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[Music] he hey guys red P running here hope you all doing well having a really great day this video I have received three boxes of all graphics cards I spent $5,000 us on all these gpus and I want to go through in this video I'm going to unbox all of them I'm going to do that really quick for you all don't want to waste your guys' time and as well explain why okay why I bought all these gpus and so I'm going to explain all that and so thank you to Mr Hawk crypto mining for giving me the opportunity for letting me buy these gpus off of him so Hawk Crypt mining thanks so much man guys go subscribe to him he's a fellow Crypt mining YouTuber awesome guy love him so much all right so before we unbox these gpus I have a giveaway I want to announce just in this video in the next 24 hours after this video is uploaded I'm going to choose a winner random common picker okay you just have to Simply comment down below uh just if you're in USA or Canada as well as uh just a positive comment about anything regarding this video that we talk about I'm going to give away three rx580 four gigabyte cards okay three of these and as well I'm going to pitch in a three risers actually Four in case one is uh bad okay I'll have four risers and three rx5 8 4 gab cards okay these are the MSI armor edition cards so for a lucky winner just comment Down Below guys comment down below USA Canada positive comment and I choose the winner after 24 hours you'll get these gpus and risers as well so good luck good luck oh also you're going to be getting mining chamber merch okay I will give you a set of his shirt his mining Hub shirt here as well as uh some sweatpant mining chamber sweatpant mining rig adds and another shirt and a sweater I believe he's that he's got a lot of different merch here I'll just give one of each and we'll communicate I will respond to your comment in the YouTube comments if you have one I'll pin your comment and then we will get in contact and uh do all that stuff and get that all shipped out to you so good luck guys all right guys let's get into the bulk of this video so I bought a lot of gpus here $55,000 worth let's just quickly look inside I already just want to check how it looked inside but I'll show you guys and okay those are curious are probably wondering red panda which gpus did you buy which gpus did you buy well let me go ahead and just unbox them all for you on the ground here that's really all the space I have I just I got crap everywhere which I really need to uh start cleaning up and actually start running a lot of gpus and octo miners I need to start filling them up so I'll explain that later all right you guys will see all this unpacked right now all right guys uh took me a good I would say hour to unpack all these gpus Hawk if you're watching this bro thank you so much yet again uh the packaging was amazing amazing we did have two cards that have bent the io plate was bent like this and and another one here that's obviously due to shipping okay but I'm positive they work we'll test that out in other videos I'm going to have millions of videos setting up all of these gpus guys uh well actually not all of them so let me explain here I have a lot of 5700 XTS and a lot of 580s these are all AMD gpus granded there's actually 1 370 here uh Hawk said uh a couple of the of These Guys these powercolor ax 50 700 XTS died so uh he gave me a 370 instead so uh Hawk thanks for that man thanks for the replacement so you know what I'm just going to move this to my Nvidia section over here few 307s there okay so I have what I really wanted to buy all these for were because of the powercolor Red Devil 5700 XTS okay these are such beautiful cars Hawk these are in such clean condition man the person you bought these from okay just a little backstory Hawk crypto mining got on I think it was Offa a gentleman was liquidating over I think 200 gpus and he got them for such a good deal and then Hawk was able to sell a lot of the cards to the community he has a video go check it out I'll have it linked down below but I have another 8 K powercor Red Devils over here and then I have a bunch of RX 580s 32 to be exact 32 RX 580s uh 8 GB cards these are feel like they're pretty much brand new there's not a speck of dust on these cards at all uh but yeah powercolor 580 uh 8 GB cards RX or ax series I I'm not very familiar uh with that model but they seem to be pretty good they have the back plate and stuff uh looks you know pretty I guess stock style rx580 but these cards should be bulletproof then I have six Nitros 5700 XTS these are the sapphire Nitro cards these are extremely extremely beautiful cards I'm going to be making a uh like a open air rig with these because uh these things light up like Christmas trees so that will be for another video then