The State of Crypto Mining Oct 9th 2023

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[Applause] [Music] a [Music] [Music] he [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] good morning oops good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream rude puts is a pirate gaming of smokey Den Patrick trick Murphy Happy Thanksgiving or happy Columbo Day Columbus Day domg pigeons grounding yes crypto pounder 4 what's up man Chris Hanley you are in the bathroom Dom G test one two 3 test one two 3 clean up on now 8 wait good morning uh Smokey D Steven overboard Tech Happy Thanksgiving Bros Haw Hawk don't help me here not right now black cat Krypto what's up man Mo Smith 85 guys welcome to the live stream lot of things I want to talk about okay I want to go through just guess I guess how things are now we're going to talk about gpus I want to look at GPU prices I want to talk about I know some people don't want me to talk about I'm going to talk about A6 okay a lot of price drops here happening amongst Caspa Asic miners um and such and uh some fun times coming up for people that bought these maybe a month ago maybe two months ago it's just been dropping off like a cliff I want to talk about uh also the overclocks for ice River T of mining I also want to talk about um the latest SRB minor I already did a video on it but I don't want to talk about it again um kind of wanted to get some more hash rate numbers from all of you um different numbers of different cards uh whatever else is new a bunch of other stuff I kind of wanted to go through um as as well maybe also talk about my spec mining Tower rigs video I just released this morning want to talk about that but just overall kind of just what we've been feeling over the past I don't know this past month with GPU mining or more more so what's happening uh this month so hopefully you guys enjoy but at the same time I will be reading the live chat unfortunately a lot of you are all de degenerates and DJ mines will be streaming in about less than an hour so we will be going on for an hour and then we are going to head on over to Mr DJ mines he'll be streaming uh something fun okay let's do it we'll head on over there in about an hour okay all right first things first GPU mining the most I would say not sought after nowadays everyone's seeming it seems like everyone's getting out of GPU Mining and you know what I'm having Deja Vu this is exactly the same feelings the negative pessimistic feelings I've had in like 2019 even 2018 um so after the previous Bull Run 2017 beginning of 2018 that's when it started going down um after that you know a lot of negativity was coming about a lot of people were selling their gpus in 2018 I would say mid 2018 end of 2018 I remember seeing um a lot of mining Farm liquidations and I know that nerd gears were getting a lot of those ner those liquidations and they were selling gpus you know super cheap right and like rx580s were at $1.35 right rx580s were $35 at the like the very low I would say 2019 it started trickling down even more and 2020 came about there was a bit of uprise near towards the end of 2020 so if you were mining throughout that whole low negative time a lot of people selling their gpus a lot of people were getting out of it the thought process here is to get into GPU mining during that time because the hardware is extremely low well we're going to check out Hardware prices here in a second I have a I'll just I'll just say quickly this is not a financial advice I have no idea but I have a feeling we're going to still have another leg down like a a huge like wipe out of the market like Bitcoin 20K or something Bitcoin like I don't know everything down in the next I don't know I'm just I'm just I have a gut feeling because we are I don't know I'm just I'm just going by my gut this is this is not Financial advice at all okay I'm just as I look at what has happened in previous history I feel like we're going to have another leg down who knows I don't don't listen to me it's probably going to go up watch it go up but what what I'm wanted to just State here before hawk don't donate to me you have $2,000 us and not us super Canadian do what do you buy mining equipment only um Hawk I would buy gpus overboard Tech I'm doubling down on gpus I'm crazy yeah same same I've been honestly uh been wanting to do I've been doing both okay gpus it's something that I feel that we're going to come to a time where it's going to be these cards are going to be like $1,500 $1,000 again okay $ 39s let's just go recently sold I just wanted to see 390s um okay so I know that the AI narrative is quite strong I I do have an opinion regarding Ai and all that kind of stuff I I have talked about it before I I'm I'm a little bit how do I say okay let me talk about what like the narratives back in previous history here because in 2019 to 2020 2018 to 2020 a lot of the Ico phase right uh bit connect um the the yeah the Ico phase was a was a pretty big I would say um narrative during these times and that's what what a lot of people lost a lot of money during these times when the market start going down um people who invested in the pre uh pre-mine of some coins or Ico phase initial coin offerings uh It ultimately wiped out billions upon billions of dollars and we had a similar thing regarding uh here in 2020 2021 was the nft narrative nfts um what was what what other bigar narratives were in the previous Bull Run um nfts uh uh what am I forgetting I don't know FTX yield interest earning yield farming interest earning um uh what else Stak yeah Patrick mury staking thank you um what other what other narratives were pretty po popular doing these but that was during the Bull Run okay so here we are in the bare Market okay so now that chat gbt has kind of boosted everything I would say pretty much at the tail end last year chat gbt started coming out uh predominantly and now we have a lot of the AI narrative coming out because chout GPT was the one that kicked off this whole uh AI narrative okay we got Google uh uh what's what's Google's thing called Bard and then uh I don't know if anyone's using it uh but chat gbt seems to be the most popular right now but um you know services like vast.

