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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] o [Music] good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream wouldn't be a red panda mining live stream if he wasn't late crypti you are banned and it wouldn't be a stream if someone wasn't banned I I was early damn it I was early this is a pirate Chris Hanley what's up rude puts Raptor mining Rob mines what's up man Dom G Cara hang good morning automatic beats what's up man kryp damn it man slicknick 87 what's up man good morning overb tech overb tech overb tech overboard [Music] attch I need a I need assistance I think yeah I think the 5700 XT rig is dead I I think it's I think it's dead GPU is dead attack need to repair some cards what do you mean oh repaste oh repaced some cards okay okay you know what that's actually a good idea that's actually a good idea they're probably all they're probably all caked extremely caked H yeah um all the 5700 XT crashes I have are dry paste oh okay so you're you're saying that you're saying that sometimes the dry paste it could cause like hot spots on the GPU die that's why it that's why they that's why they crash like this right like even though the temperatures like the temperatures seem to be fine but you're saying like some like hot spots or something it just like shuts down wasn't there wasn't there a software what was the software to um wasn't there a software to see like Junction temperature no no no hiest does show that already right Junction temperature or something overboard Tech yes R my Hotpot temp Skyrocket across the die okay but wasn't there a software to show like specific like like parts of the of the GPU die what was that is it G it's not GPU Z I don't I don't have GPU is it is it GPZ oh you can check in AMD info in Shell AMD info and show oh it shows oh really can we try that oh hold on uh I guess I need to rig that uh AMD uh can we do that on my five can we do that on my 580s cuz cuz that might explain these two that keep dying no matter what settings I Chang uh well granted actually this one's still mining so I think this is overclock issue uh you can check and [Music] aim real quick overbo Tech what's the command uh to bring it up hold on let me uh remote into it remote access h so start you can check on you can check it on your F 50 700 8X 5700 oh okay well let me try my 580s I'm just curious this one yeah no matter what I do it just keeps dying I don't understand why it's m everything else mines except for the the first one also has an issue I don't know I don't know what the heck Hive shell type in AMD info enter okay oh oh oh okay um can you guys see this AMD info oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy okay um uh I wait for this to load okay uh how do I how do I how do I scroll up I can't I can't scroll up but anyways let me see this power uh load Core State fan hotspot core is this what you're talking about here uh maybe the 580s don't show is I supposed to show more uh is it supposed to show more temperatures here uh retro mic thank you retro my you bastard you bastard tell me what to say you bastard you bastard uh overboard tag Hotpot is correct okay okay uh Dave SP AMD info more okay is there such I didn't know there was such an info and then this and then more does that actually what does more what does more do hot spot clocks oh it shows the clocks and stuff oh this is actually interesting uh you want those temps to be less than 10c apart IMO okay you mean 10 you want the temperature is 10° C difference from the core l oh look at this this is like 20° cus difference look at this one GPU Z 75 992 okay okay granted that's why that one's actually stock uh because no matter what overclock I do it just crashes same with this other one I don't know why okay well that that's it um okay uh wait actually I wanted to see a 5700 rig I think I'm being hacked right now I think I'm being hacked uh Dean all Iowa Crypt mining remember for 10 months finish the stream so you can go binge Go Game of Thrones I've I just started watching Game of Thrones for anyone's just wondering it's it's it's it's quite amazing amazing in the fact that there's so many uh amazing scenes you guys probably know what I'm talking about okay my H us is dead great that's just great are you guys still here are you guys still here uh repaye stream well we can try well okay my all right my my hios is getting hacked right now so uh I'm just going to close I'm going to close this uh leave site yeah leave site sure okay um uh BC Ron VC are you still here you were asking about um how do you import Caspa Caspa transactions uh into coin Le for taxes I use this there's an app someone made an app um I use this for the past two years already basically uh you just paste in your you paste in your uh Caspa address and it'll export into a CSV all the transactions uh BC yes it worked okay nice nice nice good stuff good stuff all right um good morning all set Craig what's up BC yeah okay Al lithium all right um okay okay so what's up Bros welcome to the live stream smash the like button almost 200 viewers sorry