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[Music] he [Music] all right this is the last video on these A6 all right this is the I just wanted to film this one last time I need to just inventory them get the serial numbers I need to also label them which I've already started I want to explain that in this video and just yeah I'm getting them ready to be hosted okay if you have not seen the previous videos that is what I'm doing but making this video just to document what I am doing with these Asic Miners and I guess just the journey with these I've had over the past year uh thank you to crypto Miner Bros who have basically sent me majority of these Asic miners Coastal crypto mining for one of the E9 Pros which I got from them and yeah you know this has just been quite a lot a lot of work actually trying to prep them for hosting and so as of recording I need to get this done now because I'm driving out tomorrow and by the time you guys watch this video I think it's already be back I think and so as well in this video I need to take out all the shrouds all the fuan design fan shroud silencer kits the infinity fans I guess they're already off pretty easy to take off and put on the regular bit Main stock fans okay and I need to also test them out uh when I put the fans on as well okay so I want to do that in this video and I know actually some people mentioned regarding this big AC infinti like silencer okay so I was supposed to try this on I guess one of these on the back of the fuan design kits okay on the back of their Asic miners it's supposed to lower the noise a lot more apparently I guess you know silence the uh AC Infinity fan that's in the front here a lot more have not tried that so I'm sad about that so I do have two other fuan design kits which I need to use on my ice fiver A6 okay so my ks2 which is over here you guys just saw this one I need to put a fuan design kit on it on my ice river ks1 that one as well needs to be placed uh it's oh it's so dark in here sorry guys let me turn on the light oh look at that look at my 48 6600 XT rigs Isn't that cool that's pretty cool I'm going to turn the light here sorry okay so this guy right here the ice over ks1 this one I have the Shroud kit as well thank you to Fan's designs for sending to me guys go check them out link down below if you guys are interested so I will try it out but it's honestly as I'm talking right now it's it's really not that loud I think I had the fan set at like 40 or 35% so it's it's pretty quiet but it could be probably a lot quieter if I put that AC and fandy fan on it we'll try it out we'll try it out in another video of course okay guys I need to just begin start taking one of these apart and putting the stock fans on so let me begin with the ad Miner L7 first uh let's take this apart real fast [Music] Dr the top everybody know the drop everybody [Music] okay took about the L7 I was going to put the fans back on and such but I decided to just show you guys that there is a lot of dust okay in this L7 and what I am wanting to do okay I normally have an air blower like my X power but I don't think that's going to do justice you guys can see there are like little mounds of dust on the front here just all over the place they got dead bugs in there moths just you you guys can see how dirty that is and I don't think my X Power air blower is going to do the best in blowing out all this dust so I'm going to go to Home Depot and I am going to buy an air compressor I think it's time I upgraded to an air compressor I saw some people commented Randa why don't you have an air compressor you know you are big enough now and you know what you guys are right little air blower I used on my gpus those were great I you know I'll still probably use that for my gpus but air compressor I feel like we'll need that for as6 like this cuz the fine dust is like really embedded everywhere on this thing and I I might as well do it cuz I know future as6 I'm probably going to you know yeah I'm going to need a air compressor so I'm I'm just going to buy like an a portable one not like one of those like big compressors anyway I'll be right back I'm going to see what I find at Home Depot all right I bought this Anvil 2 G pancake air compressor I hope this will work it basically it looks like when I plugged it in and turned it on it looks like it was already generating the air or compressed air into the tank only took like I would say 30 seconds it made it makes a really loud noise uh then uh it's on already so now when I turn this the air should start coming out here oh oh yeah that's that's pretty good that's pretty good so when I now yeah now it's going to get really loud because now it's generating uh the pressure into the tank again so I wonder how long this is going to last I don't know I don't know if this 2 gallon tank is going to last for a single ASC here okay so I'm going to take this outside I took out the front grill the Back Grill and now the dust uh should just go out easily all right let me uh see if I can uh capture this dust on this [Music] camera [Music] okay uh I'm I'm just going to give you guys a quick like review of this Anvil 2 gallon pancake air compressor it it's not good it only lasted I don't know like less than 20 seconds and what I mean by that is the pressure started to drop really fast I guess this is the tank is too small I knew I should have spent the extra $50 on a six gallon there was a six gallon one and it was like red and like I I thought 2 gallon was enough I didn't do my research at all and then it takes like another good like 30 seconds to a minute to fill up again and then the pressure is you know up to 100 uh it says 100 PSI it says it can go up to 150 but uh no as I turn it on it just drops pretty fast so I'm probably going to return this and get a bigger one later I'm just going to use it for now return it to Home Depot and then I'll I'll get a bigger one but that's my quick review of The Anvil air compressor you guys can let me know down below uh what brands or models you guys like the best let me know down below all right so anyways