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for [Music] [Music] [Music] okay Bros welcome back to the second live stream of today it has been a pretty crazy day just received the ks H sorry the um what's Miner m6s 188 terahash well it's actually 192 um Sil Lottery I'm assuming this thing is awesome we just did a live stream okay uh for anyone watching after the fact uh the same day now I just received well during the live stream of this one I drove out to DHL picked up the ice River ks3 I got it here uh it does sound like a bunch of metals moving so I think I should take it apart uh but first we should turn off this what's Miner m6s so I'm curious if I just take out the network cable will it stop Mining and it's still pulling 3100 Watts okay it's unlike the bit main as6 where I take out the network cable doesn't do anything it's still continues to pull 3,000 Watts uh the whats Miner is still pulling 3100 Watts so that I I'm trying to what's the what's the etiquette here for you guys if I want to turn off an Asic Miner safely without you know with it pulling you know 3,000 Watts what would you guys do um so here's what I want to do I want to I want to here I'm going to go back into the screen here we're going to turn off this this okay I yanked the cord yeah I don't want that to happen see I can't reach it now what I want to do because I want it to cool down before I unplug it okay I just put in the network cable all right so we're back what I want to do is restart the minor cuz it's still pulling 3100 Watts I'm going to restart it okay now okay okay all right now okay now I'm going to plug unplug the network cable okay and you can see the power consumption is now 30 150 watts so it's cooling down that's what I want it to do I want to cool down I don't know if any of you guys do better out I find that to be uh I don't know it just feels better that it's cooling down if that makes sense all right so um okay I think that's good enough I'm going to unplug it now from the pdu three [Music] two one okay so I guess that's that's the only like safe shut off method that I know you know instead of you know when it's pulling 33 31 3500 Watts instead of just unplugging it and like the chips and everything's all hot I restart the miner in the web guei and then it restarts unplug the network cable let it sit for I don't know 20 seconds and then I unplug it let it cool down you know with the with the fans going I don't know I don't know that's just my head I don't think that maybe it doesn't matter uh you guys can what do you guys think let me know let me know down in in the comments in the live chat I don't know just it just feels better to me to let it cool down before shutting it down abruptly you guys know what you know what I mean um okay uh Hawk what's up man yes uh great a good mining what's Up DJ mines everyone's here travels travels what's up bro what's up what's up we cast be will Caspa be listed on binance I don't that's that's the million that's the million doll question right there smash the like bros we're going to unbox a ks3 84 people here 14 likes come on I want to see 50 likes before I continue here 50 likes let's go let's go let's go Bros um my crypto you are correct keeping it safe for long term it if it yes I agree man powering It Off when boot up may cause the OS to go corrupt well that's why I waited like 20 you know 30 seconds for it to go into the BIOS into the into the web guei and then unplug the network cable before it you know gets a network connection you know what I mean yeah like um all right okay uh let me move off the uh let me move off this what's my oh my power is flickering I didn't I didn't do anything I swear okay let me move this up uhoh uhoh my power is going nuts you guys see the flickering oh my God okay anyways I'm going to we're going to move this out and we're going to unbox the ks3 man two big miners in one day just Insanity Insanity Krypto Miner Bros thank you so much thanks to them guys you guys know they have been partnered with me for four years they have sent me every single Asic minor in the world and uh I would not be anywhere today without them so thanks to them and I know you guys appreciate them cuz everyone seems to be buying their Asic from them it has been really good over the past two years four years partnered with them okay oh all right ks3 now H big issue with this ks3 box I you know the ice River does not in my opinion their shipping of their ice River boxes are not are subpar really subpar um it's good though they a little bit they put tape around the corners a little bit um but this box does not feel as as great as the other one okay let me un let me unplug here okay hold on let me let me set up bigger so this box is pretty big okay okay um here we go ks3 I did did hear a bunch of metal clinging every time I was moving the box and when I was driving every time I hit a bump it would also uh I would hear