DogWifHat to $5?! DOGWIFHAT IS PUMPING!! Should you Buy $WIF?!

Dog with hat has pumped upwards of 15% On the 24hour are we going to see dog With hat make some massive moves and Have an all-time high in July the month Is coming to end guys we had a terrible Month for crypto yes we did see Bitcoin Basically dance alltime High beginning Of this month but other than that the Volume has been dead the traffic has Been dead and we need something to Change that being said guys before the Video I want to ask if you haven't Already do make sure you smash that Subscribe button down below as we cover Crypto gems on a daily basis especially If you love meme coins we got meme coins We got pre-sale gems we cover all on This channel today we're taking a look At dog with hat ticker s whiff currently Trading at $183 is up 15.6% on the 24hour and we See the mark cap is currently sitting at $1.8 billion means this is literally a Top 50 coin ranked on coin Mark cap Terms of volume there at number 14 with Looking like a $611 million in volume Which is absolutely insane and again There's a lot of Articles talking about Great things happen with this project Like this one specifically Dogo fat Slumps almost uh 30% in a week uh and Then this was anticipating that was Going to reverse and haaha it actually Did that's why we are seeing this pump

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Now if you want to get the least and Greatest news guys like I said smash the Subscribe button down below overall Crypto Market looking kind of scary Right we're down 3 3.27 3.7% I don't Know where the two came from um on the Day in terms of fear and greed index we Are currently at 59 neutral creeping Slowly more and more towards fear which We're hoping to reverse very soon we're Seeing Bitcoin in the $60,000 range so Fully lost $70,000 range which is sad to Say the least uh but hopefully we see a Recover all the coins are basically in The red we're hoping to see a recovery Very soon now we go to top meme coins Dogecoin still at number one she being In number two Pepe at number three and We're back to dogs with dog with hat Currently at number four again top 50 Coin on coin market cap on the hour We're up 3% on 24hour we're up 16% Almost 60% however on the week we're Down 21% so again this might still be an Optimal time to buy cuz even though we Are pumped 15% on the day there's still Some Gams to be made as we have 22% down For for the week which we could again Definitely recover on now when we're Looking at the month we're down to Whopping 36% right so we are pumping a little bit But we took a massive nose dive remember Guys at one point this project was

Dancing with $4 so we're down more than 50% just in the past month alone and This token was was anticipated to $5 During the peak of this bow run $10 Somewhere even predicting so a lot of Great opportunity here to pick up a bag Of whiff now guys there a PR gem that's Going absolutely crazy I want to Highlight for a second and this is Pepe Unchained guys is a brand new pre-sale Gem that has taken Pepe and changed to Its own thing giving Pepe its own Blockchain they've already raised $700,000 it's only been released for a Couple of days now which is insane so 5 Five 500 $580,000 Rais and their next goal in one day and One hour is to have another price hike So if you want to load up now is your Best time to load up but what is this Project Pepe now has his own blockchain Congratulations your early to the party Buy and stake during the prale to max Out your rewards before the price Skyrockets so what is Pepe unchain a Better speed better gains but the same Delicious Pepe flavor so instant Bridging between eth and pepe lower Transaction fees higher volume cap Capacity I can't even speak today 100x Uh faster than eth and dedicated block Explorer this one is clean it's simple Has uh 3 800% apy in terms of staking And guys the ear you get in the more

Rewards you're going to lock in cuz Again at one point I saw this upwards of 9000% apy in a video we covered a couple Days ago this one's going absolutely Crazy load up now Link in the Description below but back to dog with Hat we're taking a look at technicals And we're seeing we're seeing something Very interesting allers are in buy However moving averages are in strong Sell overall summary is giving us a sell And that kind of makes sense because When we look on the actual chart we can See yes it is down 36% on the month However on the day it's up 15% so we're Getting some mixed readings again we Might be able to strike in at a $170 if It comes down there uh i' anticipate is Just to continue going up but Realistically speaking there's going to Be some volatility here as we've seen Just on the one week alone we saw it dip Hard pumps dips pumps dips even harder And it just continued to dip now we are Seeing a reversal I'm anticipating it's Either going to go to7 cents or $2 next Uh and I'm more on the side of7 cents Because the market sentiment right now Is very very bearish however talking About bearish there are some some Bullish news as well we see locked in uh As and people are talking about pep Pepe The best gift in the Galaxy uh from the Hat store we can see uh Mike Nova Gratz

Uh known figure in the crypto space Anyone know where I could get one of These hats for uh from the dog perfect Gift for someone I know the point is People are starting to pump this people Are starting to enjoy this meme which is Everything we wanted to see what a dog With a hat it's literally just a dog With a hat and that's what I like here It's not a complicated meme coin it's a Very simple mem coin and guys let's Bring back simple meme coins we don't Need a meme coin with a 125 Integrations And all the smart utility sometimes we Just want to invest in a meme coin That's just for memes I understand we Need some utility there some little Sauce the pasta 100% makes sense but at The the real base of the thing is we Need meme coins make mem coins great Again uh that pretty much up the video Guys if you want to load up a bag on Pepe on chain link in the description Below the opportunity is absolutely Massive there let me know what you guys Think in the comments section below that The video like always not Financial Advice until next time it's your friend Umar peace [Music] [Music]

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