I’m going to mine ALEPHIUM on RX 580’s in 2024…

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[Music] he [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day well I had a video all planned out and I have been troubleshooting this 580 rig that I was trying to build it's supposed to be a 12x RX 580 rig which I was supposed to mine a lithium on this rig maybe like a week or two ago and ever since then I just I kind of gave up and because like Midway making that video the rig just was not cooperating with me and I have a GPU in there which I'm trying to still figure out why it says Radeon rx4 7480 unknown memory so one of these gpus which I I normally had 12 I had 12 rx580 8 GB cards in this Mystic minor case and it was just it was just frozen at all times and I think it's due to one of these gpus I was testing one by one taking out one by one but you know what I thought I said to myself hey I'll just start recording and just uh maybe do a video on this because maybe I don't know I'm just you guys seem to like trouble and my issues that I always have with GPU Mining and so I am I'm just going to document what's going on here so why not so I'm determined to get 12 rx580s working in this Mystic minor case so that I could get it to start mining a lithium and I'm just curious how much power this thing is going to take and uh the hash rate that I can achieve on rx580s and this is not a video to promote buying rx580s for mining okay these were ones where I bought from Mr Hawk crypto mining go subscribe to him and as well as go check out his hosting company Tera hosting.com links are all down in the video description below so yeah I bought like what 72 to 75 gpus from Hawk and half of them were rx580 8 GB cards which I got for less than about $30 to $35 average each so I'm determined to at least have an RX 580 rig on my GPU shelf here it's literally one more rig that I can fill up this whole rack right there you guys can see the open slot that's for the Mystic minor that I was trying to have on this rack and just be done with it then I'll be complete with my GPU mining rack but anyways I'm going to now take out a couple more ARX 580s I just I don't know which one is the troubled one so be right back okay I took out two rx580s and so now the rig boots up and there's four uh we got Micron Samsung Samsung and hyx memory I like to have all three different memory types RX 580s okay so I'll show you which ones I took out I just simply took out four and five now I don't know if that's going to translate over to the I guess it kind of did I think it was this one which is this one so in theory if I put this one back in it should not work it should provide a uh memory error so this is an RX 588 GB card according to the serial and model number here so I'm going to turn this off and I just want to see if it's this one so we're going to do that right now okay no okay I think I was wrong I think I flipped it so that one seemed to work looks like it's a Samsung card yeah showing up no errors at all seems to be working okay now let me try Okay you know what let me plug in the one that is then supposed to be bad this one this one says rx580 it does have a different sticker which is weird so maybe this is the culprit all right let me try this okay 61's in let's see if we have the memory error so those are the two gpus I took out earlier here okay so let's uh contrl F5 on the keyboard and yeah okay that was it yep unknown memory 470 480 all right so that is the culprit that is the one this one that we just put in is bad I don't know why maybe due to shipping I don't know but let's not jinx ourselves here I still have a few other rx580s that I want to put in and I'm just going to grab one and uh we're just going to do I'm going to add another two and see if seven show up let's keep it going okay seven let's see if it shows up all right contrl F5 on the keyboard oh yeah there we go a crap HX Micron I wish they were sound you know what I do have 35 like 35 RX 36 rx580s I could just no never mind you know what that's that's that's too much work I have to plug in each card and figure out if there're Samsung or not yeah forget it I'm probably going to have a mix match of memory on this rig but anyways yeah 7 looks like it shows up and uh let's going to refresh make sure it doesn't not frozen yeah it's still it's still up okay all right I'm going to add another two rx580s let's do it okay contrl F5 and yeah there we go okay so highx highx highx Micron Samsung Samsung HX Micron Samsung okay 9 is showing up okay I'm going to be bold here and I'm going to try adding just the final three so then I will have 12 I think it should in theory work I did leave a slot open there so that'll be the two two here I'll be filled up as well okay so all right let's try all 12 let's see if it works hopefully okay here we go control F5 let's see oh yeah there we go yeah I think 12 showed up 0 to 11 is 12 yes perfect okay oh thank God all right no errors here highx Micron Samsung Samsung Samsung Micron HX HX Micron HX HX HX okay a lot of NX on here but that's okay I guess you know what this is actually good because then I can see somewhat of a difference uh when we are going to try mining a lithium here so okay all right let me now set the overclocks and and see if mining a lithium on this thing is going to be good or not and then I'll see what the profitability is like but uh of course I'm doing it for a long term and just having a rxy rig for testing so this looks this looks really good okay I'll be back yes it's mining here we go we're doing a lithium 5433 mahash 40 uh 43.1 for yeah majority of these rx580s mining a lithium here are my settings I'm not sure if these are the optimal ones but these numbers I just took from hash rate.

