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[Music] n [Music] a [Music] n [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] w [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] all right good morning welcome to the live stream Bros I woke up just in time I woke up just in time for this stream nice nice and early nice and early 82 people here 19 likes smash the like button Bros Smash that like good morning you still haven't built this rig Krell how dare you how dare you patronize me how dare you I'll I'll have you know that all right I'm not going to lie I never I the rig is done okay the it's it's built like this is the 330 90s are built this was for vast. aai I I thought to myself you know I think going vast. a goes against kind of everything that revolves around my channel which is which is crypto mining so going to do vast. a essentially would be not crypto Mining and I would just be lending out my gpus so it it would it would go against my my my Mantra my you know so Iowa sorry I'm late is this the 20 GPU rig build finally [Music] Iowa you're banned so what I want to do in today's live stream real quick I want to get this on on hios okay I want to get I want to get this on hi so I know I'm using like okay I I'm curious to know if this is actually going to work with mining so I got a single 1500 watt hp server PSU with 3 390s will that will that be sufficient enough I guess we are going to see the power at the wall at the 240 volt if this is going to handle it or not so let's do some mining let's do some RTX 3090 mining today Apex Raven will mining be profitable in back in 2024 starting okay my prediction that not Financial advice I've said this many times before even in the last year I I I just think I think that we're going to have a [Music] downturn I just I just think I think we're going to go down for the first half of the year and the having comes up and then we're going to start going back up it's it's kind of similar what happened in 2019 2018 I hope it doesn't play out I hope that doesn't I hope we just keep going up um I don't know if that's going to be sustainable or not but we'll see we'll see we'll see bro we'll see Apex Raven we'll see all right so let me I need to take out the uh the the SSD that's in here I need a smaller screwdriver that LTT screwdriver I need a I need a smaller bit that goes into this here yes that fits okay so how is everyone this morning how how are you all smash the like you got a machine on flux core Alpha yet uh Nicholas pittz I was okay legit I was actually going to install flux core on this machine um I I'm just waiting I'm waiting for all the bugs I'm waiting for all the other stuff to uh uh to um how do you say it just you know work out all the issues whatever issues they have all the bugs um I'm pretty sure this thread Ripper system I got 64 gigs of RAM 330 90s it would probably do decent on that new flux core the flux proof of use will work thing um but I'm not I'm I'm not going to try it I'm not going to try it yet um so so we we'll see we'll see uh Nicholas you want x16 connections not X1 on FX core though do do you see what's happening here look look look at this what do I have here Nicholas can you explain to me what what these are Nicholas pits what is this what do you see I I I'm not going to move this camera until you explain to me what you see on this on the on the on the screen right now are these X1 or x16 what's this what's neckolas pits what's [Music] this oh x16 risers I'm using four of those on my 7910 I knew you didn't see that I knew you didn't see that all right yeah that's yeah this is supposed to be I was initially going to make this as a vast.

