FOMO CPU Mining EP4 Need More CPUs

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all right ladies and gentlemen we are up to $40 worth of bitcoin in the nice hash wallet and that's with our rigs running I do have another one running down here this one but it's basically making nothing it was making like cents a day so probably just need to turn that one off but yeah our main our money makers are the 5800 XT the 5900 X 5900 X and then the Zeon 12 core now I'm going to keep it short and sweet I got to got to be kind of quiet there's stuff going on in the background but um so our 5900 X's did 161 or 4,274 Satoshi and then our other 5900 X which for some reason this second 5900 X is outperforming the first one I don't know if it's got a little bit better memory it's got better timings something but they're running the same over overclocks so I'm not sure about that uh but it made a $163 about 2 cents more a little bit more Satoshi our ryzen 75800 X made 79 cents so we're actually up from yesterday a pretty decent amount uh profitability wise uh and then the Zeon made 71 cents our electric burn stayed the same we profited $355 instead of $320 now technically as for keeping up with what we've made um on this like little video series we are at let's see here uh 374 plus 3.20 plus 355 so we have profited $10.49 in realistically what 24 48 72 hours worth of mining cuz I guess you know the the first day doesn't really count cuz that's 24 48 and then 72 hours but um yeah so that's pretty much how the cookie crumbles on that situation we will be checking back in um whenever I get the results for tomorrow uh but yeah I think it's pretty much full steam ahead I uh some people asked me what other motherboard and CPU setup did I buy cuz I I bought a budget setup and I bought one of those it's another Zeon it's a older one it's not a 2670 V3 I believe it's a 2670 V4 so a little bit higher clock but still a 12 core um and I got the motherboard CPU and RAM and it was like under a 100 bucks shipped so it's going to be making like7 cents a day I mean why not you know winin room uh situation but if anybody is looking at some CPUs I don't have many of the good ones left but over on the website OB BC PC shop we'll go over to categories and see what all is left for CPUs um CPUs all the CPUs are still 25% off oh lots of stuff selling out and we're going to do 25% off for another 24 hours so until uh we'll go till midnight of December 1st but there's an i i78700 i7 58 20K and that's 25% off any of these CPUs couple ryzen's down there in the bottom ryzen 3 ryzen 5 ryzen 5 older ryzen 5 so um oh there's a heavy hitter i7 13700 F but yeah so if you're interested you can go over grab one of those bad boys while they're still on sale and we'll have a restock of CPUs coming next week so uh just look out for that um why are they rizons above the intels let's sort by not bestselling but alphabetically there we go that's so much more appealing i3s i5s i7s and then the ryzen down in the bottom ryen oh I was about to say where did they where did they all go there's a second page ryzen 5 Pro 5650 but um yeah so oh oh I forgot to tell yall the code okay so for example if you were going to go buy one of these boom you just click it add to cart view cart me make sure it's not going to be showing an address that it's not supposed to get a check out all right and then go to discount code and type in uh CPU 25 now pretty much all these CPUs that I have left over are not going to be very Heavy Hitters on doing CPU mining but they would be great if you're trying to throw together like a cost effective or a cheap solution um or if you have an older one and you're looking for something to upgrade um but yeah so CPU 25 is the discount code to knock it off and that one went from 60 bones down to 51 so yeah that's that's that's it ladies and gentlemen CPU mining we're just chugging along staying steady seeing those increased profits hopefully we'll be laughing all the way to the bank this is start started off as a joke and look at that we're making money but anyway I don't want to wake the kids up yall have a good one I'll see you on the next one peace

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