Crypto-miners took our GPUs!!

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– Hey, wait a second. It's
supposed to be Black Friday. It's not, it's not black at all! There's blue and orange and- – [Riley] It's very colorful! – And white everywhere.
– That's on purpose. – NVIDIA is in some hot water after an earnings report revealed that they apparently sold $175 million worth of RTX
30-series graphics cards to… Ah, yes, they brought
back the old villain, "Star Wars"-style, cryptocurrency miners. The cards are, of course,
already in high demand, but Ethereum miners are
particularly interested since changes to the
currency coming in December will make order hardware
less effective at mining it.

Some fans are furious at NVIDIA, thinking that the new GPUs aren't in stock because they've all been
bought up by miners. But unless my math is way off, that 175 million is only around 6% of the total 2.7 billion
that NVIDIA made in GPU sales during the third quarter of 2020. And given that every other
major recent product launch has also had stock problems, we probably shouldn't be quite so quick to attack NVIDIA for things other than the things we
already attack them about.

– [Riley] Like, get a
different jacket, Jensen. – Amazon is also in hot water for, well, multiple reasons. The first one is the company's shared network program, Sidewalk. Amazon plans to use a portion
of all the network bandwidth from all of its connected devices, from Echo smart speakers
to Ring smart doorbells, to generate one giant network, meaning your Alexa-enabled devices will be directly connecting
to your neighbor's devices and to who knows how many other gadgets that happen to be in the vicinity.

The feature will also
be enabled by default, with consumers having to manually opt out if they find the idea
somewhat disconcerting. – [Riley] I do! – The other reason to be
mad at Amazon today is, well, it's Black Friday, allegedly, meaning that more
attention is being called to the company's questionable
treatment of its employees. Amazon workers are protesting
unrealistic expectations and low wages across the world today, even though the corporation
is giving full-time staff a Christmas bonus of 300 whole dollars. Company-wide, these bonuses
amount to $500 million, which seems like a lot
until you hear that Amazon is expected to pass $100
billion this quarter for the first time. I mean, honestly, I'm
happy for Jeff Bezos. Being successful like
him is a lotta hard work. He personally carries a
lot of those packages. – [Riley] He's flying his rocket. – On his back.
– Yeah. – And get ready for some changes coming to Windows next year.

Leaks have given us a peek at
what Microsoft is working on, including Cloud PC which would, fittingly, provide access to a could-based Windows PC that one could access through any browser. Microsoft also plans to ship Windows 10X in the first half of 2021 along with it's dual-screen Surface Neo and other midrange laptops and tablets, although it will not
run Win32 apps natively, which will be, well, interesting. And thanks to Window 10's new
baked-in support for Linux, Microsoft is apparently
working on a feature that would allow users
to install Android apps straight from the Microsoft store. That is awesome!
– Huh! – I've been waiting for years
to use Twitter on my computer. – Oh.
– Oh! Hey, other Riley! – Now it's time for Quick Bits, brought to you by Wondershare. They just launched
PDFelement 8 for Windows, the all-in-one smart PDF editor that offers the easiest way to create, edit, convert, annotate
and sign PDF documents.

pexels photo 8358138

It's one of the fastest
PDF editors out there, with OCR, cloud storage, batch processes and certified signatures
to help your clients say, "I was here, this document is valid." What's even more valid is the fact that you can get up to 85% off all Wondershare products,
including PDFelement, and browse their promotions with even bigger discounts
than Black Friday. So click the link below to learn more. – Quirk Brats! They just
keep coming, don't they? German developer Alexander Graf apparently managed to install
the ARM version of Windows 10 on an Apple M1 Mac
inside a virtual machine, seemingly proving Apple's claim that Microsoft could make
official support possible if they would just change that
gosh darn licensing policy.

And while this is cool, the real question that we have to ask is: why would you wanna run
Windows 10 on ARM on anything? It kinda sucks. The E.U. has voted in favor
of developing a system that would require tech manufacturers to provide a repairability
rating label for their products in what looks like a win for
right-to-repair advocates. The repairability ratings would be part of a standardized system, hopefully incentivizing
companies to make their products more like things that you could fix instead of things that you could use for a little while and throw away.

I've heard of those.
– Oh? – I think my grandpa had one.
– Oh! Can you get one? – Another Microsoft story here: the company is also in hot water for the Microsoft Productivity Score, a feature that was added
to Microsoft 365 last week. What the hell is this? It lets bosses track how their employees use Microsoft's suite of tools, which sounds like a fancy way to describe workplace surveillance. "Oh no, is Linus reading this? Forget I said anything.
Go to the next story." No, I think that's not cool. – [Riley] Yeah! Hey! Let's get 'em, boss!
– Yeah. "Doom" has been installed
on yet another device that it was never meant to be run on. YouTuber stacksmashing
has managed to play it on Nintendo's new tiny Game & Watch, although it does chug pretty bad.

Honestly, this has gotta be the
one redeeming story of 2020. There really is no telling where they'll install "Doom" next. To the moon!
– M1 Mac! – Oh! They could install
it on the moon lander! And Germany's national rail
operator, Deutsche Bahn, has announced that they are planning to replace their diesel-powered trains with ones powered by hydrogen. Oh, wait a second. Germany? Um, I don't wanna be the
one to bring this up, but did you forget about another little hydrogen-powered
transportation endeavor you guys undertook? You know what? It doesn't matter. Pumping train cars full of
hydrogen seems like a great idea. Humans- – [Riley] Humans can breathe it, right? – They don't need to breathe anyway. – [Riley] Yuck. – And I just can't stand any more of this, so come back on Cyber News Monday… Cyber News Monday, that's
what we're calling it.

– [Riley] Cyber News Monday!
– Yeah. That's what it's called from now on. – Only on Mondays!
– Cyber News Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday! – [Riley] Half human, half tech news. – Mortal Kombat! – [Riley] You mentioned
it! Carpool Critics! Subscribe today! – [Alex] What is going on?.

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