AI rig but uh no uh I want to put fans on my open frame I search for AliExpress and I hesitate between 3,000 and 6,000 RPM Delta ones uh reben BG that's going to be really loud man uh kind of igma Adventures what mobo um this is a uh [Music] ASRock uh x 99 uh get H man hold on uh uh I'm trying to find it what motherboard is this again um I don't know but the all three of these this is a thread Ripper processor all three slots are x16 even if utilizing all three so it's fullon fullon x16 for all three 309s um travels travels this music all right travels travels you want different music what what music you want I'll change it just for you smash the like Bros 150 viewers 48 likes so I just I'm just going to put this on hios and we're going to get it Mining and I just want to see what power consumption we get on this thing so let's let me take out the hard drive which is the NVM this is a one tbyte nvme I was actually supposed to you know this is supposed to be used for something something else did I just drop the screw oh here it is okay so now um what do I need now I need a nvme reader now that that is a big issue um let me see here no is this NVM or can I can I put this in here no no doesn't fit doesn't [Music] fit all right all right I'm dropping everything ah here we go will this work no it doesn't work work no no all right I'm going to have to use one of [Music] these all right I got one of my parallel minor $3 uh SSD nvme ssds all right and then I'm going to use this this cable this adapter that goes like this so I can burn Hi O on this thing USB all right whoa Kryptonian thank you for the $2 GP risers 468 capacitor does it matter um I I haven't had issues with GP risers 46 or eight capacitor I think a capacitor just gives you I don't know apparently more reliability I I guess that's I don't know the technical aspect of it why there why more capacitors is better I don't more throughput More Voltage uh there's there's some the reason is something like that I I don't know exactly okay all right okay all right so let me open up uh what's the software called again balina etcher Flash from file iOS select Target there it is Select oh I guess I can show you guys all this uh estate light on 32 gig 32 gig 32 gig yeah select Flash oh that's loud all right it's flashing okay let that go um you guys are all asking questions I love it um let's see here smash the like takes you one second that's an m.2 setup babish 42 yes m.2 SATA sorry not nvme Smooths out power cleaner voltage signal when higher and varying loads yeah there you go s sometimes explained it perfectly typically more capacitors means better more stable voltage control there you go Kryptonian thanks thank you what do you suggest which coin should we mine God I don't know man I'm I'm just I'm mining random stuff I I don't know about you guys I'm just I'm just Mining and holding everything thing I I I I've got a lot of coins I I can't I don't know what one's going to go up in the future but I think right now right now is the time to accumulate and hold that's kind of like the title of today's live stream you know it's it's it's you know understanding that we've seen just over the past year if you were Mining and holding up until now you've made massive gains and it could be on anything it's not just GPU mining actually more so we've seen a lot of um other various things that we actually talked about yesterday about helium mobile we had oval Bo Tech show he made 70 grand he mined and held all of his helium mobile for the past year and that turned into 70 grand so I'm just like holy crap you know helium Hive mapper I don't like Hive mapper over the past last eight months since it came out has gone up parabolic as well Hive mapper is very profitable to be mining I guess with driving sorry um I mean octop space alium I haven't seen I haven't seen Chia go up yet but I think once Bitcoin goes up I mean chia's probably going to go up as well Ergo haven't seen really go up yet kadana hasn't really breaken out actually I think kadena has breaken out has Cadena breaken out yes CAD has kind kind of break broke out kind of um cortex not really conflux had a really big breakout earlier this year because of Telecom news um meow coin I think is a prominent kapow GP minable coin I think will probably do well in the Bull Run not Financial advice um narai is already out of was already very prominent already pigeoncoin pigeon coin the best GPU minable coin in the world this coin will definitely do well ravencoin CL I'm just kidding about pigeon coin ravencoin classic now I don't I don't know about Raven coin classic uh Bitcoin of course the big dog uh Bitcoin mining is doing really well right now because of the uh uh because of the block rewards the transaction