I haven't been able to stream all week I've been feeling uh a bit sick and uh just been coughing again getting sick all all the time like I swear my kid's daycare is just constantly sick everyone someone's sick and then everyone else gets sick mutate mutation I swear I I tell you mutation um monster Pro red I got a server error on hiest well that's perfect timing right when I was trying to fix my rig or look at look at my rig then everything crashes uh that's funny okay so what's been going on guys what's what's been going on what's what's what's happening in the in the crypto mining sphere well I mean it's nice that the market went up like a little bit um Bitcoin was hovering around 40,000 now we're like 42,000 um pigeon coin still doing pigeon coin things past 24 hours uh looks like generally a lot of different other proof of work coins are up pirate chains up look at that I mean actually if we zoom out like 7 days I mean I think still every past 30 days even I think a lot of things are down what oh what is this uh zil news did you guys hear about zil not uh moving to POS when is that when is that happening when when is that happening hold on let me let's let's go to let's go to go to x Twitter whatever p uh hold on let me open up water uh let's go over here zelica POS rabid mining zelica deleting Post in their Discord that opposed POS already centralized law didn't take long Rin mining zil moving to POS and trying to sugarcoat the truth by saying that they will help miners transactions to stakers law BS let's read this oh I can't it's too small hold on all right let's read this posos has a pro prospective release date sometime in the second half of the Year okay second half of the year so it's going to be a while uh zill plans to uh to provide support to miners uh to transition the stakers under the new POS model although these haven't been provided as of yet as of the shift to Pure POS stake uh proof of stake progresses we plan to provide support for miners to become stakers through a seamless transition ensuring that they have the ability to retain their role and weight as validators on the network that's that's total BS what aoke somebody replies what a joke uh this guy says stay civil guys from a financial standpoint I understand that there will be a will erode miners benefits and probably more engagement is required to mitigate trans the transition uh the key is to stay relevant moving from proof of work to with uh proof of work with pbft uh what does that stand for again pbft it's like that 1 hour thing uh can be on improving efficiency and also uh political there is a general consensus that proof of work oh my God here we go here we go here we go there's a general consensus that proof of work is energy hungry even with pbft sampling most policy makers don't bother understanding the logic uh behind it and pretend to know a lot about it like the notion of don't buy uh from China because of security risks oh my God this is even with open source code and transparent component listing people just become biased because of the association moving to posos for zelica is inevitable as the chain was relying a lot on POS chains to dual triple uh M as we've seen it with eth over relying on other chains will make zelica obsolete faster we need to be able to carry our own weight rabid mining response miners don't stake they mine don't sugarcoat it uh point is just like e no more mining it's [Music] over zelica is a dead project it is now now a dead project no what what a s show what an S show here oh my God this this coin this coin is done the move to POS uh overboard tag good riddance now other proof of work chains can rest easy yes no more dual or triple mining yes oh my God so much I mean is it wasn't a lot it's not a lot of work but um uh you know it's it's it it's a a Pia pain in the a uh dual triple Mining and then you get those you know I I also okay you can negate the spikes you can you can negate the spikes and wattage if you like uh uh you don't do the normal like most efficient you know normal eth clocks to say you're mining Pyon pin whatever at like 60 70 Watts on a 3070 and then you're mining zil which is eash and it jumps up to 130 Watts 125 whatever 115 um that's still like almost a double wattage jump just to mine zil for a minute you know that's I I don't like that I don't like that um but you can mine z uh you can bring it down um a bit so it's not like jumping up too crazy uh but it's just it's just a pain in the a I just I don't I don't know um uh uh pain in the a yeah Zilla is my friend um I I'm man I don't know what I don't know what to think I honestly it's just I I have actually I still have most of my zil I've been staking it on my ledger did I just say Ledger yes I I have my ledger actually it's all I have left on my ledger is zelica and then everything else I've moved to my tangum which by the way use code RPM for 10% off they have actually I just wanted to show this they have a new they have a new White Edition that just came out I thought that was pretty cool that looks pretty I I don't know I've okay so I've asked them rabid