though uh blowing the the dust off the L7 this is it's it's clean it's it's very good I I hope you guys saw the dust in the video and uh yeah it looks pretty good I saw a lot of dust come out the back so yeah it looks pretty clean to me no more dust Mounds on the front or anything and uh I dusted the back a little bit after it compressed after uh collecting the air in the tank for another minute and yeah it's it's good now this is pretty good so I'm probably going to do this to all the A6 off camera and uh yeah I'm going to put this together back together right now and test it [Applause] [Music] he the front Fan's working the three PSU fans are working had to open the side to make sure they were plugged in some of them I knew I unplugged them uh for the fuan kit okay back F working okay make sure we have power okay this L7's taking 3465 Watts woo lots of power and confirming this L7 is mining okay hash board connected to the pools hash boards connected fans okay wow I have to say that took a decent amount of work to get this going I have to say if if I was going to be like uh like a bit main Tech or like an Asic technician or something at like a farm honestly I would be one of the worst people to hire for this job I I seriously I have no patience to take out the fans you know clean the A6 dust them out honestly like I can't do it this took me like I would say together I mean along with recording maybe a good maybe I would say I would take 30 minutes per Asic maybe 45 minutes I'm really bad so if I someone to someone was going to consider me to work at their Farm don't hire me I I'm I'm not I'm not good okay Bros I I need to uh I'm going to use this for the other A6 here and then I just I'm just going to focus on getting these two back to stock fans uh dust them out a lot of moths in them and yeah I I just got to do inventory get the serial numbers uh label them as well I got a brother Dao uh brother no not Dao is a brother labeler and uh I've already started on labeling most of them with like my account name worker name serial number is already there and uh yeah I I got to do some other ones here but guys I'm just going to focus Fus on this I will be back and then we'll just yeah just going to reminisce and I'll just give my final goodbye to the as6 be right back okay it's almost 2: a.m.

I have been at this for I would say a good I don't know 7even eight hours just you know cleaning up the A6 uh you know putting the original fans back on and then having major issues with my s19 XP and also one of my E9 Pros so let me tell you the whole story here okay of the s19 XP it was basically I was getting a bunch of errors in the log I was trying to figure out why it wasn't mining ultimately it came down to a fan so that was pretty easy but I had to take it apart uh take out the top take out the fan yeah that was less than 5 minutes so it wasn't too bad I was just taken back again because I already had a fan die on this s19 XP before and so looks like there was another dead fan when I put them on so I was just like okay well that's fine then I went on to do the E9 Pro right take off the you know the uh fruin's design fan shroud and all that good stuff that was all well and good that took a decent amount of time a lot of screws put the PSU fans back in plugged in the PSU fans that was all well and good then yeah put the fans back on turned it on and it wouldn't mine I was like what the hell and so I looked at the log okay I was looking at the E9 Pro log and I didn't understand what of what much of it meant and I think it came down yet again to the fans so I was just man I was playing around with a bunch of fans and ultimately I I got I had to drive back to my other basement to grab new fans which I remember I had over there come back here test the new fans and then It ultimately worked so I was just like man just like come on one thing after another and H finally so that took me probably a good hour hour and a half cuz I had to go back and forth and test the fans I had a bunch of fans here that I would had laying around and those didn't seem to work and so oh man seriously I I have a LoveHate relationship with fans and I kind of reminiscing regarding GPU fans for Mining and man I have a lot of dead fans I also need to replace but when it comes to A6 it's definitely a lot easier in a way but anyways it's all good guys okay all the as6 I've tested they're all labeled they're all ready to go I have them all serialized the way I want and yeah these 11 as6 are going to go I want to know what you guys think this is the last time you guys are going to see these s9j Pro 104s z15 D9 K7 s19 K Pro two E9 s19 XP this is just such a Troublesome Asic for me and then an L7 okay all works all tested and I decided actually I I'm I'm thinking of keeping this Anvil uh portable air compressor I found out I actually have have or well I don't have the right um bit where it like I can adjust the pressure I guess by pressing down on the adapter which it didn't come with so I'm going to need to buy that adapter instead of I guess doing it through this way you guys can let me know down below if that's the case uh otherwise I can return it and get a bigger one with a bigger tank which would be I guess a lot better for pressure you guys let me know down below I did see some actually for sale on Facebook Marketplace I even saw like one of those those big air compressors for like a couple hundred bucks and if this was 100 bucks maybe getting the bigger uh tank might be better but I'm not sure what the maintenance would be on that kind of thing you guys let me know all right my friends that's it for this video I am seriously done it's too late I got to drive in like I don't know less than 6 hours from now I I'm so tired I I still need to put all these into the uh rented SUV that I just rented I was going to record um like putting all these into the trunk but it's too dark now I'm going to like just do that in the morning okay that's it my friends that's it for this video let me know your thoughts have a good one peace out

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