I got more 5700 XTS here there's 13 these are powercolor ax 5700 XTS I am not familiar uh with that uh model as well but looks like it has a copper heat sink that's pretty cool and yeah these are are ax RX 580s as well okay Power color as well actually everything is power color except for these soft bar Nitros and that 3070 Asus top so there you guys go all right I paid 5 grand for all of these and so if you go on eBay right now you can see recently sold it's the middle of October as of recording this video rx580s go between 50 to $80 that I've seen recently sold on eBay so I got these for an average cost of I think it was like $30 or $25 or something and then on the 5700 XTS I got a range of prices here uh but if you guys go on recently sold on eBay they go for about I think1 to $150 depending on the model of course so I think I got a a good deal if I were to buy all these you know one by one it I'd probably pay like8 Grand but I paid five grand uh for all these okay so with all that out of the way guys hot crypto mining again thank you so much man this is such a a great deal here for me here I think okay disclaimer this is not a video to persuade people to go out and buy AMD cards this is not a signal to buy older gpus like the 5,000 series okay these are not 6,000 series or 7,000 series which are out now and you know the 580s I you know I probably would not recommend buying those but I I'm going to explain a lot here okay I'm going to explain a lot why I I decide to buy these so the price okay I just explained you know recently sold on eBay I'd say I got a pretty good deal okay so that's that second thing I believe in the next Bull Run Okay the next uh crypto mining boom or potentially the AI narrative could be the one that will you know Boom the GPU Market potentially that gpus will probably go up in price again so kind of like what we experienced in 2018 and between 2019 where RX 580s if you guys don't remember these were selling for bottom Barrel as well like at least $35 or lower sometimes depending on where you buy I know nerd gears was selling these for such low prices back in 2019 right and so that could happen again right that could happen again so actually that's happening right now that's happening right now there's mining Farm liquidations that are happening for gpus and you can be able to buy these if you look hard enough that is so you can get great deals out there but the play here is is that if you know everything starts coming back and of course why everything is quite low and cheap right now is because I would say the FED interest rates have risen quite High nobody can pay for their mortgages you know cost of living has gone up inflation is you know obviously terrible and majority of people are living paycheck to payche and don't have Expendable income to buy anything and of course GPU mining is not profitable so that is one of the biggest reasons why we have cheap gpus nowadays okay as of now and I'm getting Deja Vu like I'm shaking because this is the same feeling I had in like 2018 bare Market 2019 2020 we've seen massive de deals for gpus back then and so now I feel like that's happening again so that is why I spent 5 grand on all these cards here is that going to happen again is there going to be another crypto boom is there going to be you know massive GPU mining profitability again thus that's going to raise the prices of these gpus I don't know I hope so that's what I'm betting on okay my conviction my belief is that we are going to come to a time where that's going to happen again it has happened in previous history is it going to happen where you know an RX 580 is going to be worth $500 in 2021 no think the 5000 series gpus are going to be the next I would say rx580 of 2021 so when the next Bull Run comes in my opinion okay just my opinion uh it's probably going to be wrong don't go out and buy these cards or these cards or anything I'm just saying it could potentially be that maybe a 5700 XT could be worth a a couple hundred in the next Bull am I going to be selling these cards in the Bull Run no I'm not a scalper I've actually never sold gpus in higher price in 2021 or 2022 you know when I don't know when 309s were 2 Grand you know when 3080s were oh no sorry 309s were like upwards to like $3,000 3080s were yeah almost 25 $22,000 at one point and so come to think of it I actually bought I would say two of these 309s which are about I think I bought for about $25 2500 on average where two of these $2,500 390s would be $5,000 equal to the amount of gpus that I have sitting here like literally I would say a year or two two years later okay it's it's from these 23090 are now the price of all these gpus like a year and a half later isn't that insane to think about so just in theory okay I'm just saying in theory if profitability comes back for GPU mining