mining also asked regarding getting a personalized like red Panda mining or rabid mining you know addition tangum wallet would you guys I'm not saying I'm not trying to I don't I think most people already have their already have their tangum wallets cuz I don't think it makes sense to buy a like a personalized like RPM branded tangent wallet would would anyone actually buy that here let me do a poll oh oops oh no got to do a pull uh engage with your audience purle RPM addition tangum wallet yes no uh start pull all right let's see what you guys think oh zil oh zil it's over it's over anyways okay um I buy one and sleep with it every night red fox crypto oh my God red fox what's up bro okay my my chat is too small I can't see I'm going to bring it make it a bit bigger here I'd buy the Vos coin branded overboard Tech you would you would I I no I would not buy a tail to you guys are bastards all of you RPM sucks um I would give it away cuz I hate mobile Hardware wallets well okay so tangum is okay so it's not a true air gapped solution like you know the ellip pal ellip pal is true air gap meaning there's no connection at all no n no no NFC NFC NF NFC connection unlike the tangum um the tangum though I man it's so easy to use just tap the card on your phone um I have have a phone that has NFC enabled and I it's a phone that I don't have other stuff on like it's not my how do I say it my daily driver phone you know I know most people you know depending on if you do have to you do have to have a phone that has NFC so most iPhones have it Android phones but I I just have another phone that has nothing on it you know other than just the tangum wallet app it's the same idea for those using like Ledger like cold cold uh wallet um but yeah the power here is that you have the backup you have the three backup cards so there's the option for you to export the 24w seed phrase um some people find Value not exporting the 24w seed phrase so you have the three cards and if you lose those three cards you essentially you you lose your private keys so that's that's the risk there that that's a huge risk um but in a sense when if you didn't export your 24w seat phrase in a notebook or something uh or written down somewhere [Music] then um uh I mean that's just another way to if someone broke in your house or you had a fire or something like with this you can like I don't know wrap it up in something out and then put it in a in some sort of uh waterproof case or something and then burn outside one of them I don't know I don't know something like that all right 56% of you would 57% of you would buy a RPM tangum branded wallet all right I'm going to end the PO okay um all right what do you guys want to talk about uh no I was going to talk about something so H what was I what was I going to talk about I I forgot I forgot crap I forgot I forgot okay this is not okay uh quick thing this is not so much um crypto mining [Music] but uh DJ mind tum is awesome yeah bro oh DJ what's up man okay I want uh this is this is not going to be about crypto mining just for a second but who is who anyone like who's here who here is into like the the deepin deepin projects uh hold on I need to get this exact definition of deepin decentralized physical infrastructure Network dpin are blockchain protocols that build maintain and operate infrastructure in the physical world in an open and decentralized manner deepens use cryptocurrency tokens to incentivize the building of real world infrastructure I want to do a poll I want to do a poll who's into deepin right now who's into dein projects right now I am no all right start pole I'm just curious of my community here because um I have I mean I've done Hive mapper in the past I've done I've I've I've shown there's a video we were talking about like geonet um Al obviously helium uh I had one video it was like eight or 10 months ago it it was one I it was one video about deepin stuff I I vaguely remember what we talked about but it was about about all those Pro fry network uh Fri Network I don't know how that's doing now geonet um hi mapper uh crank uh bunch of other a bunch of other ones um I just wanted to just take note here like it's it's exploded massively this this over the past 90 over the past 3 days these projects like Hive mapper if you were like driving over the past years like you've seen people that have their bags go into the 10 six digits like it's just insane like in helium mobile which is only available in the US not in Canada or uh now apparently they're going to be International now so I don't know how huge that that's going to be but um it's these types of projects demo Doo also another prent dude I have this for my okay hate I'm not trying to boast here okay but this is I have one for my uh my Tesla it's free it's free to download the app for if you have an if you have a a Tesla um you can get demo for free so over the past month I've earned like $100 like it's paying for my electricity bill for my electric car for free I literally I I don't have to buy anything the demo you don't have to buy anything if you have an electric car it's