO into Miner’s are REAL right now.

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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning everybody overboard Tech it's a pirate automatic beat Steven DJ what's up man Joker Miner stevenh black cat crypto good evening good morning afternoon what is out what is what is out what is up hold on let me take a SI of my coffee good morning Yeti what is up man what is going on Iowa hey RPM you have a working mic weird hey thean don't get me started don't you dare no no son of a rabbit son of a rabid Panda hello hello man mom Dragon what's up automatic beats all right hyper X gate God damn it over Tech all right so uh today I wanted to acknowledge that there has just it's funny you know when markets start going back up like Bitcoin for instance right like literally Maybe uh maybe what a couple weeks ago maybe a month ago Bitcoin was like what 27k so we've jumped up like a good $10,000 since then and every day I have now for the past 3 four weeks I'd have to say I've been getting an email at least once or twice a day asking red panda where do you buy this minor where do you buy that do you think this is a good idea I want to get into it now this has been happening ever since the market Bitcoin in general has started going up it's funny it's funny how that works right it's really funny how you see when everything starts seemingly being good again in terms of the prices of the coins not necessarily profitability but when people I think it's it's all a psych psychological thing when you see markets go up you're going to fomo into you know you want to buy um uh ks0 ks1 ks2 Bitcoin miners whatever anything and uh it's it's it's an ongoing thing it it's been happening all the time like remember when in 2021 you uh back in the bull run when you know Bitcoin was like you know hovering around like what 50 to $60,000 throughout 2021 even 2022 a bit of people were buying as6 during these times you know an s19 J an s19 J Pro 104 terahash or 100 terahash model they were going for over 12 to I think at 1.15 maybe even you know $20,000 at one point just just for one okay one of those s19 JS so here we are now okay the fomo feeling of people getting back into buying A6 is coming back back again um but the thing I tell I I ask is why didn't you get into why like why didn't you get into mining or why didn't you want to buy as6 you know maybe a couple months ago maybe a couple weeks ago maybe when Bitcoin was 18 17K why didn't you want to get into the as6 then what what was the reasoning majority of people who have said that I've the the reactions I get is that simply is because they saw the Bitcoin price go up and they see oh these as6 miners are making money again but to be honest Asic mining is honestly has been really good uh throughout the whole year to be honest depending on your electrical cost of course that's going to matter a lot but I think the the thing here is is just the regular Joe right the regular person out there is not I don't know how do you say it crypto mining is a very Niche thing I feel it's still extremely Niche thing so I think the people that are asking me Panda where do I buy this where do I buy that you know where can I get this minor now and it's more prevalent now because the Market's up bitcoin's up everything Caspa is up everyone's asking where to buy where to get Caspa miners should I buy this Caspa Miner now everyone's asking that question now when you know you should have hindsight 2020 of course but I mean we've all been expressing this that you probably should have been getting into mining when things are are low when things are you know negative when things are really pessimistic that is the time to get into hard that into Hardware because it's much cheaper now Asic pricing is going up it's it's it's been slowly creeping up the ice Rivers actually went up like maybe $200 $300 man just a couple days ago because yeah like the Caspa has been going up to the Moon right um but at one point a ks1 was 1,800 bucks all right 1,800 bucks for a ks1 now they're 2700 bucks on Crypt Miner Bros so you can see the prices that are being laid out here and granted it's not necessarily you know the resellers okay um um that are pumping up the price it's the manufacturer okay the manufacturing can also raise up the price I just learned that from uh Charlie from DJ's stream yesterday so I thought that was pretty cool shout out to DJ Min and Charlie's stream yesterday that was awesome just just awesome um but I'm not trying to put down anyone who's wanting to get into mining now I guess I know generally people's financial situation it's hard right now people looming recession if it's now or later who who knows interest rates are rising people don't have bills people have lots of bills uh I you know you it doesn't matter the people that are here now for you guys that are here now I think all of you oh I don't I'm On Top chat live chat for all those that are here now I mean congratul for those that have been here for the past year congratulations to all of us I'm sure everyone all of you who have been mining and holding for the past year or two have now seen your portfolios essentially especially for Bitcoin I guess 2x uh or more who who knows or maybe come back into breaking even depending if you m during these times and you didn't sell but now we're kind of like heading back into that you know 2021 averaging era era so yeah congratulations to all of you I mean especially if you're mining men not just Bitcoin but I mean if we're talking about like altcoins in general year to date like you know we got dyx of course we got Caspa conflex alium Veil radiant Zeno Bitcoin of course Varys neoa seia coin ether God forbid no ethereum nervos zil zil zil is a great one hell just anything just just if you're just accumulating right now for the next runup it's it's a no it's a no-brainer if you financially can I mean yeah anyways a lot of fomo a lot of fomo right now I've seen a lot of people buying these uh according to my uh some of my Affiliates here thank you to crypto Miner Bros andless mining coasta crypto and mop.

