Shiba Inu DAO Strengthens With Advisory & Investment Firm


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Shiba Inu, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, is bolstering its commitment to driving its ambitious goals in the crypto industry by appointing a new tech advisor. The move will see Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) providing expertise and advice to the Shiba Inu DAO Foundation. 

Strategic Partnership with Alpha Transform Holdings

In a Twitter post released by Lucie, a Content Marketer for the Shiba ecosystem, it was revealed that Alpha Transform Holdings, a leading cryptocurrency advisory venture capital firm would be entering a counseling role for the foundation behind Shiba Inu DAO. 

The update was disclosed on Monday, August 14 in a press release where ATH underlined all the benefits Shiba Inu could potentially gain from decades of experience providing expertise advice to major crypto projects in the industry. 

The partnership between Shiba Inu DAO and ATH was enthusiastically welcomed by Alpha Transform Holdings’s Partner, Media, and Entertainment lead, Seth Shapiro. He emphasized Shiba Inu’s pivotal role in transforming the future of the Web3 space and showed full support for the new alliance.  

“In the past 15 years, web2 technologies, mobile, streaming, and social, have rewritten the economics of media. We believe that web3 will have a significant impact in the coming years. The Shiba Inu ecosystem is one of the first to offer a 360 strategy for M&E integration at scale. We look forward to working with their team as this next era begins,” Shapiro stated.

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ATH Contribution To Shiba Inu DAO Growth

Alpha Transform Holdings is a new holding company with a team of advisors and strategic partners. According to reports, ATH’s team will provide Shiba Inu DAO with collective experience and knowledge of investments, industry technology, and operations. 

The digital asset organization includes a team of professionals in multiple fields including banking, design, and technology, who are said to have deep experience in providing support on topics such as mergers, IPOs, strategic developments, token economics, and more. 

ATH has also made partnerships with several high-value organizations, which SHIB potentially stands to benefit from. Some of these organizations include Nasdaq, Disney, and News Corp, veteran companies that have counseled leading blockchain projects like Ethereum and Tether.

Shiba Inu Lead Developer, Shytoshi Kusama has shown ardent support for the new alliance with ATH. He stated his anticipation towards Shiba Inu’s future with ATH guidance especially with Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s upcoming layer 2 Shibarium project almost finalized.  

“Now that Shibarium is nearly complete, and our full structure placed at the feet of the world, we couldn’t ask for a better partner to help shepherd this next phase of the Shiba global phenomenon,” Kusama stated. “We look forward to Alpha Transform helping our Foundation swiftly and effectively chart the best course possible for the future of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem.”

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