Quiet Heater Miner for Home | The Jasminer X16QE Review

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[Music] [Applause] hey guys red pen mining here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I have a brand new Jazz Miner x16 QE this is a new released model from Jazz Miner and this is a 1, 650 mahash 6 GB of memory so just thinking right now I believe there are a few coins that this will not be able to mine because of the 6 GB limit on this JZ Miner x16 QE but we'll talk about that later on in this video and I'll do some analysis of the current models right now for jazz Miner and what else is out there especially compared to efficiency and of course we will talk about the profitability of this x16 QE currently and I'll talk about about my opinion regarding this minor okay so thank you to crypto Miner Bros for sending me this x16 QE here you guys have probably seen the Jazz Miner x16 Q review on the channel already so first impressions this minor is exactly the same I'd say body the same size as the x16 q but there's just a little bit less I'd say hash rate compared to the x16 Q which I believe does over 2 gash but this one does 1.65 G hash okay at about 550 W is the advertised power consumption which will be able to mine at 120 volt to 240 volt so it did come with the power cables here there's two different power cables it came with so this one I believe is a uh Asia or uh EU plug here and then I also have a North American plug here this will be able to plug into typical North American 120 volt plug Outlets here okay so I will test that out in this video here we will see how much power this thing will actually take while mining it also came with the ears okay so you can rack mount this x16 QE to a server rack which is great so just quickly looking at the front here at the top this is the indicator lights at the top normal or fault IP report button and there's a reset button here which uh you'll have to use a paperclip then on the back of where the I/O is here just the power cable also ethernet port but there's also Wi-Fi as well so it does come with a Wi-Fi antenna that you'll be able to screw in on the back here and there is the power button on the back as well okay so this thing in a way is as it's only about 550 to 600 WTS it's going to be versatile that you can put this anywhere in your house and I'd say one of these things is going to be good for heating your house for let's say winter time though the size is I'd say quite big like like a desktop size compared to I don't know those little box miners that are much smaller and you know they're maybe 400 w or so so kind of similar but a little bit more space but the advantage here is because the only thing that you'll need to plug in is just the power and of course it'll have Wi-Fi so you can essentially put this anywhere okay let me quickly plug in the power cable and we'll turn this on okay Power Cable's in ethernet's in I also did screw in the Wi-Fi adapter we'll need to plug in the ethernet first because obviously I need to get into it first so that I can configure the Wi-Fi and also the mining pool and all that kind of stuff so let's go ahead let's turn this on okay and this thing is probably going to be very quiet the x16 Q was generally quiet as well so that's why this thing is advertised to basically mine at home you know somewhere upstairs and also produce some heat as well but these things are pretty efficient for what they are these days but we'll talk about the 6 GB I guess kind of a limitation in a way that currently this will not be able to mine ethereum w and then I believe ethereum fair is going to be hitting up the 6 GB dag in September of 2024 so then this will not be able to mine ethereum uh fair or W but of course this will be able to mine ethereum classic or dual mine ethereum classic and zelica or you could mine OCTA space with this thing okay but let me set this up in the computer and then we'll talk about all that stuff in the computer I'll show you guys what coins this will be able to mine and what coins this won't be able to mine okay so it's been almost 24 hours since I've been mining with this thing I've actually been mining with it for the past like 3 days I've just been like testing out different Power modes on this thing so if we go to minor okay scroll down you can see work mode so they have efficiency uh balance performance and performance Ultra so I've been having a bunch of issues actually trying to get performance and performance Ultra to work it seems like when I click on these and I either restart it and wait for it to build a DE and go it seems like it's just on balance mode like it performance and Ultra doesn't seem to work on this model yet maybe it's just I don't know maybe they're I'm waiting for a firmware update I did look on their website on Jaz miner.