I'm affiliated with them but I wanted to yeah end it with that that's my little that's my little rent uh for people that are getting into Asic mining now that it's it's the same thing happening over again and again so one of these days I mean for people that bought as6 for much cheaper we're probably going to see them for uh a lot more uh when things start really picking up you know when when Bitcoin starts going up much higher and when the market and that provides liquidity amongst all the other coins here all a bunch of proof of work coins it's going to pump everything so whatever Asic minor you have whatever GPU you have to be honest it's it's just going to be exponential and it's it's going to be just like 2021 all over again same thing happened 2017 GPU pricing gpus were inflated um A6 I would have to say were inflated as well uh 2021 of course s19 s9s were like 3,000 s19 JS were 15 grand you know same thing rx580s were 500 bucks I think the same thing is going to happen again that's why I'm betting on buying Hardware right um but prices are creeping up now all right so you're not going to get into it now then you know it's going to it could be worse a lot later uh but uh that's not Financial advice um see how it goes see how it goes wow K zero up to 749 yeah every uh yeah my epic now makes $2 per day not bad it's a pirate I want a ks3 dang it uh um I'm a mobile Miner on iOS oh nice man eica is up 450% in the last seven days nice uh okay all right Bros that's it that's all I want to talk about ah actually one thing I wanted to show I was going to I'm I'm probably going to do a video but I want to show something funny okay so I've had the ks zero all right since uh August 15th all right I have a KS sorry not a KS zero a ks1 all right a ks1 is there something I want to so the power of the Str the mining strategy of Mining and holding okay the the this is a true test all this is the this is a real theor like a real thing here I have a ks1 that's M almost 54 55,000 Casa and you know I can show you I can you guys are red panda you're lying no I'm not lying here here it is it's been mining look at this right here 55,000 55 55 uh 5 uh 55,0 55 Caspa it's got 98 here in limbo unpaid um so I have a ks1 it's now I have it overclocked as of like a month ago but a funny thing I want to show here you know since I've been mining and holding obviously the price of the Holdings I have here is now worth almost is $5,000 right my initial buy of this ks1 was $6,500 okay that was almost 3 months ago August 15th funny thing if I were to sell the ks1 if if I were to sell my you know every day or every time I got a payout which was generally like every couple days so if I sold every couple days the cost basis would only be $2,334 in in Fiat so because I've held all the Caspa I've been mining right Mining and holding right that's the strategy it is now worth almost 5 grand so you can see the opportunity cost there right and you can see that the unrealized gain obviously so for tax reasons I know a lot of people don't like me talking about taxes but I it's for me it's it's prevalent because this happens anyway um I pay taxes on the initial income all right so this is this is the initial cost basis $2,334 that's my income all right income anything after that okay anything after this once if cash goes up higher which it did okay and if I sold now which I haven't I still have this balance all right I still have uh if you go to this minor now I still have all that onto this address I haven't sold but if I did sell I would then sell I would have a capital gain of $263 uh right now all right so so that's it that that that's that's want that's what I wanted to Showcase here the power of mining throughout low times okay especially when when everything's pessimistic and bare market and all that stuff that's the strategy the strategy is to M hold and yield a lot of the coin and just wait till markets start going back up again and you can see it essentially doubled my money here right essentially doubled my money that this this is a a real Testament to Mining and holding I mean that this is the greatest example I can give a real true legitimate example okay you can say red panda Caspa is a different is a different uh different monster yeah sure but I think if you go along and look at a bunch of other coins which I just talk just mentioned I mean if you're mining conflex Al lithium Veil radiant Xeno bitco coin Caspa DX for the past uh year to date you'd still be up a lot um Health you're mining any other coins you'd still be up a lot I mean it's it's it's all the same it's all the same thing it's it's the same thing all right you guys are talking about DX all right enough about this nobody cares looks like nobody cares about this all