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[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream smash the like got 100 people here 24 likes let's get to 100 good morning guys happy Saturday it is cold man it is I don't know about you guys but it's it's freezing where I am negative negative temps we are in massive negative temperatures um it's minus 12 for me I don't know I don't what's – 12 Celsius in Fahrenheit anybody got anybody got the conversion there what's what's -12 in [Music] Fahrenheit minus 20 in Ontario Johan Francois what's up man lonus gaming Scott Sheffield gaming stimulant Anonymous s sometimes what's up what's up bro a pirate crypto pounder what's up what's up TD s sometimes welcome to the live stream so I'm going to be building a heater because I need it I have my house upstairs is very cold it's extremely cold so we are going to be building uh little bitmain S9 okay Bitcoin minor old school Bitcoin minor into one of these crypto cloaks uh crypto cloaks what do you call this 3D printed uh enclosure S9 enclosure so I believe the power supply goes there S9 obviously goes there um and there's also the these uh uh there's also these things I don't know how this is going to work but I I'm assuming this is to like like that to hold the S9 at the bottom like this or something I'm I'm not quite sure or is it the other way is it this way I'm pretty sure it's this way yeah cuz that's what that's what lines up with the screws you know what I'm just going to read the instructions this time I'm going to read the instructions before I before I build this but uh yeah this is a pretty cool little way to uh have a you know living room how do you say it living room decoration um all right uh love this idea a pirate send you p on Discord check later when you have a z pirate h a pirate that's not me that's definitely not me uh that's definitely not me um real men don't need instructions hey all right I mean I could try I could try installing this without doing anything whoa panda panda is reading instructions hey I read instructions all the time smash the like Bros we got 132 people here 39 likes let's go it how's everyone's uh ambient temperatures right now I'm sure it's like really cool whoa mining King thank you for donation cryp RPM crypto mining Hot Plate uh 20 GP rig I can keep you warm God damn it 20 GP rig all right okay let's uh let's [Music] begin let's be Max voltage real men are not intimidated by those that say real men don't read instruction ah Max I love it Max okay so first off thank you to Travelers The Travelers travels for sending me this this bitmain S9 13.5 terahash we are going to solo mine Bitcoin first things first how much power does this thing take and another thing I just I have to ask is this run on 120 volt does this bitmain PSU run on 120 volt 10 amps 10 Amp Max yes yes it does 100 to 140 volt AC 200 to 260 volt AC apw7 all right all right so that uh undervolt it okay that we're going to need to do I feel like we need to undervolt it like first before we do anything so let's the whole power powering this is actually the first time I've had an S9 in my hands I've never played around with an S9 ever so I'm just going to let's let's plug in all the power first let's turn this thing on before I put it in because I feel like that's uh I feel like like yeah we're going to need to do that first before anything okay so this requires a lot of power nine PCI get in there it's pretty hard to clip in wait oh no I don't have enough oh no I have enough I have enough okay I thought I didn't have enough one [Music] more [Music] okay okay let's I'm just Cur I have a 120 volt meter so I want to see if this actually runs on 120 volt I need a I need a power cable be right [Music] [Music] back [Music] okay let's see if this works oh the technicals the technicals good sir Welcome to the live stream dude how are you man happy Saturday bro I how are you dude how's how's the YouTubes been going yes I have mine on Via because I like to concentrate hash and centralize Panda I'm great here to learn uh the technicals you you already know everything bro you don't need to learn anything okay um now what now what do I do I'm all flustered because the technicals came into the live chat what do what do I do now what do I do now I need a internet cable ethernet I need a ethernet cable um let's see I don't have one laying around here come on I should have [Music] one one right goes over here all right retro mic what are you doing I'm new to crypto mining teach me the way you're not new to crypto don't lie don't lie to me okay let's see if this thing works on 120 [Music] volt okay let's turn it on what your mic God damn it um Magic Smoke I don't see any