Comom if there's any firmware and there isn't so I don't know if mine is maybe the only one that's having this issue or not I'm not quite sure but I've only been able to see different numbers between balance and efficiency okay which I have done already on my efficiency here so right now my balance mode okay I'm getting about pretty much what is advertised you know plus or minus you know 3 or 5% okay so I'm getting about 1669 megahash at about 603 to 604 Watts at the wall okay so that is about an efficiency of 0.36 watts per hash or Jewels per ter has so not as efficient as the x16 Q as we can see here okay but the price is is generally much cheaper we'll talk about that in a second okay so now let's just show you guys the web GUI just a little bit more here okay so I have been having a bit of web gooey issues and I don't know if this again is because there's going to be a new firmware update coming soon or not but it's giving me a bit of a lot of bugs as you know as I was trying to play around with changing the power modes and such and uh going through here going here doing this when I changed it sometimes it would just freeze the whole rig and it wouldn't start loading the dag so see when I go back to dashboard you guys can see here no information is popping up but when I'm looking at the wall it's still mining at 604 Watts so I have to press F5 on the keyboard sometimes to reol the web goey now sometimes if I do that it doesn't come up and sometimes I click on this Auto refresh button it works sometimes it doesn't I try different browsers I'm using Brave browser right now uh Google Chrome was giving me like the same issues so I don't know if some of you guys have noticed this issue with some of the Jazz miners web gooey it's a bit buggy in a way all right so anyways yeah it is mining okay if I show you to k1p pool.or which I'm mining octop space and zelica right now you can see right here x16 Q getting about 1.62 gigahash okay it it fluctuates from I saw go up to 1.7 you know 1.65 as you can see the fluctuations and hash rate on this thing according to the dashboard here it goes from like 1,700 megahash up to like 2,79 at one point I don't know what happened there but then went down to 1447 megahash 1888 you know it's it's fluctuating quite a bit here so my average though over the past 23 hours has been about 1632 megahash okay so I'm not getting the you know 1650 at about 550 Watts I'm at like 1669 at about you know 63 Watts okay so yeah the adverti uh QE model here is supposed to be 1650 at around 550 but again that's plus or minus 5 or 10% so that's kind of a given but my performance and performance Ultra mode was not giving me the numbers that I could see a difference between balanced or not so but efficiency mode there is a difference here so I was able to get 1,600 mahash at about 533 Watts okay so the efficiency there seems to be a little bit better 0.34 so there you guys go there's the results I got on this QE specifically okay so I guess silicon Lottery everyone else's model is going to be different okay let's talk about the risks now involved in buying one of these for anyone that's looking to purchase one of these thank you to crypto Miner Bros if you guys are interested their pricing on their website is all in pricing it also includes the shipping and also they also lower the value of the minor when it comes to you so that you have to play less duties and tax so thank you to Crypt Miner Bros link down below use code red panda for another $50 off okay so let's talk about the efficiency against the other popular Jazz miners or you know eash Etc has Asic miners that are out in the market right now okay so the bitmain E9 Pro is about 55 Whopper hash right but as we go up here the QE that's about 0.35 0.36 okay but as we go up here you can see the JZ Miner x6p is just marginally better here the x16 Q is a little bit better here 0.31 okay versus 0.35 but then you know recently we do have some newer models like the bombb easy 100 and easy 100c uh though these ones have only 5.2 GB of RAM apparently so this actually goes in line with the QE here which these are only 6 GB of vram so this is where we're going to talk about some of the coins that this minor can not mine so obviously it can mine ethereum classic CU ethereum classic de size right now is 3.6 GB so 6 GB model as the aqe is here will be able to mine ethereum classic no problem I'm also mining octop space you can see the de size is 2.125 so it's still a long times wait till we can actually hit the 6 GB uh dag size which is in 231 but here are some coins that you know the QE is not able to mine such as as ethereum W okay the dag size for ethereum w right now is 6117 and that's already past 6 GB so the QE cannot mine eth W then if we look at eth Fair eth eth F this is currently at 5.83 6 GB all right but if we go up to 6 gab that's going to hit up in around September 9th of 2024 so the next couple months here okay so that's just something to consider even though you know mining ew or E fair or sometimes octop space or classic the profitability could be you know different amongst all these coins but looks like actually eth Fair looks to be the most profitable at this point in time but I do like to compare other you know calculator websites out there so not just mind the Asic as uh some of their numbers are sometimes wrong I also like to go to Hash rate.