free and every week or every I don't know I don't know what the payout schedule is I think it's every week I've earned like a hundred I've earned like $100 in demo Doo already just by doing nothing it's it's insane I I I I was I don't know I was I don't know if I'm going to do a video on it I don't I don't know if anyone here cares about demo or deepin projects I just wanted to take a poll here so 54% of you wow look at that see 54% of you are not into deepend projects 46% of you you are so that just tells me my community here my community my community here is um not into that into that kind of stuff okay all right all right so I'm not going to do a video on demo Doo I'm not going to do a video on my hive mapper and whatever else I don't think you guys I I don't think I need to I don't think I need to Branch out into deepen deepen projects on this channel um please stay away 54% of people don't like money that's I mean in a sense it's true I mean the dpin projects take no power at all it it takes no electricity like barely anything 5 to 10 to 15 20 watts depending on what it is um uh but like Hive mapper of course you got to drive you got to use gas um unless you had electric vehicle Doo demo is the same idea actually D demo you don't have to use that much uh you just have to drive like a little bit to activate it every at least once a week so in a sense that's kind of nothing but IV mapper helium mobile I don't know what that entails retro mic is this a blockchain mining Channel or Hardware money printing channel uh I'm going to have to say Hardware money printing [Laughter] Channel I yeah um okay uh not everyone not everything is about money well it is for most people easy to see that people started mining during Co yeah I mean I mean you you look okay you you cannot you cannot deny okay look we just read a tweet from zil zil even says here from a financial standpoint so they have them themselves the project the developers themselves have a financial incentive as well uh I mean you look at Hive map you look at any coin and you look you talk to developers they always have they always say something about financials in their like in their meetings they they have the everyone has an incentive in in in in in in whatever project that they're in it's it's all it's all based on financial anyone retro mic no no no as long as you know what it is that's fine just can't discredit that some people in mining are pure blockchain proponents not all not all of use chase the provits okay yeah sure sure there's some people some but I'm going to say 99% of people are in it for the money it's 99% it's I don't I don't think I don't think we can be and if they aren't if they say they're not I mean in the back of their mind they're they're they're going to be Hypocrites 100% 100% if you think most people in crypto are in it for a good for the goodness of their heart you are either trolling or lying to yourself yes nerd Beast yes I yes I I wholeheartedly agree I mean okay anyone okay let's say retro mic retro mic for example he's in it for the blockchain but retro mic how much money have you made from crypto mining like or whatever in general like have you sold you know have you used crypto to to buy something or you know uh you know to to basically take money out financially from crypto you have you definitely have retro Mike I gave away more crypto last year than I mind let that sit in how how about how about this retro mic what what what what did you buy over the past few years that was really big I know you bought it with crypto okay you can't lie to me you can't lie to me okay all right going along going along going going along Bros um you know what the whole thing about crypto mining or doing it for the money I mean it it's all it all start I mean if you look at the uh I mean the original Bitcoin the the original Bitcoin white paper the whole the whole thing the whole fundamental fact about why Bitcoin exists is to get away from uh the financial system that we are currently in okay I mean Bitcoin is is meant for us to be financially free in a sense and be our own custodian we're all our own custodians of our crypto our money okay so we not to to not be in it for the money is kind of like then there's no point for you to be in crypto if you're just in it for the tech you're you're then losing the whole fact of the purpose of cryptocurrency get wrecked retro mic you got wrecked that's it that's you you are not yeah done you shouldn't be in crypto retro mic because you're not even you don't even care about the money see see destroyed you are destroyed you're not even in you're you're you're not even in the full purpose of cryptocurrency and that is to be in financially uh uh in uh Financial um the financial aspect of it get wrecked get freaking wrecked there I solved the issue I solved the whole purpose of crypto Mining and cryptocurrency if you're not in it for the money then you're going against the very fundamental fact of cryptocurrency that's it you don't you don't done done that's it that's oh my God how come nobody has come up with this reason before no everyone this