some metal so I think we're going to have to open it just like we did with the Other ks3 M and also the bit main one the bit main one we opened up the bitmain ks3 we opened up and uh yeah so I don't feel I don't feel confident of turning it on when I heard a lot of uh metal clinging and such so it's best that we it's best that we um open it up make sure everything's okay inside because this is quite the massive Miner all right let's see if mine's all scratched up like DJ mines okay so it's got a it's got a nice uh it's got a nice thick foam piece here so pretty good now I'm going to take it out okay it's not wrapped in any it's not wrapped in any uh anti-static bag or anything it's just okay I'm going to take this out of the box okay all right there okay there it is Bros go so here's the back of it okay it's looks like it has plastic on it here looks like there's plastic on the back here there's no plastic here it's uh it's it's there's black dust there's black dust at the top okay so it's it I think it's been it's been tested it's been mined on okay it there's no indication of okay nope there is a ks3 Serial thing here IR K serial 3 so ks3 okay here's a power supply here power button requires a c19 C20 plug so that's perfect I literally just got one from the uh what's Miner but this did not come with a power cable so but good thing we have one okay otherwise it looks okay but when I shake it there's a lot of there's a lot of metal movement inside so just I feel feel we should open it you guys want me to open it you have insurance on this no definitely not how many k3s do you have now DJ mines I only have I have zero this is my this would be mine my first my first one I've opened I've I've received other ones before but they were not mine okay we're going to we're going to open we're going to open actually you know what we need to open the top too because I feel you know yeah I think this I need to open this part oh [ __ ] top here need to inspect all the hash boards I want to make sure because um the reasoning is Coastal crypto mining they had one that burnt up they had a ks3 m that burnt up arked something it burned the whole burned the whole thing so I do not want to have that happen to me and especially with their their packaging in my opinion their packaging is subpar it's not great I wish they had uh just just better packaging it's just it just feels too cheap compared to the what's Miner what's Miner packaging Godly bit Ms bit Ms is better bit Ms is better than ice River for sure okay okay oh we got to take out uh hold on okay let me take out this first okay opening up the ks3 oh I'm screwing the bottom dang you're doing the RPM Marathon today geek of all trades I'm streaming a lot today yep streaming a lot I could have made I I could have made videos but you know I thought you know what let's do live streams instead I'm going to make videos on these specific miners I will uh it's just I'm I was just too excited I want wanted to do it live with you guys I thought you know what let's let's do this live you know what it's these are these are miners that are that are pretty big in terms of uh I guess what people might want eventually maybe not now because the prices are high you can say it they're high or maybe it's a good time to buy because the bitcoin's going up and if it's going to go up or not who knows hard to say right hard to say okay all right oh look at that okay this is where the movement is this is all see look at this look this is what this is the sound look at that you guys see the movement there this is what I was hearing this is not this doesn't move this doesn't move but this one moves it's this last one and it's bending at the top here Coastal crypto mining had this one Bend uh burn this was their the side of this hboard is the one that burned so so I'm having the same look at that spacing the spacing is the spacing is horrible wow terrible terrible okay I'm just going to I'm I need to open up I need to open up the other side wow really bad really bad okay how does this I need I need to get the screws to the front so I can open the top lid okay this one has four screws I think it's just these top two H just max the overclocks and start hashing uh yes there is an overclock I can do on this ks3 I don't know if I want to do it or not I I'm very afraid I already heard one person who burned up their ks1 doing the overclock um I don't know what how hot their environment was or how they they burned it but I I I don't I don't know if I want to risk it with this one I I don't know yet okay top cover is off let's see the guts and Glory here okay oh black stuff what's this what's this what's this black line look at that hey watch this watch this the hell is that the hell what the hell is this block stuff hey I just wipe it off so easily okay hash board time okay so what's this what's this okay okay it's a zyink control board it's a zyink control that's