The Problem with Bitmain and it’s KS3 Kaspa Miner.

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hey guys rpim here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video want to update you all on the bitmain ks 3s they are now apparently being shipped according to them on Twitter they said here first batch of ant Miner k3s are shipped check your mailbox for details for those that man I anyone in the community here please let me know if if you are one of those people who have ordered a ks3 and how much did you pay for the for the ks3 was it $50,000 or maybe back then when it was like $99,999 or something I don't think so but anyways let me know down below anyone in the community here that actually has boughten one of these k3s from bitmain themselves here shoot a unboxing video win coupons a new batch of k3s will return soon optimized hash rate Superior Energy Efficiency uh looks like they they have a new one here 9.4 ter has 3500 Watts that's a 0.37 Jews per gigahash so I do want to talk about that through my Asic efficiency sheet she here we'll talk about that and also a pretty scammy thing that bitmain may be trying to do right now uh to the suppliers asking for more money pretty nefarious act which I've heard that bitmain has done in previous history we'll come back to this there's a bunch of other things guys I I want to talk about in this video and uh not regarding bitmain but um as well as with ice River not only has there been some reservations uh regarding with bitm but also ice River okay so a lot of people have not been getting their shipments from the August 1st to August 10th batch and now it's August 21st as of recording this video and so there may be some resolution here uh thank you to greater good mining we'll come back to this and we're going to talk about the profitability of the Caspa A6 as well as some other stuff here I do want to show you guys my ice River ks1 yields okay and how much I've yielded thus far over the past week with this ks1 and I do want to update you all which strategy that I'm going to be doing with this ks1 talk about the price talk about the network hash rate of course Casa right now it's hitting up almost 13 P hash and some other Food For Thoughts uh regarding uh mining Casper right now and also we'll talk about the price uh near the end okay so before I do that thank you to today's video sponsor crypto Miner you guys are interested in purchasing any as6 specifically the ice River as6 they do have a few in stock here I would definitely message them and see what their allocation is if you are interested in buying it and the prices that you see on Crypt Miner Bros is what you pay for uh this includes shipping and duties and taxes as well so that's one of the strongest points regarding uh Crypt Miner Bros if you guys are interested in purchasing any asex on their website link down below all right so with bitmain announcing their first batch uh being shipped out and you can see it says their August 21st okay so for anyone that's ordered one uh let me know down below anyone that's gotten a uh you know shipping confirmation tracking number what ever if you guys have gotten that I would we want to keep up with this and uh you know we're going to see at the same time how much of the Caspa Network hash rate keeps on Rising considerably and of course the profitability at the same time is probably going to keep dropping uh down and down and down as well unless the Casper price decides to keep going up and up and up uh which it has surprised it seems like it has surprised us all during this you know bare Market here and Bitcoin has dropped down to 26,000 but Caspa really hasn't dropped down since Bitcoin has gone down so Caspa has been holding its own but going back to bitmain Here There is a little thing here thank you to T Swift he sent me some screenshots here he's been talking to uh with uh his supplier and he said here so basically now all suppliers have to go back to their customers and ask for another $5,000 per minor because bitmain won't ship until the extra price difference is paid uh to make up the hash rate difference uh because suppliers always buy 30% off coupons so supplier price is$ 34,00 860 per unit now bitmain wants $5,000 on top of that per unit before they ship to suppliers now I'm not sure if he's referencing this to the uh 9.4 terahash models or the existing 8.3 terahash bitmain ks3 models as they advertised you know a bit ago so this is not the first time I've heard of bitmain actually even in a silicon I believe has done this uh with the a1s or a10s back then they were the suppliers were asking the customers for more money because bitmain was asking for more money from the supplier so they were then relaying that to the customer and a lot of customers got pissed off I even had to go back in my emails and see in 2021 that in a silicon did that so pretty scammy if bitmain is doing this like asking for more money right just because the hash rate has gone up uh on these models for their for their newer models here I guess the ks the newer ks3 model so interesting time because obviously due to the massive profitability of these uh Asic miners as you all know uh the way they price these as6 is due to how much money they're making and the stupid part as you know a lot of people are spending five digits 30,000 40,000 $50,000 for these k3s that the profitability changes every single day and as the network hash rate has been rising considerably as all of you know if you understand the risk here that when the network hash rate has pretty much gone up almost 10 petahash since the beginning of August 1st all the way up until now 13 petahash that the ks3 no longer makes you know $32,000 a day when it first was announced and was showing up on these you know profitability calculators such as like hash rate.