the comparison of of why are you in it for the tech or are you in it for the money you should be in it for the money because that's the whole pre that's the whole premise of cryptocurrency it's to be self custodian it's to be going against the existing Financial system that we are in now which has effed everybody okay oh done how come retro mic has nobody ever said that to you how come nobody has said that to you oh my god that that reason just blew my mind right [Laughter] there oh man H oh jeez this is great retro mic final video the top 10 toxic Miners and why red panda will key Krypto uh is retro oh man I love it I love it I love it I love it this is great this is good I mean I have a new profound I have a new profound Outlook now on crypto and I'm I'm gonna stick with it you're in it for the wrong reason bro Mr Oblivion Tech is fun but money is the end [Music] goal see travels travels I mean I don't know man it's like I don't I I have always struggled with that when when you say you're in it for the tech and also in the money as well it's so hard it's so hard to believe cuz they're they're kind of hypocritical in a way it's a you can sway you're like swaying both ways like DJ DJ has said before like you're you're on you're on the you're on the fence you know like you're you're in the middle you know I don't like that you know it's true I don't like that I don't like that sure you can be in both but is it is it truly are you lying to yourself um hold on uh okay we go okay uh hold on all right all right I'm missing comments here uh how Rob mines how many of those CP money rigs do you have up and running one's from ccxt and retro mic uh four five hold on let me log into my hi hold on does anyone is anyone pissed off that every time got to log in hi now it's like every time I I I just go to my farm I have to log in I hate it I hate it so much crypto Craig I just mind to help the kitties you can make money and help kitties meow coin I like it I like it R hash Force it's all about the Benjamin baby Ash Force I love you man uh all right retro mic here he's got the he's got the he's got got the whole reason here and he donated $5 at the same time peer-to-peer censorship free transaction is the end goal sure it's fine to be rewarded to support that but never forget the end goal peer to-peer censorship free [Music] transactions you're not wrong retro mic but I'm also not [Music] wrong my 580s are 100% snable on Capal after I repasted and recounted them uh s sery bootman i I need to do that 100% that my 580 rig is oh and my hios is frozen again what the hell man oh there we go there we go okay uh so I need to repace my 580s and my 5700 XTS cuz this rig just keeps on dying which vendors do you recommend for 6700 X but never forget brother I would try to find used if you can I don't know which brand I I'm not I'm not I'm not so I don't know which brand of 6700 XT is good um retro mic your wife wasn't wrong retro mic that's it all right that's it I know you know who I'm going after after this stream you know exactly you know exactly it's going to happen um yes I need to repaste my 580s definitely uh some of them are having massive issues I I don't like this one okay oh Tech explain to me like I put it into like no undervolting like and it just I have to run it at full Max TDP here for a lithium and it doesn't crash now so I don't know what the like even though it's running 135 watts in theory it should have been crashing if I was but if I'm undervolting it why is it crashing like undervolting it like 950 like 950 core it still crashes explain that to me why is this one crashing I don't or I don't I don't know [Music] um rx580s are super sensitive to repad and repaste okay okay Z6 would love to see you do a stream with the technicals I love the technicals man he's my favorite he's my favorite content creator he's the one who made me where I am today the technicals is the guy who made me where I am today I wouldn't be here if he didn't push 500 people to me in the beginning I wouldn't be here cuz he's one of the guys who I inspired to make videos like I I'm not as I'm definitely not funny like him um he is a lot more he's a lot more of an Entertainer than I am um but attch you can check it's current vdd in the showell but you didn't push the vdd high I I still say try dpm1 I don't know what dpm1 you mean the aggressive undervolting uh option here okay I didn't okay let me try it let me just do like 950 again that just for the I don't know 1300 let's go up a little bit more all right let's just try that I'm going to hit apply uh wait let's reboot this rig and let's also I don't know push this one up too I'm I don't know why this one's I don't know why this one is dying as well I okay seven and zero is giving me a massive issues I don't know why okay um all right who wants to see red panda mining versus retro mic debate at BTC Nashville or mining [Music] disrupt I would love that I would love that not James yo Chad and RPM not James what's up brother what's up welcome to the live stream um what time is it okay 20 more minutes bro streaming for 20 more minutes uh