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ice River if you're watching this right now look look at the difference here look at the freaking difference my thermop paace job better than your guys' thermop paace job oh my God this [Music] [Music] is hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day while I'm not doing too well because I believe my KS 3M has potentially died it has stopped Mining and I have reason to believe that potentially maybe some hash board died or it could be it need some pasting but uh generally my hash rate has not really been over 6 ter has which is the advertised obviously to advertise hash rate for this model so I just rebooted it just to see if it'll come back on okay so it looks like it's already finding some accepted shares and the temperatures of this model right now in my basement it's pretty cool as right now outside the ambient temperatures it's been snowing a little bit so right now it's about 90 F here but I do have my exhaust fan off right now because it's really cool in this house so all the heat is actually going back upstairs right now but generally I wonder if it this thing was overheating okay that's one thing I want to try and I do have this tool which I just received from T Swift and I believe this is going to be released later for free uh just to see what the temperatures are for each of the hash boards okay so looks like I have okay I just I just did read chip temps okay this is on the IP of the k3m and it looks like I have a temperature of 108 102 95 102 so I wonder if this is If this means that it's 108 is this Celsius or Fahrenheit I'm not quite sure I'm going to ask T Swift about that but generally the rest of my temperatures seem to be fine on this maybe not 105 on some of the chips so that was on board one if I go to board two board two shows 102 okay and yeah 99 so I have a feeling that I may need to repaste this KS 3M as some of the boards uh some of the chips I guess are over a 100 in my opinion probably not good especially I'm seeing 108 on this one so if I read the chip temp again I wonder if it's going to go higher yeah 109 but if I go to the uh ice River web goey okay shows 36 36 36 55 56 57 so I bet this is in Fahrenheit let me confirm that right now okay just confirmed this is Celsius so this is really bad twift told me that this over 95° C on some of these chips is a Bad Thing very very bad all right anyone else that has a ks3 M and most likely having these weird weird things of which it turns off and doesn't mine potentially it's probably because of its overheating okay so just the chip temperatures are not well really not good this is really not good I just been told that from T Swift I showed him my numbers yeah 90 so this needs to be repasted basically all three boards are going to have to be repasted because these temperatures is not good from Factory apparently there's been a lot of other people out there that have these iover k3m with bad Pace drops so that's why oh oh God 109 that's that's that's really not good and the the last chip 56 105 so this is what my ks3 M should be like when it's been repasted okay or you know proper thermal paste on the ks3 M boards so for mine to have let's just do a reset here so for mine to have 110 Celsius 103 that is not good that is absolutely not good okay so ice River I'm calling you guys out right now this is freaking terrible I've heard from many people I've actually gotten a lot of emails recently from other k3m owners that their ice server k3s have died okay so I am going to shut this thing down now or actually I'm going to do a sleep okay okay I'm going to go to uh mining setting I'm going to put this to sleep so it stops Mining and I'm going to let this thing cool down before I just unplug the power cable okay I actually just heard this thing ramp down okay so I just I just wanted to start uh before I just unplug the power cable turn off the power I I don't want to turn this thing off when the temperatures of those boards are 110 Celsius terrible terrible just terrible all right I I don't want the boards to die I've already heard many people out there that had their k3m boards die as well I saw a video recently from greater good mining he did a great video repasting his k3m go check him out I have a link down below to greater good mining if you guys want to do that yourself but I'm also going to attempt that right now I am going to just I'm going to take this apart I'm going to repaste it with arctic MX5 or MX6 I forgot which one I bought a bit ago I was supposed to do that on my ks3 but this is a ks3 uh M so I'm actually going to be using that tool to also look at the temperatures of that ks3 that I have and see if those boards are overheating as well oh my God this is this is just this is just terrible 110 you guys saw that 110° c on the hash boards is utterly insane just insane 110 oh terrible you can even see the voltage drop on that one 0.47 probably because it was getting way too hot and then the other chips were like .5 right so that's pretty funny okay guys I will