Crypto Mining Farm at Apartment | June 2023 Update

Okay so let's take a look at my mining Farm at my apartment now this is a June 2023rd update where I'll walk you Through my mining rigs my Chia Farm as Well as discuss the temperature the Electricity the sound and my profits so Thanks for tuning in this is the life of A miner [Music] Now this is my mining farm at my Apartment which I had since 2017. at my Apartment I do have fixed electricity Costs and I currently operate 7 GPU rigs In my Geo Farm now fortunately it hasn't Been excessively hot outside so I Haven't needed to set up the exhaust System yet to remove the heat as of now [Music] So starting with the temperature it's Around 80 degrees Fahrenheit equivalent To approximately 27 degrees Celsius However these temperatures can vary Between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit Depending on the time of day So now let's check out my mining rigs Now most of the GPU rigs are mining on Nice Ash and the geofarm utilizes hard Drives to farm Chia the GPU mining rigs On nice hash are mining Casper and is Converting it to bitcoin for me so first I have an 8 GPU mix Nvidia mining rig it Consists of a variety of gpus including The 3080 TI the 3080 two GTX 1080s two Nvidia Titan XPS the RTX 3060 and the

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RTX 2080 TI this rig is currently mining On Ice hash Foreign [Music] GTX 1070 mining rig exclusively equipped With GTX 1070 gpus this mining rig is Also mining on nicehash [Music] Moving on I have a 6 GPU AMD mining rig It features three RX 5700 XTS one Rx50600 XT one rx6600 XT and one Radeon 7 and this mining rig is currently Mining ethereum classic [Music] Now let's take a look at my 6 GPU mix And video rig which includes two RTX 3090s two RTX 3080s and two RTX 3070s And this mining rig is mining on nice Hash [Music] I also have a cheer farm setup connected To my 6 GPU GTX 1070 mining rig where All my gpus rgtx 1070s and this setup is Also mining On nicehash and Here are all The hard drives for my geoform [Music] Thank you Lastly I have a smaller rig consisting Of an RTX 3060 TI a GTX 1080 and a ryzen 9 3900x CPU and this mining rig is also Mining on nice hash [Music] Now in the mining room I do have this Small setup here I use this setup if I

Need to physically access my mining rigs Although I mainly control my mining rigs Remotely using Google remote desktop now One useful tool I have is this KVM Switch allowing me to connect up to four Computers to a single monitor so let's Check this out You gotta put your past Okay Bad things happen and you can't do Anything about right When the World Turns it back on you you Turn yeah [Music] It means no worries [Music] And located right here is my ethernet Switch for all my mining rigs Now let's move on to the electricity and Measure the power consumption so in my Apartment I have access to a minimum of 50 amps of power to ensure everything is In order I had an electrician thoroughly Inspect and validate the setup Now let's remove the electrical panel And take measurements [Music] It means no worries [Music] To measure the power I'll be using this Clamp meter please note that this is an Extremely dangerous task and I strongly Against attempting to do this unless You're properly trained so now measuring

This wire I'm using approximately 24 Amps so as you can see I'm well below Utilizing 80 of my available power Capacity Now let's talk about the sound the Average noise level in the mining room Is around 64 decibels so let's have a Listen Now according to the decibel scale at 64 Decibels it's comparable to a volume of A conversation okay now let's use this Heat gun to measure the temperature of My mining farm and the gpus so let's Check this out [Music] Foreign [Music] Okay next is my gaming computer and the GPU I have in here is a 3080 TI [Music] Let's now take a look at my test bench It's currently equipped with the GTX 1070 and a test bench is a valuable tool For testing gpus and troubleshooting Now I have been fortunate to have cool Weather at the moment but as temperature Rises I'll need to set up the exhaust System to manage the increasing heat in My mining Farm Now as the temperature continues to rise It's time for me to set up my exhaust System I have three powerful exhaust Fans at my disposal an 8 inch exhaust Fan and two 12-inch exhaust fans to

Further combat the heat I'll be using a Portable AC unit to keep the room cool Especially during the scorching summer Months additionally I'm planning to Install plastic sheets in this section Of the mining Farm to ensure the rest of The house remains cool stay tuned for The next update where I'll share the Progress on the exhaust system AC unit In the plastic sheet installation And finally let's dive into my mining Profits firstly let's take a look at Nice hash currently all my mining rigs On nicehash are mining Casper and is Earning approximately four dollars and 11 cents a day additionally my AMD Mining rig mining ethereum classic is Generating around 73 cents per day this Brings my total daily earnings to Approximately 4.84 cents per day However it's important to note that Profits fluctuate on a daily basis what I earned today May differ significantly From what I'll be earning a week or a Month from now So thanks for checking out my June 2023 Update on my mining farm at my apartment Now it is not profitable to GPU mine for Most people unless you have really cheap Or free electricity so I've been Exploring alternative passive income Strategies and diversifying my portfolio I'll be sure to provide regular updates On my mining farm so stay tuned for more

Exciting updates in the near future but Of course thanks for watching and always Happy mining

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