Shopify is Holding $5,000 of my money

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all right what's up ladies and gentlemen I don't know how many people I'm actually actually going to get on the live stream but um I figured me starting a live stream is an easier way for me to just get my message across uh than like going and recording a video that way I can interact with some people that do actually join in but regardless this has happened to me twice in the past it's been a couple months now since the last one but uh basically out of nowhere um Shopify has put my payments on hold multiple times then they got elevated up to a higher level and talked to managers and all the stuff they assured me this was never going to happen again this is Oh no you're fine as long as everything's on the up and up this would never happen again well um everything's been going smooth for a while now other than I linked as a payout method here recently well I linked it actually a while back it something went wrong with it I had to resubmit and reverifying processor and then uh yesterday 621 2024 uh I Got a notification that from that I was not eligible um to accept or they weren't able to use me as a payment process or I wasn't able to use them as a payment processor sorry words escaped me um so I was like okay no problem well a lot of people recommended you know using coinbase as a payment processor so that way I could take crypto in um all right that's fine so uh refunded the funds that they held because there was certain transactions that went in and never came back out so they refunded that money back to the people that sent it luckily it was only a few hundred bucks it's not the end of the the world it is what it is cost of doing business so those people already got their products I didn't hold their products because was holding the money for me um so they got products and they got their crypto back one person already reached out to me and he's like hey man I got like $40 something dollars and and Bitcoin back and I'm like yeah I explained the situation he's like well here I'll just you know what do you want me to do and I'm like I have PayPal I have cash app vinmo blah blah blah he made it right I don't expect people to that's you know that's on my end I guess I need to get all my payment processors like ironed out um but this morning after going through all the BS um shop I go to my Shopify payouts which I've cropped out so I'm not going to dox anybody's information or anything like that but I figured I'd show you guys what my payout um dashboard looks like and what I saw I got no emails from Shopify I got no notifications um no cont or anything I just see this right here um right here your payouts from Shopify payments are on hold holds are account specific and may occur during or due to reasons like information verification incorrect banking details or product eligibility nothing has changed since I started my company I've reverified with them three times banking details are correct um I actually bank with them I use their their Shopify in-house banking so there's no there's no incorrect banking details the banking is actually right up here in Balance um and then this is my pending payout balance right here so they're holding $463 of transactions that happened over the last three days it's been a good three days um I'm going to send those products out because I'm not going to hold people's money they have all always released my money they've never you know giving me my money but is it is ridiculous to think that anybody could run a legitimate business through Shopify if this is how they treat their I guess customers like I'm I am shopify's customer I pay for their service all this kind of stuff um so the next logical thing oh there salad needs an update um oh what's up sorry I haven't been keeping up with the live chat hammad what what's going on Chris Hanley um silver Knight PCS again Yes again and this is after they you know I had I talked to apparently some higher ups and they said this is never going to happen this is never going to happen um gaming Zone what's up bearded crisis NC in the house um Aragorn Strider live yeah we're live Brian Hood that's ridiculous man it is ridiculous so um I contacted customer support first thing this morning um and I'm like hey my my account's on hold I have no emails um I clicked on the learn more and it just tells you to check your email um and and check for reverifying my spam what's going on then they get back to me and they're like we're going to check into this we're going to refer it up to our our higher ups and we'll get back with you um you'll receive an email with a uh support ticket number and just you know keep a lookout well I I've I've you're suspiciously successful it seems that that's not allowed on Shopify um yeah I know they yeah um well regardless uh so I've waited I I've been outside working on a carport I actually I've been building myself a little carport for my Mustang that way it doesn't always have to go in the garage because right now the garage is full of computer parts that I'm trying to sell on Shopify uh so there's no room for the Mustang inside the garage um silver Knight says brother it's going to happen again that's the reason I don't deal with Shopify okay I think I'm actually I'm not done with shop Shopify in case you're watching Shopify give me my money um but yeah I'm I'm done with Shopify I yeah fool me once fool me twice uh they promis the world they promise it's never going to happen again and this is literally the third time uh and they're not it's not like okay for me right now $4,000 is not the end of the world it is a serious chunk of money because I I roll that money over into buying more stuff and selling more stuff that's what I'm I'm basically just a reseller um a glorified reseller uh but it's 4ou you know it's almost $5,000 it it's it is significant um I still can operate uh I that's not an issue I still going to send people's products out I don't want them to you know my customers to suffer because Shopify doesn't know how to treat its customers um but yeah I guess it is officially uh time to do something um some people told me oh you need to go full crypto a lot of shops do that the problem is I don't deal with just crypto miners I don't deal with just people in crypto so going full crypto is is unreasonable I see a kitty yeah the cat the cat's jumping all around right now um anyway back to the story I'm getting off base so talk to him this morning um I've seen no support ticket it's now almost 2: p.m.