smoke yet not yet all right I need to get the IP address of this thing um client devices at Miner okay I see it already uh what's the stock is it root Root Root Root yep all right let me bring you guys into this one here uh downstairs scen all right all right now should we solo mine working mode low power enhance mode oh wait what what firmware what firmware does this thing have what firmware does this thing have I'm curious what low power enhance mode is I've never uh jump change what are you doing here jump change get out of here I'm not even going to say that not even going to say that live all right I need uh I need a Bitcoin address and I want a solo mine I want a solo mine with this thing all right who wants the first 24 hours solo mining of an S9 in a heater upstairs in my living room what's a what's the S9 Efficiency do I even have that on my S9 LPM 83.3 watt per hash 10.8 at 900 watts okay how much does this one take this one is taking almost 933 Watts nine or 829 8 29 uh 782 Watts like it's fluctuating a lot um okay whoever posts their their uh Bitcoin address first gets it it looks like Stephen cisero Stephen I see your I see your here the first Bitcoin address I'm going to copy that uh if the chat stops moving if the chat can stop moving there we go all right um let's go back to the downstairs screen Stephen I got your address is that right 45h all right um now what I need uh CK pool let's do CK pool just point your Miner to solo. stratums in there okay and save and apply all right there we go uh this thing I want to know I want to know how much terahash this thing is mining at or was mining at okay so now it's just uh now it's just restarting by the looks of it ah so funny Steven was the first one right it's probably tuning yeah scotfield yeah uh Patrick Murphy Patrick Murphy now y I'll search at the search address and not see how much Bitcoin he has and see how much Bitcoin he has how much a day do you lose running an S9 probably a lot wow 900 watts worth so you do the math there what's uh 11 Cent kilowatt hour so about 10 cents 9 cents 10 cents an hour so that's $2 $240 a day I'm losing $2.40 a day running this thing yeah $240 um but if Stephen cisero gets a block step you're going to send me half of that Bitcoin right right no that's the last time I do anything nice for you Steven that is that is the last time I do something nice for you that is the last time the last time javious Miner I have my S9 solo mining Bitcoin with brains OS at 13 uh 300 watts 4 terahash 300 watts for terahash okay four ter has 300 watts that's going to equal a Whopper hash of 75 oh yeah 75 all right well I want to see what this one I have right now does S9 uh stock uh Travelers travels uh LPM LPM enhance mode okay all right let's see what let's see what this one gets swearing my kids you get half Stephen I love it thank you thank you all right so uh how much hash rate am I getting let's see gigahash ideal okay so three 3.2 3.

9.3 terahash I'm assuming at 815 Watts you know what we can even do something better better we can look at this on the pool on the pool side all right there we go hash rate 9.9 I'm going to say 9.3 terahash so if I'm getting 9.3 terahash at how much watts how much watts let's see or is it tuning 8:15 8:15 815 Watts at the pool says 9.9 in the ant minor it says 9.3 9.33 so okay um all right let's go back to the screen uh who taught red pend of Min how to round 9.38 or 9.4 if you want to round fine Max 9.4 9.4 fine fine fine 9.4 all right that's a 86 wat per hash 8.6 let me uh sort that there you go it's little bit it's definitely much less efficient than uh hobbyist miners four terahash 300 wats so yeah am I going to do 400 watts no we're going to we're going to keep it at we're going to keep it at 800 watts that's good I need 800 watts of heat anyway it's minus like 13 right now extremely extremely cold up stairs I need all the heat I can get I need I need all the heat I can get all right okay um all right okay that's it that's all I'm going to do this is good enough it's mining it's mining away to Steven Cicero's address right now um Jason tiger Osborne 6 terahash at 500 watts S9 is too slow get a T15 or S15 they newer Ami under limit Lars Larson what's up man uh I would but then I wouldn't be able to fit it I probably wouldn't be able to fit that in this thing as the T15 will the T15 fit in this crypto cloaks enclosure okay another thing is another thing is we have to I don't even know if this is going to work or not will these knock to aend work on this S9 that's that's the thing that's that's the thing well will this will these knct to a fans work so we're going to have to try that next okay so it's mining just fine I'm going to uh I'm going to