A has actually been around since like 2017 has been around for a long time I remember looking at vast. a in like 2018 okay I I I I pretty sure we have a live stream talking about vast. a back in 2019 2018 and uh there were actually there's a lot of other compute Services out there uh that rent you know massive uh servers with a lot of gpus we we we've seen that before but now okay it's now more predominant because AI is in my opinion the the Computing the distributed computing power of gpus has always been around the past couple years AI in my opinion is the buzzword for people to uh is the buzzword to kind of help with the adoption of AI in a sense and and in our case here with all of us with all this type of Hardware we are now a lot of people are transitioning including myself I I built a little vast.

A rig granted I haven't gotten it up yet because I've just been just lazy about it I have a 3X 390 vast rig that I have to get up um but what I'm trying to go about here is that just when you hear things that are being quite pushed during the bare Market especially during the previous ones um just be careful right just just just just be careful things could turn for the worst um I'm not saying AI will not I'm in my head I'm thinking the opposite of what everyone's thinking regarding AI right now um it's it's all going to come down to the demand and you know a lot of people are probably going to use the services with Google bard with uh uh chat jbt with those are real AI Services right when it comes to vast when it comes to um runp pod or any of those other services those are more so you you are renting out your hardware for people that are wanting to run um Computing Services uh what what are they called um uh top of my head there's a whole bunch of them um that are not going to be used for you know chat GPT or Bard or any of those AI things people are using them to uh renting out those gpus for either crypto mining or distributed computing doing compute Serv on for something that they want uh their their school project business has a project that they want a compute it's it's it's an interesting time coming up um I think that gpus ultimately okay here it comes down to I think the state of crypto mining even right now so um with few people or maybe a lot of people transitioning to AI um computing that it's going to be in my opinion a good thing okay it's a good thing people are going to go to vest it's a good thing people are going to other forms of profit uh creation uh regarding uh rendering or um hosting out their gpus yeah you can make money doing that that's great uh that's great for us I guess the people that are crypto mining staying in crypto mining it's going to be I would say beneficial for us GP miners because as more people move over to those types of services th that's going to um free up the difficulty the hash rate of a lot of the coins um and what I've been actually seeing over the past the past two months uh I remember breaking even on at 10cent kilowatt hour breaking even on a let's just say a uh 3070 okay okay 10 cents now see it used to be break even now it's mining DX on a 370 is about 8 cents now granted I don't know if this 370 hash rate is updated see look 37 oh what this went back to 13 cents okay so look a 3070 now at 4.5 hashes which I believe a 3070 does hold on where's my where's my rig let's go to my rig 370 does what now 5.2 5.3 Kil aash okay so this this needs to be updated for 4.5 to 5.3 so the profitability is going to be better right this is why you always put in your hash rate numbers into the calculator um so GPU mining is on the rise the profitability has been going up over the past 2 months okay two months ago a 3070 was was was at least breaking even okay um granted of course DX uh with the optimization the update with SRB minor 2.3.7 this has improved hash rates on AMD and Nvidia gpus now I know uh the DX hash rate has been rising um another thing to consider is that not everybody has updated the uh to the latest SRB minor yet so where is DX on this list DX okay so DX hash rate has been uh difficulty has been climbing it's been climbing but I would say not at the pace as uh you know SRV minor came out last week so as people find out that the latest SRV minor is great for NVIDIA cards the hash rate is going to go up it's all relative anyway so um reading the chat here chat gbt is not that smart there is no future for mining it's only res residual right now uh okay all right it's free on the all right all right uh Chris Hanley what's your opinion on the second third party gen specifically ATC Jo M A6 in the next B value sing value mining value Etc yeah uh quickly on that one Chris Hanley yeah in my opinion um when the markets go up LTC dogecoins going to go up as well um I think uh we just had the Litecoin having but that didn't really affect anything with the Litecoin Dogecoin profitability maybe like 10 or 15% uh but when the markets go up again when Dogecoin goes up again when Litecoin goes up Bitcoin goes up ultimately everything else is going to go up and uh Asic mining will be profitable like extreme profitable if not it's profitable now if you have like those l7s granted your kilowatt hour is going to matter the most um okay I don't want to get into Asic mining right now I'm going to get that later on in this live stream okay we're sticking with gpus here getting me off track Chris Hanley God damn it so 2 months ago breaking even on a 3070 was about 10 cent Kow hour now breaking on a 3070 is going to be about oh see even with the wrong hash rate okay here a great example great example let's go calculator let's go DX okay I grant okay I'm telling you guys right now um in my situation uh for now I don't care about profitability but for those that care about profitability it's because the reason why I'm do showing this is just to show uh the breaking even Point okay um for me there's no point selling the coins right now it's so low not doing it for profitability I'm doing it for future price appreciation that's it that's the strategy um 90 Watts how much is a yeah 90 Watts for 370 so let's just do that calculate um okay so breaking even on a 370 at the true hash rate number is going to be 13 cent kilowatt hour did that do that right power cost 37 29 yeah 13 cents so the people have been turning off okay uh granted I guess as well the hash the the price appreciation of these coins coins have been going up as well so DX over the past 7 days has gone up 34% right we got clor we got narai a lot of these AI coins AI narrative has been going up um these types of plays it's because you are hearing ai ai ai a lot more and uh that's now being more uh pushed out and a lot of people are now being are investing into AI okay AI is a is a term that is embezzled with a lot of things okay it's it's not just people are thinking like chat gbt AI it's like you're people are hosting their gpus um people are renting th those gpus to do some sort of compute and yeah so I I I don't I was looking at the other day you know AI rendering okay um H what's the software um okay so I've seen there's a lot of these softwares that are out there rendered AI uh chrome.