right let's talk about DX what what what what happened all right I saw Yeti um Joker Miner how did you get Caspa to show up in coin Ley um I'll show you uh one second hold on Caspa transaction CSV uh here right here this is the one Caspa transaction report generate a transaction CSV file um uh here there's a GitHub for it you go check it out you just put your wallet address you just put your wallet address in there and you get all your exported transactions uh you just click on this kaspa transaction report uh thing okay you put your add you put your add you know what I can just do it for I can do example for you guys copy uh transactions goes here ignore don't I don't check any of these don't check any of these and then hit generate and then it's going to ask you to download it and that's it that's that's how I got that's how I got the um uh CSV file it shows all the time stamps and all that all that stuff there and I was able to import it you just you just drag and drop it into the uh uh wallet import you have to do custom custom wallet and uh that's it all right all right um let me all right you guys uh you guys you guys don't care about castle right now it seems like all people care about DX here let's let's let's see here let's see there's one thing I would love you to address please Yeti what happened Yeti what's happening um what happened Yeti uh let's see 100% took no enjoyment in having to do the patch today with DX it's the miners who suffer for greedy minor Dev ah yeah it's unfortunate it's it's it's it's really unfortunate man yeah and this is what man I'm surprised actually throughout the whole year we haven't had like a rogue like fraud like mining software come out I'm surprised we've only had one so far and that's SRB mother but uh anyways um I'm surprised that there was not a lot more over this last bare Market this previous this bar Market um DX is to blame not the minor Dev IMO um Yeti Gordon M you see the proof I had I gave doc two weeks to fix it he chose not to right Yeti you showed me this uh this was the uh here I'm just open the browser this was the this was the the thing that uh he did so whether or not you think the SRB minor guy had morals he he didn't he took advantage of the DX loophole essentially um so whether or not you are a person that has morals against you know committing something like skimming and uh faking the hash rate for majority of the community and uh losing their trust uh I've I've ve lost my to be honest I've lost trust in SRB Miner I won't be using them um and against the I guess the other thing against DX regarding King what are you doing King stop donating King God damn it s be minor dynx drama yeah it seems like a lot of people just want to talk about that and then other the the other side of it people just say yeah DX just should have been on a on like a test net or something or like you know should have done more uh pen testing honestly like it's whichever way you want to look at it I think the SRB minor guy could have done something about it um I mean it's like with any project out there I mean if you're if you don't have a big enough team to do testing like you know there's going to be even a like hell like you guys no Defi ethereum and like metamask and all those freaking loopholes there's been so many hacks been so many unbelievable like huge millions of dollars of hacks on ethereum uh code you know it's it's no different it's no different so I mean then you should have say that oh ethereum should have been on on test net as well because there's been loopholes in the defi system loopholes in the metam Mas loopholes in uh the code for whatever that is I mean that goes along with any other coin out there any other crypto Network it's if if you think that just because DX had this one little loophole that in SRB minor took advantage of I mean that goes along that narrative goes along with any other crypto project that has had a hack much bigger in much bigger than this SRB minor uh one so I think in my opinion that that that little Nuance there is kind of null in my opinion I don't know I I don't know um not having AMD miners on DX allowed him to kind of hide what was going on it feels like yeah yeah that's what he that's he he literally that's what he did and he he even uh the the I forgot the dock what Docker what what's it name uh SRB minor guy he even um confirmed it um King what the hell King stop rip radon sevens no more AMD l d okay I'm I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here there's going to be new AMD software minor coming out in a in a week or so according to Yeti so I holding my breath I'm not going to like say oh AMD cards on now no crap I mean for me personally I bought AMD cards for progue pal for for for kapow okay I I I my main thing wasn't mainly for DX but it was just an extra benefit my main thing for AMD was like kapow coins so I made a video about that already long time ago why I bought 5K worth of AMD GPS it's a pirate I'm buying all the radon sens best I can do is $33.50 turning off my radon 7 actually helps my winter power budget woohoo over war tech amazing I think I have wait I think my radon sevens are now on uh hold on what did I move them to here I'll show you guys what did I move them to let's see what degeneracy I'm doing now all right all right so uh for now I'm not not mining DX I'm just I'm just holding off until everything blows over um right now I have my Radeon 7 rig