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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I just got back to the house um but yeah so good news we'll call this a uh early Black Friday sale because I think I'm probably going to be busy and can't actually do a legit Black Friday sale uh but I bought a bunch of parts um I just went through all the nvme drives and let me see how many there were exactly we'll flip the screen around but anyway um the link for the my Shopify store is down below in the description so you can start going on there and buying things I finally set it up and I decided to bite the bullet so yeah I'm I'm taking the leap so you guys are going to start seeing stuff pop up there all the time I'll keep you guys updated on YouTube and stuff uh but I'm still going to be doing you know regular content like behind the scenes and uh hopefully just hooking you guys up with good prices so um if I can get good deals I can pass good deals on to you guys it's a win-win for everybody um and in this case this gentleman had a absolute boatload of drives there was also a bunch of like actual spinning hard drives wasn't interested in that um the price on his like 2 and 1/2 in ssds wasn't as good as I had wanted it to be but the nvme price I had to get all of them but it it was a good price it makes it worthwhile and um hopefully you guys enjoy it and uh hopefully you guys scoop some of them up while available I don't know how long these are going to last let's flip it around and show you what we're working with all right so here is the the Shopify store the old BC PC shop so Brandon coin computers we're keeping it super simple um just home catalog and contact if you need to I did open up a cell phone number that is for the shop so if you contact it in the middle of the night um it's set to mute uh so calls and stuff won't go through you can text it I'm probably not going to text back in the middle of the night um there's the shop address addess uh if and there is also an option on here for local pickup so if you do buy it and you want to come pick it up locally that's cool too um starting off with the 500 gig nvmes there's 67 500 gigs um I just snapped a picture these are the actual drives here and they're mixed Brands uh some are gen 3 some are Gen 4 instead of me making an actual listing for each individual one cuz all of them are a little bit different there are some doubles uh but most of them are all different from pulled from different things uh but these are all at least 500 if not 512 gigabyte nvme drives and it's kind of just luck of the draw and you can't beat it for 10 bones um the way the shipping works out too is it's like four bucks for the USPS ground shipping so if you get one of them it'll come out to like 14 bucks uh but you can get up to I think it's like eight or nine drives um will fit in that USPS ground Advantage bubble mailer um I'm going to wrap these bad boys up in foam so obviously the more you buy the more you end up saving on shipping um so if you need a little 500 gig nvme not a bad deal now going back over to the 1 TB drives 25 bucks a piece you can see there's some solid ones uh got some 980s in there some Samsung drives uh have some other you know mixed random assorted ones there's also gen 3 and Gen 4 and it's all just random Lu the draw um I will probably be showing some of your guys' orders so if you do end up buying one come back over here and drop your order number down below in the comments and um might be able to show off your order show off packing your order um same for these shipping rates are are exact same cuz I put them all in as the same amount of ounces or whatever they were um but 25 bucks a piece on those and there are 65 of those I believe or 67 uh 1 tabes and going back over the big mamas the ones that everybody wants there was only I believe it was eight of them 1 2 3 4 five 6 I think there were seven eight up underneath there um that was a Western Digital black on there there's a couple like uh HP OEM branded ones I don't think HP actually makes their own nvmes so it's a different brand um most of those were actually Gen 4 I think there was like one or two of them that were gen 3 but for 40 bucks a piece Spin The Dice and uh hopefully you guys get something good I don't think these deals can be beat anywhere else they're all guaranteed to work if you have an issue with them uh I'll take them back that that's no problem obviously I think uh I have it set up for like a 30-day um you know money back guarantee or 30-day return period or something like that so um yeah if you get it and it doesn't work let me know and I'll make it right uh but yeah so just wanted to make a quick video letting you guys know cuz I did a YouTube short earlier hold on let me flip around I did a YouTube short earlier and I talked that was when I actually had picked them up and they were still all in the boxes uh hadn't actually taken them apart or taken them out of there and counted them or I didn't know exactly what it was It was kind of just a a buy it all and hope for the best I was hoping for more 2 T terb drives it's unfortunate um but it is what it is I'm I'm still happy um it's still going to work good hopefully uh you guys can scoop some of these because I don't think they're going to last long um a bunch of my friends have already been like oh I want to buy them I want to buy them and I'm like just all you got to do is go on Shopify store and click pick local pickup uh so that way I get the payment and it's all hunky dory and they're like oh man well I want to just come in the store and buy it and I'm like that's great just go through the store pick local pickup at the shop and and it it goes through the directions at that point that way it just kind of keeps it fair for everybody and I'm not holding drives for people that don't end up wanting them or don't end up buying them I've noticed that's that's been a pretty common consensus I'll get parts in and people like oh yeah man will you hold that for me and the next thing you know I end up holding this you know CPU or GPU or whatever for multiple weeks so yeah but anyway I'm going to end this video early um thank you guys for coming out uh really do appreciate it uh have some more stuff I'm going to go buy next week picking up some some uh a guy that's got like five used computer cases from previous builds he's done so going to go snap those up he's selling those for amazing deal um as long as they look as good as they do in the pictures um also going to go meet up with a guy that has some 2 and 1/2 in drive ssds for um a good price so always need some good two and a halfs out there but anyway guys I'm going to hop off here I'll see you um regularly scheduled content that I had recorded earlier is probably going to be dropping for tomorrow um yeah and everything that gets ordered today and over the weekend is going to be shipped out Monday um I think I have my shipping and handling time on there is like 3 days um so it won't end up being 3 days it'll end up being just two days or one day depending on if it's you buy it today or tomorrow um but yeah so appreciated oh by the way and uh since it is on Shopify they do have the it's the shop pay through a firm where you can break stuff up into for interest free installments um I don't think that would probably help many people on like you know $10 nvme drives but when I add bigger stuff on there that's more expensive it should help out quite a bit on that so all right I'm going to hop off here youall have a good one adios

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