A architect render software um I don't know if anyone uses these types of software on vast. I don't know I don't think that works on vast. a so I've been seeing I don't know if these are going to be coming out with some with uh some sort of Docker method for those things um if those things are going to come out it then the AI if it could become quite huge if people use those Services um so it's this it's the demand it I think the supply will ultimately be there um again that's going to help if people move over to those types of things like vast or runp pod or any of those things it's going to then take away those guys from mining right GPU Mining and so that's going to help with the hopefully lower the difficulties of these coins and then ultimately in my head that's the time for us to get in to start Mining and yielding the coins now and uh once the markets start going up again when Bitcoin I mean once the whole world honestly it's it's it's not just we're not just talking about Bitcoin only going up we have to talk about the whole world in general um you know uh interest rates right now are continuing to go up I heard about that in the US it's the FED want to raise it one more time that's going to destroy a lot of retail investors it's going to it's going to destroy uh people that are paying variable rated mortgages and that's going to get them to liquidate their house and uh or not or you know just ultimately pay thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars uh extra it's it's it's going to it's going to be interesting and um I mean that that's what correlates to why people uh the markets right now just typical retail investors are not investing in you know risk on assets right now um like Bitcoin for instance okay so that's just one one thing you know there's stocks as well stocks uh have been um the stocks have gone up this year okay it was at a point it was at a low point I think it was in April May or June it went uh no April or May the stocks were at the lowest point um so stocks have technically gone up since then um if you bought in during May um if you bought Tesla stock at like 150 it's like 200 and something now uh you did well um but now um what I talked about before in in my opinion I feel like we're going to have another leg down I I hope not I I really hope not uh where's my watch list here um that's where I'm thinking now Hardware will become even lower so man I I've been trying to look for 6600 XTS now these are $169 in my opinion I I feel like these are probably going to come down to like $1100 at one point if we have another leg down in the markets if we have another leg down and everything um you know GP mining will then become extremely unprofitable people might you know mining Farms that have 8 cent per kilowatt hour or lower or higher uh you know might start might start turning off uh maybe might start liquidating right when you have that leg down which we've had leg Downs before okay when I when I'm talk when I'm thinking about in previous history we've had a man when I was mining in 2018 to 2020 here I I saw it all I saw massive couple thousand GPU mining Farms liquidate their 580s for $10 nerd gears sell them for $35 we saw p106 p14s you know selling for like $70 you know gpus back then 1060s were like like $60 to $80 you know 1070s were I think $90 you can get them for that you can get them for that low during those times if we have another leg down which in my opinion cuz we we haven't gotten out of the previous Bull Run uh just my opinion here we're not out of the woods right we're still down in this we're this downtrend um similar to what has happened uh in previous history so we've had this you know 2019 we'd had a we had a leg up right we had a massive leg up Black Swan event Bitcoin was $3,500 man that was man I should have just sold my house but hey you know hindsight 2020 um July 2019 um we had a peak here um very similar to what I'm feeling nowadays so I feel like we're going to have another leg down here uh maybe for another year another year or two and then the bll run is going to start coming up so I mean this is all going to stem towards I guess a lot of the you can people are saying with uh the elections are coming up next year Bitcoin having is coming up next year uh interest rates will then start you know coming down next year that's kind of coinciding with what is happening in the next year what has happened in the previous history between June of 2019 and September of 2020 in my opinion not Financial advice I'm I'm going about what has happened in previous history now previous history is not indicative or no the previous history is not indicative of future of future results here so anything anything could happen but if the Cycles the stay true Bitcoin cycle stays true here we are in my opinion on the path of having another leg down like another final ShakeOut until uh for maybe another good year maybe two years as the Bitcoin out longer and longer so we are not out in my opinion we're not out of the woods we're not out of the woods yet okay I'm I'm feeling here that yeah we're not out we're not out of the woods yet okay if things start going up now then I was wrong then then then I'll be wrong right if markets start going up everything starts going up um predominantly then uh it's it's it'll be it'll be great it'll be great then then gpus will not be cheap right then things will start going back up as profit ility comes back um it's it you you will see gpus start being uh a lot more cost a lot more and plus when that happens okay same thing Nvidia is going to manipulate the market Nvidia is going to withheld inventory thus that is going to push up the prices of used Market of the used market and plus all the new new Nvidia gpus are going to cost an arm and a leg the same thing is going to happen again Nvidia is going to do that type of manipulation again we've seen it before in the Bull Run previous bull run we're going to see that Narrative of um High uh silicon shortage you know GPU shortage um it could be because of also the AI narrative could be the one that will be the cause right that that's what people are going to put the blame on I hope that is the case I hope that the AI narrative will be will be put to blame