see you guys at my other basement I'm going to repaste this ks3 m this overheating ks3 M oh my God it's burning it's so hot so very hot okay so I'm at the other crypto mining basement taking apart the ks3 m in order to get to the hash boards so there's two screws in the front two screws in the in the back as well at the top that I needed to unscrew in order to lift off the lid next step I did was unscrew the back plate uh holding the two fans okay I'm I didn't remove the fans but just there's four screws above the fans two screws at the bottom and I was able to remove the back plate there then I have access to the back then I unscrewed the six screws and the bus bars holding the uh hash boards there and also three of the cables that were plugged in then I was able to remove a hash board next I then unscrewed these like springloaded screws which were in my opinion you got to be really careful in doing them you know pretty much at the same time try not to unscrew them all at the same time like one by one all the way because they're kind of I saw the uh pretty much I saw the back plate kind of like shift and it was kind of like bending so if one side was really screwed in and the other side you're slowly screwing it out I feel like it was kind of damaging something so try to like unscrew them all at the same time if you know what I mean but then yeah anyway I was able to pull them out easily and then you guys can see the thermal paste there application that ice River did which in my opinion looks really bad like the thermal paste they use it's really bad and uh that's why we had really high temperatures so then the next step I did was I just took some paper towel and some cloth and wiped off all the uh existing thermal past on the you know the aluminum heat sinks that they have here and as well as use some cloth to wipe off the thermal paste on the chips okay the ice server ks3 M chips there on the hash board so I didn't do this very cleanly I just went ahead and just wiped it as fast as I could there are some thermop paste in between the chips I couldn't really get to and there's also this like plastic piece over it as well I didn't bother really just going through and taking it out you know getting like Q-tips and all that kind of stuff I was just so mad already but the next step here I placed the MX6 thermopl uh onto the chips I did a a pretty decent size dot on each one and uh I used about 1 and A2 tubes of uh Arctic uh cooling uh MX6 thermal paste okay and then when I put the plate back on I did it in a way where I pretty much did it you know one side one corner and I did the other corner I didn't screw them all in all the way I just had all the screws pretty much ready in there not screwed in all the way like I said kind of did it all at the same time type of thing and then went back again and screwed them all in tightly but it's yeah it was very easy to do it it took some time took me about a good hour uh to do all three hash boards so yeah take your time don't rush it and yeah you want to make sure you're doing it safely and slowly and you're not like ruining anything but uh if I could do it you guys can do it I put everything back together pretty much in Reverse I showed you in the beginning there and yeah then I drove back to the other basement let's see if it works okay it's back here all the boards are thermop pasted brand new thermal paste took me about an hour okay and uh we're back in the basement all right greater good mining this is for you bro I hope this thing works I hope I didn't brick it by changing the thermal paste all right uh I did it I'd say I did it pretty fast so I'm going to plug the power in let's hope there's no smoke here we go 3 2 [Music] 1 oh uh-oh okay is this flashing light a good sign or a bad sign I don't know what that means okay let's just see if the uh web gooey shows up okay it showed up let's log in rout oh no no no it's not root it's admin and then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 all right please show all three hash boards okay first time turn on Okay it's connected to my pool Casa pool and does it show three house boards yes yes it does okay let's see if we just get any accepted share first and then I'll see what the temperatures are of the hash boards okay it's just showing up on the mining pool right now Caspa Dash pool and uh it's just starting up here in terms of mining okay we got a few accepted shares already uh Let me refresh here okay four and there's attempts now okay okay it's just ramping up now the biggest question okay so this software here if you guys want this this will be on my Discord in the Asic Channel okay T Swift is the one who is working with XY Ys to get this software out for you guys to get the temperature readings of the chips okay so if you're having issues with your k3m ks3 ks2 ks1 ks0 ks0 pro this software will be available to download free to download you guys can go see the temperatures of your kaspa Asic minor specifically the ice River ones so I'm going to read the chip temp on this k3m that I have and