Chia Farming Update | February 2023

So in this video I'll be going over my One year eight months progress of Farming Geo today is February of 2023 And I started my cheer Journey on June Of 2021 and I'm still chill farming as Of today I'll be going over my Chia farm Setup the cost and the profits as of Right now so thanks for tuning in this Is the life of a minor Okay so this is my Chia farming setup I Am using a bunch of five terabyte External hard drives and a couple of one Terabyte hard drives to store all my Plots now all the hard drives are Connected to my 6 GPU 1070 mining rig So you can chill farm and GPU mine on The same mining rig at the same time Now checking out my geofarm setup I do Have a 17 5 terabyte external hard Drives and an additional two one Terabyte ssds now all the external hard Drives are connected to a 16 Port USB Hub And the SSD is connected to an external Hard drive reader Okay so how much did my whole chill Farm Setup cost now when it comes to the Plotting machines I didn't spend any Extra money because I already had all The hardware but I did have to buy all The external hard drives the USB port And the SSD for farming Geo so the five Terabyte ssds I bought them for a Hundred dollars each and since I have 17

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It cost about 1 700 now for the 16 Port USB hub I spent around 80 and the two One terabyte ssds I bought were 100 each So in total I spent 1 980 there is also Tax in where I live it's about 4.5 so About 90 in tax so in total with tax I Spent around two thousand seventy Dollars now just be aware that this is Not including any cost from my plotting Machines because I already had all the Hardware before I started geofarming now How much Chia have I farmed as of February of 2023. now in my chill wallet I have eight Chia I am farming on h Pool And in age pool I do have 0.89 chia as Of right now and in h Pool I do have 782 Plots farming Chia so in total online 8.890 now as of right now one Shield is Worth around 42.71 and since I mined 8.89 Chia I made 379.72 cents or 380 rounded up now Pulling up the Chia calculator and since I have 782 plots it looks like I'm Making about 1.35 cents a day for now But these profits do fluctuate depending On the difficulty and the price of the Coin So now when am I going to break even now I did spend around two thousand seventy Dollars for my whole Geo farm setup if I Did sell all my Chia today I would have Made around 380 so subtracting two Thousand seventy dollars from 380 I have About 1 690 left to break even now since

I make approximately 1.35 cents a day it Will take about 1 252 days to break even Or it'll take about 41.73 months to Break even or 3.48 years to break even If everything stays constant as of right Now Okay so in conclusion geofarming is not Worth it if you have to buy all the Equipment to start farming but if you Already have all the equipment and don't Need to spend any extra money then you Can make a tiny profit from geofarming But overall crypto is very volatile so Things could be a lot different in the Future okay so thanks for checking out My one year eight months Geo farming Journey more videos to come so stay Tuned of course thanks for watching and Always happy bye

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