fees are quite high right now um so if you're Bitcoin mining you're getting a good extra chunk um good extra chunk that RPM coin is so hot right now veteran minor what's up bro veteran minor you better give me your usdt address I will I will call you out right now bro if you don't let me pay you I'm I'm going to destroy you seia coin seia coin hasn't breaken out yet nervos hasn't really break out yet flux has kind of broke out ethereum not really DX really broke out this year Aon no furo no a eternity not yet Litecoin not yet vertcoin not really Bitcoin gold no uh ravencoin no not yet not yet rap torium not really Chlor yes Chlor AI has really broke out this year uh beam had a little breakout earlier month or two ago Caspa definitely really broke out um radiant obviously yes has broken out a little bit neox say really nioa is really doing well I I'm going to have to say nioa has been the best if you were mining nioa throughout the past year and you huddled and accumulated this coin and you sold at the peak you you've you've probably done really well next is another prominent coin satox coin I don't know if that's prominent just recent P flash complete P blocks yeah I don't know um Bros I don't a lot of coins mining King stop it mining King you are banned oh mining King I got a package I got your package should I open it up live on stream King should I open it right now 200 people here 67 likes smash the like Bros 100 likes and I'll open mining King's package that sounds that sounds risky 100 likes and I'll open his package King thanks for the $5 can we see your hi King [Music] ah all right let me uh how do I let me eject this uh I don't know which one it is I'm just going to unplug it there we go okay King $2 up to you God damn it King all right all right I'll do it until I see 100 likes I'll unpack it I see 87 right now we need 13 more let me put this uh let me put this in here this is my drive oh wait there's no way for me to screw this in oh there's no hole ah it's got to go I think it's got to go to this one [Music] hold on oh this one has no ah this one has no whole thing either ah do I have to unscrew this how do I unscrew this oh man can I just run it like [Music] this I wonder if that'll just I don't have this I don't have the standoff no that that does that doesn't work that that doesn't work all right let's see what you guys are saying uh take my life 200 likes or bust fam yo RPM in chat not James what's up duct tape it of course it will run fine no BS yeah I'll just keep it like that it's just going to hang there that's fine all right let me plug this in hold on before no okay wait let me open up mining King's package hold on hold on I got to take this off I got to take this off I got to take this down all [Music] right all right mining King what did you send me I'm let me take off all the doxing uh why does this smell like Poison Something Smells King it smells like poison are you poisoning me ah no wonder I'm sick all these packages I've been opening up probably has like co co and China Air there's so many there's so many labels on this box all right all right okay mining King sent me this I don't know what this is King it it mining King what is [Music] this what there's another package in here with a label on it I don't think I want to open that what's [Music] this I'm very afraid I'm very afraid to open [Music] this mining King greater good mining what's up bro what mining King what did you send me oh oh what's this mining King what's this it's got your logo on it this is sick what is this dude nice very nice King what are these for Riser holders oh nice do I have a do I have a sample Riser hold on let me get one I I want to try it how how's it going like this foam one suck for the bottom of your risers oh oh I see I see I see I see I see that's pretty sick can I I screw it in somehow slide from one end oh you can slide it in oh this Riser might be too big this Riser might be this Riser might be too big no Panda slide from one end uh I got the I these risers are a little bit bigger than standard ah take off the foam [Music] okay mining King thank you by the way what a what a thoughtful what a thoughtful gift you still have something else in there I haven't I haven't taken it out because it's got a it's got a it's got a address on it [Music] um ah this Riser is a little bit too big just uh you know what hold [Music] on [Music] [Music] that [Music] they are specific to GPR 12 cap 10 cap 8 cap I think oh okay okay ah yeah I have a GP risers uh GP risers one right here let me try let me try let me try uh I I see I see yeah you got you got different sizes here I see I see ah this one fits yeah nice look at that that's pretty cool or no hold on yeah some of them yeah this one fits yeah