a zyink chip zinc okay okay connectors make sure the connectors are good this is in this is in okay all right I think we got to take out we got to take out the hash board now okay okay we're going to take a this one because this is the this is the one that I'm afraid of um so and you know what I'm also afraid of is this cable is touching this piece of screw would couldn't this connector cable theoretically melt onto the bus bar why why is it why are these cables so like gimped onto the bus bar screw isn't that a that is really bad like isn't that prone to like melt no okay I'm I'm pushing it like way further away from that there see I I don't want these I don't want these cables to touch the bus bar that is so stupid who why ice River Why quality control here really bad really bad it's probably fine but I I just okay I'm taking this I'm taking this out these are really really screwed these are really screwed in okay great or good mining um mine were like that too I move them away too yeah dude it yeah I would 100% move them away yeah leave no you don't want to have you don't want to risk risk that being melted onto onto the screwer or the or the bus bar holy crap man okay here we go pulling out this pulling out this board that was making all that that sound oh I got to take out this okay okay so this is the ks3 8 terahash or 9.4 or 8.7 ter I don't know which terahash model this is okay but there's some there's some I don't know what that is okay inspecting inspect inspecting hash board ks3 hash board okay so the arc happened on Coastal crypto mining over here and it it burned it burned down this way oh okay here's the back I don't see anything I don't see anything too crazy back here it looks to be fine ks3 KS it doesn't say ks3 m it says ks3 version 1.0 okay all right okay that looks good to me does that look good to you guys it was a Burnin test yeah that one's dirty that's one dirty hash board a little bit SS looks better than I expect honestly yeah yeah uh it's trash just send it to me I'll even I'll even do you a favor and pay the shipping and handling Savage right zero God damn it passes inspection here all right putting it back in uh putting it back in it's just there's so much movement that's just what I hate about it okay all right should I I should inspect the I should inspect the other hash boards should I take out the other ones I'm already at this point I'm already at this point of no return okay taking up this okay they're in order they're the the connectors are in order to the control board 1 two 3 so that's that's good to know all right taking out the second one oh there's something here what the hell is this the hell is this something dirty here I think it's some thermal paste there's some there's some here too what is this what is this it's all over the place actually it's thermal paste it's thermal grease I think yeah it's theral it's thermal grease yeah there's thermal grease all over the place okay the back looks to be good I'm shaking it and nothing's falling off okay ks3 1.0 there's this part up here this looks to be okay okay okay looks good putting it back make sure you know we just want to make sure you know this is this is such an expensive Asic Miner we don't want to we want to make sure it arrived okay you know you know just just mentally we want to make sure it's okay cuz we spent so much money on it and even though we're taking it apart ourselves I don't know force a Hab it just want to make sure um is that your ks3 yes fully electric yes so Crypt Miner Bros and I we have a deal okay I paid half they paid half so this one is this one is mine yes this one is this last board's having a hard time okay all right let's take a look this one has a lot more thermal paste all over the aluminum here yeah well there's some there's some thermal thermal paste here I don't have a towel I wish I had a towel some thermop paste here okay shaking it a look at the back inspection looks to be [Music] good looks to be good here shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake nope nothing's coming off ks3 1.0 okay yep this one looks good putting it back looks good um okay back in locked in okay okay all right um oh can I see the model Asic chip on one of them them fully electric no I'm not taking off a heat sink no no no no no no no no no no no no unless someone paid me $500 right now I will take apart I I will take apart one of the hash boards I'm not doing it no no there's no way I I have thermal paste I do but that doesn't mean I'm that that doesn't mean Jack I don't want no do not no don't even don't even try it I'm not taking apart a hash board I'm not taking apart a ks3 hash board okay I am not doing it no no no no no Jesus Christ you guys plus I got to go get my kid in like an hour so we have an hour left I I want to turn this thing on we got to make sure this thing mins that's the whole point okay I'm just putting in the screws I'm