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all right ladies and gentlemen so I've really been enjoying phone mining um for some reason they just want to keep updating but I just leave it alone I've been doing this for a little while now and if we go over here to luck pool I had some some downage one of my phones went down so my 24 hour average is down to 15 Mega hash if we go to the varus mining uh not download but calculator I just want to figure out how much uh the 15 Mega hash is doing [Music] 15 megahash calculate right now we're profiting about four and a half cents a day on this setup so far I had one two three of these are my old phones so those technically really didn't cost me any money because I didn't buy them for this but I have invested 30 and 33 into phone so I've invested 66 dollars into this setup that fan is just a fan we had kicking around and then I bought a little Eight dollar thing I had some people in the comment section saying that you should just buy a GPU and you're wasting your time with these well you know I still got some gpus I'm just not running them right now and I'll show you why but I'll also show you why it's a lot easier to jump into some cell phone mining than it is some GPU mining so for example let's say like that's four Mega hash on that one we'll type in four Mega hash we'll take the power down to about five Watts for one phone probably is less than that honestly and it's doing 1.5 cents a day profit and you're like oh man that's that ain't worth it you know that's a you know that's a 30 40 phone that's not worth it well if you go over to which uh and you search for gpus for GPU Mining and sort by profit oh a CMP 170 HX super expensive we're not even gonna look at that um 6800 XT is profiting nine cents a day I mean what is it 6800 XT what are those selling for right now 500 bucks there's a 6800 non-xt I mean 500 500 could get you a lot of cell phones but people are making the argument that oh well you know cell phone mining is going to fall off and at least graphics cards blah blah blah but I just want to reiterate myself that you know a thirty dollar phone is profiting a dollar or 1.5 cents and a 500 graphics card is profiting nine cents so extrapolate the data there um let's see here 100 divided by 30.

If you if you bought 16 we'll say 16 phones times your 1.5 profit that's 24 cents a day now I wonder if you're 16 phones burning 5 Watts a piece 80 Watts you're still burning less power than a 6800 XT what are they burning on up we'll see here we're looking at the the eighth one um 100 Watts 130 Watts so yeah they're still burning a good bit less now people are like oh well you know you can get the some of the older cards cheaper so like what about a 30 60 because those are cheap now well 30 60 is not profiting profiting one cents a day if not anything after power it's negative it's losing I mean there's just not a lot of reasonably priced cards at eight A2000 is profiting nine cents a day A2 thousands are probably coming down in price let's see your A2000 GPU 350 99 that looks really cheap I wonder what that is there's no picture of it it's kind of sketch this is actually I if this is legit it's not a bad deal it's a four gig one huh I don't know what that's about I think I have a six gig one maybe I'm not sure I have a A2000 but 99 and it is profiting nine cents a day so now that one actually would Edge out phones because you know for 90 bucks you can only afford three phones and three phones make it into 1.5 cents a day you're only looking at four and a half cents so the A2000 is beating it um now in power the 2067 50 Watts 50 Watts still burning more power than the equivalent phone but all your all your 30 series are gonna be expensive 30 60s 30 70s and they're not going to make as much the reason why that A2000 makes a good bit is because it's super low power see like a 30 70 actually makes you know 10 cents more per day but it makes one penny less because it burns that power now this is not me trying to steer you away from GPU mining I still have a lot of gpus I don't mind on them right now but I would if things turn and a lot of people seem to think that you know cell phone mining is not going to go anywhere and it might not I this is all just up in the air right now um so I don't want to sway you either way but this is just to address some of those people that are like oh my God that's not worth it you're only making pennies well um technically you're only making pennies on gpus too so unless you have literally a CMP 170 HX making 39 cents a day and a CME 170 HX cost on eBay oh my thirteen hundred dollars that's a fan kit just for one um here's one for eight hundred dollars pre-owned brand in stock brand in stock not brand new um but yeah oh that's from China but so I don't want to steer anybody away from it I don't want to tell them that it's the best thing ever it could definitely fall off uh but I do like the fact that it prefers arm CPUs which means um it can be mined on like desktop x86 CPUs it just is more efficient on these little guys I want to get my hands on some more phones I'm doing some digging I'm trying to get phones under that 20 price point honestly if I can get them cheaper than that it'd be great I've been scouring eBay trying to find phones that have like cracked screens but still work um whereas that you know devalues them highly but uh yeah yeah it's slim pickings it's definitely uh it's tough I can I can tell there's a little bit of demand out there for some some you know semi decent cheap phones but anyway I'm gonna jump off here I hope y'all have a good day uh I will see you on the next one and yeah if you made it this far in the video um I just wanted to let you guys know I did start another YouTube channel uh if you like doing a little bit of uh you know wagering and staking and that kind of thing you can check it out the link is down below in the description if not that's cool too um just something to pass the time and uh yeah other than that I'll see y'all adios

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