BitPanda Buy Bitcoins

Hey guys very quick video about bit Panda and how you can buy bitcoins or Any other alt hood with it so this is The bit panda website very simple Process just click on buy here and on The next page here what you're going to Be able to see is whatever Cryptocurrency you want to buy so you Have Bitcoin aetherium – and litecoin And let's say for example I want to buy Bitcoin you just choose the payment Method so here for example I chose the Credit card payment method and this Tells you the base price per Bitcoin how Much you want to spend and how much You're going to receive you can see that Change any of the payment methods then The receive price will change Accordingly so this is for example the Same as a credit card here I'm gonna get A bit more with the giro pay and sep a Bit less and so on and once you click The next step you're either going to Have to confirm your identity if you Haven't done so yet and if you did then You're just going to be able to finish The process the only thing that might be A bit of an issue with bit Panda is that Going back to the payment screen you Don't see the actual fees that are Incorporated inside what you're going to Get so from these 500 euros I don't know How much is going to actually being Spent on buying the bitcoins and how

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Much is going to bit panda but other Than that very easy process the exchange Has relatively low fees for all of these Transactions transaction methods and It's very easy to use so I hope you Enjoy this video and I'll see you

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