on iron fish uh 9.9 gash 100 Watts I don't know if that's I don't know if that's good or not I just that's that's what I have that's what I'm mining iron fish on the Ron SS anyways set operation code 43 Kaiser no um hopefully very soon nice nice uh should I continue to mine flock all right r r w Wick you've been you've been blocked by the mining King get get destroyed uh all right so what else here did we did we conf did we finish the conversation of DX uh removed SRB from all my rigs increase valid shares Andes honor theme what was going on there I'm not sure uh let's see here yada yada yada y yada yada yti said Coastal crypto mining what's up that's like getting mad at twift for creating an overclocking software for ice River units yeah H SRB still SRB still works just at the correct hash rate ah which is much less way less um um uh arguments to both sides honestly who gives a [ __ ] oh my God who gives a crap it is interesting news for sure it is interesting drama but it'll all get it'll all it'll all either just either uh fall to the Wayside which is it'll eventually will everyone has short-term memory and uh you'll forget about it tomorrow um f was real I bought a ck5 for $7,500 KD light for $5,000 oh my God hs5 for $7,300 all during the hype and I was wrecked I could have just bought BTC and had some coins in my pocket oh so right I'm sorry bro yeah I mean see that's the nature of that's the nature of buying um Hardware when it's those types of prizes when when everything feels really good and extremely profitable and a lot of people are fooing in uh that's yeah that's the time to either not it's just either not get in or maybe sell the stuff that you have or just you know understand you know prepare for the next the next rundown and and and buy Hardware when it's cheaper yeah um okay am I saying that Hardware right now is not a good buy I'm saying actually it's and it it it dep I you know what I I'm going to I'm very okay I'm going to be a little this is just okay this is just my I don't know if anyone will agree with this or not but I'm going to hold on this I I'm just being a little bit how do you say it f fous facius is that a word am I say I can't say that word like I'm just feeling like you know we are going to like you know come back down and then you know have be here for another year or two and then and then you know we're going to go out so am I saying is there an opportunity to buy Hardware when it's a little bit lower in my opinion this is not Financial advice I feel like there is I feel like there will be that opportunity again but then what if we just what if we just what if what if we just what if we just take off I don't I don't know I I I I I don't know I'm just I you you're more use than FIS obtuse okay I like that I like that overboard Tech I like that I like that um I'm just kind of my feelings are just like in like 2018 to 2020 like this moment in bare Market time we did have like a major relief rally uh and I'm not saying this is going to happen again that this is just my opinion here this is just my opinion this is not Financial advice uh past history doesn't really it could it may not correlate to Future results but what this is my ultimate feeling right now this is in my gut it's just in my gut right now this may not play out there may be a second chance to buy hardware and coins again uh but then maybe there won't be maybe it'll just maybe because all this ET F news and maybe the interest rates are going to start lowering and then the economy is getting better and then we're maybe we're just going to be a standstill here and then just go up in 2025 I don't know I I don't I don't know I really don't know I really don't know I just have this feeling in my gut because this is very reminiscent we this very we had this little relief back in end of 2019 it just feels very similar uh to now I I'm just it's just my opinion I that's just my not Financial advice I hope okay I hope that doesn't play out all right I hope that it we don't go down again all right I mean that's I don't I hope that doesn't happen I I sure do hope that we just you know continue you know to go up yeah that would be awesome um but in past history will it will it actually do that I I'm I'm kind of laying on the on the negative side I hope I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong anyways that's it that's I hope I'm wrong is the drawing of a bagel Crypt screw you God damn it DJ Minds if we go down again I'm buying heavily I'm happy either way um I'm I'm also yeah I in my financial situation I'm also happy either way as well I would be happy to buy more Hardware when when it's much lower um price are have been going up now okay especially the castle miners 200 300 bucks um but we're we're not I don't know who knows who the hell knows nobody knows Coastal crypto money if November ends green this will be the last chance to get cheaper gear opportunity cost will Skyrocket oh all right castal crypto mining believes if November ends green that's it it's there there's no end in sight then Hardware is going to Asic miners are going to start going up who knows if history repeats or not if history repeats I think we will consolidate around 32k for a while BTC yeah I mean I mean I feel like we're not from bare markets they're usually drawn out quite long longer so I feel like we're not kind of we're not there yet we're not we're kind of like still in the middle of it but kind