let's just see if this rig is going to come back nope control F5 uh booted a few seconds ago oh there's an update is an LOL minor update nope oh regel rajel Regal however you pronounce this added a billion abil a billion a billion algorithm for mining able dey1 fix memory tweaks uh C full change log ooh able is able on uh now fully able ail a bilon a bilon a billion doesn't even show up on mining pole stats they don't even have this coin uh new coins AEL ael's not even on here huh okay oh that's uh that's going to that's huge H interesting I'm going to check that out after uh Vinnie Mac I got 12 of those exact 580s in 2017 they have never been off no fan failures never had to open One Core temps in the 50s currently on Capal that is amazing Vinnie MAAC uh mine are uh what's the temperatures mine are hot man 60 64 I I I'm I think it's just my ambient temperatures are hot in there oh but it's working now I think oh nope it's not working 144 Watts oh God overboard Tech it's not working it's not working this one's uh this this one also died again gp7 died see it doesn't like this doesn't like these settings um overboard Tech I think dpm1 is causing more wattage now look 78 81 79 on my other the other ones the other gpus were like 6970 uh I think we're using more power now because of this DPM dpm1 I'm going to try that with um uh uh which which is your epic GPU ever MMG admin base uh my 3090 TI which is in my system right now hush your face I'm working on it right now war attack okay okay okay okay okay okay hushing hushing uh drivers are balls we're going to update your junk okay so has been mining that months ah well able for the win then time to move everything to Able um just kidding don't do [Music] that oh it shows up here let's see Revenue okay might not not even profitable anyway I don't even have mexe okay okay um uh okay I st the clocks on the play sheet under command not command line not and not OC section Sergey botsman um pit PP it what's that smell over there SLI Nick remember your your power draw on your pdu I don't want to take your down your farm um I think uh with this rig it should be about 25 uh 25 amps so uh on that pdu so overw Tech runs everything stock then the PD will will will trip maybe not [Music] um Mera B my 5700 XT is run at ADC on kapal Jesus that's a [Music] lot that's funny uh RPM I'm mining Al and swapping to rxd nice nice nice nice um all right Bros uh okay any questions guys any holy crap why are there 300 there's 320 people here wow 105 likes smash the like Bros Smash the like let's go let's go let's go okay uh all right you guys all right let's end the stream with I don't know questions I'm not quite sure what uh what else to talk about here other than um continue to mine continue to hold I I mean I don't think we're in the crazy phase yet of like Bowl run but um I'm still going still continuing mining holding um buying gpus uh if I see a a good deal than actually so I thought about I need to now start thinking about like so am I going to save for the 50 Series or am I should I just go buy a bunch of 307s and fill up my basement downstairs in my house right now I have 10 of those new uh GP Riser R8s what gpus should I fill up in those R8s what do you guys think what would you do let me know I want to read the comments I want to read the comments what what would you guys do right now should I just not GP mine should I not fill up those rigs downstairs I have right now uh those R8s you guys know I bought 10 I got 10 of those um what should I do what would you do uh so okay no leave some for us uh overbo attch 6600 6800 RTX 370 okay 4090 oh God no red fox crypto m for Man red fox remember for 26 months brother what's the best looking GPU of all time I ah done it's already done the Radeon 7 the Radeon 7 is the best looking GPU of all time in my opinion my beautiful my beautiful Radeon sevens H I have 12 I have 12 of them in one rig I love it I love it definitely right be on seven red fox what is your favorite what's your favorite um okay I'm going to read the gpus here red panda is it good to buy 6800 yeah I think 68 RX 6800s are really good yes yes 4070 TI supers God they cost so much see that's the thing with 40 series cards like you compare how much hash rate you can achieve by buying like 30 series of course the efficiency is like efficiency is negligible but is it really worth the money you know that that like exponential amount more money that you're spending on a single GPU and you can buy like two 307s or even three sometimes um 4090 big Edition 390 FP gets me gets me gets me on looks uh Vega Frontier nice anything anything anything Red Devil you know what the Red Devils are really nice as well 580s build the 20 GP mining of North you are banned you are banned from this channel 6600s I don't I don't I don't want to fill up all those R8s with 6600s or 6600 XTS I feel like it's kind of like it's not a waste but it's just it's just small you know like density you know it's I also kind of that's why I kind of want to do like um uh 30 30 uh 3070 these at least cuz they're kind of like that middle ground you know but I don't