unplug it now okay unplugged okay we're going to put we're going to put the KN to a fans we're going to see if the knock to a fans will work actually first things first I don't even know if nocto fan is going to be long enough fan cable uh yeah that should that definitely yeah that should be that should be long enough uh obvious Miner says need brain brains OS to disable the fan monitoring as the fan RPMs are too slow and cause the fault on the bit main firmware at Panda oh great so I need a firmware I need a firmware updated ah come on my favorite moment of the year was when DJ Minds reenacting RPM asking to play with the boys Homebrew Krypto you bastard you bastard hobbyist minor Panda read the instructions you Noob listen listen listen if you were here earlier hobbyist Miner for anyone that reads like everyone in the chat said for anyone that reads manuals or instructions they are not a man so just for that we're going to read the instructions now there we go S9 Bitcoin space heater bundle oh yeah that's so beautiful 259 includes the S9 PSU power cable four fan screws two 140 mil to 120 mil fan adapters and a case dude that's pretty oh this guy has the noctua industrial PPC fans fancy that's fanc okay so this is what it's supposed to look like inside of it and the heat is going the heat is going up nice dude that's so sick better than running one of these [Music] right dude that's pretty sick all right where is the instructions additional information description installation guide and help of is is here Bitcoin space heater PDF oh it's a zip file okay hold on downloaded 7,886 times wow that's that's how many people bought this thing that's a lot that is a lot all right so uh okay let's go back to this hold on let me let me just download this first it's not even downloading uh so you're saying you're saying I need to put brains OS on this thing is there any other firmware that can manipulate the fans do I have to do I have to do brains OS all right here we go here we go uh let's go back to here all right let's let's read this together reading with panda it's reading with panda time all right this document is detailed walk through the data collected and how I replaced a 1500 watt space heater with an S9 Bitcoin Asic the future is now uh okay I'm not going to read through the rest of this um okay let's just go through all this okay uh 6 60 mil PSU fan upgrade this fan upgrade is one of the biggest noise reductions you can do for the minor when running at low Watts you'll notice a huge difference in De BS after installation oh this is for the PSU isn't it I don't have I don't have this fan so I'm not doing that I guess I'll see how loud it is once it's upstairs okay so that that's that I do not have either brains or Hive Hive OS I think can disable fan monitoring okay brains only okay all right anyways let's keep it going um okay so that's knock to a fan in the PSU that's actually legit that's legit ver new fan okay now this guy uses the industrial fans I don't have these and I just realized something no that's 120 mil yeah that's 120 mil okay um 140 mil fan upgrade I don't have the 140 mil I only have the 120 mil so I don't need yeah I I don't need this adapter so that's that's good stop very important make sure all all times when installing new fans you're checking the screw length Okay so it comes with the screws updated version using the small screws attached to the new adapter okay all right double check fan orientation ah yes okay looks like that uh air beam pulled out yada yada okay self-explanatory all favorite S9 settings 650 watt 55% ADC 45 DB 8.25 terahash I want to know I want to know what the efficiency is of that hold on hold on hold the phone M main s 9 crypto cloaks uh 650 watt uh what 650 watt at at at at 8.25 terahash 8.25 that's going to be a Whopper hash of 78 all right so let's uh Resort this all right so according to this hobus miners is a little bit more efficient a little bit but it's only 300 watts that that's not enough that's not enough power or not enough heat so javious Miner are you still running it okay going down running on Wi-Fi o yes this I'm I will probably need because actually no most of my rooms do have ethernet so I probably don't need this running on Wi-Fi I actually didn't know this would work USB to ethernet dude all right going down uh optional case okay no where does it where does it explain the firmware the fan the data incoming charts does this talking about him does this talk about him being on brains hobbyist minor you lied hobby spider it doesn't even talk about firmware in this in this manual terrible I'm already at the bottom no there's no there's no brains OS talk or anything on this manual all right all right