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Introduction: Listing of Iron Fish on Kucoin and Gate IO

Iron Fish, a cryptocurrency, has recently been listed on both the Kucoin and Gate IO exchanges. This article will explore the current liquidity of Iron Fish on Kucoin and provide an overview of the withdrawal fees associated with the exchange. Additionally, we will discuss the process of depositing Iron Fish onto Kucoin and provide insights into the hash rate of the cryptocurrency.

Liquidity and Pricing on Kucoin

At present, the liquidity of Iron Fish on Kucoin stands at 2.1 million. The price of Iron Fish on Kucoin is 8.19, which is relatively reasonable. However, it’s important to note that the price may vary depending on network difficulty and other factors that determine the break-even price.

Withdrawal Fees on Kucoin

Before engaging in any cryptocurrency trading, it is essential to consider the withdrawal fees associated with an exchange. On Kucoin, the withdrawal fee for Bitcoin is 0.00005 BTC, which equates to approximately $13.62 at the current BTC price. This fee might be considered high, prompting some traders to seek alternative options for withdrawing their funds.

Fortunately, the withdrawal fees for Litecoin on Kucoin are relatively low, as is typically the case with most exchanges. The withdrawal fee for Litecoin on Kucoin is 0.001 LTC, roughly equivalent to $0.08. Traders looking to minimize withdrawal fees might consider using Litecoin as an alternative to Bitcoin on Kucoin.

Advantages of Trade Ogre for Bitcoin Withdrawals

While Kucoin offers reasonable withdrawal fees for Litecoin, Bitcoin withdrawals on the platform can be quite expensive. However, there are alternative options available for traders looking to withdraw Bitcoin at a lower cost. Trade Ogre is a popular exchange with a withdrawal fee of 0.000005 BTC, which translates to $1.32. This fee is significantly lower than Kucoin’s withdrawal fee, making Trade Ogre an appealing choice for traders.

It is worth mentioning that there might be even cheaper options for Bitcoin withdrawals available on other exchanges. Some exchanges charge as little as $0.27 for Bitcoin withdrawals. Traders are encouraged to explore different exchanges and compare their withdrawal fees to find the most cost-effective solution.

Overview of Iron Fish Liquidity on Kucoin

Returning to the topic of Iron Fish, the liquidity on Kucoin appears to be favorable, with prices for buy and sell orders coming relatively close together. While some exchanges have significant price disparities, Kucoin exhibits a more balanced market between buyers and sellers. This convergence of prices across exchanges suggests that liquidity is gradually syncing itself between platforms.

Deposit Process on Kucoin

For those unfamiliar with the deposit process on Kucoin, here is a step-by-step guide. Firstly, navigate to the “Assets” section in your Kucoin account, then select the “Main Account” option. Next, search for Iron Fish in the search bar and click on the “Deposit” button next to it. Finally, choose the appropriate network and select the “Memo Address” to obtain the necessary deposit details.

It is crucial to note that, similar to other exchanges, Kucoin requires both an address and a memo to complete a successful deposit. If you require a more detailed explanation of this process, please refer to a video tutorial provided by the platform.

Hash Rate and Future Speculation

The hash rate of Iron Fish has been steadily increasing, currently sitting at 5.95 petahashes. Although this might seem substantial, it is important to recognize that it is relatively low in comparison to Ethereum’s hash rate, which is approximately 24 terahashes. Thus, there is still room for more GPUs to join the network.

The future of Iron Fish remains uncertain. Will the hash rate continue to rise, or will it decline? What impact will this have on the cryptocurrency’s price? These questions still require speculation, and only time will reveal the answers. Regardless, there are several factors to consider, such as potential pump movements, changes in hash rates, and overall market trends.


In conclusion, the listing of Iron Fish on both Kucoin and Gate IO provides traders with additional opportunities for trading and liquidity. While the withdrawal fees on Kucoin can be relatively high for Bitcoin, alternatives such as Litecoin and other exchanges like Trade Ogre offer lower fees. The liquidity for Iron Fish on Kucoin appears to be favorable, with prices for buy and sell orders gradually aligning. Additionally, the increasing hash rate of Iron Fish presents both challenges and opportunities for traders and investors.

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  1. Of course people are turning OFF, nothing is profitable right now and not everyone enjoy less than $0.10 USD per kWh all around the planet lol
    Also, people generally don't really trust that project, they are plenty of skilled people (including devs) who provided their analyses of IRONFISH and it's not looking good lol

  2. Thank you for the videos. From experience, we are retesting bear market downtrends, IRON has no real use on real or digital work cases. My prediction is that it will sell off as miners start finding ways to offload it into exchanges.

  3. The fact that ironfish has already "somehow" made it to KuCoin in less than a week when Kaspa is still not on it should tell you something about the type of people behind it and where their priorities lie.

  4. rabid, kraken are the cheapest, try to look it, Thats my fav exchange if I want to withdraw BTC (0.00002btc). transfer xlm to kraken, swap to btc, and withdraw.

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