The Avalon Nano 3 in my KITCHEN… shipping updates mid May 2024

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he [Music] [Applause] hey guys red pen wiing here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I want to give you guys an update of the Canan Avalon Nano 3 I'm actually mining this right now in my kitchen which is very dirty right now but I've been wanting to just give you guys some information regarding the shipping updates mainly for those that have ordered this and as well talk about some power supply issues that not issues well it is an issue that I've been trying to test out on this Canon Avalon Nano 3 because the version I got here I did not get the stock power supply that came with it okay so I've been testing out some you know Amazon power bricks like this MacBook 140 W charger which is not enough to do high mode on this Avalon Nano 3 okay so there's three different Power modes on this right there's high medium and low so high is 140 w medium is about 90 to 100 watts and then low mode is about 60 to 65 Watts so there's a bunch of different standards out there when it comes to USBC cables which this is how it Powers okay USBC input on the Avalon Nano and also the output for the power brick I have been testing out just a few cables from Amazon and I feel like I'm getting scammed because on Amazon there's USBC cables that claim they're like generation 3.1 which I believe is capable of doing up to 240 WS but there's a brand here from I don't know cable matters I think it's because I this is a cheap cable I got off Amazon and it said it was like generation 3.1 but then on the back here it says generation 2.0 charging cable with 240 W power delivery in Black so I've actually been testing this cable and I'm actually testing it right now and it doesn't seem to be able to handle 100 100 Watts you guys just saw it just turned off it it just turned off now it's turning back on because this cable it can't even handle medium mode okay this cable here is not able to handle medium mode okay which is about less than 100 Watts mining see you can see that it now it's booting back up but once it gets to you know 100 Watts 90 Watts it's going to shut down and so if I change this cable to let's say the MacBook charger okay I got this off Amazon um this does come with the USBC uh cable okay this is the 140 W charger adapter so I've tried to do high mode on this doesn't work but once I do medium mode then it's fine it works so the power specifications of the Avalon Nano here I'll show you guys underneath just let me uh plug this in the I'll just show you guys here just show you guys that it'll run with the stock MacBook uh charging cable here and again I've ordered about seven more of these and like a couple of them with the Avalon nano power supply so hopefully that should run on high mode I'll do another review once I get that in so it's been starting up now okay and we're going to see if this holds on to medium mode so while that's going I just wanted to show the underside here okay so this is where the specs of the power needs to be the input is 28 volt okay at 5 amps and then the power consumption there says 140 wat Max so I have been unable to find a power brick like you know something that looks like this that is capable of doing at least you know 28 volts this MacBook charger says it can do output 20 volt at 7 amps so even though it does say 140 Watts there this is seems to be unable to run this device at a on high mode okay so yeah I can actually do it on medium mode like I said this Cable maners cable sucks so there's again different revisions of you know generation standards of USBC cable so you got to be mindful if you guys are not going to have the stock Avalon Nano Canon Avalon nano power supply and you're going to be buying your own you know power brick yourself your own cables just be mindful of the generation of cables uh that you buy I did try this anchor one from on as well uh this one does not seem to work on medium mode as well even though it claims to be a 240 W uh USBC cable so even this anchor one does not work so I've had bad luck already on two cables but the stock MacBook cable seems to work okay and you can see right here it seems like it's you know mining right now 86 Watts we'll let this go a little bit more but just wanted to explain to you guys that I've been doing some testing on cables and it's yeah there's different revision generation cables there uh so just be mindful of that if you are deciding to find the power supply on your own it's obviously best to probably go with the Canan Avalon Nanos that they sell but I know majority of people who bought these there are orders that don't come with the power supply or those really that didn't order the power supply with it so I'm in Canada right and so I'm unable to find a power brick for USBC that's you know cost effective as well cuz these aren't cheap right these MacBook ones I got for about about 45 Canadian but I saw a Lenovo one that was like 150 bucks or something I was like there's no way I'm going to spend money on that so I'm okay to run these on medium mode and not on high hash rate mode which is supposed to draw obviously more power right but you guys can see the MacBook charger cable that comes with this one on I got from Amazon seems to work just fine on medium mode just to show you yep it is hashing now 90 watts and the other cables it would just restart the whole minor so I want to do just a quick deciel test some people were asking how loud is this thing and it's not loud at all 42 DB it's very quiet okay this thing this thing is very quiet like you you guys can't hear like the big boy as6 miners I normally have in my videos and so let's take a look at the temperature of this thing now so my ambient right now is about 23° C or from my American friends it's about 73 fah so normal you know kitchen living room temperature okay so hottest point of this thing right now is about 63 62° C okay so you guys can see roughly the temperatures of this thing running in my kitchen and also how hot is the power brick the power brick right now is about not too bad it's about 47 46 Max de C okay so really not too bad not too bad like I said this is the only thing that's mining uh in my kitchen right now so it's not generally hot in here um due to the ambient temperatures but yeah look you guys can see it's mining no problem 3.2 Tash 90 WS okay on the MacBook charger but did didn't work on the anchor or the cable matters crappy cable I'm going to return these on Amazon and the stock MacBook one seem to work just just fine okay so let's talk about some of the shipping updates I know a lot of people ordered this so let's go to the computer I'll show you what Canan has updated with okay so we are on the indiegogo's website here and this is where the shipping updates are going to be okay so if many of you guys have been following on or pre-ordered you may have gotten an email already but if you haven't and you didn't know there's been a pretty big update here regarding you know when the order numbers are going to be shipped out so I want to go through that also talk about some other stuff as well regarding where else you can buy these where a lot of people have been ordering them actually uh from mop.