So it's been somewhere in the range of like 5 to 6 hours uh nothing has popped up so I contacted support again and I screenshotted that this time you know I EXP explained everything and then they got back to me and this was the response and there's no phone support by the way I freaking hate that you're always talking with a chat person upon checking this per no this person had something different to say than the first one upon checking it appears that your Shopify payments is currently under review the review currently being conducted on your Shopify payments account is a standard procedure carried out periodically by Shopify and our banking Partners to ensure the security and compliance of all regulations and policies during this review period you may you may notice that payments from Shopify payments are tempor temporarily on hold you may notice no wait we definitely notice everybody notices um I ask then is there an estimated release date for the hold or a typical amount of time for the hold typically the review process is completed within approximately 1 to three business days well this this hold started on a what Saturday more is it Saturday is it Sunday I'm I'm Saturday morning so that means one to three days they're they're guaranteed three days so Monday Tuesday Wednesday they probably Thursday before they even mess with it they're probably going to hit me up Thursday needing to me to reverifying all my details again I swear they have so many copies of my information it's it's ridiculous um yeah and I you know I've gotten you know upset at these people in the past these chat advisor or whatever I don't even know if these are real people honestly I don't know if this is just AI um hell I could be talking to a a dag on you know API running on my salad rig um doing customer service AI requests like you know what I mean um don't support rats how long's it been on hold it's been on hold since this morning um but the concerning part is uh for no reason other then it's periodically this is this is what they do um so this is the third hold that they've done for me um and there's never been a there's never been any information on why they do it they just do it randomly um sounds sounds like linking CDC got you flag I don't know what that means uh silver Knights I would heavily recommend making sure that you switch to a payment processor that you can get on the phone with and actually do with a human being when there's a problem instead of an email 100% um I now here's the con this is this is the catch that they get you in I can't cancel my Shopify or it forfeits your balance um and that is actually in the terms of service and all that kind of stuff so I just have to ride it out get fully paid out um and then basically put like a hard wall down but I can't turn my Shopify payments off or it for it basically you lose your balance um if you turn Shopify payments off it cancels your Shopify payments account and if you have pending payouts in your Shopify payments it's like a NeverEnding wheel that's my wife let me make sure everything's okay hello oh it does are you outside okay um I'm I'm just finishing up a live stream and then I will come inside okay love you bye Lunch is ready so that's a good thing um PayPal was pretty notorious for this as well uh yeah PayPal does this to me quite frequently actually I think they're holding like $600 right now let me pull my PayPal up over here on the side and see if I can't screenshot what's happening over there that's normal um and PayPal's very upfront for about when they release their payments and I'm okay if if you're going to hold payments um have a standardized procedure for when you're going to release the payments and I could I could deal with it uh let's see here so let me Crop this cuz I don't want to I don't that's got names on it let's do a new one uh that's got a name on it too I have to be very careful um on hold so there we go okay uh I think this is fine so here's my PayPal um and I'm used to dealing with PayPal holding money so on hold uh $646 um the first one is set to release it's multiple different small payments the first one's set to release the week of July 7th and then subsequently payments after that for different orders why is your money on hold buyer risk activity we're reviewing the sale for your protection we recommend you do not ship the items until the payment has cleared because they maybe unauthorized transactions from the buyer's account will notify you within 24 hours look at that look at that that they're they're clear concise I know a lot of people have had issues with PayPal in the past but comparing like if you if I compare PayPal to Shopify we're talking about you know I don't I don't even have a good representation um you know an ant bite to a a shark bite uh yeah can you redirect to another provider without turning off Shopify um well luckily I my bc-pc domain was not registered through Shopify so they don't have control over it I did it through GoDaddy which I'm not even happy with them because they can't keep up with the traffic um and it frequently goes down um Chris Hanley canceling my Shopify account right now um in the meantime I could set up a whole new website somewhere else and basically put all my items out of inventory on Shopify and roll them over to a a new website and a new you know provider or run a new pavement provider it's definitely possible why are you guys canceling Shopify what exactly happened I just got online um I'm prob I'm not