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what's up ladies and gentlemen this is Brandon back on brandoncoin yesterday we took a look at some uh cell phone mining various coin and today we're going to take a look at changing up our pools I went with the varus pool the one that it set to as default but I think there's some other ones that are potentially more enticing um it's all about making that coin so let me let me show you where I looked at and you guys can kind of make your own decision I'm gonna show you where I'm at all that kind of stuff so let me flip this around all right so taking a look at the pools these are all the pools for various coin luck pool luck pools at the top Zerg pool and then there is the actual varus pool that's the one I was on uh but they are currently only two percent of the network hash rate um and it looks like luck pool is absolutely dominating it at 29 normally that would not make me jump or move um the fee is five percent and versus one percent but the big thing here is uh varus pool is .01 minimum payout whereas the luck pool is .0001 so you get your coin faster because you get more of it like as you go if that makes sense um a lot more miners so they're hitting more blocks so you're getting portions of those blocks you're getting smaller portions but you're getting more portions so you're more likely to be paid out and you're going to be paid out faster on luck pool obviously mine on whatever pool you want some people like the uh the lottery of mining on these small pools because you're you know like oh this one's got nine miners so you get a really big portion of the blocks that they hit um but you might not hit a block for a long time for example um like the last block if you go right here they hit a block four hours ago so that means for the last you know four hours they've been mining and not getting anything whereas they hit one 25 minutes ago 23 minutes ago two hours ago so um yeah and look eight hours ago and they have point six percent so that's that's the things that I'm taking into account I went ahead and started mining on luck pool um to change it on the phone all you go into the miner exit screen yes you go back to settings you click on your Miner then you just go down to stratum server and oh that was still on varus but we want North American look pool right there where is it um right there yeah North American luck pool and then I'll go ahead and automatically fill in the host and the port and you go down there is temperature control so if it hits 40c it'll take 10 minutes to cool down and there's charge control enabled but I don't believe this actually works without rooting your phone uh because it's supposed to hold the percentage down to 10 but it's not doing that and like cool down so yeah I don't know what that's about we'll save that settings are saved then you go into Mining and um yeah see the mining website luck full and it'll update if you're currently mining while you change it you'll need to view status Stop The Miner and restart the miner so I've already got 110 111 accepted shares we're doing five Mega hash so we're absolutely cooking on the old the old flip let's do a Refresh on this to see our stats and it looks like it keeps up stats well every hour so we don't currently have any stats on here but to look at your actual stats you just go to the luckpool.net and then go to varis and then you put your wallet address in and then it'll come up so I'm just waiting for you know some some stats to come up and yeah but um just a quick little video for you guys tonight hopefully you enjoy it um I do have some other phones but for some reason I have they won't let me download or they won't run the varus miner hold on let me turn this around so it looks like older phones that aren't running a 64-bit CPU will not run the varus minor application uh so just take that into account there's been a lot of people that have been trying different phones uh apparently the Galaxy a0 S I believe hold on let me let me find out about that um apparently that one was suggested uh where are we at here control F Galaxy I don't see it GL a x y Galaxy I don't know I'm gonna look into that some more but the Galaxy a0 I believe or a0s uh does about three and a half Mega hash to four Mega hash on varus and it's like a 50 phone um so I'm gonna look more into some different phones and stuff the phone mining like I have not invested any money this is an old phone that was basically kind of broken um and then this is my uh Galaxy S9 um I ran that for a little bit but I still use that phone um so I I don't suggest running these applications on on like phones you actually use for the daily um it's possible but probably not good like good practice like you don't want to you know mine on a computer with like sensitive data just because if there is a breach not saying there there is but there could be so it's always could be and phones hold a lot of valuable data a lot of data um so yeah that's that's pretty much how the cookie crumbles um I think that I think that was pretty much it anyway uh thanks for watching guys much appreciated I will see you guys on the next one kind of try to get back to doing a few videos a week if not daily at least during the week Monday through Friday don't think I'm gonna be on Saturday and Sunday yet so getting back into the swing of things uh other than that I'll see y'all later guys

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