this one slides in yeah like this king is it supposed to look like that like this chapeto Delta welcome welcome you know I'm going to open up I'm going to open up King's other part here King thank you wait you sent me more oh you sent me more oh my god oh my god king oh my God D okay these ones are way bigger okay oh yeah oh yeah okay here uh let me try this uh yeah this one's this one's way way bigger yeah we got different sizes here I like it I like it this one fits just perfect mining King thank you mining King thank you for these bro that's [Music] awesome this one fits right in like that mining King that npce you break off inside oh inside oh I see oh I see I see ah then it slides in and stays in there yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I see I see I see okay ah yeah now that now that slides in yeah okay that looks better all right why King why did you tell me that earlier they are specific fits for GPR uh they broke when shipped so I gave it left more rigidity I see I see awesome bro I love it I love it this is this is nice it's good on like it's good on uh mining frames that's sick sick all right King what else did you send me ah bro all right you have a UPS address on here I'm just going to take this off all right all right what's this okay what the hell is this King what it K King there's not it's just a box nothing I like it I'm troll I'm being trolled thank you King thank you for the Box filler that's empty oh okay ah King thank you bro is that it is that it no there's something else in here oh god oh no oh no what did you send me oh God it's a GPU oh my God oh my God oh holy crap oh that is awesome what is this this is a six my this my eyes is too small 6600 XT yeah look at that look at that oh this is so nice King it it's signed signed by the mining King and it says thanks Panda and you got the sticker on here as well that's uh you know what I'm not even going to mine with this it's going to stay I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna Mount this to the wall I'm Gonna Save this GPU for the next 10 years and then when you're a 100 million subscriber YouTuber this is going to be worth like a million the GPU is clean it's a pulse 6600 XT dude dude King dude what the hell man king you why did you send me a Jeep dude oh my God you sent me all this stuff bro you all right man this is just you're insane man king you said uh is there that's it right that's it for the Box yeah that's it okay King thank you man jeez King seriously seriously man why did you send me this oh my God this is too much ah this is nice though this is nice I'm going to cherish this I'm going to cherish that forever as well as these Riser holders I need to build an open air rig now with all these H here's the GPU risers one risers yeah all right King thanks for the frame ah King the frame is not even worth the amount of a 6600 XT God damn it God damn it King can you send me stuff as well 3 mil in Sweden T 3 mil uh uh should have sent a dead GPU now one less GPU on the network they are specific cap size for each I see I see all right mining King thank you again bro thank you again dude that is amazing I'm I'm in shock man this is ah crazy can I mine with a stick if I mine with this with this sticker and the signatures will it melt off I don't I don't I don't want it I don't want it to melt off H if I mine with it Ah that's great king thank you man this is awesome such a thoughtful such a thoughtful gift everyone please go subscribe to the mining King mining King you can link your someone someone link King's channel in the chat sub bomb come on ni of sub bomb this is this is nice man 6600 XT dude if I I could put this on my on my other Tower my tower rigs your autograph 3070 TI is in Kansas mining ah three M it will melt make it super sticky yeah I mine with yours and Max's autographs nice nice uh that's awesome that's awesome all right sick sick mining King thanks again man I'm going to put this in a safe place actually I'm going to put the GPU right here because I want to I want to keep looking at it okay all right back to the 3090 break that I was going to get mining here the the the 3090 3x 3090 uh let me bring it up on the [Music] table okay all right okay let's see if this thing boots let's see if it goes into [Music] hios hold on I need to put the network cable [Music] in okay now I need to put the power in uh I need a long C13 c14 power cable let me just get [Music] that King can't believe you sent me a freak why did you send me a GPU King God damn it God damn it King mining King what happened to the 3x 3090 vast AI rig well I'm converting it into I'm I'm converting it into mining now King this is we are now going to be mining with this rig instead no no more vast no more vast.