of reminiscing to what what happened in 2019 August and then what happened and also 2013 2015 there was a little bit of a rise there um I don't know man yeah it's it's it's very it's very interesting it's very I'm not a traiter all right this is just a disclaimer I'm not a traitor I'm just going by feeling here I'm going by the feelings of past history uh DJ M says price goes up we make money price goes down we buy sounds like a win-win either way we win either way yes see DJ mines exactly either way we win all right here all right this What DJ mines just expl just said there either way if Market goes up all right for everyone that's been mining and holding for the past year we're we're going to win we're going to win either way if the Market's going to go down like this and then hover like that for the next year up until 2025 whatever then we're going to win by accumulating hardware and coins during this low lower time okay that that's that's there you go that DJ mines I couldn't have put it in a better way I couldn't put it any better that that is literally win-win yes everyone here right now all of you guys mining modling for the past year you guys are winners you guys are winners all right I got feeling in my pants yeah so s so do I so do I okay what now what now what time is it it's 9:35 okay um chump change said he was streaming uh chump change XD hold on all right the most controversial most conspir conspir realistic is that a word most conspiracy driven Nar uh conspiracy something story local tech locco tech um local Tech has a AMA sorry I just C I just coughed there uh with uh uh with I think um geeka trades and Mr Trump change uh so they're going to answer some questions from the developer of uh local Tech that's going to be on an 84 minutes 84 minutes okay so we're going to redirect uh wait actually is rabid mining streaming hold on rabid rabid mining all right so rabid mining is streaming in 23 minutes so I hope he will I will redirect uh interesting I could redirect to him but I hope that he will redirect the chump change does that make sense does that make sense black cat crypto conspiratorial conspiratorial is that conspiratorial is that a is that a word it is it is it is it is I I've have never I don't think I've ever said that relating to or suggesting the secret plan made by a group of people doing something unlawful or harmful there are several who think this is person's name or manner suggesting their shared secret knowledge with another person conspir conspiratorial con con conspiratorial conspiratorial hell yeah all right new word um jock Miner yep it makes sense to redirect from a redirect yes all right um what else Bros what else uh so okay so here let's do a quick poll let's do a pull are you buying Asic or gpus right now yes uh hold on as6 GPU both none I have no money start a pole there we go go smash the like Bros we have 207 viewers here only 70 likes can we can I can I have a me can I have can I just have 30 more likes just you know am measly 30 likes to to 100 likes or or no am I am I not worthy are you are am I are you not entertained where's that where's that Meme where's the gladi where's the Gladiator meme I love that movie got to watch that movie again Gladiator so good over btech when2 GP mining rig Nano beam installed toilet rig fan replacement you're now banned you're now banned over Tech um top film red P of Might Gladiator dude Gladiator is is is awesome hell yeah um buying as many ases I can selling them all all right see what you guys voted majority of you 37% says I have no none I have no money uh I'm sorry I mean yeah I mean I feel like that's that that's literally majority yeah literally majority of the people right now I mean times are tough right now times are tough for sure as6 gpus both some people buying both some people buying gpus some people buying as6 there you go there you go uh Saul Goodman nice nice name is that from uh Breaking Bad no yeah I'm bringing back I don't know if you saw my previous message there's a guy selling 650 GPU mining cases with CPU mobos psus on eBay for 8900 what do you think 650 GPU cases for 8900 that sounds too cheap that that that that sounds amazing Coastal crypto mining stop being poor just just stop being poor uh um you can watch the streams live streams make money while you do it boys hell yeah overboard te oh Sho that's all I have to do don't shame people for being less than you WTF I'm not I I didn't shame I I acknowledged I am empath I'm I feel like I'm the only one that's empathetic to to to people that are unable to buy stuff right now I I've explained it in many of my videos that economy is down interest rates are down I am extremely empathetic to what's happening around not just in crypto but like everywhere I I've I've I have seen all the all the negativity and and I've seen all the hell I get the emails people like repent you know I got divorced I got to sell all my stuff and my wife is taking everything and like I had the most like those EMA like I have those emails I even have an email someone's like I I got laid off I lost my job can't I can't continue on anymore it's like oh my God it's like reading those it's just like oh man I I I I I I feel sorry it sucks that's that's that times are tough right now guys I don't I wish I literally wish I could help everyone if I had billions of dollars I'd give it away to everyone who who who asked for help I totally would I totally would I