not I'm not doing it too tight cuz I'm trying to even out the the bus bar it's they're kind of angled differently for the electric 500 H let's go yeah no uh okay this is okay kids can walk terrible terrible terrible okay even screwing in okay I'm putting in all the all the connectors back in clipped clip clip all right in okay okay final check one more screw in make sure okay all righty putting it back together fans oh man this is dude dude this is extremely bent dude this is look at this this this this the fan holder the the the back plate look at how bent that is uh extremely bad uh okay all right screwing in these screws oh [ __ ] I got to turn it like this [ __ ] LTT screwdriver failing me it's not magneting the screw enough there we go okay I'm not going to tighten it cuz I'm going to have some probably going to have some leeway at the bottom doesn't want to go in come on ah LTT screwdriver failing me here okay there we go okay two more I hope this thing doesn't go up and smoke that would be that would be horrible okay hold on I got to bring it closer to the table like closer to the end of the table cuz this thing is not going in straight oh greater good mining I saw your video greater good mining your video of the um ah you combine two KS ones right that was awesome man is it still going good still working good hey kaspa is now is now for $1 it's not it's not I mean 10 cents it's not 10 cents there's no way is it ca hit seven okay all right back plate is on for the fans okay now we're going to do uh this thing no wait we got to do this thing okay um great a good mining it's kicking ass it's overclocked and bringing me in that sweet sweet Casa nice man dude that's killer that's killer that's that's that's perfect great a good mining how much is that bag worth now how much is that uh original KS one uh that that one that you got back in August or June how's that is that one that one must be like a lot right this one's in okay doing the last part H the top cover part is not as easy as like a bit main one requires I don't know which way is which does it matter there matters four screws Jesus um great a good mining 42,000 holy smoke well definitely definitely got your investment back and then some cuz your initial investment was like you said 16 Grand or something totally worth it Lambo next Bull R yeah dude I dude if that if that bag turns into like half a million dollars that would be the biggest play of the century that that would be the most successful play it would literally be the most successful play in crypto mining history yeah ever recorded on YouTube I think it would be the most successful not a fail not a fail but a successful um purchase by any by any crypto mining YouTuber to date how amazing how amazing would that be how amazing would that be all in after taxes import duties I paid about 20K for the OG ks1 ah okay nice um all right all right Pros either I put this back up together wrong or right and it's going to mine correctly so let's hope I did it right let's hope this thing works I'm got to put in the ethernet cable and please no smoke this requires this requires a uh [Music] c19 c19 C20 cable which the what's Miner came with so thankfully I'm going to use that same cable I'm going to plug it into the what's Miner first actually is it off it's off right this button means it's off so it shouldn't matter it shouldn't matter which way I plug it in first either in the pdu or in the minor okay I plugged it in the pdu it's in the pdu okay power switch is off fully electric yes yes it's off it's the it's on the Zero if I put it to the line it then will turn on yes yes so it's off it's off all right can I please get a countown let's get a countdown come on let me just get ones in the chat don't start at 100 all right start at five 4 3 2 one please no smoke all right it's on I don't smell any smoke so that's that's a good sign I like this I like this led uh indicator light here I don't smell smoke no no smoke that's what I was smelling okay all right let me log into my router first uh I can't show that on screen um all right let's see if it comes up uh and it comes up with the MAC address it doesn't come up as like ice river that sucks okay um let me let's go uh let me switch back to screen let's go back to here okay you guys can you guys can see this oh that PSU light should be solid green um yes it's now solid green oh and it's making a lot of noise it's solid green you see that solid green now but here wait all right I got to um we got to log in what's the username password rout rout user does not exist uh admin admin password error oh uh admin 1 2 3 4 oh right 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7even eight okay I totally forgot thank you okay oh look at this look at that ice River they're pre-mining they pre-mined with this how terrible hump.com all right hump.com uh let's see here um let's go to let's go to uh mining pool stats.