aai we're going to go we're going to go mining I just I'm just curious to know if this is going to work or not all right plugged in here we go we're going to turn it on three two one hopefully no smoke we are using the beautiful veteran Miner cables the veteran Bros if you need these cables there we go turning on 3 2 1 yeah yeah that's nice oh the motherboard's not on uh is there a power button for this is there a power button for this motherboard shoot yes there is no there we [Music] go all right in all of its Glory let's see this thing let's see this thing mine oh you guys need to see the power consumption um okay right there here can you see it from here it's not it's it's not it's not going to focus on that is it okay Nick Riley good good morning bro how are you stop hogging all the nvmes do you have any mixed gpus uh GPU rigs um epic lunchbox yes I do I do uh I got a 20 series mixed rig um somewhere I think it's this one yeah 2080 2080 TI all all I mean all different 20 series uh gpus um yes totally you need to put this on thing on fux core I doubt anyone else has 3390 is on x16 on there yet oh really uh okay uh I I heard it's complicated to install so I I don't know if I want to go there yet um whoa sh do mo more thank you for the 40 uh I don't know what that ISS well mining sustain from now on what do you think well in terms of profitability it didn't sustain itself in the bare Market but if you were able to pay your electrical bill out of pocket and sustain yourself that way you've probably made out you've made out 10x I'm guessing overall depending which coin you've been mining and holding a lot of coins like C AI has gone up like what 4,000% a bunch of other GPU minable coins have gone up in the hundreds of percent so the amount that you paying for breaking even on your gpus is now worth a couple hundred to a th000 plus% more on on your on your Holdings so that's that's the strategy there that's the crypto mining strategy right there okay I just realized I'm so stupid I didn't make a i didn't put the rig config on the uh on the hard on the on the SSD [ __ ] I need to add a worker connect existing um rig ID okay that's good okay that's good Farm hash that's good rig name um 3x 390 update worker all right now I need to down okay I need to take out the hard drive and uh a crap I need to turn it off [Music] okay let me turn this [Music] off okay it's off okay I need to I need to I need to put the hard drive back in all right I need need to download the rig config I'm just going to do that real quick real quick Hive okay it's all the drive I need to save the rig config into the drive save okay done all right taking it back [Music] out okay putting it back in I'm glad I don't have to use any screws okay turn it back on and on there we go all right octopus on fire uh Magnus grindle right money I just got an offer to buy a gigabyte 5600 XT for $90 I'm currently buying GPS but haven't bought many amds would you personally have taken that offer uh 5600 XT for $90 uh a 5600 XT I mean that's okay uh it's it's it's nothing too crazy but you're not going to make you're not going to make a l i mean it's it's a low power GPU um get get that thing mining on kapow some sort of kapow coin uh uh Nicholas Pitts you won't have problem installing flux core on Windows server or Linux it's antivirus on Windows 10 that's causing an issue ah I have Windows Server does it I have Windows Server 2019 will that work I dude I love Windows Server Windows server is glorious oh yeah look at that look at that 33090 yes all right let's upgrade let's update to the latest ryzen thread Ripper 1900x 8 core processor this is a x399 phantom gaming ASRock uh motherboard you know what let's go let's Google this because uh some of you guys were questioning red panda are those actually x16 slots and will it run at x16 3way you know what I I believe it will specification so uh it says here 3x pcie 3.0 x16 slots uh single at x16 dual at x16 triple at x16 pcie x16 pcie 2 pcie 3 x16 so it can do x16 PC Lane on all three at [Music] triple so I mean it supports quad SLI three-way SLI so I'm assuming it yeah it should do it should do x16 uh just fine yeah I can you know what I can install uh Windows Server I got Windows Server ISO I can put it on this [Music] rig uh is is Windows Server supported for flux uh proof of use for work did they did they say Windows Server would work all right all right this thing at stock is taking 97 Watts 97 Watts at the wall just by just by sitting idle this whole thing [Music] 88 90 Watts okay what should we mine they didn't but it's Windows it works okay interesting Nicholas pits okay all right um all right what should we mine with this what do you guys want to see herein radiant can I do radiant let's do radiant pitchon coin obviously no no pitching coin okay all right let's see uh how much power this thing [Music] uses let's see when it starts ramping up we're at 97 98 Watts 115 it's [Music] fluctuating 160 200 400 480 Watts now let