I I've actually already helped some people um to be honest but I I I'm kind of I'm kind of at my limit like you know I got to make sure I take care of my family too you know I even had to help my family overseas you know it's it's things like that you know it's it's it's it's not everyone's everyone has a situation right now and it sucks financially it really sucks I honestly I wish I wish I could I wish I could help I wish I could help everyone uh not you not Panda oh okay I thought you were talking about okay panda is Rich well I'm rich in I'm rich in assets I'm I'm rich in assets not rich in cash okay I'm trust me c cash is is is hard is hard to come by these days um what do you think about Chia actually um oh man [Music] um uh I think I don't I I hate giving my opinion on I I honestly I have no idea I absolutely no idea it you know what I I I think Chia will go up when Once Bitcoin starts really ramping up and uh there's going to be probably some Market making event amongst not just on Chia but like a bunch of a bunch of coins like chia's on K coin okx G they're on big exchanges um it'll probably have a decent it'll probably go up it'll probably go up I don't know how much but it'll it'll probably go up again who knows who knows um RPM doxing himself lowy more giveaways I will I trust me Bros I said I said this before once when everything starts getting like extremely amazing and profitable and stuff I'm like I'm if Bitcoin goes to 100K holy crap I'll be like I'll give away an Asic or a GPU every freaking day every single day black hat crypto you should do start doing deer panda videos oh God no um cash is trash anyway well just bought 5 3060 TI nice still waiting on the RPM coin no I'm not making my own goddamn coin not making my coin uh RPM self RPM self doxing again Pand of these streams are literally helping those who want to learn don't feel bad when the poor is Guilt Trip well I know I know I'm I'm too I'm too nice I'm too nice that's why uh gaming smoking D will it go up when you post a video on you sorting out your [Laughter] chibi it's that rig Smokey Dan is sitting right behind me right now off I need to I need to read plot like I need to do the uh uh what's that new plotting thing whatever it's called not the yeah not with gpus but compressed plots is it compressed plots yeah I need to do all that yeah hey what do you recommend on my rig I got a 3060 5700 6 6900 uh gz5 bro the balls in your court man they look at this I'm just mining like everything right now I'm just trying to accumulate a lot of coins like it's just we don't know what's going to go up or not so that's yeah crypto KJ I had to sell all my cow to cover my rent well that is poor ah Krypto KJ I mean you're not alone Krypto KJ TR trust me you're you're you're not alone bro you're not alone compressed plots yeah compress plots I can hear it sigh when you said that right SMY H God God uh I can give three I can give people three ways to earn money online from home and they will choose to play video games and relax yep you can make yeah yeah DJ um are one of those free cash and the other ones playing neoa you can earn a good amount on theoa yeah Panda I'm thinking of buying five Avalon 1246 as6 for 500 bucks each uh has a warranty 8 months and the machines are new my electric price is 0.048 the Asic is from my uncle who's willing to sell uh I don't even know what those are Avalon 1248 uh Ken Ken right I am not a Ken efficient efficient Auto I don't know much about I don't know much about Canon uh Canon I don't know if I pronounce that right 10 and 1246 90 terahash for 3,400 Watts o that's a little bit that's that's not as that's not efficient but I mean you said 4 cents 4 cents uh apply uh can can and Canon can and oh well okay at okay so at 4 cents that you have that you said you have uh a Cann 12 1246 90 ter 3,400 Watts will gener $633 a day hell yeah D go for it go ham goam 500 bucks go for it I mean yeah your electricity is so goddamn cheap I mean you can mine with anything you can even mine with a freaking uh Avalon 921 20 ter has 1700 Watts we make 50 cents dude I you know what where who sells Canan Avalons I don't I've never played with one of these I don't even what do they even look like oh looks like a uh looks like an ice River kind of not really oh that's interesting can Canan I've never uh I've never played with one of these before yeah this looks like uh yeah it's got the c19 C20 plug yeah Avalon Miner 1246 interesting do they have anything new uh oh 150 ter cash 3200 Watts uh September 2023 okay that's that's pretty new interesting okay um anyone holding salana salana um no um should I go rename all of Panda's rigs to his failed project overboard Tech God damn it um going down um I had to sell team JFK I had to sell a lot of coins due to Medical Emergency could not work all summer I still have I still got a diverse portfolio position good for the B run nice man uh sorry for your medical emergency um hey P I'm planning on getting a ks3 a has is mining payouts decreasing still or steady thanks man um it's going down every day bro um you the only thing you need to really keep note of is the casa Network cash rate and I mean every month as well the uh the rewards are cut by 5.6% every every month so um it's it's it's going to it's going to keep increasing there's no way that the the hash rate the difficulty is going to go down I mean these things are are sounding like hot cakes right now um