And a great thing actually of hashr done I know it shows this Asic is estimated to be delivered end of August and earnings will be lower when delivery starts I love that I love that so that's a really good disclaimer there I mean I've given this disclaimer way back we were we've been talking about you know these k3s ice River as6 for the past I don't know five four months or something I I had one of the first k2s I think it was back in June 1st right so a couple months ago and even before that right we were talking about I think the multi Miner and then the ice River came out of nowhere and I was shipped at ks2 and we're just like holy crap this is insane and we were all pretty skeptical and I was really skeptical and you know out of nowhere this company came out of nowhere and now ice river is the Talk of the Town or these Caspa as6 in general are the Talk of the Town which I believe ice river is no longer producing their as6 okay this is what I've heard and uh on their website they actually do have some uh accessories now like control boards for ks1 ks2 um power supplies I think they've always had this power supplies for ks1 ks2 that's something new uh ks3 power supply uh they got some fans here they got some data cables all that kind of stuff that you know they have the extra parts here so I found that to be pretty cool that ice river is releasing that for those that have these uh that may need replacement parts I thought that was a really really cool thing now just going over real quick over the efficiency of these bitmain k3s now okay so there's this new 9.4 terahash model okay 9,400 gigahash uh at 3500 Watts now and so the watt per or juwels per hash is 0.37 so that makes the bitmain ks3 9.4 a has model one of the most efficient basic miners for Caspa now now the price we have no idea they didn't announce that on their Twitter tweet here uh but just looking down here you know 40,000 for these as6 miners now I I really think that these prices should not be where they are now including the ks0 okay actually it looks like the ice River has dropped the ks0 down to 639 to be honest I think it should be like 299 maybe 3.99 or something like it it's way too high now because the profitability of the ks Z is dwindling down you know less than let's see it says uh according to Hash rate that I know it says $5 a day okay currently and with these k3s coming out all right it's going to be much higher if they're going to be shipping out I don't know 500 of them thousand of them 2,000 of them I really don't know I mean we just do some quick guesstimate here okay let's just say a ks3 is 8 ter this is actually 8.3 ter .83 okay so of a petahash so let's just do some quick math here if there were 500 all right 500 uh ks3 bitmain ks3 is uh coming out so that would be then if we do in petahash terms 0.83 per ks3 that would then mean the network hash rate could rise about 4.15 petahash more all right so if they're being shipped out now August 21st the network hash rate for C is around 13 pah has we could go up to 17 petahash 18 petahash and so at the current price of Caspa which again could just go up out of nowhere or could go down right it's very volatile we don't really know I believe we've been all quite surprised during this time that Caspa has held its own uh during this Market especially with Bitcoin which has gone down to 26k and here we are Caspa hasn't really gone down at all that much I guess it was at 55 cents uh went down to 4 cents okay here we are gone up now 0.42 so actually if we just do this into let's say Bitcoin you can see trading like Caspa into Bitcoin you're going to get more Bitcoin so with Bitcoin coming down from 30 to 26k it hasn't made a big difference at all in terms of the uh Caspa uh trading pair here against Bitcoin so it just keeps going up right Caspa continues to hold its value against Bitcoin and more so that's pretty cool to see and I guess that's really good for those that have the these ice River ks3 uh or k2s k1s whatever any of these ice River miners right now are able to stay profitable in quotes profitable per se and actually looking at hash r.

