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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day um I did reach out to the solid team and I have a direct line of contact so that is awesome I will start off with if you uh guys want to go ahead and comment down below and if I don't if any of your like major questions don't get answered in this video uh I will do a follow-up volley of questions uh to the salad team but I wanted to get some of these big overarching questions done and out of the way so um we were trying to set up a meeting but uh it's been tough like TimeWise so I just asked him hey you know can you go through these answer them and then I'll go over them on my YouTube channel and um luckily they they were really really really understanding about it and uh trying to play catchup more more than more than anything they just got a lot of people that have come online here recently um so uh I started off with uh what is the current target audience for salad chefs you know people that are are hosting rigs uh is it Gamers miners server Farmers like what are they going for me personally I think that they originally were going for like Gamers uh and that kind of thing but now that some of their container workloads are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it takes more and more resources I think they're going for more of like the X miners or hobbyists or high-end Gamers um but this is their answer so this has changed a little over the years the core audience of salad is PC Gamers primarily our storefront is tailored with rewards for gamers and our brand is similarly aligned however we have added several flexible rewards to the storefront like PayPal Prepaid MasterCards Etc so those who are not interested in Discord Nitro or steam gift cards can still find Value in salad as of late we've noticed a significant increase in crypto miners coming to salad especially since the ethereum transition to staking obviously we more than welcome this much of the workloads that your PC performs on salad are similar to Mining and those rigs can earn some serious lettuce when the power is plied in the kitchen uh Farms data centers and other setups in which the user does not have multiple discrete machines on site do not work well with salad the workloads we we run rely on having access to CPU cores RAM and GPU in the future we may have a solution for multiples but this does not currently exist on our platform okay so that that runs through some things um kind of what I I had guessed there so the next question is I have noticed me and a lot of people are having idle machines is it a supply issue or is it something we we should be doing um or updating or changing uh and this is the official answer it says depends on depending on what kind of machine it is our customers ask for specific cards and specs all the time the biggest problem we have right now is a lack of ram across the board many workloads are asking for over 48 GB plus of RAM and many people simply don't have that even if they have a top-of-the-line GPU is there any plans in the near future just to show individual rig stats on the dashboard earn page um and then they said I believe this is in the road map yep yes I'll double check with our product manager to make sure however right now we're heavily focused on enhancing the core capabilities and experience for our solad Cloud customers opening up access to newer and greater volumes of container jobs for our chefs well I I'm glad their core focus is getting more workloads and containers online because um if they don't have the containers then then the chefs won't stay here to chop so to speak so that is that's good but um having a dashboard a more advanced dashboard would be awesome not needed but it would be really nice um the next question will multi-gpu support be added in the future um it is on the road map but again it's not our priority in the near future short and sweet um then I asked can you give examples of some of the workloads that are being used on our hardware and uh he said of course without leaking too much information some of the commonly run workloads on salad are the following um image tagging SD fine tuning and training AI image generation AI audio transcri transcription and molecular molecular simulations man can I I can't talk molecu molecular you know what we're going to pretend I can't or I can say that my my North Carolina is showing through right now um so simulations there's also quite a few others as we have built salad to be workload agnostic so if you don't know what that is agnostic like uh available to everything or open to anything um as agnostic as possible but those constitute the majority of workloads on the network as of today um and then I think that was the first batch of questions let me go down to the second batch of questions um and while we do that we'll talk about some of those so I am glad that they're focusing on containers and jobs and not focusing on necessarily uh extra features and add-ons because that that's what we need um it doesn't matter if it had the nicest most integrated dashboard ever if we didn't make any money on it we wouldn't be here um so I I like all the answers it it does it is concerning that you know we still have to basically log into every computer to see what's going on um let's see here oh and this is when I asked so I have four I have 4 390s online but I'm having issues getting containers on all them is there a problem and he said that uh there is there's a low qu the quantity of 30 or 90 series available containers is low currently um but more should be unloaded okay let's see here okay and then I asked um so how are containers held or uh dropped or picked up and he said if you pick up a container that is listed as a indefinite a container it will run on your system as long as your system stays online and has no Hardware Pro or software problems or restarts or updates or anything like that so guys that means if you get a good five six $7 container um don't touch your computer just let it run let it run that's why it's nice to build dedicated rigs for this so that way it's not on your personal computer and you go to use it and you launch a game and then it um doesn't have enough system resources and it kicks salad off uh because as soon as you don't have enough system resources that container gets kicked off um and then it gets sent to somebody else the next person in line and he said that there is a q or a line based system and it goes off off of I guess some kind of reliability score or uptime score he has not elaborated on that more but I imagine if you're not online you're not going to be in line you know so you're not going to be able to get that that job um let me see if there was anything else I asked about network speed I told him I had six systems running and my entire network is 500 megabits down and 50 up and he said that should be fine for doing container workloads but not enough for um bandwidth sharing he recommended fiber 1 gig down 1 gig up minimum for bandwidth