Stream I want to Caspa let's go to hum pool I want to see how many can I see their worker name enter your address yeah [Music] go 6.08 terahash ice River so they have not even probably a k3m this is probably a k3m where where does it total paid oh [ __ ] oh my God 5.6 wait how much is this 0 three three 5.6 million Caspa F they pre-mined all right ice River themselves have pre-mined 5.6 million Caspa how much is that 5.6 million let's see that would be worth today if they if they still have it that would be worth $388,000 almost 400 Grand US that's not it's not that much to be honest I mean in in retrospect compared to other addresses we've seen out there uh and you know that's just one of many of their mining addresses right right great a good mining you're right they have multiple yes you're right if I could get if I could if I could remember all the other addresses we should have just kept them because my KS zero I think had a uh they were mining to their own pool um back then so anyways why am I mining to them I should be mining to me holy crap I got I got to get paid here so hold on uh let's see how do I join how do I join okay dashboard all right I'm going to M the vi BTC because that's where my account is Cass okay uh screw that I'm just going to get rid of all of this and RPM 2023 period uh ks3 ks3 there you go x x okay save operation succeeded all right nor mode sleep normal okay all right that what they pre-mined before they even sold it red fox scripto what's up man I sent some of the address to son of a tech I think he's tracking them nice very good mining nice that's sick um I told you used equipment ity it's pretty good condition I mine doesn't have any scratch I know DJ mines uh DJ mines had a big scratch and stuff on his um but M this ks3 is looking pretty pretty good doesn't seem any dir or anywhere H it was black dust at the top um otherwise though it's mining at like at like 3 3200 Watts now okay you know what so since I I'm probably going to have to restart this because I changed uh I'm going to re reboot it no scratches underneath either um I I'm pretty sure there is ow I'm pretty I can't see I can't lift it up it's stuck you you see any scratches are there any scratches down there you guys see any no it doesn't look like it looks to be pretty clean mine looks to be pretty clean get that out of the cable I just realized there's like 3,000 Watts going through this I feel like this cable's not even thick enough is this like 14 gauge how can we tell where's the M where's the uh uh bronze PVC heat resistant it doesn't even it doesn't even tell the gauge of this cable all right um uh Johnny says sad to hear son of a tech sold all his million Caspa would be worth much more now yeah that's true but I mean what did he buy again he got Bitcoin A6 or have we all right so here Casa hit seven cents right let's see it barely it almost did it pretty much did 0.69 69 6.9 cents 6.8 now all right all right here we go ks3 is booting up let's see if it connects to the pool that's 14 gauge yeah I I hope so big sell wall at seven cents so watch it get knocked [Music] down okay um is there a is there is there the free overclock for the ks3 hold on let me check let me check let me check let me check let's go let me Google this ks3 [Music] inid overclock I I forgot what the name is [Music] can't see over clock uh GitHub not that I'm going to do it I'm not gonna I'm not saying I'm going to do it I just wanted to see um ice Ser okay no they don't have a ks3 one it's a ks3 l ks2 ks1 ks0 so there's no ks3 uh ks3 brosis I just got order from crypto Miner Bros nice nice man um fully electric what the max max wattage support on the PSU I I don't know how would I find that out I I just want to make sure this mines first without even doing anything it's at 3200 Watts right now all right I I think we can read the power supply together hold [Music] on okay all right what does that say can you read that fully electric well I can't I can't read it from here my screen's too small you only you guys can read it what does it say what's the max uh wattage [Music] there 34 3,400 Watts okay so right now we are taking um right now we are taking uh 326 3 32 15 watts 326 Watts [Music] okay okay so what with the overclock what with the how much power would the overclock take uh great good mining what does your meter box show right now uh [Music] 3216 what are your fans at uh that's a good question um where do I find that [Music] right here 59 5900 5900 RPM that sounds like Max cuz I can hear this thing is is screaming um now I think T Swift told me that he might have