Uh nice has has announced that the ice over as6 are now optimized and working on nice has now so you can put your ks3 or ks2 KS 1's on nice has my ks2 which was the Alpha version does not work on nice hash but my ks1 that I recently got does work and my k z does work as well all right so for anyone that wants to mine into Bitcoin but to be honest and this is not Financial advice I think there's going to be more upside potential of Mining and holding kaspa uh for future potential talk about that maybe later but not Financial advice anyways okay now let's go through talk about next topic here of okay so I know a lot of people that were having issues with ice River directly for those that have ordered for like August 1st to August his 10th batch uh thank you to greater good mining had a great video here looks like he messaged them and he says here hello the chaos in this order have been shipped the tracking number okay so he was talking with ice River and the K3 L will also be shipped in the next few days in order to solve your problems fast if we have launched a new work request system please click on the link uh support.

I river. request new to conveniently submit your questions and requests thank you for the cooperation we will support you as soon as possible uh greater GRE mind then says thank you I'll spread the word and I'm spreading the word for him as well everyone go subscribe to G mining he's an awesome dude but here is the link that it goes to I'll have it linked down below as well for anyone that has ordered through ice River and has not gotten their tracking number or any update on their order use this okay this might be a good line of communication a direct communication to ice River for those that did not have the ability to communicate with them all right so just a little quick thing about that so moving along I guess guess I already touched on profitability Wise It's it is changing every single day and in my opinion it's going lower and lower every day because obviously the network hash rate continues to rise and once those k3s come online it could be another five P of hash could be another 10 P has for a thousand of those another I don't know 1,500 2, 2500 of those uh Cas ks3 as6 could be coming uh could be shipping out who knows for those that are interested in Caspa mining which I'm pretty sure a lot of you are because a lot of people are pretty interested in you know understanding and listening into this type of information or news that I portray here that the ca Network hash rate continues to rise and over like the past month beginning of August 1st it's August 21st as of recording the network hash R has pretty much jumped up almost 10 p a hash so it's it is a lot so it's not just k3s right ice River has been shipping out k1s k2s ks3 L's notably the ks3 L's which which are five terahash so that will obviously considerably raise up the network hash rate difficulty and thus the profitability has been coming down the k3s are no longer making you're no longer seeing those like $1,000 $3,000 a day numbers right ks2 at one point was making $1,200 it's you know it's dwindled down all the way down to ,000 and then 800 then $450 and I think it went back up to 600 for a little bit and then ultimately here we are it's at $100 a day now Okay so for those that care about the dollar value it continues to go down and down and for those that care about the yields yes they have been going down and down as well I have been seeing my ks2 uh this is my ks1 actually but my ks2 used to get like I think 35 almost 38,000 Caspa a day right able to mine that much and it has dwindled down all the way down to like I think 2,000 Casa per day actually we can see exactly we going to Hash right down I know it's about 24 25500 Caspa a day now on a ks2 and even yeah you can even talk about the ks zeros for those that have these I know when they first came out or when the first batch uh people that got these they were making I think 2,000 I think or maybe 4,000 Caspa at one point and now it's 120 kaspa a day on a single ks0 but don't forget for anyone that's buying these KS zos or any ks1 or any Casa Asic minor and Mining and hodling you know understanding that if they are believing that Caspa could one day go to a dollar that might be too far-fetched it it might be but if you just look at your yields now you can do the calculation in your head here so if you're mining 120 Caspa a day on a KS zero every day what if Caspa went to a dollar and you huddled this this could be worth than $120 theoretically all right so or maybe let's just say casa went up to 20 cents or something so you can just you can quickly do the math there right you just go uh.