sharing so that's official from the solad team cuz everybody's like oh I got to turn bandwidth sharing on because I'm not a star Chef if I don't you still are a star chef but the user inter graphical user interface just does not show the star um yeah so you are a star Chef you're a star um see here um I think that was that was pretty much everything um oh okay so I I asked uh it looks like all my 309s are doing very similar if not the same jobs as my 3060 12 gig cards yeah my 309s there a few days ago were on $2 jobs and my 30 60s were on like $199 to $2 jobs um and then it says but I noticed the 40 series cards that were being posted and talked about in the solad Discord are getting better containers um here for example a 46d TI 12 G or 16 gig was doing $3 to $4 a day do 40 series get priority over 30 series how does that work um and then they said that 40 series are just a more desirable for customers we don't have any kind of priority system based on your specs it's all determined by what the jobs and customers are running and what kind of nodes they want us to use for instance right now we have a ton of 12 to 16 gig vram gpus getting pretty okay jobs despite the fact that one of our customers is asking for a couple dozen of these unfortunately that customer also wants them them to have 48 plus GB of RAM which many users with that size graphics card vram simply don't have our goal of course is simply to have so much node Supply and so much customer demand that it should all even out but we do tailor our marketing and referrals to focus on 30 60 in up cards since anything older or lower is unlikely to find great success on salad as of today although that isn't stopping us from trying to find use cases and customers for 20 and 10 series cards okay so that is kind of interesting um I forgot about that that last question so they are looking for something that could be used on 20 series and 10 series but that doesn't mean to go run out and buy a bunch of you know 2070 TI or 2060 12 gigs um probably would probably not a good idea but uh yeah anyway we're getting uh we're getting a little longwinded we already at almost 12 minutes I wanted to thank everybody for coming out today I've really enjoyed the salad content um it to me honestly it kind of feels like back in the early days of mining where I don't know everything it's like oh what about this what about that let's test this let's test that let me ask them see what they say um I I've been actually very uh very into it I've just built out another system last night another little 3060 system um I have 4060 TI coming in uh it's I I've I've enjoyed it um it's it's hard to like you know see something that makes money and it's like as you start adding more into it it makes more money and not just want to dive head first into it uh I feel like I've already kind of Dove a little bit head first into it not as much as some people um I want to do more but then I'm I also want to protect myself and not invest into potentially a platform that can't keep up not saying that salad's not going to be able to keep up uh but I don't want to have a bunch of 309s 490s 4060 TI 4070 TI uh sitting idle for very long and some people have compared it to vast cuz they're like oh man over on vast you know people aren't getting rented up very well either um and I mean I guess maybe that is just some kind of growing pains in this AI compute like Tech space but um I guess we're I'm going to give it the good old College try and I'm going to push for at least a a few months and see see where we're at um I am going to do an earnings video uh probably once a week and show you guys what my full earnings of my full Farm is if you want let me go and here let me show you where what the farm looks like right now so I just turned this one on that's a 3060 12 gig with a 10 core Zeon and then over here we have on the bottom these are RTX 390s so we have 339 90s right there they all have 64 gigs of uh system memory and those are on 12 core zons same zons as the combo kits I have 10 core and 12 core by the way I am changing the whole pricing structure 10 core zons are going down in price cuz I have I'm overloaded on them 12 G zons are staying the same um I got a better deal on a a ram supplier so shout out to the people that sent me uh some contacts because that helps out a lot I got 32 gigs 32 gig dims coming in hot by the way if you didn't know I am sponsored by myself bc- there's a link Down Below in the description I sell computer parts Hardware all that kind of stuff and all these systems are running on my budget Zeon combo kits so they they work pretty well and then this system up top is another 3060 12 gig and it's got 32 gigs of RAM with a that's a Zeon 10 core as well so um that's all the stuff that we have here we got got a little sonology box there and then at my office I have two 30 60s running up there um and one of them is actually on an x79 board which I don't even sell those I bought a couple of them in to test them out I do not like them they're very unstable compared to the x99 uh like newer Zeon stuff but um that one seems to be running okay it's got 32 gigs of RAM uh you know 30 60 12 gig it's making close to $2 a day uh and then the other 3060 is actually my wild child I put it on an i5 3470 which is a four core four thread like very very underrated very low power CPU from way back in the day it's only got 16 gigs of system RAM and it's holding like a175 $180 a day on a 3060 12 gig um that is the only system that I have not upgraded from 16 gigs of RAM because it's held this job now for I don't know almost a week I'm going to let that that thing run that job as long as it can till it runs out because all my other systems with 16 gigs of system memory were not finding jobs I don't think there's a lot of customers that are looking for systems with that low of system memory but anyway okay for real the video is over is way too long y'all have a good one goodbye okay if you made it this far in the video uh please go over to the the new Discord it's down below in the description um it's the one that I started a few months ago and we have a section called Salad show off your earnings it's similar to the official salad Discord except we can talk in there uh and do more than just show off earnings cuz in the official one they have slow mode on so you can't really ask questions very effectively when somebody posts something so you can go over there and see what people are doing and post what you're doing and you know show it off see if uh somebody's doing better than you actually you know what shout out the desert Miner posted that he had a $ over $7 container job for yesterday and today and everybody I was just like floored I'm like what are you doing how are you doing it I want to replicate it so he actually had a 4090 60 128 gigs of RAM sorry not 64 uh and then he was on a I think it was a 59 50x I'm not sure anyway I'm going to jump off here for real the video is definitely over now bye guys

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