Cell Phone mining after week vacation

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube uh Channel I'm sorry I haven't been here for it's been right out a week uh took a vacation it was really nice with the family all that kind of stuff but uh I'm back so we're gonna roll on with it now while I was gone I was hoping my cell phones would stay Mining and everything would be hunky-dory and smooth but I came back and both of my phones had Auto updated so it kicked them offline that kind of stinks uh but at least I don't think I had any overheating issues um it was just the auto update problem so um I need to turn that off I'm gonna look into that but I still have let me flip the let me flip it around see all right so let me turn my fan off so you guys don't hear any wind noise but we have the Note 5 back up and running only running two cores because it does overheat during the day In the Heat of the day so hopefully whenever the weather calms down and I can run this bad boy a little harder in the winter time uh until then it's still out here in my garage it's not air-conditioned and that's kind of the issue but it settles out at about 0.8 a little under one Mega hash on two cores um and then the Z flip 3 has been running um and it's it does about a little over two and a half so together they do you know three and a half give or take Mega hash and it's only happy running five of the eight cores because that bad boy overheats as well and somebody was like remove the back panel but it's like a metal back panel and I don't want to risk tearing it up and this has the infamous uh fold screen issue if you fold the screen and then you open it back up it doesn't want to come back online so you have to fold it and open it like 20 times so I'm just leaving that guy Alone um I did get another phone and there will be a video coming out on that um right there so once I get that bad boy up and running look out for that tomorrow uh Let me refresh our luck pool here it's only showing the flip too I know I got the there it is there's the note 5.

so our 24 hour average 2.47 Mega hash looks like it's worked we're climbing up there two hour average is at 3.2 and climbing um I am going to be replacing my this is my main Android phone I have an apple and I have an Android one for work one for you know personal um I am going to be replacing this and going to a newer one this is a S9 I believe so this bad boy can mine and I'll put it in the mines I'm mainly going to be replacing it because of the sorry about that um it's got a bunch of cracks all throughout it and I looked up what it costs to replace the screen it's not worth it there's a bunch of websites and I'm just gonna replace it with something newer like a s20 or even an S10 would be a decent upgrade from an S9 but that means we'll be putting this one in the mines we'll be putting this one in the mines and then uh I am on the on the lookout for a couple more phones now what has Varys done while we've been gone uh let's see here let's go to various coin Market the gap so various is currently at 42 cents and it looks like over the last seven days it's slightly down it's just basically been on a downward Trend uh what about the last month still still up from a month ago so not bad not bad what about a year oh she's up from a year all time not all time apparently for at one point it was like a two dollar almost three dollars um but that's not a bad all-time graph if you compare it to uh some other coins out there um now as for what's happening on the mining side of things with varus I have not been able to keep up with it because I've been on the old vacation grind but I will check into that and see if anything's changed I don't believe it has because mining wise those are still doing about the same um as for like cheap phones hopefully I can find some more cheap hash power but other than that just quick little update video hope you guys are having a good one peace out if you have any good recommendations drop them down below in the comments section and definitely will feature you on the next video or a upcoming video all right guys take it easy see you on the next one adios

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