an overclock but I would need to take out the fans and do the fr designs uh thing uh the the fuan design uh shroud kit um hold on let me let me find that let me find that fruition fruition designs I I'm always uh I know I know pronouncing it wrong fruition designs ice River KS Deluxe series ks2 K ks3 ah yes this [Music] guy ah yes this one this one ks3 the power at the bottom this is what I need so the fans alone like the fans alone probably takes a crap ton of power right so if we can knock off like like 200 Watts then I could overclock in theory right if we're taking 3200 Watts right now we could knock off another what 200 [Music] Watts yeah is this thing mining I don't see it I don't see any hashes here I think we broke it it's not we're getting accepted shares temperature 33 to 51 all right let's see let's see uh workers ks3 yeah go ks3 is showing it's showing ah I've been thinking about the new ks3 KS Z Pro I have an original KS Z overclock not sure if these willever pay off well red CPU men yeah you're going to have to think long term if you have those ah fully electric it's working just takes 9 to 10 minutes oh okay takes time Tak time okay okay okay I I have no patience all right I have no patience so can I turn down the fans let's this can I do like can I just do like 70 like this thing is really [Music] loud like if this thing if this thing is at 34 Inlet and 51 temp two that's really that's really low that that is that is really low like that's that's extremely cool right okay sound is a little better um Sergey papovich up to 65 degrees okay for chips okay 65 degree okay uh okay that's good to know all right 3.2 Terra has at the pool 10 minutes try 50 40% okay oops I forgot to hit the check mark [ __ ] it's it's better it's better but it's still loud it's better but it's it's I can still hear [Music] it all right well that was uh that's uh that's pretty cool so what is the profit now on one of these things okay with with Caspa still going up and price how much does a ks3 ice over ks3 make now $140 a day wow 2500 2,000 Caspa a day okay all right that's that's pretty good that's pretty good what's the casa Network hash rate right now 54 huh 51 P I thought it was 54 why' it go down oh maybe ice over shipping out and bitm shipping out a whole bunch around the same time mine around the same time mine left for shipping so they've been turning them all off uh too funny all right how many people we have here wow 129 people 70 likes nice Bros thanks for being here I appreciate you all having some fun here man we had what a long day we had two streams today I don't think I've ever done that oh we're hitting up 58 degrees celsus is that good that's not good I mean 58 I feel like that's still okay for that kind of money it could be loud SS kaspa net hash kind of plateaued a bit yeah yeah you're right it has it has uh Seb it has for sure I'm curious um who's buying those wind Miner k9's and um uh other other as6 you know um okay well I want to make sure this goes on the pool at like 8 ter has 4.65 ter has are we seeing hash right here finally 7505 gigahash o we're getting we're not getting eight terahash we're getting 7.5 maybe it's maybe it's still spoing up all right Bros okay is there anything else you guys want to want me to try great a good mining it'll go up still okay I'm going to put the fruition design kit on with the with the uh infinity fan I think that'll be that'll be pretty cool that that that should bring down um that should bring down the power also oh the fans did go down so I went to 50% we're at uh 3175 Watts now 3175 how's your temp now that you turned down the fence um let's see I don't have it in an optimal spot like I should really put it on my Asic rack where cooler temperatures are coming in but it's at 60 59 57 temp 2 temp 1 is 36 37 36 is that sound about right great a good mining did you upgrade the latest firmware um I don't even know I is there is there some new firmware [Music] far more download okay uh improve web interface better user experience fixing some known issues uh ks3 2023 0916 okay so what firmware what firmware do I have now should I should I update it should I Do It cast ks3 ks2 ks3 l ks3 m I think you're on the old firmware yes updated all right let's do it uh this one looks like to be the one download um downloads please please unzip before upgrading uh extract please verify yeah yeah okay all right all right 5977 449 59774 this I don't see any of that number okay so what I want to do let's take a sniping shot let's see if it changes if we upgrade it sure yeah I take a snapshot of that and let's