uh instead of crypto miners right crypto miners were the uh were put to blame in the previous Bull Run um so if that happens again which I think it will it it will it definitely will you you you you cannot you cannot you cannot not believe that you know Nvidia uh as they are a massive business um they got thousands upon thousands of employees to pay they have uh expenses they were are legit big ass business right they're going to do what's best for them they're going to do uh those type of things that are ultimately going to hurt the consumer if you had a business that big making billions of dollars or wanting to make billions of dollars would you do the same would you with that type of responsibility with all that type of stuff as running a business or would you try to not do something like that and just just pump out Hardware during the good times no it's there's bigger things at play here and it's it's going to happen again and there's big players right now during these low times people are buying up Hardware like crazy I'm buying up Hardware okay I'm buying up as much Hardware as I can right now even though I can't run it you know I don't want to get rid of my gpus because I strongly feel that we're going to come back to a time when you know GPU mining will be good again and I I'm not saying GP mining is going to get good for the next couple months the next year it could still it I'm I'm going to say here like we we are in the phase of the previous Bowl uh bare market for those that were mining in 2018 2019 no I made videos every single day you guys knew during these times you know all we were doing was accumulating all we were doing was updating our rigs all we were doing were up you know optimizing our rigs for efficiency the the same thing we're doing right now the literally the same thing that is happening right now I'm getting Deja Vu every single time I make videos during these low negative times you see people on on X uh Twitter like and people on the YouTube comments uh I get and also I get unsubscribed people are unsubscribing like left right and Center every single day uh it it's people I get emails every other day like red panda I got to get out of mining I lost my job I got laid off I can't pay for my house anymore I have to sell all my gpus for pennies on the dollar this is H this is real life this is reality the same thing happened in 2018 2020 when everything went down right this is the this is the the previous low that we had in crypto Mining and you know the same thing in my opinion is coming up here real soon it it's already happened it's already happening right now people are getting out uh people are getting are not making enough money to support their hobby or uh this this or their business of crypto mining or whatever if you're doing this as a hobby um you you obviously have a full-time job and you have Expendable income but people don't have Expendable income to to get into mining the same the same uh the same reality happened in 2018 2020 when people could not you know continue to mine anymore because it didn't financially make sense for them uh depending on their electrical cost it it's it's the same thing is happening again okay uh so in my opinion not Financial advice if we have another leg down um it's going to be it's going to be quite brutal right then then you'll see uh a lot of Hardware start going down as profitability um if the markets start going Bitcoin generally goes down the rest of the market will generally go down granted DX and a few other coins have kind of uh Gone against what Bitcoin has been doing okay granted okay I'm not saying all GP mining proof of coins are going to go along with Bitcoin but we've seen that DX has has been kind of uh doing better than the rest of the market right kaspa was kaspa is another one right but that's all Asic mining now I'll get into Asic mining I'm going to get in the prices I'm going to get in overclocks I'm going to talk about Asic mining uh hold on DJ mines streaming in half an hour so I got half an hour to talk about that um man I I I I don't know what else to say here I'm I'm extremely bullish on crypto mining GP mining uh for the future the shortterm I am not bullish okay shortterm I'm I'm a bit I'm a bit bearish um but you know it's it's it's it's I I I don't want to be but I think that's the reality that that might that might come about here and if uh you know I know financially right now it hurt it's hurting a lot of people and it sucks I I understand that um but if you have some ways to make uh that Expendable income to continue on GPU Mining and huddling all the coins that you believe that are going to go up in the future that is the play that has that is what has worked in past history okay not only in previous Bitcoin uh 2018 2020 if you're mining huddling a lot of these coins uh like ethereum for instance went from ethereum went from like $100 to $45 $5,000 if you Min ethereum throughout that whole Bare Market you did really well extremely well I had a mining rig a 12x 10 60 rig that mined I think it was 40 ethereum from 2017 all the way up until 2020 I had a 12x 1060 rig okay 12 1060s mined 40 ethereum during this time okay it was insane that rig paid itself 10 uh 12 times over so my initial investment was $9,000 into that rig okay I bought like 1060s for like $400 at the peak okay I bought 1060s at the peak but I was true to my Mining and hudle plan I was true I believed my conviction into crypto mining my conviction into the markets would go up again was so strong I don't know if anyone who was still with me in 2018 to 2021 videos I was making YouTube videos throughout this whole time you guys know I made my apartment I started in my in my condo for God's sake I started with less than 100 amps of power I had a grow tent I I grew I kept growing my farm I was able to um then move into a townhouse I was able to set up a big mining a little bit mountain of mining in there uh 2019 2020 lo and behold the blll Run came around and you guys know I bought a house I bought a multi- uh over million dollar house okay I'm telling you guys right now I this is all something that stems in towards my conviction into investing into GPU Mining and none of this is financial advice but I'm just saying