me refresh hios refresh 148 watts per GPU does that sound about right one 490 Watts it's going higher why not chlori I I don't think I want to mine kapow on this rig I I I don't want to mine kapow 309s it's it's it's going to melt it's going to melt hard M cortex okay Nathan water how much setup time do you have prior to starting a stream like this to get your Transitions and camera set up uh less than 10 seconds Nathan water I already have my camera set up I got my computer with streamlabs set up when I get down here it takes me like a minute or two to to you know make the stream and that's it yeah so we're taking 485 Watts here's the hios 1.24 for gigahash 147 14 so if we're taking 485 watts how I'm curious is this profitable mining radiant at my 11 Cent kilowatt hour uh where's rad where's Radiance okay so we're at how much goh are we at 3732 I put that in and then 485 Watts at the wall calculate all right uh zero I'm making one radiant a day is this wrong this is wrong oh it's in megahash oh not gigahash okay 373 Zer there Jesus Christ there you go all right I will make 89 cents after today uh profit but I will mine 1,073 Radiance that's a lot of Radiance so here's my here's my here's the thought process okay just as as an example this goes along with all other coins proof of work coins excuse me excuse me all right 1,73 1,073 is $212 worth of the radiant so what if what if radiant went to let's just say radiant went to back to its previous all-time high what was previous alltime High uh 0.09 okay so what if I times that by 1,073 this is what I'm mining this is what I'm mining a day so in theory if radiant did go back up to its alltime high it would be worth $9.85 it would be like I am mining at $9.85 a day right now with these 33090 $9 and 85 cents a day but what if radiant went even higher right what if what if radiant went to like 5 cents let's just do z05 times z 10073 i if radiant went to 5 cents that could be worth you know that could be me mining at $53 a day you know that's this kind of how I think about it times 30 days in a month that would be it'd be like this whole 3090 rate could mine you know $1,600 worth if radiant went to 5 cents uh in the Bull Run that's just that's just uh you know spec play you know who knows radiant is top uh 951 market cap right now rank market cap is 40 uh no market cap is 17 only $17 million that is really nothing so it could in theory if you know radiant could go to 100 million market cap potentially so what would that be what would that be so we times this but that would be uh what 6X uh one two three 100 million market cap would be like a like a 5x so times 5 okay that'd be about less than a penny I'm being realistic less than a penny so then that would be worth about that I'm mining like $10 a day anyway that's the play that's the play who knows who knows what price it could go who who knows nobody knows root puts exactly oh my God Leonardo Maidana thank you for the 20,000 cop red a question 16 TX 390 on host service 10% commission electrical cost 7 cents USD value 9,000 us is that a good price as an investment I can't mine at home that's why I need to host oh that's a lot 9,000 16 uh 9,000 ided by 16 that's $562 per 30 90 um uh uh if you can't mine at home and you you can't control it I mean that's really one of the hard things about depending on the hostings provider um do you have control of it like do you have hios access to it honestly nine grand man you could probably buy you know what I recently we bought nine like uh $1400 worth of a lot of coins and they've gone up a lot in the past two months I don't know maybe buying the coin would be better but I don't think you won't achieve you know your break e breaking even for a long time like I like I'm gonna I'm gonna say Max earliest is two years you could break even but more realistic it could be three years until you see that $9,000 back over time in my opinion you're not going to see the money back after like three years you you really got to spec play you you you really got to you really got to mine a bunch of coins and spec play if if you want to get if you want to get that money back um yes I can control the mining they the mining they do okay okay yeah I mean I mean we we've seen over the past year if you spec mine a lot of these if you spec mine a few of these coins uh they've gone up you know hundreds of percent and I can show you here uh customize let's get rid of this let's get rid of all this let's go year to date 90day 60 day all right so you know it this is this is only already in the past so hindsight it's already in hindsight 2020 already but like if you mining DX or Caspa or you know a lithium a conlux Zeno helium Varys uh these are not GP minable vars CPU minable nexx is GP minable but if you're mining these over the past year you know these coins have gone up thousands upon hundreds of percent so you really got to believe like if you're okay with you know losing that money for the next three years and