Cex Buy Bitcoins using a credit card

Hey guys woke up to another nine Bitcoins video and today I want to show You how you can buy bitcoins with a Credit card using scx that I owe so this Is the website basically there's two Steps you need to do the first is Deposit money with your credit card and The second step is to buy the bitcoins So for a deposit step you just go here To deposit and you're going to need to Do add your new card you can see who you Have payment methods and also deposit You just choose payment card I have my Card here is not verified yet I can also Add a new card basically verification Requires you to send some sort of gummer The issue ID and a photo of you actually Holding the credit card and once it's Verified you can deposit money into your Account and you can basically decide Here how much you want to deposit on the Right side here is a commission of 3.5% Another 25 cents for any amount you like To deposit so for example if you wanted To pause the hundred dollars it's gonna Cost you 100 3 and 89 cents once you Finish this and you've deposit money Into your account you need to go to buy Or sell and you just need to choose the Amount of bitcoins you want to buy so Let's for example say I wanna buy 80 Dollars worth of bitcoins I click on buy And it's gonna ask me you're about to Get not less than 0.09 i-480 USD and

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This is the exchange rate and you can See this order will expire and 30 40 Seconds and I can click confirm order And that's basically it so pretty simple Scx that I owe does take a higher rate For the transactions Due to the ability to accept credit Cards and because of the reason that They are susceptible to fraud because That way but I don't that the website is Pretty solid and I'll see you in the Next video bye for now

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