My Bitmain S21 Died After 3 Days.

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[Music] he [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I am going to troubleshoot my brand new freaking bitmain ant Miner S21 after a couple days of mining it has already stopped so whether or not this is just because of a fan I hope to God it's just just because of a fan apparently it says fan one is not detected its speed is low fan error and then it says repair suggestion check whether the fan one connection is normal replace the power supply or replace the fan I definitely don't want to replace the power supply uh the fan is will be easy enough there's a second error it says pretty much the exact yeah exact same thing here is the time stamp I just turned it on and off and reset it and same air it's providing the same error okay and and if we check the minor log as well if I scroll to the very bottom you can see that it says sweep eror string f11 okay it says fan control only find three out of the four so it looks like uh could be F1 that is not that is not working okay it says fan error fan lost so I hope to God that it's just a fan issue and not a power supply issue so I am going to take this apart I'm going to bring you guys along with me here and uh I wonder which fan it's going to be let's see if uh yeah it looks like uh I think this fan is not moving but this one is okay so it might it might be this one I'm not quite sure I'm I'm going to look for F1 and then we'll just see what just see what that is uh in the control board so let's go ahead take this thing apart and replace the fan and we'll do that right after a word from our sponsor you know quantum computers you know blockchain but do you know both together DX was the first platform to create a neuromorphic super Computing blockchainbased algorithm which solves real world problems and the the best part anyone can post a job whether a company from the global 2000 a machine learning job or fin Tech and pharmaceutical and if you don't want to program it yourself get an expert directly at the marketplace run the job and be impressed by the fast result okay going to turn this off that's going to unplug the ethernet uh hasn't been drawing much power anyway it say 20 watts right now fault light is going to unplug the cable from the pdu and this should hopefully turn off yeah okay I'm going to unplug this new p133 to C20 cable and that looks yeah pretty easy there's a clip here two clips to pull this out so yeah there's the new connector in case you guys have not seen it okay now let's go ahead going to unscrew the top okay so this is where I want to see I guess J1 j0 J2 j3 the fan plugs which actually I think it's uh uh I have the log right up here it says J1 J2 j3 and j4 so that should be J one if that's corresponding to Fan one that's the one I need to uh take out okay so I took out one of the little screws behind here and yeah so now you should be able to see this whole setup I'll bring you guys closer okay I already see a huge issue so this bitmain S21 has these new style Square fan plugs okay apparently these are I haven't read like the official statement on these but I'm assuming it's pretty much to handle more throughput More Voltage through these cables ESS essentially uh more amps I guess for uh powering these fans so how this limits me right now is I don't have any spare fans with these new Square style plugs I have a normally these four pin okay four four pin fan plugs typical bit main fans you know the mtek 2.7 amp fans here okay these are the ones that normally uh usually put in like on my you know s9s but actually more so recently I know like I think the what's Miner m6s and s19 K Pros are utilizing these new uh Square style fan plugs okay so my what's minor m6s uh this is a 140 mil f and and it utilizes yeah one of these new Square uh fan plugs as well and there's actually one on the back right here as well so yeah that's a new fan style plug now I have a s19 K Pro I think this utilizes two or four of the square plugs you know let me open up the top okay let's see uh this has the mtech fen as well okay so let me just take off the top cover here that is that's a that looks like a deadly deadly spider oh okay this S 19k pro this is a 115 terahash model and this one has the two uh Square fan plugs and then the normal two fan plugs there so I guess the two front ones are going to be the square and the two back ones are going to be uh for those normal four pin all right so that's huh that's interesting you know what I just thought of something I could you know essentially take out out the fan from here and use this for my S21 yeah n you know what I'll just wait all right so where can I get replacement fans uh if I can't use these actually I I think you can also get adapters okay so the square or no sorry adapters for these so it would be basically the four pin to a square adapter which I believe alter tech.

IO sells and they also do sell the uh Square fans as well on their website so actually link down below if anyone's interested or looking for those parts so I myself I'm going to place an order on .io for probably four new fans and you know what maybe I'll try those uh four pin to square adapter adapters as well maybe uh that might be a thing but you know just good to have spares I guess and yeah all right so I guess with the bitmain S21 not only do they have the new power plug Edition right they're also adding on or replacing the normal four pin with these new Square plugs for more powerful fence more wattage throughput rather than uh these so I'm guessing the new requirements uh for like the S21 or higher or you know what's miners are now all moving towards these new uh four pin Square uh connectors okay so well that's a fail I I can't fix this in this video now cuz I simply didn't have a another another fan to replace granted I like I said I could have taken one from my s19 K but I don't want to do all that that thing works just fine I have it unplugged right now cuz I'm getting ready to move a lot of my as6 to uh hosting uh provider I'll let you guys know when I do that video but I'm going to be moving all those as6 you guys saw earlier for hosting so stay tuned for that okay guys well that's uh I'm going to be I guess held up for I don't know who knows how long probably a week until or two weeks maybe until I can get a new fan and hope to God that it's just a fan uh issue according to the warning according to the web goey which is nice you can see the error message there uh but hopefully I don't have to replace the power supply or anything like that God forbid but okay all right my friends that's it I that's all I want to do in this video and let me know uh what you guys think about new S21 and my fan potentially dying potentially it's the fan PSU who knows we'll know in a in a week or two all right I'll see you guys in the next video have a good one peace out peace out

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