if you want to change your life you you if you want to stick to something you believe in you got to stick to it it's going to be rough uh it it it's rough it was rough okay 2018 2020 was a rough time okay 2018 to 2020 um Bitcoin time mining you know it was you know ARX 580s were breaking even out around 10 to 11 cents USD similar to what we're feeling right now breaking even like I just showed you we just breaking even right now is 13 cents it's even better 13 cents it's even better than the previous time though we are at a leg up like I said I think we're going to have another another leg down not Financial advice but that leg down was even still 10cent breaking even okay all right I I I I don't know I I'd like I'm my feelings on this is extremely strong that if you are not accumulating at this point you know accumulating is during the low times is the best time to get in you don't want to you don't want to buy gpus when it's like in you know previous Bull Run you don't want to buy gpus you don't want to buy 309s when they're like $3,000 right you don't want to buy 370s for $1,200 you know 30 370s now are hovering between 245 um I've seen them around $170 on dreams Discord I've seen them really cheap right it it you don't want to buy gpus when they're $1,200 granted granted okay I'm not I'm going to be honest here I bought good amount of gpus in 20121 but I was able to do that because financially I was mining during these low times so I was able to then put that towards my business okay um able to expense uh hardware and stuff like that um during these times okay so running a business is I I think is one of the best things to do um you can uh depreciate the hardware um you can expense the electric uh your phone your internet everything right just everything regarding your crypto mining business um million dooll old house that needed full renovation yes s Chang yes exactly exactly all right you guys are drowning into copium hey hey TR uh truck faruko uh if I said your name right you are one of the people previous bare Market 2018 2019 let me tell you if I could go back into my previous videos conjure up all the negative comments during these times oh man it would be it would be a novel it would be a novel I would say I would call the book you were wrong you were all wrong and look 2021 came about if I could if I could I could literally write a novel of all the negative comments during this low time here we are today similar thing is happening negative talk negative talk pessimism it's it's all happening all over again okay it's all happening all over again if you don't believe everything is going to go up eventually again then you shouldn't get into this stuff it's then it's too risky for you you don't have uh you don't have um the conviction to stay in this you financially can't or you financially can't that's that's it um all you non-believers will be sad when the day comes Anthony Tain yeah I mean it's I am fully invested in this mentally financially physically I have made the money I don't want to boast about it I I hate talk I don't want to talk about like that I never talk about like when I'm selling or anything like that in terms of my own personal begs but I'm just I mean if you guys have been with me over the past 2 years even four years have understood I I have I have been in this I have been in the trenches of crypto mining I have been in the depths of GPU mining we've been showing uh you know optimizing and getting your rigs to the most efficient as possible I you know during these times during the low times is is kind of you know we built the community during these low times the community to this day is still here the YouTube crypto mining Community is in my opinion stronger than it granted a lot of YouTubers now are not making much content I I had to L for a vacation I was gone for a month I that was that was really bad of me but I'm back now I'm back to making content every day I'm probably also going to be thinking about doing live streams every day thank you to DJ mindes about that um so yeah I am more bullish than ever okay time is to accumulate for the longterm time is to just grow what you can now because buying Hardware granted it could come it could come down lower um but if you can somehow find maybe some type of uh mining Farm liquidation of some sort or somebody that's selling gpus for a lot cheaper than what they are now um it it could be it could be a a good buy okay um you know remember rx580s were at $1.35 now rx580s uh oh the heck is this Upstream Connect Air RX 580 okay RX 580 okay um RX 580s 70 someone just bought one for 70 bucks okay 44 45 okay we're hitting pretty low I mean the these should come down a lot lower I think the next like generation of gpus like 20 series or maybe the 5,000 series might be the next RX 580 you know what I mean so the 5700 XTS I think 5700 XTS at one point is going to become like a $500 GPU it it it it might come it might come to that point and I forgot to talk about that you know we've been seeing AMD gpus On The Rise because a lot of these proof of work coins are have been predominantly strong on AMD gpus I remember we talked about this couple months ago the future of crypto mining that AMD gpus might be the the better buy uh rather than Nvidia cards but uh we have seen in terms of DX mining Nvidia cards have uh come up here they they really need to update the 37 they they need to update all the 30 series gpus 40 series gpus uh for the DX hash rate um they're not updated here so that's why I think that's why AMD gpus have been a lot predominantly uh Stronger uh for DX money but there are also a lot of kapow coins okay we got Sky Do We Got Game Pass uh we got narai we got core clor AI neoa you know mecoin mecoin might be changing their algo uh they they've been predominantly at the profitability list depending on your electrical cost of course but they've been strong really strong on am on AMD on AMD gpus all right um I am I think that's it I that's it that's it that's it for gpus is there any any questions before I get into Asic mining smash that there's 227 people watching 44 likes hit that like button Bros let's get to 100 likes let's go 100 likes and should we give something away what should I give away I