people are people are buying them left right and Center so it's it's it's from what I've been hearing so I mean it'll it'll be shown in the hash rate in the next bit here I mean it's going to it's it's going to keep increasing so I mean uh thank you to um here hold on I got a I got a great little sheet here thank you to mass boost for making this so let's say you just bought like uh how much is a ks3 uh ks3 right now I don't know 13 14,000 so you just bought run right now right and how much is it yielding uh hash rate down pass right down know a ks3 is earning what 1945 c yeah that's what roughly what mine is doing right now I I I have one so that's the yield per day so at current Network hash rate you know all that stuff this is how much we' be yielding but it's going to get worse in the next month or two just expect that so more re being more realistic here I mean over time let's just say you know you're yielding maybe 1,300 Caspa you know averaging you know hash rate for Caspa is like double so you'd be earning like what 30 to 40,000 mining 30 to 40,000 Caspa a month um and of course you know if you're doing the mining and huddle method for the next two years I could maybe yield you half a million in Caspa uh but if Caso went to you know uh if it stayed where it is now cents you know that'd be worth 46 Grand so I mean do do you think that castle price is going to stay at 9 cents no you know you're hoping that it goes up to 50 cents you know then you can turn that you can turn that $14,000 investment into $260,000 who knows who the hell knows it's it it who knows so many variables so many variables thanks bro I appreciate you man I just worried for the new miners are coming just don't want to see a huge drop on my ks3 um you're you're going to see you're you will eventually see a drop because uh the decrease the percentage decrease uh with the mission schedule along with the increase in hash rate it's it's just it's going to keep it's going to keep coming coming down so I mean just just understand your understand the risk but I think the ultimate belief here is if you believe in casun if you're minding holding uh that's the ultimate play and I just talked about that in the beginning of the stream I have a ks1 that I mined since August 15th you can see here I've been mining and holding if I were to sell every day my cost bases would be $2,334 uh since I've been mining and holding I've gained another 2,600 bucks from that so because it's been uh because Cosmo price is appreciated um Joe E where are you buying your ks3 from where I I have many people many contacts if you uh to help you with that who where are you going to buy your ks3 Kaiser hey I'm working on another book for you to read on stream Kaiser no don't don't I'm not Kaiser no more book readings uh alt Trak thanks for repeating the info late yesterday I missed your live stream but cried when I caught up an hour later you're awesome than altrack I don't know what you're talking about but you're welcome jock Miner if you had to spare $500 uh do you you buy an Asic buy gpus or buy the coins you want I would buy I would buy the Asic I I'm I'm All Hardware I'm I'm I'm All Hardware that's that's it I'm all Hardware I never bought I never buy coins I only mine yes in some cases buying the coin could be better but that it could be it's just dependent on when the price goes up versus how long you've been mining all right the great example is here it okay okay say you okay what's $144,000 in Casa right now somebody uh what's $14,000 in C I can I can get it I can I can do it I can do it so 14,000 Us in Caso that would be 15279 okay so great so all right so at 9 cents right $144,000 in Caspa is $14,000 in Caspa or 152,00 kaspa coin okay that will all that's just that's just the coin so say you bought the miner now you have a physical piece of Hardware that could either turn into a brick or potentially make you tons of money in the bull run so in a sense the same idea can go with if you're buying the coin it could go to zero or it could go up to new alltime highs same idea same similar idea but here's the catch with the hardware okay for me I like it because I can expense the 14 Grand then the income that it's generating I can offset that against the I can depreciate uh the ks3 over 3 years and the electric and I can expense the my phone bill my internet everything okay so you're wi you're not only winning on that regard but also the amount of coins that you're mining now okay here's the kicker all right so if for instance tomorrow in the next month if Caspa went up let's just let's just say Caspa went up to 20 CS tomorrow your your $14,000 investment could be worth $30,000 by the next month all right that that could happen sure in theory yes it could happen uh but here's then you would make more money than than buying the hardware and Mining with it yes okay in that regard yes okay or maybe even in 6 months maybe Casa went up to 20 cents in in 6 months who knows or in the Bull Run Casa went up to 50 cents so that 50 Cent that $14,000 in investment could be $76,000 right you don't have to do anything you just sit there hold the coin and you just sit there do nothing that's it that's it but what if you bought the hardware and over time you just you're just yielding the coins yielding all that what what month in theory would you break even on 152,000 yield well I mean if you do the math over the next two years roughly I'm going to