Buyers’ Failure to Sustain Support Sparks 12% Slide: Analysts Predict

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Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently facing a critical juncture in its price movement. The DOGE price is teetering above the last horizontal support level before a potential substantial decline. In order to avoid a steep fall, it is imperative for Dogecoin to muster a decisive bounce at its current level. 

However, this task may prove to be challenging as a persistent downtrend, marked by a descending trendline, has been undermining the efforts of buyers to establish a sustained bullish recovery for nearly two months. 

Will Dogecoin be able to break free from this downward pressure and embark on a new upward trajectory?

A Crucial Juncture For DOGE Price

Analyzing the technical aspects of Dogecoin’s price movement on the weekly time frame reveals a significant decrease at the beginning of June, ultimately reaching the $0.06 horizontal support area. This particular zone holds immense importance as it has remained intact for an impressive 378-day period.

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Source: TradingView

Whether the price manages to bounce back above this critical level or succumbs to a breakdown could potentially dictate the future trend for DOGE.

At present, according to CoinGecko, the value of Dogecoin stands at $0.063. However, recent market conditions have not been favorable, leading to a slump in DOGE’s price.

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DOGE price at $0.063. Source: Coingecko

Over the course of the past 24 hours alone, Dogecoin witnessed a notable 2.0% decrease. This downward trend has persisted over the past week, with DOGE experiencing an overall decline of 7.2%.

Considering these developments, the current state of Dogecoin’s price raises important questions about its trajectory moving forward.

Potential For Bullish Breakout

Should the overall market sentiment shift back towards recovery, there is a possibility of Dogecoin’s price experiencing a bullish breakout from the overhead resistance it currently faces.

Such a breakout has the potential to alter traders’ mindset, transitioning from actively selling during price rallies to adopting a strategy of buying on price dips. This shift in sentiment could have a significant impact on the market dynamics surrounding Dogecoin.


DOGE market cap currently at $8.83 billion. Chart:

A key factor in this potential shift lies in the concept of flipped support. If the $0.06 horizontal support area manages to hold strong and repel further downward pressure, it could potentially transform into a flipped support level.

Flipped support refers to a situation where a previous resistance level, once broken, now acts as a supportive floor for price movements. In this scenario, the flipped support at $0.06 could serve as a bolstering force, encouraging buyers to step in and drive further recovery for Dogecoin.

Should this bullish scenario unfold, the price of Dogecoin may find itself eyeing the next resistance level at $0.75. Breaking through this resistance could signify a significant achievement for DOGE and attract even more buyers and investors.

A successful breach of the $0.75 resistance could mark a notable milestone, potentially setting the stage for further upward momentum and renewed market enthusiasm surrounding Dogecoin.

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