which they are today's video sponsor we'll come back to this so let's read the update from Kon May 11th it's actually May 14th as of recording this video so the three days ago okay so they say here better news of delivering dear customers thank you for supporting the Avalon nano3 right A lot of people have pre purchased these things which really shows you know a little device like this it seems to have a lot of demand and you know people that have you know maybe1 20000 $300 to spare to buy one of these things two of them maybe including the power supply people seem to like the idea of mining with one of these things at home even though it's not profitable but maybe it's an idea of supporting the network or the simple idea of trying to solo mine and hit a block but you know that is very rare anyways reading the shipping update here due to the capacity of production manually operating FedEx system and we will start the next batch delivering on 22nd of May and adjust the shipping plan as follows so from orders 173 to 798 all orders will be shipped before the end of May nice okay so that actually includes mine I'm between uh 400 500 okay so before the end of May all right so next two weeks are so orders from 7 173 to 798 will be shipped apparently so from $ 3.99 to 2000 your orders will be locked on May 15th if you have any intention of refund please apply for it as soon as possible okay so basically as I'm recording you have like a day left to apply for refund if you're going to refund between 3.99 and 2,000 all right so from $7.99 to 2,000 your order will be shipped no later than June 15th possibly by the end of May oh look at that wow okay so within the next 4 weeks here the shipping numbers from $799 to 2,000 uh will be shap shipped no later than June 15th okay so in the next month here that's that's good to know but from 2001 to 4,000 your orders will be locked on May 25th if you have the intention of refund please apply for it as soon as possible and your orders will be Shi no later than June 30th possibly no later than the 15th so they're really ramping up reduction between like 2 79 800 to 4,000 within the next month if they're planning on shipping out like 2500 of these units in the next in the next month that's that's that's quite amazing so they say here from 4,000 will be shipped according to the ordor estimated shipping month okay all right hope you can feel our sincerity K and team so it's great that they have this update here I guess this really helps um for those that have you know pre-ordered on cann's uh Indiegogo here or on mop.

Which I highly recommend ordering from um Mr guntis within's the owner he's also a YouTuber um he's the owner of mop. he also sells the Canon Avalon 03 which is the one I got from him so he does have the different batches here and if you guys do plan on ordering from him okay C the link down below I do have $17 off coupon but it's over $450 okay okay so if you plan on ordering all right I do have a coupon code RPM so let's just say we went down to three if you want to buy three of these okay my coupon won't work because the coupon needs to be uh above I think €450 all right let me just try to put it in here it says minimum spend for this coupon is $450 so if you want to get $100 off all right so if you decide to order four of these which I know it is quite a bit more you can get another $100 off here okay maybe it's like free shipping use the code RPM so if we did that all right $629 down to 529 Euro okay or if we change this to USD it would be down to about 571 so it's pretty much you're knocking off the shipping cost of these things um on the price by using my my code RPM so whether or not that's going to help anybody that want to order multiple of these I'm not sure but check it out if you guys are interested links down below at the same time if you are looking for a way to have self- custody of your own crypto uh not storing it on any hot wallets like software wallets that are on your phone or on your computer I would highly recommend getting a cold storage wallet like a tangum and I have my RPM branded one if anyone is interested it's one of the best ways I store my crypto now I've moved off of my ledger wallets you know no no need to use a cable anymore no need to to worry about a screen or a battery the tangum wallets allinone you have two backup cards as well with the RPM tangum Edition one and you can also get 10% off as well using Code RPM if you are interested the discount right here okay so I'm actually like mining to a Bitcoin cash address right now on the Avalon nan3 solo mining so if one day I hit a Bitcoin cash block with one of these things that's going to be awesome but we'll see okay so that's it guys that's all I wanted to do in this video hopefully this gives some context maybe you know some just I don't know side relief maybe that Ken is giving updates they are doing their best on shipping these out and so hopefully this eases some people's minds that have pre-ordered this which a lot of people have pre-ordered this as you guys can see the amount that has been uh backed all right so all right I'll see you all in the next video let me know your thoughts and if you're still interested in ordering links down below for the July batches okay this is a lot of people have ordered these so it's going to be in the next two months if you do decide to order uh from mop.

all right I'll see you all in the next video have a good one peace out peace out.

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