LSNH 8 GPU ETH-HSW3 Ethereum Mining Rig Machine, Cryptocurrency Mining Machine System & Platform, Mining Motherboard Including CPU, Mining Case with SSD, Cooling Fans, RAM (No GPU)

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8 GPU slots ETH-HSW3 miner system


ο‚· Product name: ETH-HSW3

ο‚· Graphics card spacing: 8 cards, slot spacing 67mm (2.64in)

ο‚· CPU: Intel 4th generation dual-core notebook U

ο‚· Memory support type: DDR3 SO-DIMM slot

ο‚· System hard disk interface: 1*mSATA

ο‚· Display interface: 1*HDMI

ο‚· USB interface: 4*USB2.0 interface

ο‚· Connection line: 8 pure copper 8p power cords

ο‚· Fans: 4 fans 12038 6000RPM

ο‚· Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit

ο‚· PCIE slot number: 8*PCIEX16 slot

ο‚· Chassis size: 69.5*40*18cm (27.36in*15.75in*7.09in)

Package Included:
1 * Motherboard CPU group
1 * 4G DDR3 memory
1 * 128G MASTA SDD
1 * 1800W dedicated power supply for mining machine
4 * Cooling fan
8 * Adapter cable
1 * Chassis

1. When the GPU is used for overclocking, the power consumption will be much higher. It is recommended to use it below the rated power of the power supply, otherwise it is easy to burn the motherboard and power supply! For example, in the case of 3090 overclocking, the power consumption of a single card is about 350W, so we recommend that you use 4 cards. 3080 overclocking is also 4 cards. The 3070 and 3060 can hold 8 cards, and the operation is stable.
2. Another method: You can connect another psu separately, calculate the power of the power supply, and add a GPU.
[8 GPU interfaces] The mining machine system comes with 8 GPU interfaces, and the GPU interface spacing is about 67mm (2.64in). The motherboard can install 8 GPUs at the same time. The actual work done for you is lasting and rewarding. (Please read the precautions in the product description carefully before buying!)
[Built-in 1800W power supply] Our case is equipped with a 1800W mining machine dedicated power supply, ultra-high work efficiency and multiple power supply protection, to provide your system with more reliable and stable output voltage and more consistent power supply. The power supply can be built-in or external to meet your various needs. At the same time, the mining machine case is equipped with 4 6000rpm cooling fans, which can provide airflow and assist GPU heat dissipation. PC case suitabl
[Upgrade material] The GPU frame shell of our mining machine is made of high-quality steel, which is durable and reusable. Two large CPU cooling plates provide super cooling. 4 cooling fans, fast heat dissipation, to ensure your normal use. It can fully protect your GPU and electronic equipment from damage and save your usage cost. Excellent equipment design improves GPU performance. Higher mining efficiency
[Safe mute] Guarantee mute performance, low power consumption, reduce heat generation, energy saving, and safe use. It is designed for the cryptocurrency Ethereum. This is a necessary condition for mining any other cryptocurrency. Note: The hard disk does not have a system installed. After downloading from the official website of the system, there is a corresponding installation and usage tutorial
[Caution] Please make sure that all connection interfaces are in good contact to prevent the motherboard/GPU from overheating. The miner system does not have its own GPU. Our mining machine rack can be used for rtx 3080/3090, but we recommend that you install 4-6 graphics cards. After exceeding, the motherboard will automatically limit the computing power of the graphics card. Our motherboard only supports single power supply. If you want to use multiple power supplies, you need to short-circuit

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