don't have I don't see anything near my table man I got to ship that A2000 out I'm so sorry if that A2000 guy is watching right now I'm sorry I haven't shipped it out oh my my God I need to ship out that that card 100 likes come on hit the like button what is this 72 degenerates all of you degenerates okay um all right let me answer the overboard Tech the meow coin 6600 xes are up nice overboard Tech thank you awesome bro awesome thank you schneid any specific gpus you are lusting after right now for expansion uh schneid I just bought a bunch of 5700 XTS from from Hawk and I bought some 580s as well I I shouldn't have bought those uh but um HW gave me a good deal um I am also looking for I'm just looking for good deals uh I'm not looking at eBay I'm not looking to pay eBay pricing I'm looking to pay a lot lower than that um if you can find that somehow go to Facebook Marketplace offer up a lot of people are liquidating uh that's that that those are the places to look out for to buy uh um gpus in Mass on mass uh what do you think about the future of chia farming oh man I don't want to get into the I not getting into that uh I don't I that is a whole day live stream don't even don't let me don't let me talk about Chia right now that that's not that's I I am not getting in the Chia nope I am not I am not getting into Chia right now um okay that'll be a if you want me to do a live stream talking about Chia I can do that but I I I'm not going to get into that right now uh let's see here it's not sustainable like when there was eth before that's the point truck uh previous history okay so yes okay dollar for dollarwise okay you're wrong because breaking even on rx580 or with gpus back then was around 10 cents and here we are today it's still around 10 to it's even better it's 12 cents Kow hour so for now right but like I said there might be another leg down then profitability will go down it's all relative right it and it goes back to with the AI narrative that's going to push out a lot of uh push out people from crypto mining into the AI uh hosting business or hosting their gpus um another thing is again it's going to come down to if Nvidia is going to manipulate the market if they're going to have another supply and demand uh manipulation when the markets go up for people that are holding the gpus like us like me like most of you guys that are hoarding the gpus right now we're going to win we're going to be winning um there's going to be a lot of people out there that are not going to win because they had to sell interest rates are screwing them over they can't pay for their house anymore they can't they can't keep up with the cost of living it's it's it's sad to say right but crypto mining is a zero sum game there's going to be winners there's going to be there's going to be losers um in our case here we have to be the winners we have to think outside the box we got to think opposite of what people are saying right now truck you are the the the Pinnacle example of of what people are saying in previous history okay you literally the same talk was happening in previous history uh regarding uh GPU mining even back in 2015 2016 2017 it's the same it's the same thing thing over and over again I'm I'm hitting my godamn table like it's it's I am it is exactly the same I don't know what else to say it's literally the same thing happening over again you you have the same people are the same negative comments the exact same thing that is happening all over again the markets are going to go up again we are being manipulated as we speak Wall Street Congress those guys they're all manipulating the stock markets they're all they they all sold at the top the this the liquidity right now is nothing the stocks liquidity everything is gone all the all the rich people the rich just get richer all right it it's you got to think outside the box if you want to get rich you if you want to get rich you want to make money it's when when things are the most negative when the things are the most pessimistic that is that is when you get in okay it it you you you got to get in you know during these low times because at one at some point the psycho's going to come back it's it's going to it's all it's all going to come back Bros I don't know what the hell I don't know what else to say I I don't know I don't know what else to say I it it every time I see a negative comment it's just like I've seen that before I've seen I've heard of that before I'm getting Deja Vu again you know this is this is the time to get in this is the time to get into uh mining or even buying the coin okay if you you know buying the coin is also great if you want to do that then you don't have to worry about mining heat electricity you don't have to worry about all that stuff you you you can do you can you can just do you can just do that if you want but with mining there's always the other side of uh selling the hardware granted I'm not a person who does that honestly I I didn't sell a single GPU uh during the boring I still have you all know I still have all of my gpus I've done some trades with other YouTubers he granted I've done some trades but I didn't sell for money okay I'm also not a scalper all right I I'm personally I I don't it's not in me to sell I I it depends on people's financial situation okay I was I'm not a person to really you know rip someone off um though it is you know about money it's a it's a business we running as a business then that's fine um for me personally I was the person who was going to rip off someone you know selling a 3090 for like three grand I I didn't want to do that um I think and I strongly feel and it's not Financial advice that the time now it's not now you know just throughout this whole time just throughout the whole time to slowly accumulate um if you are living paycheck to paycheck I know then it's then it's pretty hard um you know given my experience in the previous history I had three jobs I worked a full-time job um and then I had two side jobs uh during 2018 2020 uh I I did a Consulting IT consulting business during these times I was able to put that extra money I had into crypto mining so it it it's it's going to come down to what you what you want to do uh King what are you doing set