let's just generally see okay so right off the bat I'm going to have to say this is already way better okay than the stock thermal paste that was on the k3m here okay so even after mining after a couple minutes remember we saw like 1098 Celsius we got 80 now let's go to board two board two is very low in temp 6472 yeah look at that this is looking way better the thermop paste job I did even though I did it really fast it is way better than ice Rivers ice River if you're watching this right now look look at the difference here look at the freaking difference my thermal paste job better than your guys' thorough Pace job oh my God this is way better I'm going to read chip temp again okay so yeah it's yeah look at that 80° C 81 87 77 look at this this is way better than before I'll show you guys on the screen here what we had before you know it was like 110 you know 100 it was really bad and now dude these temperatures are glorious okay so granted we just started in mining so what I'm going to do now is let this go for a bit here going to refresh this and I've only been mining for about 4 minutes but similar what I did with the other k3m uh with the stock thermal paste it was already 110 uh celsus so I'm going to let this go for I don't know another hour and we'll just see uh what the temperatures are just to give you guys that info okay so same ambient temperatures it's about 90 fah okay same as before same okay same ambient temps all right I'm not trying to cheat anything or anything but uh all right guys I'll be right back we'll see what the attempts are after an hour okay guys so I'm actually remoted into the computer I had to go home it's been more than an hour okay but the past 30 minutes according to Cle pool so it's now 6.22 terahash so that's a good sign okay so I'm assuming in uh you know I'm actually going to do another video because I I really want to hone in on you know changing the thermal paste on this thing or maybe on my other ones as well that this really does help these Caspa miners a lot okay so here it's been mining for about almost two hours Let me refresh this so you guys don't think I'm Faking it an hour and 48 minutes and it says past 5 minutes past 30 minutes 6229 gigahash okay that's really good I think it was below like 6,000 before like 5888 but I'm assuming that's because of the temperatures of the of the chips but now that it's better so I'm to read the temperature of the boards uh read chip temps okay okay so I just did it so now it says 91 94 88 okay it's not 110 like before right this is way better way better let's go board two okay that shows 83 86 84 really good not 110 anymore okay board three 89 91 85 84 that's that's really good okay I man seriously this is this is awesome I love it I love it this is really good guys okay so that's it that's it I think this was a success changing the thermal paste on those hash boards or on my k3m specifically worked out really well I am going to do this test on my other ones my ks3 my ks2 my ks1 also my KS Z pros and see how it goes I'm going to do this on all of my castle miners and it should in theory raise the hash rate and shouldn't have any like major fluctuations anymore so come to think of it you know I've been over six G six terahash here for a majority of its of its length of time being online here so yeah I'm going to have to say this is Success uh let me know what you guys think and uh I will do this for another 24 hours I'll update you guys on another update video because I do want to see if there's going to be fluctuations previously like this right you know Casper pool was showing 5.62 terahash you know 6.

03 5.9 you know 5.74 you know I want to see if it shows like that uh after the next 24 hours so stay tuned uh for this next video okay all right guys thank you so much if you guys would like to try out this or need this software this one right here the ice River temperature monitor by XY Ys the gentleman who created all the overclocks thank you to twift for sending me uh this software here he's going to have a new one coming out real soon uh free to download I'll probably have it on Discord and the Asic chat channel so go check it out there if you guys would like all right peace out everybody thank you so much I'll see you guys in the next video let me know your thoughts have a good one peace out coin mining based in the United Kingdom coin mining Central has been in business for over 5 years as one of the top leading suppliers of crypto mining hardware and cryptocurrency related products with free worldwide shipping they have competitive pricing and offer secure and tracked delivery for Peace of Mind secure and encrypted payment options using numerous cryptocurrencies and bank wire transfers account management for your orders professional customer support and even bulk Asic Miner deals in which all new miners come with a manufacturer warranty check out coin mining today and use code RPM for $135 USD off each product ordered links in the video description below

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