know also they're only 8 GB or vram I don't know if that matters too much I don't think it does I mean the only coin that's that's kind of like that the vram matters is like is it cortex cortex you need over 8 gab now I think I don't remember not that anyone's really mining that coin um it's a little bit hot like flux or nexo or something um what would you guys do I didn't come on I want to see some I want to hear some more reasons here what would you guys fill up those R8s I have downstairs with plus okay keep in mind I will have four 230 240 Vol 30m circuits so what What GPU would you fill up what What GPU would you fill up uh okay hold let me let's bring up eBay let's bring up [Music] 3070 not that I'm going to buy from eBay if I'm buying bulk I'm definitely going to buy in bulk pricing so bulk pricing is going to be like under like hopefully under 250 per 370 if if I can find it if I can find somebody uh overboard Tech if density is on the table RX 6800 XTS 6800s how much are those RX 6800 6800 XTS XT wait 459 oh that's okay I don't okay I don't know anybody that's selling 6800 XTS in bulk so I wouldn't be able to get these under like $300 or 350 that that would be impossible um 469 3.99 16 GB gddr6 uh uh overboard Tech what's the 6800 XT do hash rate wise I don't I don't you know I don't think I've ever tested a 6800 yeah I've never tested a 6800 in my [Music] life uh F po F so 34 Mega has at 174 Watts oo it's going to be a Powerhouse for sure a little bit clor 36 Mega has 37 Watts Game Pass 36 Mega so okay so it's like a it's like a a 3070 is like you know 3070 can do 30 Mega hash at like 150 watts right um the gpus you have on your basement floor load them up select Nick God damn uh Panda your existing cards before buying another card home brew crypto listen I have a GPU addiction okay I have to buy more gpus okay I have to buy more gpus na'vi 21 freaking smacks just two 6600s basically on the hash rate and power with 16 gab Ram okay Vinnie Mac gt710 you promise um Chile what's up bro what's up man how are you feeling I'm feeling okay uh still a little bit I'm feeling a little bit sick uh Panda put up your existing cards right okay no AMD how power estimation is way is far away from reality well okay I don't have this rig on octom miners um but since they're going to be on octom miners um for instance okay so look my 6700 XT is on an octom Miner right and this that shows true power at the wall so I'll have no problem there to figure out the true power at the wall because these are like 10 20 watts off at the wall sometimes just the total power at the wall is true uh what octom Miner shows here so even shows it based on each of the psus which is really nice so this whole 6700 XT right rig right now is pulling 1139 Watts 1139 Watts which is not bad travel travels what about the new 7600 XT 16 GB GPU uh uh I I think I looked at it it's it's it's the exact it's like the exact same as a 6600 XT um in terms of hash rate the efficiency is not not a huge difference I think it's the same um I I haven't tested at 6700 XT but um from what I saw initially I think it's the same uh ffw mining are you running any CPU rig yes I am yes I am CPU Farm it's it's going uh I'm having an issue though with this one CP Rig 5 and CP rig 3 is these are the these are my troubled ones I think the overclock is too high or something um I got to fix that um okay what else did you guys say what else would you buy 600 or 600 XTR amazing but can't find any deals uh domg that see that's what I'm worried about like if if I fill up with 6800s or 6800 XTS I'm going to have to pay a pretty good I'm going to have to pay a pretty good penny I would love these I would love these cards but man 400 if I have to pay an average of $4 $450 for each one see I I would feel better if I could buy 307s um at an average under like 220 230 somehow bulk though bulk I I have to find bulk pricing um man I think it was a couple months back or six months back uh someone was selling uh thousands of 307s for like $175 each damn it I should have just I should have just tooken out a loan and buy like $200 of them damn it I should have done it just kidding don't never use a loan never use a loan to buy stuff never uh would you go 5700 XT over 270 uh I that's that's an interesting call i h Caleb Simmons overboard Tech would be like the best one to answer that question overboard Tech can answer that would you go 5700xt over 2070 I think how much is a 20 RTX 270 whoa waa 2070s are 250 what 175 200 147 one so this is pretty much the same price as a as a 5700 XT I think I would go 270 oh this a 270 supers for 195 aren't 5700 XTS also around the same price now 1 okay no 139 139 139 142 okay so maybe 50 bucks cheaper uh some okay some 5700 XTS are sign for over like $200 with shipping which is stupid dude someone bought a parts only Sapphire Nitro for $100 are you kidding me uh dmcl R my I got the 30 370s now and same guy got 38 with 11k what do you what do you think boss uh uh yeah that sounds pretty good that sounds pretty [Music] goodard Tex says 270 yes 270 super no 2070 super smack that being said 5700 XTS are