Dan Hollings The Plan HONEST Review. My personal experience with Crypto Bot Trading Course

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hi guys in this video i want to talk about my experience with a program called the plan by dan hollings i went through this program and started testing the crypto pots using the settings that dan suggested in his program and i will show you live on my screen the results of the demo bots that i have for the last couple of weeks [Music] hi i'm anastasia of anastasiablogger.com and on this channel i publish my online business tips subscribe and hit the bell button if you want to see more of my stuff in the future so after i published my latest video sharing what i do right now to make money on the crypto market a lot of people emailed me asking to share more about this method of making passive income with cryptobots without further ado i will jump to my screen now and we'll start showing you the results and we'll talk more about of what's inside this program and why i'm so confident recommended it to other people so here is my beats gap account you will need to connect bitcap to one of your or to any exchange where you hold your crypto and so you have to understand that beats cap doesn't hold your money it's just a platform that allows you to use this cryptobots so at any point in time the money that you have it's always in your exchange bit bits gap doesn't hold your money and another thing is that with this grid trading the profits of your bots are going directly to your exchange immediately right whenever the bot is making this transaction and getting some profit it sends it directly to your um to your exchange so you are not waiting for the profits to start coming when you close the bot and i think this is the main thing that you need to understand about this method and why it's considered so safe when you're looking at this you're probably completely shocked with this red line the red numbers um on the left side so this is the total amount that shows how much the coin price itself changed together with the bot profit so when you look at the right side that's the main thing that you should be interested in it's the board profit it's the trades that the bot made and how much money went to your exchange you cannot control the price of the of the coin you have to accept that crypto market is highly volatile and you need to when you when you're doing a program like this you need to accept the fact that uh bitcoin price or ethereum price or any other coin uh even if it if it's in the top 10 coins they're highly volatile in price and these red numbers are so significant because of the crash of the market that happened just yesterday it's completely unexpected for most of the even youtube gurus that i've been watching and who were talking about this coming uh huge spike that they were expecting to bitcoin to go to 100k uh for now what what we are seeing uh there's a big crash this weekend and although this crash happened you see some of the coins are still doing really well this um pair of matik usdt is doing extremely well for me the coin itself didn't lose the value compared to the time when i bought it but also the coin itself has a huge bot profits uh profit of 20 over the last five days only and this just shows you this was the bot that i set the last one and this just shows you how important is to actually go through all the lessons of the program before you start setting your bots uh because when i was while i was watching the lessons i was just trying to test this thing and i set up some bots these are demo bots and um actually dan encourages everyone to use demo bots first before you go into investing your own money you have to understand what you're doing if you don't want to end up with some of the bots like like i have that i either are out of range or uh even if they are active they are not making a huge bond profit like this bought profit of 0.16 uh over the last two weeks um it's not a good mod profit then talks about higher numbers of acceptable profit that you should um keep up with so if you see that you bought for a couple of weeks doesn't do any better um ideally you should close that bot and move on and move your money to another one and that's the only way basically how you can find out what works and what what doesn't um it then encourages you to first start with damabots and to test how it works so um this huge change um i have to emphasize it's not something that the bot lost it's the value of the coin itself that went so low in the last weekend compared to how it was when i bought the coin two weeks ago uh and that affected most of these coins as you see then there is a one bot that i uh wanted to talk about uh it's a different bot from all the others so the others are pairs of uh matik dot and all of them are paired with usd team and this bot it's uh ethereum and bitcoin and this bot it's also an old bot that i set up very early while going through the program uh because dan said that this is the the safest way to use this cryptobots uh grid bots because these are both very um relatively let's say relatively stable coins the biggest coins on them on the market and when you put them both in the pair what it means is that you're just basically just holding them and in the meantime while you're holding them in your portfolio on your exchange you are making a little bit of profit on the volatility between these two coins when you're looking at this um you he you see here some of the bots are active some are in it says range it means that the coin pair when went out of the price range that was set for so what i can do either i will just wait and then recommend actually just waiting and not adding more money into the boat to you know to reposition the the prices um but if you really want us to restart and like to see this bot actually working to be active again you can reposition and then shows and teaches how you can do it uh but the basically i understand the best recommendation is just to wait because all of these coins are very volatile and most most of the times they're getting back to the prices from where they dropped and then it's going to show you the ideal uh configuration of these boats so that your boats really work and he will explain to you when is the right time to close the boat and what are the options of closing the board and how you can do it without losing any money so highly recommend you to go through all the lessons of the course i will actually make a quick insider look for you of the program and so this is how it looks you've you're getting mostly video lessons which makes totally sense when when he's trying to show you how to set up the bots and what are the configurations and what you need to click on the in the interface but the getting started part it will give you a quick understanding of how the crypto market works and how this specific method can be safer than anything else and when i say that it can be safer it's not just words it's actual truth if you go to your to my bots and you'll see that um some of this coins lost a lot in in price this loss could be much higher if i didn't make this profit bought profit on the side if i was just holding ethereum it would be much higher drop for me than you see here because i made 2.28 in bot profit so this number is not so low for ethereum over here you'll see here each of these sessions includes multiple videos these are all the lessons that are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your convenience but you also get in addition to these lessons you also get answer desks so these are the live sessions where you can ask questions they have some recorded sessions from the previous lunches and they also have the schedule for upcoming sessions and after you go through the whole course they also have a service called coin pair research they give you a disclaimer that this is not an investment advice so they're just giving you some interesting coin pairs that they are looking at right now but you have to do your own research of course so you will have to agree to the terms and make sure that before you go to the service i highly suggest that you first go through all the lessons and understand really well what you're doing and you need to also know how to do all the settings on your own before you follow this advice on the coin pair research and one more thing i wanted to talk about because a few people asked me this in the emails when they asked me about my own experience with this program the thing that someone mentioned was that i was looking for reviews for this program and i couldn't find any non-affiliated reviews well imagine yourself in the place of other people who went through this program they really liked the content the they really liked how dan teaches it they tried it they tested it they've got some amazing results uh they're making some profits that they could never make um even with any other type of investments that they've tried in their life and of course they could share their honest reviews without being affiliates but why would they miss an opportunity to make some extra money on the site or even get back the investment that they put into this program by recommending it and recommending it to other people if there is a create affiliate program in place tell me would you personally do this review do all this work by creating a video or making a blog post writing about this program and then you wouldn't put your affiliate link in the last moment doesn't make any sense right so all the review the reviews that you'll find online there will be affiliate reviews and if you want to see more impressive results from other students just go through one of the recent webinars or webinar replay i will give you a link down below this video or so you can watch one of the replays and see much more impressive results from other students like i said i'm just a beginner i've been doing this for a couple of weeks there are people who went through this program about two months ago and they have had enough time to test different bots and to actually generate much more impressive profits on their bots so here you go this is my honest and unpolished video review of the program i literally had to do it last minute although i plan to publish another video for this week but i have seen a ton of requests for this video review from people who watched my previous video on crypto so here you go you've got the video and i'll link my previous video over here and some other stuff that you might be interested in on my channel here and there see you in the next one you

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