compare let's see if it's it's if it changes all right let's do it let's do it let's freaking update select vile downloads here here uh I did that right update here we go all right sebs I'm in the camp of don't fix what ain't broke yeah I like for more updating I though I have had cases where that has bricked some miners in the past operation succeeded uh re confirm restarting the machine okay operation Suess accessible okay so it's going to reboot or I have to reboot it okay it's it's rebooting okay yeah the fans just turned off yep it's it's rebooting now let's wait for it let's wait for it let's see if there's any change it's rebooting by itself yeah reboot once it's done yeah I yeah I I think it it just rebooted by itself so yeah after clicking okay H thank you guys for your help thank you everyone for being here great a good mining you especially you are the Casp of mining God uh you I would say you focus on on cast mining I I wish I could just go all all in just you know focus on Castle mining but I have to do other stuff otherwise I go crazy now the waiting game again all right I think it's coming back all right I'm going to uh control F5 to update it okay all right looks I can save my stuff all right let's see if the number's different is it different bin image sis oh uh ks3 yeah it's it's good yeah it's new yeah you're right I need a firmware update yeah awesome there you go 5 97449 there you go oh that there you go new update there you go all right let's see if we get more hash right now let's see if I get any do I get any like low power mode no okay all wait hold on let me control F5 this page sometimes it comes up no okay 69 Terra hash incoming nice that's awesome that's awesome well we'll see if we get the 8 terahash then John English Tech fmer first then apply the overclock for our next yes yes yes uh before I do that though I'm going to put the F fruition uh designs kit on I think I think I have I think I have it right I need to ask them I don't know I think they only sent me the ks1 ks2 kit I may need the ks3 uh fuan design kit fruition designs K I need this one I think I already have I already have the ks1 ks2 uh kit I think it looks different I don't know I I have to yeah I have to see all right let's see if this is better let's see what hash rate we get um I'm just curious how fast they adjust now yeah I'm curious if the new firmware is [Music] faster uh please send how to upgrade skk Pro 120 ter um there will be a luxor.

tech firmware soon I think I'm supposed to be remoting in they're supposed to remote into mine and uh set it up um to get like insane efficiency so stay tuned say stay tuned for that fans back at 100 yeah I have to change that myself right yeah it's really loud really loud really loud all right it's at 50 now it's going from 3300 watts to like 32 ah the fans take so much power it's amazing D miners what's up man what's up welcome to the live stream bro how are you I thought it will reach s cents today it did it did but now it's uh almost it pretty much hit seven uh but now it looks like it's coming down a bit uh see what your watts are under the new firmware okay I'm waiting for it to show some hash right here we are at 3,300 Watts actually oh the power has gone up the power power consumption is now higher you see that 334 3312 3,313 Watts I think we're at like 32 something but I think that's because we're only getting 7.5 terahash so I think now we are getting uh higher right gota wait for this to gota wait for this to ramp up only been four minutes okay I'll let this ramp up uh guys I have to take a quick piss I'll be right back surprised to see you live this late in my time much love Brody U much love man yeah I've been streaming all day like the m6s and now this ks3 uh we're going to we're going to be done here shortly keep the exhaust at around 60c great a good mining that you know what I'm not let's put the fans back to Auto I'm just uh Auto is auto is what 100 do I just put nothing here just like that right save all right now the fans are going back up so it's unchecking it will be Auto right all right I left it I left it I'll see if it adjusts anything we're at 3350 Watts still climbing I don't see any software water uh software hash right yet okay you guys take a look at the power I will be right back give me give me one sec quick pee too much coffee too much shaking be right back [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] all righty okay I'm back best place to buy Casa with a with BTC crypto Miner Bros link down below go check out endless mining go check out Coastal Crypt mining uh mop.

