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Zill Mining Tests: K1 Pool vs Easel Me


Welcome, everyone! In this article, we will be discussing the results of our Zill mining tests on the Apollo Miner, specifically comparing the performance of K1 Pool and Easel Me. We will analyze the average hash rates, rewards, and overall performance of these two pools. So, let’s dive in!

Miners and Hash Rates

To provide some context, let’s start with a brief overview of the miners being used in this comparison. On K1 Pool, we have the V1 mini SC, V1 mini SC Plus, and V1 mini, which have an average hash rate of 375 Mega hash. On Easel Me, we have the better performing miners, the V1 mini SE Plus, V1 mini SC, and V1 mini, with a combined average hash rate of 939 Mega hash. As we can see, there is a significant difference in hash rates between the two pools.

Rewards Comparison

Now, let’s take a look at the rewards earned on each pool. Over the past few days, on K1 Pool, we received rewards of 20 Zill, 19.5 Zill, 18 Zill, 21 Zill, and 18 Zill. On Easel Me, the rewards were slightly over double, with 39.14 Zill, 39.37 Zill, 44 Zill, and 40 Zill. These numbers indicate that Easel Me is performing better in terms of reward payouts.

Calculating Rewards per Mega Hash

To get a clearer picture of the pools’ performance relative to their hash rates, let’s consider the rewards earned per Mega hash. On K1 Pool, we are getting approximately 0.0461 Zill per Mega hash, while on Easel Me, the rate is slightly lower at 0.04168 Zill per Mega hash. Despite the difference in hash rates, both pools appear to be comparable in terms of rewards received per Mega hash.

Comparison with Crazy Pool

Now, let’s move on to comparing K1 Pool with Crazy Pool. Initially, the rewards earned on K1 Pool were significantly higher than what we experienced on Crazy Pool. However, after using the specific worker name “ipolo_” on Crazy Pool, we observed an increase in rewards. The rewards on Crazy Pool improved to 21 Zill, 21 Zill, 32 Zill, 29 Zill, 26 Zill, and 25 Zill. Despite this increase, Crazy Pool still fell short of Easel Me’s performance.

Verdict: K1 Pool vs Easel Me

Based on the results of our tests, it is safe to say that K1 Pool is the better option for mining Zill. However, Easel Me is a close second and may be a viable alternative if you are more concerned about mining your main coin instead of just Zill. Keep in mind that on K1 Pool, you will only receive Zill rewards if you are mining their main coin as well. If K1 Pool supports your main coin, it is highly recommended due to its better performance. On the other hand, if you are using Apollo miners, you do not have the flexibility to switch pools, as you can only mine the coin you initially chose. Therefore, K1 Pool would still be the preferred choice in this case.


In conclusion, our Zill mining tests revealed that K1 Pool is the superior option when mining Zill. Easel Me is also a viable alternative, but its performance is slightly lower. The rewards earned per Mega hash were similar for both pools, indicating a comparable performance. Additionally, we found that Crazy Pool underperformed compared to both K1 Pool and Easel Me. However, it would be wise to consider your main coin when making a decision on which pool to choose. Ultimately, the choice between K1 Pool and Easel Me depends on your specific mining requirements and preferences.

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  1. No question that K1Pool provides better results than ezil over time. I mined ETC/ZIL both with my single Mini Classic Plus and I am consistently getting better results (around 30 – 40%) from K1Pool. The only issue I have is getting kicked out of K1 every other day or so for no apparent reason and my Mini goes to ezil (my backup pool)…I reboot and it usually (not always) goes right back to mining on K1. I am unable to determine why this happens – I wish someone could explain.

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