uh you best believe I'm probably going to be running all of these and you can see I have a lot of my OCTA miners you know getting ready to put gpus in I have to uh I'm actually getting ready to uh shut down my Asic miners because I'm going to be getting them hosted so I'm going to have all gpus running on this shelf coming up really soon I'm going to have a lot of videos doing that you guys see my 12 Radeon 7s I got a2000s I got more gpus down there that are off right now that I want to turn on and uh yeah just I I got stuff everywhere so yeah total of 68 gpus here including that 3070 Hawk thanks again so yeah I'm excited to get these uh going again but I mean more reasons as to why I bought these okay so there's been kind of like an I would say an uptrend in progpow coins or kapow coins that you know AMD cards such as the 5700 XTS are very strong are very good I would say on prag pal kapow not obviously not as efficient as 6,000 series cards but here is my strategy I'm going to try to make an octom Miner of eight of these beautiful power color Red Devils okay I know this lights up red so that's going to be sick that you know I'm going to see if I can tune down all the cards you know lower than what they normally do on kapow all right to just to be you know try to you know not cause too much heat and see if it's possible if I could also bios mod them to gain more efficiency somehow um similar to the 5 b8es here not that I'm going to turn these on okay I just have these for I don't know maybe giveaways for the future you know I don't know uh maybe I'll make octo miners of them later on anyways I'm thinking that there's there has been some rumors of DX being really good on 580 cards or uh Polaris cards so I'm going to try bios moding actually no probably not going to bios mod these I'm going to bios mod one of these 584 GB cards for DX and see if that's going to work or not and uh I think I saw like three or four 5 K cash on a single 580 I I don't know if that's possible but I'm going to try it and see how it goes but as well I'm just going to make a lot of rigs here for mining progpow or kapow coins and I'm going to be yielding a lot of those coins I'm not necessarily going to do it for profitability I'm doing it for Mining and uh hodling for longterm and uh hopefully there's price appreciation of the coins and then hopefully there's going to be price appreciation of the gpus so if that happens then maybe you know I can sell them hold the money and then the next cycle Begins the next bare market and then by the Next Generation maybe 6,000 series as I'm talking about this right now maybe we're going to look back at this video couple years later in the next bare market and then the 6,000 series are going to be like the next uh 580s of 2021 and then the you know 2025 2026 could be you know 5700 XTS you know it's just a psycle you know it I don't know I I don't know if this is going to play out or not just a disclaimer I'm doing this because i' I've seen it before and it's it's not I know we don't know if it's going to repeat if history is going to repeat itself or not but I'm willing to take this risk I'm willing to put that you know investment to continue on mining hling and uh see if that 5K turns into you know something else in the future a lot more right so those are basically the reasons why I bought it and as well I had to say I have an addiction to uh crypto Mining and buying gpus so that's a that's a total other thing I know you guys know about me but man I am excited about these Red Devils I've always wanted more Red Devils these are such nice cards I actually had one before that bricks but I think that was due to me bios moding it uh I'm not sure if I'm going to bios mod these I think I did say I was going to try to but we'll see we'll see we'll see down the road if I bios mod them but I'm just going to try to run these at lower power limit for you know those kapow coins and uh mine and hoddle okay my friends that's it for this video let me know what you think of of my $5,000 purchase of the 68 gpus here if you think it's a good idea a bad idea give me your reasons down below and don't forget to participate in the giveaway three rx580 4 GB cards and also four risers and also merch a lucky winner is going to get all of that just comment down below if you're in USA or Canada and a positive comment about anything I talked about in this video anything uh yeah okay thank you guys for watching good luck and I'll see you all in the next video I got to I got to make a lot of mining rigs this is going to be a lot of fun I'll see you all later have a good one peace out oh man I can't make I can't wait to make this Nitro rig this this thing is these cards are glorious these are really nice gpus dang hot Krypto mining thanks again man

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