you're able to uh spec mine then go for it um s cents USD is a good is is profitable 7 cents USD is profitable that's that that is I mean not a lot uh I think the play there is to is to really hold M uh spec and hold spec mine and hold uh for the long term um would I personally buy a 16390 rig for 9 Grand at a hosting Place personally in my situation no I wouldn't I would I would try to I would try to mine that uh for myself Johnny 5384 thank you for the $5 hey benett if you could buy one model GPU for mining over the next two to three years what would it be also same question for BTC Asic Miner thank you um GPU uh I personally as of right now if you could buy in bulk in Mass it for me it would be the 3070 it I I I if you can buy these for cheap in bulk it would be the 307s I think the 307s will do well for the next three five years yeah for sure um now you said same question for BTC Asic minor oh that's this is an easy oh this actually no that's not an easy question H really depends how much you can get it how much you how much uh your electrical rate is U because efficiency is everything um I okay so a man all the Asic prices are up now though s19 K Pro is really good um the watt per hash can the efficiency of it can can be achieved pretty good um obviously the bit main or the M60 s's are honestly really good but they're six grand five grand okay my top three I can't say like Bitcoin having is also coming up so the s9k pro depending on the network hash rate the difficulty of Bitcoin the price of the coin after the having it it could render these s9k pros at least breaking even depending on your electrical costs electrical cost is the biggest Factor um but if you want to stay relevant you're going to want to go the most more efficient Asic minor so that's going to be pretty much all this you see in the above 20 watt per hash 20 Jewels per hash or lower 20 Jewels per terahash or lower so you're looking at like you're looking at what's minor M60 s's you're looking at the bit main S21 but then you're spending over 4 grand 5 grand for for these uh Bitcoin as6 so I I I we don't know what's going to happen after the next uh the the Bitcoin having is in like four months so you got to you got to really you got to really stomach this uh you got to really risk it um you you you you got to ultimately believe that Bitcoin is going to go up if you're going to be buying Bitcoin A6 you're going to be mining Bitcoin and you you you honestly have to you just have to believe long term that crypto uh Bitcoin is going to go up that's it if you don't believe Bitcoin Bitcoin is going to go up um then I then I wouldn't get into Bitcoin mining that's that's that's really it uh that's really what it all comes down to in my opinion is rabid streaming now okay let's let's go I'm done all right I I should I should rest Bros my voice is about to is rabid mining streaming rabid mining yeah he's streaming all right guys Bros gals bros we're all going to go there uh Miguel I send my BTC minor to my country we have free electricity in my house there wow that's amazing guys I'm making a big mistake by buying 57 XTS for $100 I have already I already have 35 and I'm thinking about buying 15 more mer bot dude the 5700 XTS are are God man Guard Cards they're a bit of a pain to set up um depending how reliable they are some of them you know it's it's yeah all right Aussie J thanks for thanks bro smash the like on the way out um can I Bri your broken HS light power mines no it's not broken I'm gonna fix it I just stopped mining for the first time six years four days while I was busy moving oh clucker GG hope the move went well bro I was looking at the s9k pro for 2500 uh uh that would be the that would be the one to go for that would be the one to go for I I'm going to do a live stream of another uh I have a s9k with the luxos firmware so we're going to do some more testing uh we're going to do some more um bios uh firmware testing all right peace out Bros let's let's let's go to rabid mining make sure sure you guys uh uh let's make sure you guys do a raid I'm going to get the stream here all right peace out Bros peace out thanks for the stream thanks for the fun time and uh wow we got the 390 rig mining 48 still 485 almost 500 watts mining radiant pretty good looks like this fan is going to fall off you see that shaking fan that's not good that's that's really not good oh God there's another shaking fan right here there's another shaking fan at the top oh man all these Asus fans are horrible God God damn it uh greater good mining always a great stream later feel better P great a good mining thanks bro it's good to see you man I haven't talked with you for a while hope you're doing well we'll talk in h Discord F I'm so late automatic beats see you bro see you see you guys see you see you in see you in Rabbid stream peace out peace out [Music] [Applause] [Music] n [Music] n [Music] [Music] n [Music] no [Music] oh

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