up your vast King you are banned how do I ban you how do I report harassment and bullying this is harassing me you are now reported Patrick Murphy false you also gave a bunch away that's how I got two of your former gpus working them like do Patrick Murphy I gave away like I think it was like 50 Grand worth of Hardware during the Bull Run we I I calculated that the other day I was able to expense like 50 Grand worth of like giveaways that was amazing granted the as6 were the ones that cost a lot like on paper cuz I you know able to do expense like a $8,000 Asing you know theoretically cuz that's what depending on what I what time I got it like an inner silicon A10 Pro and then the price went up to like 10 grand for inner silicon A10 I was able to give that away or something it was awesome what guys next Bull Run I'm giving away [ __ ] every day I'm I I'm just going to give away stuff I I'll I'll give away a GPU every goddamn day next Bull Run it holy [ __ ] we're going to be we're going to be giving away stuff left right and Center I'm I'm just Basics gpus everything let's just let's just get rid of them you giveaways for all of you guys giveaways for everybody giveaways for everyone travel is travels yeah it sucks living paycheck to paycheck I'm slowly growing my farm but the only less than $10 in my account right now I get paid Wednesday so I've almost made it got to suffer a little travel is travels I hate that I I see that from you bro please let's let's talk bro you bro no no shouldn't be like that get more crypto with dollars no giveaways to the UK though isn't that right Smokey Den okay if there is a bull if there's a massive Bull Run and I'm doing giveaways I will open it up to the UK cuz at that point I'm just I'll just be we'll just be printing money we we'll literally be mining mining will be in the in the double digits for a single GPU uh now we know why panda bought all those 580s giveaway prizes uh it's like I'm giving away a $500 a $300 GPU could you imagine the Bull Run RX 580 is like worth $300 on eBay and I'm just like giving away a $300 GPU it's just so funny to it's just so funny to say that it's so funny to say that then I could say I'm expensing $300 of of a GPU yeah get it no I don't think that that doesn't work that way I cuz I bought it for like cheaper than that uh okay all right DJ mines DJ mines okay I didn't even get into I didn't even get into Asic mining um this was supposed to be about GPU as6 does anyone care about ice reverse talk right now um uh uh ice River uh prices have calmed down quite a bit um Crypt Miner Bros finally I I would not buy it from .io direct because they're going to charge you the full amount for customs and duties uh there'll be a 25% tariff on it uh if you're in the US if you buy from crypto Miner Bros what you the price you see is what you pay and that's it you don't need to pay anything else shipping included all that kind of stuff uh what's your thoughts on Caspa I DJ mines I bricked my PC during the stream trying to clone the SE What DJ mines how' you do that how' you how did you do that resell value on eBay with bath water get double smoking God damn it uh I've been doing door Dash GrubHub spark for over four years I don't work a regular job and I love it Anthony T dude that's great man that's that's the way to do it that's the way to do it bro that's the way to do it um okay I am working on a deal right now for an ier ks3 I am seeing if I can pay uh for half from Crypt Miner Bros uh for a ks3 and there is something that's coming out apparently an overclock for one of these guys that can apparently go up to 10 or 12 ter has on a ks3 that would make it what one of the most sought after uh ice River as6 so if that is the case holy crap we shall see we shall see but there's overclocks for ks1 ks2 um ks3 M's or L's as well um so uh DJ try upgrading clone from SSD to m.2 oh okay okay all set minor sell me your x16 Q all set minor why do you want my x16 Q what do you want for it I what does it do what does it do right now uh where's where's the x16 is there even an x16 on here crypto Miner Bros doesn't sell anymore what's the price of these things $3,100 do you worry about Roi and ks3 of happy to hoard uh or happy to hoard um Bucky Zs I'm Pro the CHS if I get one I'm probably going to be doing it for profit [Music] because I I need it I need it to like offset uh to generate income basically I know I'm already generating income if I if I huddle the Caspa but where am I going to get the money to pay for the the taxes and expenses right I I I YouTube is my full-time job here so uh Panda you will be interested investing with us as Z electricity bill I have 20 Asic Asic ter but I don't know if I'm making full capacity making five or six per one Asic jury Al Muka what what are you talking about um more like pay electricity bill with it yes pish Miner yeah exactly exactly that's the plan that is the plan um okay there I wanted to talk about this one real quick there's a NP poo v1h have you guys seen this thing before I Polo never reached out to me um I think I know why they usually send me all their new stuff but this time they didn't send it to me because the biggest issue with it is the efficiency it's even worse than the X1 950 Mega 750 watts 0.78 watt per hash so the Jazz miners are still a better better buy and I was just thinking who anyone that got these um I was going to make a video did anyone talk about the efficiency I think I watch hobbyist Miner or uh rabid mining did they talk about the efficiency of these guys of this guy I Polo v1h loving my x16 Q Stephen nice what is the best investment into mining your in your opinion gpus and as6 both monster Pro in my opinion it's both Steven cisero ch CHP did a video or two did did he talk about the efficent the chump talk about the efficiency of it or maybe because you always pull their stuff apart live on stream crypto KJ yeah that's true see I always tell the truth I always tell the truth regarding any Asic Miner that is sent to me I always talk about the efficiency I always if people want me to open it I'll open it see now I poloo doesn't send me anything because I I I I talk trash about their X1 right I said it was too expensive and the efficiency is not there I I I I I