uh scotch turn the damn thing back on and check for immersion cooling option Scott Sheffield all right sure what does that do though Scott Sheffield is that supposed to not then uh disable the fans it lets you run it without the fans okay that will dis disable the fan check okay well I wish a certain somebody told me that earlier AKA hobbyist minor instead of promoting brains for me just kidding I'm just kidding disables the fan monitor okay I see I see I I got I'm playing dumb here I knew that right when I read that but I'm just I'm just playing dumb here all right okay let's let's check it out let's check it out oh let me plug in the ethernet Oh cannot be reached all right hold on it's coming up there we go all right immersion hash rate unchange lower voltage nope there's no there's no immersion setting here no no no NOP nothing nothing hash rate three terahash 0.5 terahash no there's no immersion uh setting here low power enhance mode that's what we're on already minor status system administration monitor kernel log upgrade all right check different tab I did Boris nothing I don't see [Music] it okay all right we're gonna all right I guess we're going to have to firmware update that update this then now which one should I do brains or hios if you don't have the option you need the firmware that that has it or fan simulator dongles ah which I do not have then I think you're stuck changing firmware all right let's change firmware which one is it free is brains free I used Hive in my L3 works for me use brains does Hive even support s9s download all right let's let's do hi or brains here let's do a poll let's do a poll oops all right there all right see what you guys say 50 wow 43% of you say Hive OS 57% of you say brains OS Dave's fintech Channel use Luxor I have a thermostat for S9 heater with Luxor wow really interesting [Music] S9 S9 I 2.5% Dev fee holy crap that's horrible 2% o oh we found out that bit M's firmware has no firmware uh no so you know I wonder if anyone's B like factored in or baked in the 2% or 2.5% of their s19 are they getting 2.5% efficiency better if they compared it against the you know the the efficiency that they're getting versus like the stock bit main for I wonder if anyone's everever C you know I'm going to calculate that later is it actually better to have a firmware that gets you like 0.1 better efficiency but takes 2.5% of your earnings I don't know man I don't know that sounds that sounds that sounds fishy to me that sounds very fishy to me I wonder if that's a thing oh my God that's oh my god well we'll figure that out next time might Max voltage I wonder equals video next week or so yeah yeah there you go wow 59% of you want me to do HS what you guys don't want me to do brains hion Asic hub is S9 supported yes S9 is [Music] supported Jason roie I believe the defe is zero if you use their pool okay John Carpenter brains is trash I've never used it and to be honest I've never really used hios either so chump change use hios be different pen pen all right man all right well 61% of you said iOS so let's let's do it let's try it all right so how do I install this I got to I got to use their I got to use their uh oh Asic Asic okay do I do I download the firmware by itself or do I use the Asic hub download installer all right sure let's do the installer save okay let me go to my downloads folder exract Asic Hub am I going to get a virus completed the Asic Hub Setup Wizard I got a virus now please enter a farm hash of the farm in which Asic Hub will be registered ah um Stephen wait should I give Stephen do I need your asub or I need mine you want to see it or I guess I'll see it I guess I'll see it hold on hold on let me log in where do I uh okay I'm in my hios um Asic Farm RPM as Farm look at my L3 plus oh I did do hion like 327 days ago okay so I need my farm hash uh can I show that publicly or no do not show your farm hash all right let me all right let me do that off screen then all right let me let me do that off screen screw you guys hacking bastards I knew you guys would I knew it see only only chump change look looks out for me see only only Chum change looks out for me oh the rest of you the rest of you just terrible just terrible all right I think that's it I just added it in now we're in this uh we're going to go back here devices no devices to monitor add device um okay so what's the IP of this thing 10249 oh uh I need to take out the HTTP right yeah Okay add add custom login and password I don't know it's it should be just root root it should do it automatically right I'm sure ASA cup is smart is it smart we'll see in a second next at minor S9 yeah perfect okay uh now what enter Farm hash for selected Asic I got to enter