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what is up ladies and gentlemen uh I don't know if you can tell but I did not get a good night's sleep I did not have a video come out yesterday I'm getting over a little bit of a a cold ran a little small fever but I'm feeling better now got the old day cool flowing through my veins but um anyway I'm back in the shop today have some people coming in I finally I broke my fever this morning so um I feel tremendously better but um I had some people express some interest in buying some of these small form factor PCS with a uh like a small amount of upgrades um so I was like okay well let's look into it and one of them you know he wants to run fortnite and he wants a little bit more RAM because the system that's in front of me right here has an i5 I think it's a 6500 we'll boot it up here in a second and has 8 gigs of RAM well I have plenty of DDR3 and stock cuz this is a DDR3 board so I was like well I'll throw another 8 gigs in there that'll give you 16 gigs Plus plenty for fortnite and then we'll go with um some kind of small form factor card that I can slot in here and then you can just use this case it'll save you having to buy an aftermarket case and me recasing it and it'll save you having to buy an aftermarket power supply especially if we get a low power small form factor card that doesn't need any additional power other than just from the slot cuz these power supplies don't have any external like pcie plugs no no six pins nothing like that um so I'm jumping on eBay here and I'm going to look around and see what's available in that low profile small form factor GPU space cuz that's a that's a whole new space for me 90% of all my graphics cards are all full size so yeah but basically let's let's hook this customer up let's get him a good deal all right so I've been doing some scouring on the internet and it looks like a good budget option is the rx550 4 gigabyte model um they fit in cuz they're only one slot they're low profile um because you can step up if you have more money and go to like a two slot low profile but that obviously will not work with this power supply um so I'm going to go ahead and order one of those for him I don't know if that's going to do the trick for most people but for a very budget oriented setup I I think that'll I think that'll solve it for him so let's uh let's grab a stick of RAM while I'm thinking about it some some DDR3 see like here's a dual slot low profile A2000 that bad boy will not fit in there think all up here is my uh DDR3 two gig two gig two gig we got lots of two giggers there's another one 2 gig two gig G and oh my 2 gig for days there's an 8 gig 8 gigs or no that's 2 * 4 so it's two four gig sticks let's see what we have in here let's plop it out all righty so we have so that's 16 gigs right there plop that in the system with an RX 550 let me do some number crunching and um yeah I'm going to go ahead and order that 550 I'm going to order a um a solid state for this I think I think I'll go with like a 500 gig I think a 500 gig would do well um and then try to see what these will these will price out for and I may end up listing uh obviously this one he wants to buy it um he's we're trying to hit a specific number I don't know if we're going to hit that yet or not um but we'll we'll see if that number ends up working and then I may throw a few of them up on the online store and so when the online store launches since I have some of these in stock I could just build them out or maybe just build them out and have them ready to go I'm not sure it's one of those things I just don't know how an office small form factor PC is going to sell so bear with me all right so I took the other one and went ahead and put it on the Shelf um I rode on the little sticker that was on it 16 gigs of RAM and the processor so I wouldn't forget it and now I grab to this one this is not an elite desk this is a different model um let me see if I can't get it into oh I missed bios but this one does not have a standard ATX motherboard this one's got a proprietary motherboard um but it's actually got a little bit more room for a graphics card I don't know if we could fit a a a twoos slot graphics card in there but this one may actually be a better option depending on what CPU is in there so let me get it booted up to bios and um go from there I don't know how many of these I have so I'll go check all right so this one has an i5 3470 this is one of the DDR3 systems that's what I thought I had earlier so um I'm going to go ahead and make a mark on this so I know what it is put the side panel back on and then kind of just keep going through them so let's let's do all right so this one's got a slightly different configuration this one could fit a much wider graphics card it's still got to be low profile but yeah the PCI Express 16 slot is up here that's really nice um this one is an i5 4570 it's got 8 gigs and this is DDR3 and it's 1600 MHz so just I'm going to keep going through these and make a note of uh how they're laid out but yeah that one's it's got room it's got room and I guess once I get that 550 in I can see how an older system on like an i5 4570 even handles um if it's still usable um from my experience I've used a lot of these in the past and they do really well uh especially for like budget systems you know sub $200 systems Allin um they they handle they handle uh modern Computing much better than what people would would uh would guess but let's see uh let's see what we got let's keep on rolling all righty so this one actually has two fulls sizee 16 slots obviously the one up here gives more room for a graphics card and