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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel so um the this the office space that I exactly wanted she called me today uh the land owner owns like multiple buildings and multiple strip malls she's like the exact one you wanted I'm sorry I misquoted you that's the that one's not available her real estate agent uh actually had already rented that out um she's like I don't keep up with like dayto day like that I'm sorry I thought it was still open cuz the doors you know unlocked and open nobody's moved in it yet but um I'm like oh dang she's like but I do have another one it's smaller and I'll offer you a deal on it and I'm like okay so like what's how what's the deal how's the deal um and she's like you know you can move into this one I'll give you a better rate on the rental so like super cheap uh and if anything else opens up which she said about anywhere from about you know 3 to 6 months people rotate in and out of different units and she's like I got some bigger units I have some storefront units I have some more units back in in the common area um so I'll give you first dibs on anything that opens up um after you get in and we can just transfer your lease over and then you just pay the difference and I'm like okay that's actually really nice and she showed me um the one that she thinks is coming up available in about 2 months uh cuz that's when their lease is coming up and she talked to them and they apparently they don't want to renew their lease um obviously you know I'm like hey can I do like recording in the area she's like inside of your space you can record whatever you want and I'm like I understand that and she's like but I will let you um you can walk up and walk in like you're a customer and you can record that just don't go and record any of the other businesses and I'm like okay well I'll do that so let's go pretty decent little parking setup trying not to get the the names of the businesses I don't want to make anybody upset but yeah so you come in that's a business right there little lobby area there's lights is there lights light switch oh there we go okay this is totally not the right way I got lost let me turn the other light on okay all right so here it is in all its Glory it is small like no doubt about it um but it is super reasonable uh I know I told you guys about those other ones and the one she quoted at me at like around 500 and something uh imagine more reasonable than that with the option of flexibly changing my lease to any of the other properties she said a lot of these other units are anywhere from like 6 to 700 ft inside of here then outside of here where the strip mall area is uh those units are about about 1,000 and they go up to 2,000 sare ft depending on the those are like the she calls them the storefront units let me flip the camera around so those are the storefront units it's so quiet in here um she said most of the people that rent out these units um are uh like healthc care and they just need like a location they have very little foot traffic so she said like there's no problem with you bringing people in and out of here um it's not like it's ever busy or packed or that kind of thing um since I've been here for about the the last 15 20 minutes I haven't seen anybody come out in and out of here uh this one is not as big as I'd like but having the future possibility of being able to transfer my lease and not have to like sign a new lease and do all that kind of stuff she's waving first and last month's rent um is like it's a really really good option really good deal super good hookup shout out thanks to moms it's actually one of my mom's friends but Cu uh my mom's like Oh yeah I think she's got some places and she don't have some places she's got a ton of them uh but I think this might be a good a good first start so judging from the door it's got this weird area right here don't even know exactly how I'm going to use that I'm going to get the measurements and we'll go back to the house and I'll get on the computer maybe not on this video but the next one once I have like a good plan um and then it's got like this open area right here um there's basically Bally no storage so yeah I don't know I don't I don't know I'm thinking maybe take that out and do a big like storage cabinet right there or just add cabinets below that um yet power and or power and internet is still included in the even better rate there seems to be plugs everywhere she said she's pretty sure uh this this room has two 15 amp Breakers um but she was going to check for me I don't think that's going to be a problem CU I'm not going to be I'm obviously not going to be doing any mining in here people are like oh my God free Power I'm just it's not even possible I'll you know that's that's taken advantage because I'm not paying for that so not going to go that way it's got a big whiteboard right there don't know what I'm going to do with that um I was talking to my buddy and he was like you know you could still do like a um a display right here a display cabinet that comes out and comes over to here so you can put a bunch of stuff in it uh you know graphics cards and stuff and then all along that back wall we could do shelving and put a bunch of stuff up there um I just I really wanted like a spot for like a workbench so I don't know if maybe like a workbench over here in the back corner and I'll just have to keep it tight to keep it real tight it's already a TV mount I think this is like the generic Walmart Mount cuz I've I've done a bunch of these go ahead and we can slap a TV up there it's it's not ideal but I think it's doable um yeah the Whiteboard I don't really like the Whiteboard being up there but it is like lag to the wall so I could take it down imagine I'll probably need to paint if I do um carpet's in decent shape the walls are in in decent shape I just don't know what exactly to do with this space right here super awkward space H I'm not sure not sure at all let me um I'm going to measure this out and then I'm going to go and show you guys where the next available leas is coming up due so I might actually only be in this space for about anywhere from you know two months give or take um because I'd probably stay in this one if everything goes good just transfer over to a bigger one when available I don't know why I'm like trying to be quiet because I guess you know when I move in here I don't have to be quiet it just is a yeah it's so quiet in here I feel like I need to be quiet let me close it I feel like uh let's see sitting down here in the corner yeah this is small there's no doubt about it this is small let's see here one two three four six all right so it's about 12 ft wide this way and that's odd I'll go from right here about 10 feet so 12 by 10 kind of in this first area with that little jut out not even going to count that and then I guess I can count this so one two three four by one two 12 4 by 12 it's uh let's see here 4 by 48 120 what's that 168 so it's like a 170t it's tight it's tight in here but that's also why the price is right there right around a dollar a square foot um a touch you know just a t a touch more just to make it get