that again yeah hold on okay I entered my farm hash I hit next now what now what do I do oh yeah here we go flight sheet I don't have any flight sheet tuning stats all right I got to make a flight sheet don't I so is it going to Firmware update this is this going to firm is this going to Firmware update uh hope the farm is doing well SE New England what's up bro RPM's cough has never left the chat John Carpenter God damn it for of these can have advice that's why I went to hion okay techman hope you have a great weekend New England you too bro [Music] um all right so I'm going to just see here why this is uh it's not showing up it's not showing online it's booted 8 minutes ago oh there we go oh oh there oh this looks better holy [ __ ] 9.4 terahash oh there you go it says pool settings are configured in the Asic web interface so I can do this within I can do okay it's showing up now there you go 9.3 teros oh that's nice well that was easy okay uh right Stephen give me your Stephen I need your Bitcoin address BTC Stephen I need it again oh wait no sorry I have it I have it I have it all right all right Stephen there we go uh flight cheat now coin ticker BTC red Steven Farm wallet uh does hion have a solo mining pool though mining pool stats does does hivon have a solo mining pool I I don't am I blind I I don't see Hive Hive on doesn't show their Bitcoin pull here there's no Bitcoin pull on mining pool stats Max God damn it um Panda use CG minor okay but which pool okay I'm just going to do SE CK pool uh CK pull doesn't even show up on this list oh my God I'm already I'm already hating I'm already hating this firmware I'm already hating it where is CK pool all right configure and minor all right now which minor do I use CG minor uh see Chum change is already ahead CG show all as86 minor all right I'm just going to put that all right okay worker worker name pool URL all right I need to go to uh we need to go to ckp pool.or CK copy this go into here password X sure all right fall back now fall back config 2 no don't need it don't need it apply changes solo mining create flight sheet all right okay now let's go back to the worker let's go back to the ant Miner let's let's select this FL she let's see if it works see now if I go back to the Asic will it be updated with Asic hub no I don't think this is updated with asub no it's not okay oh there we go connect connect error post 10.1 uh contexts deadline exceeded client timeout exceeded waiting for headers rest in peace Scott Sheffield I think you should flash the firware but I have never done it this way so maybe I'm just going to wait I'm going to wait for this to turn back on again I wonder if it's just because it turned off it says it's an error [Music] um warning everyone typical RPM Dom G how dare you domg you are banned you are now banned you are now banned from everywhere ah a hog doesn't update the firmware you need to update the firmware with a card or download depending on your board techman oh okay no wonder so you're you're talking about you're talking about this you're talking about this firmware S9 here service temporarily unavailable all right so apparently that cannot be downloaded I cannot download this from hion all right so far we're having a bad experience so far we are H we are having a very bad experience with hi all right it did change the it did change the worker name and everything here so that's good to know but is it mining uh it's mining at 1,400 Watts now that is way too much it's it's mining at stock and the breaker just popped the breaker popped the breaker just jumped my 12 volt circuit the breaker just just went out ah there you go there you go all right how do you okay how do you tune this thing all right before we turn this back on where where do you tune this tuning Asic minor where where's where's the part where I can change the frequencies where is that all right in the flight sheet work or config all right uh let's go back uh flight sheet edit work or config ah you're talking about here okay okay okay bit main frequency 550 okay so all right so this is where it becomes more this is this is where it becomes more fine-tune I don't even know I don't even know what numbers to put in here refer to generated config available for minor config values oh boy oh boy fan control okay bit main fan control this one we need to do false right I'm assuming it's going to retune every time you change overclock that's why I switch okay all right this is going to be all right this is this is already a lot more involved this is this is really involved now okay hold on I'm going to turn on the breaker hold on hold on [Music] [Music] rest [Music]

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