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what is up ladies and gentlemen um I just got up out of bed it is 11:00 p.m. um I've been in and out of bed all day I don't know what it is but um the wife the kids they're all good I have been going back and forth on running a fever and then I'm good and then like the next day it's like I'm running a fever again and today I was running like a low grade fever like you know right at about 100° so I I took some daycool a pass out and slep it off and I woke up and I woke up and I'm like 99.5 like almost basically not a fever um but I need to get some of these CPUs listed because I got another batch of CPUs that got traded in um worked an awesome deal we ended up swooping and swapping some parts got some other things too but I figured I would go ahead and I'd put my eBay store link Down Below in the description so if you guys want a deal um uh you can go through that first I'm not going to start using my Shopify until I get my actual uh company up and running uh and that way it's not everything's done under my Social Security number so it's all done under the new EIN number I was going to you know do a DBA uh underneath my other company but I just want to keep those separate so yeah so for right now I'm just doing it eBay like personal and they're going to send me tax forms at the end of the year and stick it up my bum with fees but whatever um got to keep the ball rolling got to got to make a little bit of money but um part of the deal they sweeten the deal on me um my buddy got me one of these wham bam check that out that's a Asus nvme it's a g 4 uh card and it holds four nvmes in there um I ended up getting a couple nvme drives from him last time uh he didn't have as many this time so I think I got he gave me an opan drive cuz he's like I don't think these are worth anything they're literally selling on eBay for like 10 bucks um but I I was like sure you know I'll take it uh so that means I have like three or four opan drives sitting in the shop and I literally might just put them on there for like five bucks what do people use optane drives for anymore they're like 32 gigs um but regardless I got a bunch of CPUs let me flip the camera around and show you guys what we got and if you're interested I'm going to be listing them literally like right now as long as I I feel good about it my congestion is working out so I'm going to try to stay up and list these all on eBay um I'm going to undercut everybody's price so um if you go on there um and you don't see a price that's good just hit me up but I'm basically looking at what's recently sold and I'm coming in about 10 to 15 bucks underneath that just to make some quick sales make some quick money uh because I have some other trade-ins and I have some uh people that want want to sell out their Farms small GPU Farms so I'm trying to to drum up some money for that because um got a lot lot of inventory coming a lot of inventory coming out of this batch I'm probably going to keep a couple of the CPUs I'll I'll set those aside uh but there's a lot of good stuff in here let's let's check it out so I did fire my 3D printer up and I was printing some CPU trays mainly to keep everything like organized because having a bunch of loose CPUs is not ideal um going through everything they were all pulled out of working systems everything was good there um but we have in here these are all i7 8700s and then right here we got I i58600 8400 8400t 7400 8500 7500 7700 K 9100t 9100 10500 10700 T 10400 400 11400 10400f 9700t and 9600 K I think these are the the processors I'm going to end up keeping and uh end up putting some into some builds just newer stuff 12400 F know that's a solid solid guy right there uh what's this one it is a 12400 T it's a low low power version of the F might list that one um another 12400 F oh 12700 KF that's a bad mama jamama right there I like that and then the big boy from the batch a 13700 F he does not get a bunch of um like newer stuff in so he said this was this is pretty rare circumstance um but I was just like man I'm I'm happy to scoop them up whatever like newer gin stuff we can get that 13700 uh F at the end that's a that's a beastly little chip right there but even that 12700 KF is still uh still a really good chip as well but anyway uh I'm going to go ahead and get these all listed up so if you want to check them out Ebay links down below um yeah yeah hopefully soon I'll just be listing the stuff on Shopify um and that way I can give you guys even better deals because the eBay fees are redon Cal hold on let me let me pull this up I had a fee calculator so for example let's say I sold something let's say I I listed that that 13700 F at 300 bucks and you know it cost me five bucks to ship it and charged $5 that means eBay fee is $40 that means I'd only bring home 259 bucks off of a $300 sale uh cuz that percentage is 13.25% that is that's about 10% too much in my opinion but it is what it is got to got to play with what we got so I know it's significantly better than that on Shopify and um yeah so oh well we'll just deal with it for now so I could I could chop you know five 6% off that give you guys a better price and still end up making more money than selling it on eBay but eBay does have a lot of traffic so until the shop gets up and going and the web store gets used more often um or used any because nobody's used it yet uh this is this is how the cookies got to crumble but anyway guys I don't mean to draw this out make it a long video um I'm going to get back to listing CPUs later peace adios um oh and uh on the last it was it was the last time I got CPUs in somebody was like what are you going to do if you get in a bad CPU uh luckily um the supplier that I'm using he guarantees them so if I sell a bad one and there was one that somebody had an issue with I was like no problem send it back to me I sent them a a refund and he refunds me the money that I paid for the CPUs cuz I do break it down by CPU uh so then it's it's basically no sweat on my end um but yeah so other than that you're good to go everything's guaranteed and bam bam thank you bam let's let's wrap it up we go home later

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