this one has ddr4 and it's a I5 6600 um this one has where's the Ram at it doesn't say on here oh yeah it does it's got 16 gigs of ddr4 does it say the speed it is 2133 so um yeah I I'm going to go ahead and fast forward and go through all these systems and see what all we have so be right back all right so currently I put the DDR3 systems down there and those are all either 3570s or 4570 I5 so those are all quad cores and then the ddr4 systems are up here and two of them have 16 gigs one of them has 8 gigs uh and they're i56500 i56500 and I5 6600 all quad cores as well just little bit newer setup um got some monitors keyboards all that kind of stuff but then these are no boots um so I don't have time to mess with those today because I do have to run here in in a little bit um but I ordered in an rx550 and then also a GT I think it was a 1030 I think it was a GT 1030 so I'm going to see how an rx550 and a GT 1030 compare on both of these systems um but I'm trying to come up with a price point that makes sense for these systems um I am going to be putting either 240 or 500 gig ssds in I have both of those so that way people do have options but I'm trying to hit somewhere in the price point of like low low to mid $100 range on these um so that way you know somebody can get into gaming on on a budget um because I think I think those would I think those would do well uh in that price point and if I can if I can find the graphics card that makes sense to buy like there's a seller that's selling hold let me f a seller that's selling rx550 4 gigs which I hope that graphics card does well it seems to on YouTube but you never know until you actually have it installed in your systems and like your all your configuration goes into it so definitely going to be installing that going to be playing some fortnite might even try some other things maybe like some Esports like Apex Legends and that kind of thing um you know got got to get the the research in at the office but see how those do um and then that'll also be pretty valuable for like resale um I did want to go over something that um somebody brought up and you know I thought it was actually a pretty pretty good point they were like why don't you have like you know some some benchmarks for your PCS and it's something that I've never done it's always kind of like you know been up to whoever is buying it to to check it out but they were like you know you could run like cinn bench or some other benchmarking software uh on each PC and then like just have the score and then print it out and or put it on the label for every computer and I'm like that's that would actually be pretty cool uh so when people come in they can be like oh this this CPU or this computer scored this on this and this on that kind of like having a CPU and a GPU score um if you guys recommend any uh benchmarking Suites please drop them down below in the comments I'm from familiar with the you know like 3D Mark and C bench um I don't know what would be better to go with uh because I definitely want I don't want it to take up too much time but um I know some of those like C bench is super easy you can just throw that on there but I don't know if that really does a good job of of taking into the GPU into account I think that's just CPU I don't know if they have a GPU test or not on there I need to check it but um yeah so I think I might start incorporating that into the build um and I am sorry I know a bunch of people keep reaching out to me and asking about financing I talked about it in a previous video and um I am going to be going with the Shopify setup I'm going to have a Shopify web store I'm going have a Shopify POS system and I'm going to be do using their um I think it's shop pay or foray or something and it's basically the the shopify's in-house financing so you can apply through there and you can get financing on anything that I sell uh whether you come in store or I ship it um I'm also I did order a scale so that way I can start scaling out some stuff and I'll start putting um you know like full-fledged computers on the Shopify store so if somebody does want to pay the shipping then so be it um and it's pretty nice I can get all my measurements in get the weight in and then they can see how much it's going to cost them uh because I don't want to do like flat rate shipping because the computers they could eat me up they definitely could I don't even think you can really do flat raate on something that big um so yeah that's just going over some of the some of the big things right there I am still feeling really crummy after this little cold I had yesterday so I got to package up some stuff I sold some more CPUs uh I told my buddy that he's he's bringing by um some motherboards and stuff to sell I told him I was just like hey man just hit me up before you come cuz I don't know how long I'm going to be in the shop today I'm just not feeling not feeling great so anyway let's package some stuff up here we go all right time Jump anyway I'm back at the house and the wife was about to get rid of one of her uh well her desk she kind of used it for like at home work stuff but she said she hadn't really been using it in a while cuz she got a new laptop she's just been just chilling so she was like I just kind of want to move that and put a dresser there and I'm like awesome well it's just a nothing special little white desk I'm going to take that to the shop and um I think I'm going to set that up over there on the other side maybe potentially I know I'm running out of room in there but can't pass up the opportunity for a free desk you know

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