So I've input my numbers here uh 1650 around 600 watts so Etc ew OCTA space So currently mining these three right now okay not dual mining but just by itself you're makeing about $2 a day now if we were to add zil okay so just talking about the profitability of this thing uh Zila which you know they did announce that they are going to move to POS so I'm not sure when that's going to happen but I did take a snapshot roughly of how much zil I've been mining uh after you know I turned this thing on so it's about 37 34 to 35 36 zil a day okay I have I do have other I Polo miners on here I'm just mining out when I I started Mining and averaging out my other zil so about you know 30 to 35 zil a day so how much is that worth roughly so this XE is able to mine an extra 72 okay so including the you know $2 after electric okay so it' be about this thing would be earning about $275 72 a day currently at around I think 10 cent uh 10 10 cent kilowatt hour okay so if you had lower electric then this thing would be great so yeah around under $3 profit profitability right now um or if you had free electric it' be $330 $3 actually $4 including the zil okay not bad at the current state of the market now the price of this x16 QE is around $24.49 all right or $2,400 actually if you use code red panda for $50 off so if I just went here look at the dollar per gigahash okay so let's just see currently where these models stack up right now okay so the bitmain E9 doesn't exist anymore the x41 U I don't think exists anymore if it does it's used um looking at the x164 Q I don't know if this is uh I don't think they sell these anymore x16 QE okay so depending on where you're buying this okay it looks like the x16 QE might be one of the best dollar per gigahash miners out there now we don't know what the prices are going to be for the x44 Q if we did the efficiency comparison here they claim that these are going to be 0.1 watt per hash so that's extremely efficient almost three times more efficient all right or 3.5 times more efficient than the QE all right if you consider it that way but you don't know I think they rumored that this model is going to come out in 2025 so take that with a grain of salt but just looking at the current dollar per gigahash yeah it looks like the QE uh could be one of the better buys apparently but also the bombb miners now yeah if you buy the big boy bombb Miner that's about 177,000 but you know this only has 5.2 GB of RAM so same idea regarding the dag size of a of a lot of coins here um again there's no worry with ethereum classic or OCTA space but it's like ew or eth Fair these will not be able to mine on the bombs or the qes okay but you can mine it on the x6p or the x16 Q cuz these have 8 GB of RAM so it depends on what type of value uh you see there uh with being able to mine these other coins or not okay so what do you guys think of the x16 QE honestly my opinion I think this is a a good minor but it's going to depend on the price of this thing I love Crypt Miner Bros but I believe they're selling it for a little bit too much I think if this price came down to you know under $2,000 then I think the x16 QBE would be a good a good buy right now as you know this is a pretty quiet minor all right so same size as the x16 uh Q it's it's very quiet you guys can see here 56 DB yeah so yeah you can probably hear my other as6 in the background that's probably what's picking it up as well but yeah it's good for you know this thing runs on 120 volt no problem you guys can see here I have my voltage is dropping quite a bit 107 I have 600 WT already usage on this x16 QE okay so hopefully they work out some of the bugs I had in the web goei yeah nice amount of heat coming out here yeah just the performance mode or the performance Ultra wasn't working for me on this model I didn't notice any hash rate or power difference maybe my model here was I don't know a little bit of a dud uh just looking at the temperatures here it's fairly it's fairly cold it's under 50° C on the thing so yeah there's really no worry about this thing like overheating or anything even in the web goei the temperatures did say it was pretty much uh under 50 here yeah temperature uh 48 uh 45 48 okay so yeah this thing is pretty cool and yeah it's not going to run that hot H good to put somewhere because it also has Wi-Fi as well so there's an advantage of that all right guys you guys let me know what you think again there are other you know models out there that are are more efficient but depending on the price this is not bad this is this is really not bad but it's all going to come down to if you also believe in a lot of those coins are going to appreciate and have value in the future thus this minor could have a lot of value in the future as well especially for like coal miners but time will tell all right my friends thank you for watching let me know you guys' thoughts about the x16 QE here thank you to crypto Miner Bros for the miner here and I will see you all in the next video have a good one [Applause] peace out peace out

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