First Customer in New Computer Shop

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so I was editing this video and um was not happy with the video quality that the camera that I put in there in the shop so uh I apologize in advance guys and I will be setting up a new camera and I'm going to do it from behind the counter facing towards the customers so that way it actually sees the customers and sees our interaction cuz right now with this camera the angle was horrible horrible and the the quality was bad too so um yeah just take that with a grain of salt and let the video roll on all right so I just had technically my first customer even though we're not officially open um still doing some stuff on like Marketplace and I sold that I9 system that had the 3060 TI in it and they were like are you available I'm like yeah come on in gave them the address super simple really nice just kind of chilled and waited for him to get here had some other things going on but we ended up settling on a trade deal so they brought in these systems and it was 300 cash so um we got a let me flip it around i77700 a GTX 1070 a GTX 1060 I believe that's an i56400 it looks like um some kind of m.2 drive right there Cheapo 300 w powerly a beat up really really beat up case so might be recasing this system he said there is 16 gigs of ram in there so that's kind of cool and then there's an alien wear I really like like this generation of alien wear stuff this originally had that 7700 in it he said he pulled the 7700 out cuz he wanted to put it in that system but it's a different generation so it wouldn't work so I I think I'm going to end up putting that 7700 back in here there is a water cooler in here and there's also a one tbte uh SS m.2 down there so um and I believe that 1070 came out of there too so pretty much just going to put that alien wear back to New it clean it up recase this system and then these will be going up and going to make somebody a deal on these so look out for those coming up soon and um I'm going to include the footage at the end of this video I I did Mount that little camera up there that's not going to work for longterm because I do not like the quality and I want to show you guys our interactions between customers and and people and stuff like that so um yeah yeah uh going to need to I think maybe a camera back here like pointing at this angle cuz like that one's just staring at the back of their heads and it kind of cuts me off it's just not not a good angle great angle to you know just watch for security cuz it can see the storage area and this area but not for like YouTube and that kind of thing um so yeah so basically gave him $200 trade on this and then 300 cash cuz I was looking for around 500 bucks uh I listed it a little higher than that just so people can talk me down but I'm happy he's happy win-win all right guys I'll see youall on the next one I'm going to close up shop and uh head to the house okay yeah we can gra it yeah you I can help you carry you might take a look at these real quick yeah which one were you playing on this one that be that there it is right there if you want it's up the Wi-Fi it's got a buil in Wi-Fi on the motherboard you end up needing that yeah ridic that's my uh my screen I take when I go to do like service calls one uh I think that's a I think it's the 3070 I can take um ask much if you know you know right you like to trade you for shoes yeah no I appreciate it I'm just trying to say like electronic stuff yeah even older stuff uh I can I can take trade in on pretty much everything this is the 960 right here this is the 1070 okay yeah you got 1050 GPU what are you going to be putting the are you putting it in a an older system the 3070 oh already have a 3060 oh you have a 360 you're just looking to upgrade I mean I was going to get a 30 but like I know which 3060 you have I can take that in on Trad against the 3070 I don't think I have any 3080s well I mean you'd be swapping out though you know oh oh like you trade yeah but you just have to add a little cash on top depending on which card it is which one is this right here um that that's a 3060 C that's just a Founders Edition that silver one with the two pans right this is a I believe that's 37 yeah looks like wer I was get from that one when I told you no I don't have any 3080s right now yeah this is a 3078 gig is that a upgrade from 360 TI it's a small upgrade it's not a big jump honestly they're pretty close like gaming performance wise so this one is the 1060 1060 1070 okay and then oh so you were you were gaming on the the lower end stuff were you plan on swapping around and never got to it no I something happen my old computer I just yeah what's y plan uh you going playing the new Call of Duty about to drop I me you play Call of Duty I'm IR I I like Black Ops so I'm a big zombies guy but since this is like the first modern warfare with zombies I gota get it you know like my brother my cousins they all play I'm not a huge Modern Warfare guy I don't well everybody on war zone teats nowadays my brother's been banned like multiple times I just got Dan so I can't I'm buy a hard yeah they're doing Hardware bands now open up this screw in and so is that the CPU that was in here yeah okay CP yeah that's a pretty cool setup I was wondering if that's not a solid ster but it's just hard driveid or not oh yeah yeah yeah 900 awesome yeah these two and then um the 300 cash and you'll be ready to go on that one and um I'll take down your email uh because I'm just getting everything set up technically not even officially open yet um but I'll email you your receipt uh because I used to do everything out of youngville but moved up here to try to make it more legit and um but yeah if you have any problems like full in-house one year warranty just bring it back sort of like don't spill nothing on it I had one lady spill some stuff she used to set her coffee on it spilled it on the computer and then she wanted to bring it back I can't I can't fix that okay why are you lying do you take like anything on the um I have vinmo and I have cash [Music] out

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