half the price yeah uh somewhat depends where you find them 5700 XTS I mean eBay is like probably one of the worst places to buy gpus in my opinion this is just showing like general pricing of them but if you look at like Facebook Marketplace or list or something yeah I we should find better deals there um okay uh is anyone streaming after me is rabid streaming probably is uh tinkering with a 5,000 series is a pain in the ARs it is it definitely is I've I've had my fair share of pains but um like H yeah I have to repaste I have to repaste these this rig this rig just keeps going down maybe repad too I have I have a crap ton of of thermal pads uh I could do it on these as well for the hell of it um over board teag 580 rig is back up okay let's let's check it out let's see if you saved it oh we're getting more hash rate that's nice 6 6.4 okay yeah look at that look at that wait 20 watts wait how's that possible wait 22 Watts wait wait 269 no no that's not real is this real how's that possible 22 Watts 19 Watts so like add on another 30 or 20 watts is each is it is this dead this must be dead over more Tech this can't be real n it must have crashed okay yeah I think I think it crashed it must have crashed oh no one one of them crashed uh R how do you feel about 3080 uh coiny what's up bro uh Ripa how do you feel about the 3802 gab I re I noticed them being very profitable recently I don't I personally don't have any 380 12 gig I have 3810 gigs now um I I'm just mining pan on them right now I don't even know if these are profitable 6.5 gash I I like how one of my 3080s is the same amount of hash rate as my 12 by 580s you guys just noticed that we're getting 6.5 gig oh no this is on pure never mind sorry different coin different coin we're mining at lithium but 6.5 okay let's go to calculator I just want to see p and p and p P where is pan pan all right 6.5 G 6.5 gash at 145 Watts on a 380 so at my 8 cent kilowatt hour is this is this GPU profitable yeah it is it is very profitable 30 38 cents 30 37 cents yeah I'm that's why I'm mining it I'm just mining it to trade ogre and selling it for a coin that I want yeah this is doing really good yeah the 3080s are doing good bro yeah not bad I mean not my electrical r no not a lot of people have 8 cents um uh 380 12 Gaby is trash I I red fox crypto says 380 12 gab is trash okay I personally never I never had one so I I can't say if it's good or not I I I just don't know I just don't know my 10 GB card seem to be good I don't know sorry red fox meant RPM oh okay uh no way if that's real my 580s are turning on N must have CRA okay yeah it's uh it's oh the rig came back up yeah okay Bros any final questions any final remarks what's happening uh Bitcoin okay I mean Bitcoin having in 3 months 86 days roughly Radiance also having a having in 83 days that's going to be interesting and I think there was some conspiracy or can some some news regarding radiant having a an a an Asic is that is that still a thing I don't I don't know difficulty still decently down over the past couple days so so I don't think there is an as6 yet uh API error H there's a hum pool 6.

9.33 it's probably still fpga I think it's still fpga okay um all right Bros that's it thank you guys for watching thank you for the stream you guys have a great day you guys have a safe safe day I can't believe zel who I don't I don't know who said this probably one of the devs it's just interesting is it like a moving the POS um hold on let me uh let me just see if rabbit's streaming let's see here rabid rabit mining that rabit mining is starting okay Bros I will see you all on rabid stream peace out I'll see you guys later thank you for the stream overboard Tech thank you thank you for troubleshooting my 580 rig how much money do I owe you I owe you something see there you go 83 Watts I really want to try mining kapow on this but I have to move it to its own circuit I don't have enough power on that pdu to M kapow on this thing wait what hey quick question what other power coin can we can we mine on 580s other than uh a lithium what what what other coin can 580s do alium uh AI power grid no that's kapow iron fish what does iron fish do 56 meash Ergo [Music] Carlson radiant 3.5 megahash on radiant oh my God hey it' yield 60 radiant a day that's not 264 [Music] megahash definitely not definitely not profitable but hey it's the yield that matters right uh pin 66 gigahash oh my God 66 gigahash yeah so 1380 I'm getting 6.5 gigahash 580 is 6.66 uh G that's funny that's that's funny okay DX oh yeah five8 yeah DX yeah that could be wait what does what do 580s get on DX oh man we got to we got to test that we got to test that one day later all right all right I'll see you guys in the next one thank you all smash the like on the way out you guys have a great Saturday don't fret keep on mining keep on holding keep on accumulating keep on expanding you guys have a great one peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out [Music] Bros [Music] [Music] I'm [Music] [Music] f [Music] we [Music] seem [Music] don't

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