I know they are just general settings so I thought hey you know what I went to rx580 on the uh GPU list here and if I just do crl F 580 it's obviously going to be around at the bottom okay so right there and it shows that alium as profitable at my 8 cent kilowatt hour here okay you know I am just breaking even okay on or 20 cents profitable on a 12x RX uh 580 rig I even put my numbers here so uh $35 per GPU I put in there it says my estimated Roi is is 2789 days H I thought that was that was pretty funny but it's not accounting the price appreciation of a lithium but anyways uh the overclocks I just did whatever they did here and it showed around that you know amount of hash rate that we are getting for uh mining a lithium so it seems to be seems to be oh nope I lied looks like we got one that just died I just started mining so here let me refresh this and looks like we got two two of the gpus have decided to go out okay so I'm GNA try just I don't know raising the voltage on these and let's see if it's stable okay we got better uptime here I just played around a few of them actually died it wasn't just those two but I changed the settings just a bit more overclock uh for some of these here 890 for the under Vol 330 for the memory I just just just a little bit just a little bit so now it seems stable now the whole power consumption of this rig okay so we all know AMD software wattage for especially 580s is going to be off so I'm assuming this whole rig is probably taking I'm going to say 1,00 to 1100 Watts that's that's my guess um I don't have this on a power meter I do have it on a sh pbu I mean I could get the numbers exactly but that's I'm just guesstimating for now that that's okay anyways guys this is mining now that's what I want so I did the calculation here uh just how much gigahash we're getting 6.55 gigahash at around 1,000 Watts you know what I'll just put 1,100 just just for good measure at my 8 cent kilowatt hour I'm going to hit calculate and then at my 8 cent per kilowatt hour it's going to be pretty much breaking even on rx580s so it'll be 1.13 Al lithium this is what's important here the dollar value I'm not so much worried about you know if in the bull run you know this one Al lithium is worth maybe $5 or more then it's like I'm mining $5 a day that's that's how I'm thinking about it so I'm going to be holding this lithium but my my main thing about this whole rig was to just have it as uh I guess a test rig I I do want to maybe I'll do a video of like testing a bunch of different coins on this on this 580 rig just for just for the heck of it I don't know if anyone uh wants to see a video like that but you guys let me know there's there's really a lot of coins we could try uh on here but I think it generally seems to be nope it's no oh that that is not stable okay so one of the first one kicked off I just did a refresh you know just do another refresh here okay okay so it looks like the first 580 is not having it okay so it looks like I'm going to have to fine-tune this a bit more maybe this SK hyx being all different memory types here I mean it it probably doesn't matter that much because we're mining like a core I would say a core dependent coin a lithium is so yeah I don't know why we're having some issues with this uh GPU here I'm going to play with this uh right now but before I do that I want to place this whole rig onto there so that my whole rack will finally be complete so let me do that right now yeah look at this isn't this look sick you guys may be wondering red panda why are like where are the fans for this Mystic minor and it's on the back okay it's it's different this this this Mystic Miner is the version two I believe and then I have the version three at the bottom so the fans are actually shooting out this way and all the intake is yeah through the front here I know it may seem kind of counterintuitive cuz I think usually the heat is coming out of these grills off this way out of the GPU so H who knows I could flip the fans around On The Backs all the air will then flow this way yeah I could have done that anyways uh we'll figure it out I'm just and Mining something low so these shouldn't really get that that hot anyway all right so oh I don't think my okay so ever since I put this 12x RX 580 rig on top of my 12x 5700 rig it's not doing too well it's not happy right now I think it uh something glitched so I'm going to have to uh let's turn this off and then turn back on okay oh man all right super happy to see my my GP mining shelf is now full completely full I know you guys see an Asic here okay it doesn't belong here this ks3 m is going to go to Terra hosting.org pus on this in this basement only well that's going to be for another video okay let's see if this is uh stable let's go see if this 580 okay so oh oh crap oh yeah okay so no matter what setting I was trying on this first rx580 it would just crash so I thought to myself what if I just did you know zero core no like undervolting for the voltage and looks like it's it's dying now obviously the fans are not running on this thing so I'm just going to quickly do I don't know know 80 fan see what happens here I just want to see if this thing would be stable at stock settings cuz if it if it crashes at stock then something else is wrong so yeah it it seems like all the other 580s seem to be stable it's just not this first one uh no matter no matter what I do okay so the temperature should be 83° C on this first one but okay guys that's it I think that's all I want to do for this video I think my rx580 rig here it's uh it's good to see a lot of different gpus here but in the future I do want to try some other coins here and uh well actually come to think of it I don't know if I can do cow uh on this rig because I don't know if I have enough power capacity to swap over to mining something more power intensive as I do have a lot more gpus yeah have a lot more gpus here and I have have four 30 amp 240 volt circuits so I believe I put it on this circuit and so this is uh 21 amps right now so that's pretty full if I were to do yeah this is the one that has the ARX 580 rig on it so if I move that to kapal pretty sure we're going to use another I don't know 3 four five more amps and uh that's going to hit up over the 80% rule so I got 18 amps here this one's uh 24 amp so that's good 9 and 14 here that's because of the k3m so once I get rid of this that should free up some uh Power capacity okay guys that's it I'll see you on the next video let me know your thoughts uh if you got any overclock numbers let me know down below what to try I know a lot of people are going to be looking at this video in the comments and uh for anyone that has 580s I'm sure lots of people have RX 580s um for mining a lithium it is a little bit lower power coin but if you guys got some settings to try let me know down below I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out man this 5700 XT rig is not having it why is the 5700 x a this is the this is the joy of AMD mining right here the joy of AMD M okay this one's still hot but it's still mining okay I'm going to figure that out later okay so my 5700 rig is now crashing just because I moved a rig on top of it oh my God GPU 5 detected no no no no no no no just cuz I moved a rig on top of it why are you dying now oh God why 5700 XTS why all right

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