a nice even round number but um yeah uh I think I'm think I'm just going to make do I'm getting a phone call just a Spam call um but yeah so anyway hold on so uh I did talk to her I do need to put a uh a dead bolt on that door because it's just got a little standard lock on it that's not going to be great um she did say that you know these the the door to the the main entrance way to come in and out you know opens and closes at you know 7:00 in the morning and 5: in the evening so that's kind of nice oh my camera's all dirty um so I you know she's like I don't require you to post your hours that's all totally on you guys um because I guess some places are super finicky about having places that are like closed down for a majority of the week oddly enough it's like if you pay the rent why do they care but they don't want their place to look like it's dead but she's like you know what you rent it do what you want so I'm like okay I'm feel that um I do like though that she has surveillance and she went ahead and told me she's like I got cameras um in all the hallways I got cameras outside and I got cameras in the lobby um so you know we are going to see people that come in and come out and like understandably uh I told her I'm going to you know I'm going to have my own camera in here uh that's going to be pretty much recording on like a SD card Non-Stop and to the cloud um but yeah it it it feels like a good feels like good area good spot um somebody did tell me they were like you know obviously don't put all your junk in here uh don't store cash in here that kind of thing it's just asking to get robbed uh 99% of what I do is not really cash anyway it's digital um so wasn't super worried about I'm probably not going to keep any cash in here uh and then as for like a majority of my Hardware I'll probably bring a good amount over here but I can't bring everything because it won't fit um so I'll probably have to use my house as uh you know maybe make a little storage spot and make some totes uh and just go through everything that's going to be a video in itself just going through and and kind of cataloging and breaking down everything cuz I got a lot of junk a lot of junk but yeah feel good about it feel real good so just walk through here look at cards on the wall for all the other companies yeah let me go show you the place that I really want uh shout out to where the off office is going to be in relation to the old bathroom so actually pretty night really nice clean bathrooms so that's pretty cool as long as people don't be doing the old nasty dumper runers in there but yeah let me go sit hit the other place like I said earlier decent parking lot um she said it never really gets full so plenty of spots oh oh my goodness I'm going have to be a little cognizant about how I record and don't show ins okay so I'm recording vertical cuz you look definitely less suspicious when you record vertical but um so right here um that building with the store Frontage she said that one is about uh a little over 12200 ft let me flip this around I hate talking to the camera said that one's 12200 ft their lease runs out at the end of the year she's already talked to them uh they don't want to renew here because the owners have moved outside of the area and they're they're currently searching for a new one so she's like I haven't listed it yet I was about to list it but I'll hold it if you want to it's going to me a pretty actually really good price on that one too under a doll a square foot for and having your own stor front it can't really beat it hold on I guess I just got to you got to take the first step you got to dive in before you can start swimming and um yeah I'm pumped about it Anyway by the way thank you guys for your support um shout out to the people that um bought some shirts I saw uh I made a thing on the the shirt page that said if you bought your shirt and you want to pick it up in the store on like the soft opening or the launch day um just email me and I already got a couple emails so pumped about some people actually coming in and doing that kind of thing uh yeah yeah I'm it's it's going to be good it's going to be really good um I I guess that's it I guess this video is over oh my God I'm I apologize guys I need to go back to the eye doctor um I don't know if you remembered from my last videos I have like something that uh it's like some kind of something I can never get rid of but we manage it with some kind of like eye drops um but it it starts flaring up in my eye every couple months and then it makes my eyes look super red and super puffy um for the longest time I thought it was like allergies or you know oh I got pink eye or something but uh it's none of that if I don't go get these particular kind of drops then it never clears up and it just gets worse and worse and worse and they are more and more irritated but yeah I I'm I'm so excited right now um so excited the wife's excited so it's like everything everything's doing good some people did also you know I guess this is basically the video is over you know blah blah blah showed you all the space that kind of thing um some people did say they're you know they're like oh why is everybody so secretive about like recording and that kind of thing everybody's worried about recording nowadays uh everybody is going to be able to look up and see what's around here as soon as I post the address um so I don't it like why does it make a big deal if I record there I guess just cuz people want their privacy but then people can figure out almost anything nowadays through the internet uh it's just one of those things um not everybody's okay with a camera in their face um but the shop telephone number people were asking me about that also I got a couple comments and a few emails is the shop telephone number going to be open 24/7 no it is not going to be open 247 uh it is a mobile line because I'm not going to run a hard line or like a land line in there um just basically opening up another another telephone line so you'll be able to call it text it leave messages uh probably won't be able to get back to it until like you know designated business hours um currently working on the website the Facebook page going to try to have those all live within the next couple weeks uh I think I mentioned it earlier as part of the deal cuz she feels bad you know about like quoting the the a different place but um first and last month rent not going to be a problem no issues there and I'm like okay well that's awesome sorry there's a spot on my arm um no first and last month's rent just uh go ahead and um move in and then you know pay the first month on the first of next month so basically I can get like a head start on moving in for like no out of pocket which is AOK obviously she's probably only extending that deal out to me because of who I know I understand that you know what hey if you don't use your connections what are they good for what are they good for never met this lady in my life but she knows my mom so Mom thank you thank you very much I'm a mama's boy all right uh for real though I'm I'm signing off I'll see youall in the next one adios

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