going to roll back through it because I got lunch inside if you want to just rewind the stream and you can catch up on it but thanks thanks for coming out guys I really appreciate it um silver Knights if you build your own website you can link multiple payment processors then overtime disable one of the payment processors this is the one reason you don't want to use a payment processor website okay well that that's what I'm going to need to do then I just need to get a hold of somebody that can help me build a website so um I'm going to send you a message Mr Silver Mr Ted uh and um see if you can't point me in the right direction why is Shopify being weird um well they told me it's a routine um hold and this is this is typical um the only thing that I can attribute it to because I haven't had any uh back charges in like over a month um but the the uh payment processor verification failing and then them refunding the money because it was up for about two weeks um I had as a crypto payment processor but I don't know how that payment processor would affect shopify's Payment Processing um unless just every you know everybody hates crypto so yeah do you think someone did a charge back on their credit card is that why you got funds on hold uh Rambler so uh no Char chargebacks are handled differently through Shopify when somebody does a charge back they automatically get the money I get an email um and then I can submit information to prove if it was legitimate or not 99% of the time they always side with the customer um I also get a additional $1 charge on top of that so it's like a double whammy um and they're very very diligent about telling you when you get chargebacks CU chargebacks are bad for them they're bad for me they're bad for everybody um if you get a lot of chargebacks in a short amount of time they will put your payments on hold and that's why I wanted to check into it uh because I haven't had chargebacks I haven't had anything bad like no nothing's nothing's been bad we've actually been doing great it's crazy um Michael Brown xforce PC I know too if you want he's in North Carolina that would be awesome contact idea Forge Studios and ask for Eric he does my store at xforce PC idea Forge studios Okay idea Forge Studios boom I got it thank you for that I do appreciate it I'm going to check into a few of them and see if I can't get something figured out but um yeah ladies and gentlemen I hope youall have a good day um there's nothing really else to talk about I'll see y'all later on and um I guess here here's people were asking to see the cat on the last video here's the cat uh so this is a wild cat that I just started we brought home from uh the pound because they have a it's called a barn cat program and what they do is the their cats are not good and friendly to be brought indoors so they give them shots and stuff and they give them to you for free if you have like an outside inside area where you can feed them and give them shelter but then let them run free this was supposed to be a not a friendly cat how what do you think well I'll tell you what he wasn't friendly when we first got him he was mean as a Dagon snake and every now and then he'll just run up and bite me on the leg luckily he doesn't like bite me too hard and it doesn't break break the skin but um he's gotten really friendly uh ever since he sees me like feeding him um but I leave my garage door cracked and I haven't seen that cat in ages or like two years ago this is a totally different cat um that we've only had him for about six months it is a great program it gives uh cats a second chance and they're already like fixed and shoted and all that kind of stuff instead of putting them down um they go get to live a uh like a second life or a have a chance at life um not all shelters do it but if you have like land and stuff because where I moved I got seven acres um and I'm off the road a little bit so uh I think he enjoys life he seems like it catch chws yeah um but yeah so that this is uh lightning is his name we got two of them one didn't make it one went off we have a bad coyote problem around here uh just in the last month me my brother and my friend have already gotten three coyotes um they're unlimited you can uh kill them 247 365 days a year daylight or dark uh my buddy's got infrared so we go out and we call them out uh because they are spreading like wildfire they've they've killed all our turkeys we had a turkey nest literally like 3 or 400 feet down from us about a football field away uh and there would always be turkeys down walking down in into the um into the creek down in the bottom uh last time I went down there when we were uh looking for the coyote DS um all the turkey feathers are like shredded and there's like eggs everywhere so the coyotes have been doing a a number on everything um my cat actually has like a mark on his neck where I think he got bit is he part of the lightning network no no but um I think he got bit by something and for like a week straight he was just sitting in the garage and he did not want to go outside but um we put a hurting on the coyotes a little bit and um I think I think they're gone for a while so we'll see she shed's like crazy but yeah the other one was name was Thunder we had thunder and lightning and um sorry Thunder didn't make it but I'm going to protect my lightning and um yeah I'm getting off here it's freaking hot y'all have a good day I'll see you on

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