They all take Bitcoin go check them out go check out the pricing Crypt Miner bro shows all in pricing shipping and all that stuff all right Bros is that it I'm back double stream mining King we've been streaming all day bro all day man m6s new the new 188 terahash Asic Bitcoin Asic and now we have a ks3 in our hands and we are getting one more terahash we're at 7.5 terahash and doing the firmware update we're now at 8.5 sorry we're using the ice rers firmware not the uh overclock this is not an overclock um but we are using more power which kind of scares me we're at 3 350 3,350 Watts so I think putting on the fuan design kit will alleviate some power from the PSU a bit right that that'll help that'll help a lot 35 degrees Celsius 53 degrees Celsius on the uh that's pretty good temperatures are pretty good really good Seb oh my God man thanks for the donation head out I need to get some work done on a video before bed you're the best the streams you too man Subs thanks so much man awesome awesome awesome bro awesome my overclock ks2 better is good too ni DJ mines your overclock is good that's awesome man it's awesome uh where would be good place to get hosted in Canada uh newy J I will have my video soon I've went of where I went I got my ASX hosted in Canada I will um that's coming up soon uh my ASX are not on yet where I get been hosted because uh they're still like finishing out their buildout but um I will have that in the next week or two um it's only a 25% boost so it's nothing too dangerous I'd guess yeah that's that's pretty good man that's pretty good either way really good boost all right Bros I think that's it I should put my uh I should put my efficiency in here see what I get um uh let's see ice River ks3 um RPM normal um hash rate we're getting what again 8.5 8.5 so 8500 at 3354 Watts that's going to be efficiency of what three 0.39 so if we go like that that means my ks3 is top five top five not bad not bad all right um let's see here custom Computing what's up man custom Computing 8.5 ter and stomp in it hell yeah D miners public thank you for hosting our our contest on our pool thank you so much d d miners no worries man that was fun with a lot of uh good good good turnout good turnout for the miners on D miners for DX yeah that was good man hell yeah hell yeah oh yeah oh look at that that hash rate jump boom it's not at 8 Terra has though that's what I'm kind of waiting to see okay so we got seven Terra has great a good mining which mining pool do you seem to like the most uh for Caspa what what what mining pool have you had good luck on good yields I guess good a good sense of yield a good sense of of earning that money you know earning that Casa uh K1 pool K1 pool okay I might have to switch there maybe I I'm doing vfc cuz I have all of my as6 on here LTC Etc uh Z ckb K7 Dash I have all of that's the reason that's the my biggest reason why I have everything on here C even kaspa um yeah it just it just works well for me because I have everything yeah K1 pool has the lowest fees and 0% rejected shares [Music] ah very nice very nice that's a good call okay mining King I'm ignoring you mining King no config setup mining King no oh here yeah actually mining King here yeah look you can look at my wallet look there there you go RPM 2023 good luck good good luck on that money King no King no stop it penda I need a wallet address you know why no no King I sent that to you for you okay it's it it was a gift all right you don't need to pay me back for it Hannah can I have your seed phrases thanks SE DJ mines I don't have much anyway so yeah you can have it I've had a lot of bills come up so kind of sucks had to sell some H oh there you go 8.19 t terahash 10 minute average that looks better that looks better King God damn it King um all right Bros I think that's it is there anyone streaming after me DJ are you streaming is there anyone streaming after me excuse me King we are oh uh Terra has Tuesday what time is [Music] that mining King ah right here mining King right here live in 77 minutes ah all right you guys you guys gotta stream now so I can redirect you I think I can redirect you anyway hold let me let me see um yeah I can redirect all right perfect perfect all right Bros that's it thank you for today thank you for all the fun that was a that was a lot that was we did a lot of testing a lot of uh fun stuff today thanks for tuning in it's time for me I got to go eat yeah I have to go eat too um thank you to crypto Miner Bros for sending me the ks3 worked out a deal I paid half they paid half and uh we are doing this uh yeah I got to make the how-to video for you guys and all for everybody so all right that's it good night everyone thank you guys if you want to buy any as6 if you guys are interested in any as6 links Down Below in the description um I get a little Kickback at no cost to you if you decide to buy any as6 from any of the uh Hardware resellers in the description from Crypt Miner Bros Coastal crypto mining endless mining or mop.

I am partnered with all those guys so I appreciate all of them appreciate you guys too you guys are awesome thanks for tuning in into the live stream I will see you on Mr mining King and Hawk crypto mining for Tera hash Tuesday that's going to be sick that's going to be sick all right I'll see you all in the next one all right you guys have a great one thank you so much stay safe out there check all your cables don't burn your house down and stay cool peace Bros peace peace peace [Music] peace [Music] sh [Music] n [Music] n.

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