say it could be the yield every day is probably going to be much worse so maybe being more realistic than 2000 maybe half of that so Network hash rate would be have to be 100 petahash so let's let's say 150 pah let's be more realistic I don't know 700 t per day on a ks3 so by the end of 2 years you could mine 280,000 Casa versus the bot 152 um kaspa so in that regard mining is better over the long term okay another thing to think about any point in time in the next 2 years your $114,000 ks3 what if you know what if if Casa went up to like 80 cents or a dollar or something you know the profitability of a ks3 could probably still be you the hardware price could still be 14 Grand or sorry I'm sick or um the price of Hardware could appreciate it could be worth more remember you know when kadana as6 were like 50 Grand oh hell Casa asex were 50 Grand and 1.2 um 32 42 Grand there's so many Vari there's so many variables here but I like mining because the fact that you doing it as a business and you can depreciate the hardware and offset that against the income it's just it's it's like a no-brainer it's like you're getting the coins for free but if you are holding you do have to have other income sources uh to to pay uh your electric out of pocket okay or you got to have Capital to uh hold that if you believe that it's going to go up which great example I just showed you here in coin Le my ks1 I've been mining since August 15th if I were to sell a day I mean the cost basis would be 2334 so that has actually come out of my pocket because I've been holding I've been holding all this right I've been I've been paying the electric out of my pocket which is honestly actually the electric is nothing on a ks1 so uh withh holding it and Casper price appreciating it's already gone up 111% and I have a capital gain here of 2006 uh $263 um so I pay taxes on my initial income here depending on my uh tax bracket and then unrealized gains is capital gain if I were to sell this now if I were to sell all this Caspa now this 54,000 54,000 Caspa I'd have a capital gain of 2,63 and in my state in my area I would have to pay 25% uh 50% 20 50% of this and then 25% ah some some I I forgot exactly but I think it's 25% something like that of this of this of the cost basis so um no it's not 50% DJ no no it's not 50% it's not 50% of capital gain no no no uh everyone's taxes are different so don't don't don't do don't do what I I I said all right uh what time is it 9:59 holy crap all right Mr rabid mining is streaming right now I think we're going to head on over there and then after that we're going to head on over to Mr Chum change he's got a local Tech crypto mining live developer AMA I'm going to be there for that are you I'm going to be there for that all right DJ 26 you would have to pay out of uh you said you said you would have to pay out of h no no no no no no no no no this okay this this yeah initial cost basis this is the income right DJ for me so I have to pay taxes on this first I don't pay I don't pay this I don't pay taxes on this until I actually sell it okay this would be either capital gain or Capital loss you know my Holdings here Cas could go down to like 4 cents right it's you see my cost basis right now is around 4 cents but market value if you know if cow went down to 4 cents I would be like breaking even it' be I don't have to pay any capital gains or Capital loss but if CLE went down to 2 cents which I don't think it will it could um then I would have a capital loss of like of of uh a thousand or something if I sold it never seen this app okay makes sense oh dude this is coly man this is the best like tax software in the world I I I am constantly constantly using constantly using this because I'm always updating my wallets and transactions CU I I have to pay taxes quarterly so uh Rich Bor Borgia that's the exact same thing in Canada in New York you would have to pay taxes on initial income then on the sale based on the long-term or short-term holding that's the exact same way in Canada exact same way it's the exact same way uh I think if you're running it as a business you your mining is income anyways I don't I'm not a tax professional don't please don't uh please consult your CPA your uh uh for tax advice okay don't don't I'm not your financial adviser all right I'll see you guys uh on rabbit stream and then on Mr chump chain stream I appreciate you all smash the like on the way out thank you all for being here thank you guys have a good one peace out see you guys in the Stream tomorrow peace out guys peace out I pay taxes since I write I write everything off yeah same yeah I write everything off as well it's like getting it's essentially if you the way you look I'm not going to get it I could go on and on I could go on and on about running crypto mining as a business it just makes sense it just makes so much sense and you just you get so much more back you get you just get it back it's like you're getting mining hardware for free you think about it you're offsetting your electric you're offsetting your your all your expenses you're depreciating the hardware you're mining solid income it's like oh man and the coin goes up yeah man it's a no-brainer all right peace peace Bros please I'm not going on goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye peace [Music] out [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music]

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