Bitcoin Whales’ Alarming Deposits Amid Falling Prices Spark Concern


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It would appear that Bitcoin whales are shifting their BTC into exchanges at an alarming rate, which is a warning that they may be getting ready to liquidate their holdings. Recent on-chain data shows that Bitcoin whale exchange deposits reached $275 million in a single day as the cryptocurrency continues to struggle to cross over $30,000.

Bitcoin Whales Moving Funds to Exchanges

Tweets from the whale transaction tracker @whale_alert indicate that a total of 9,406 Bitcoins, with an approximate worth of $275 million, have been moved into exchanges through separate transactions. 

The vast majority of these trades entered Binance twice, with the largest single deposit being the entry of 2,459 BTC with a total value of $72.6 million. Another significant transaction included the deposit of 1,499 BTC with a total value of $44.3 million into the Binance exchange. 

The actions of these Bitcoin whales, or large holders, often significantly impact the overall market. There are a few possible for big money transfers, but when whales make large deposits to exchanges, it usually signals they are preparing to sell in large volumes, which can crash the market, at least temporarily.

Many traders consider this a bearish signal and can spark worry that prices may soon drop. For smaller investors, this can mean opportunity or risk ahead.

The price of Bitcoin crossed over $30,000 last month, showing promising signs of an upward trend for investors. However, the cryptocurrency has experienced a slight decline in the last seven days, dropping by around 1.57%. Further massive selloffs by whales can have a counter effect on this bullish sentiment.

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BTC HODLer Net Position Change Reaches 1-Month Low

In the same vein of waning bullish sentiment, the number of net Bitcoin position changes recently reached a 1-month low. The metric, which measures the position change of long-term investors on a monthly basis, shows whether investors are opening or closing positions in Bitcoin. 

According to data from Glassnode alerts, this metric just reached a one-month low of 17,604.723. This shows that more holders have been closing out their BTC positions to withdraw their profits for the past few weeks than those opening new ones.

It is important to keep an eye on whale selloffs, but other factors, like the shift in the net position of HODLers, also help to reveal where the price of Bitcoin is headed in the short term.

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