22 20 cents time 120 uh yield a day right now KS that'd be about making like $24 a day so if you change your mindset to look at it in that regard then it's like oh yeah this is a great time to be mining especially with this one of these KS zos you know they're such a low power and you know they can run on 120 volt you know laptop power supply 60 75 Watts you know it's very low yielding this much Casa at the current moment that's obviously going to change real soon it's probably going to be like I'm going to say it's probably going to go down to like 20 after all these k3s come out so I guess time will tell I'll update you guys on I guess once these uh come out k3s come out it's going to be uh quite a a potential blood bath now to correlate that with the potential cell pressure of Caspa we've talked about this before you know I really don't know how it's all going to pan out you know in the end a lot of people have said that the volume and the emission schedule of Caspa right now which is around 677000 a day that's being distributed to all the Caspa miners right now for people that are mining Caspa right now every 24 hours every single day the yield that's been sending out to all the miners in dollar value is is worth around $677,000 a day so now if we're looking at you know in terms of USD value for Caspa right now uh the volume has dropped down considerably to 20 almost 19 19 almost $2 million a day now I have heard many times from many Traders and stuff that wash trading these volume numbers could be manipulated in some way so a good a good number is around 50% so 50% of this would be about $10 million so if there's 24hour emissions about almost let's just say $677,000 a day right what is the percentage of that in against $10 million that would be a good like I think six or 7% just doing the math in my head that would be about 7% potential uh sell pressure and that's going to go along with for those that may have boughten all these you know ice over as6 uh who have boughten the bitm ks3 you know God forbid for those people that have spent $50,000 on these things how many of them are wanting to get their money back how many of them are going to sell their Caspa every single day in order to get that return on the initial investment or breaking even at least on these miners that that's I like especially for those that are running this as a business they're going to be seeing the dollar amount because it's going to coincide also with probably taxes depending on the financial situations of a lot of these you know big commercial miners that may have bought these k3s they have to think in dollar value because they're doing it as a business they're they have employees they have expenses they have overhead but anyways disregarding all of that the Casper price I just I'm I'm not a Trader I I can't predict the future but if the fundamentals are there everyone is it seems like everyone is you know believing in Caspa solving the trilemma which I believe is the security decentralization and scalability that Caspa is solving so that's that's a really cool thing who knows if that will translate into you know further price appreciation uh we will all see cuz this is just honestly this is the biggest you know coin that is ever to come out and to have the type of as6 coming out and costing $40,000 $50,000 and people are actually spending that much money really kind of blows my mind actually I I hope to God for those that took the risk you know to to be spending this amount I mean I bought a ks1 but at like 6500 so I'm not too hard pressed uh in my situation to buy one of these but for anyone that has maybe purchased you know $40,000 $50,000 uh k3s uh back then a couple months ago or maybe less it might be cheaper maybe they got him at 39 who knows I don't know how many of those guys are going to be hard pressed uh to either you know believe in kaspa or hle the Caspa that they're Mining and you know just hope for Price appreciation like that's obviously one of the biggest mining strategies that everyone does and everyone's you know waiting for the bow run if that ever happens uh there's a lot of risk involved and when you're doing something like that and yeah spending this type of money man I just yeah I could not do that and I don't know I hope for any out there that's maybe a home residential Miner spending this much on a a miner That was supposed to make $33,000 a day but we all knew that that would not stick right I hope to God a lot of people that are maybe watching this right now hearing this and if you got to the end please let me know guys please let me know and actually I wanted to do a Caspa hash rate giveaway all right so for anyone here I will mine to your Caspa address for on a KS zero all right I I have to keep my ks1 uh on two miners here but I have a KS Z I will switch that off to someone mine it to their address for I don't know a good let's say two days all right I'll do a 48 hour hash rate giveaway on my KS z uh for some lucky one that has listened to this video God forbid all the way till the end okay guys that's all I want to talk about I mean a lot of food for thought here for anyone you know just I'm thinking that the I server price prices of their as6 should come down I think uh every one of them should come down especially the ks Zer a little bit more attainable for the whole minor right in terms of you know also keeping it decentralized uh this is uh you know an easy minor to attain I think this should be a lot cheaper Crypt Miner Bros if you're watching this I think you guys should bring this price down to like I don't know 600 bucks it's it's you know it's it's going to be really dominated by the k3s here real soon and I think the profitability wise is obviously going to come down across the board it's all relative anyway so it's going to be interesting times guys I'll keep you all updated let me know if you guys watch at the end I'll see you on the next one make sure you comment down below with your Casper address and uh something positive about anything regarding this video all right I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out

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