talked about that pretty much near the beginning of the video and and now they don't talk to me you know what I I got to be truth I got to be truthful I got to be truthful about these things right there's no point buying this thing if it's like it makes more sense to buy uh you know the Jazz miners you know things like that I I tell the truth about it you know the V the 1 VH uh they sent these all the other YouTubers I didn't get one cuz they knew I was going to talk [ __ ] about it they knew I Polo knew I was going to talk [ __ ] about this cuz instantly I saw like this efficiency is not great and uh they knew I was going to take it apart so I didn't so I didn't they they didn't even message me and I didn't even get one so that's fine I don't care I just I just thought I had to say that cuz I thought it was pretty funny it was pretty funny but see all the other YouTubers you know they they got to say something positive about it which is it's quiet yes sure it's quiet but in my opinion I mean with a 950 Mega hash you can put you know lower spinning fans on it and it wouldn't be that loud anyway you don't need a water radiator cooler on this thing um anyways you go and piss them off always you remember me I asked you a time ago what to buy for 12K I don't have electricity bill use just me Asic uh jury aluka uh okay I don't have electricity you suggest me as6 86 ter okay so what about it did you did you turn them on jury please help will you be interested in investing with us is your electricity bill of 20 acing uh jury I'm not investing any money into anybody Mr scientific who is this next Bull Run when um my prediction is a year and a half to two years that's my that's my prediction 950 not available anymore even worse find something what's up bro I just need your knowledge I have a lot of electricity if you would like you can send me your stuff to me uh jury I I I don't know you and I'm sorry I I don't know you uh so it's hard for me to trust somebody in live chat to send somebody all my stuff um theau I get all this from thean and and Panda Tech you're banned what is the c as uh monster Pro what about Caspa as6 will kaspa may die or not that's the million-dollar question that's that's the million dooll question regarding Caspa uh DJ are you are you coming up are you uh you let me know DJ when you're uh when you are done good sir o Casp is hitting that 0.046 now ooh ooh trying to reflash windows stay alive DJ mines all right bro yeah no problem no problem take your time [Music] um quick thoughts on the at minor s9k Pro Ricardo um I actually just got one in I haven't opened it I have uh you're talking about this one right yep um s9k Pro okay this is in my opinion a better buy than the s19 XP okay so this one does 120 trash at 2760 Watts okay so let's let's do I don't think I added it to my list here okay hold on let me uh insert row above s9k uh s9k what s9k pro pro 120 27 what's the wattage [Music] 2760 60 so the efficiency there is uh let's just do sort A to Z okay so all right so okay so the XP 22.8 W per hash and stock s19 K Pros 120 ter has 2760 Watts that's a 23 watt per hash so um the s9k pro in my opinion is a better buy because look at the price difference look at the price difference 2, 279 to 2 uh 62.99 um if you buy from crypto Miner Bros use offer code red panda weak delivery so they ship out right away let's see does a coupon work yeah $50 off this includes duties and taxes and shipping everything um okay you know what I should add a price a price uh thing here so s19 oh wait this is a wait this is a different XP ant minor oh ant minor S21 wait hold on I'm reading this round s19 J XP 151 terahash oh that's a new one is that a new one that's a new one right bitmain s9j XP 151 holy crap okay how much power is this thing 3 2 4 7 3 two four oh 3 two 3 to why is this so F why is this different [Music] font how do you get rid of the what's the how do you get rid of the formatting on this thing what's the uh God what's the elite cell no how do you [Music] ah where's the uh formatting how do you get rid of this formatting this is this is not this is not office um strike through bold font uh default no that didn't work oh crap no oh there we go paint format what the hell is this I've never seen this button before paint for okay there we go all right all right there we go okay we do uh s z okay oh the s9j XP is the most efficient 21.5 uh but the price is not is not good 62.99 okay so 19 J for uh this one is how much again 2279 okay all right control Z Till It's Gone I I did try doing that Stephen I did try doing that didn't didn't work um okay oh I did that oh no that's right okay so what is the dollar per terahash I guess so that would be um this is in uh dollar value God oh my God okay screw it um equals so it would be it would be um let's see this one the hell okay equals here divided by ashard conditional formatting is going to be how do I just do all dollar okay perfect wait why is it says Euro I suck at Google Google Sheets Google Sheets why are you not like office God damn it they probably didn't do that because it would be sued or something why is this not USD dollar oh my God oh here we go US dollar thank God why is that not in US dollar in the first place what garbage is that so garbage so garbage okay all right so here all right now we're finally here the best dollar value is going to be the s9k pro cuz it's $18 instead of $41 per terahash so the s19 jxp should come down in price cuz it's that's uh it is a little bit more more efficient a little bit but the S9 Pro 23 watt per hash is pretty good pretty good okay how much is the dese miner I get the price of that dese s s sk10 Ultra how much is this there's no price there's no price on this thing um did DJ mines say he was done or uh no he's still going howdy Yeti what's up bro Yeti good morning Joker Miner good morning how are you good sir how are you bros how are you how are you okay I have seen now actually a lot of the cheaper bit M uh the lower bit main A6 on sale now um let's see s19 J Pro 104 terahash no 90 Terra has $1 $1,200 for the 90 ter has no uh I think I've seen prises um 53 ter okay this one's wrong $4,800 for the S7 okay I need to update their prices on there um jock Miner fomo bitmain release the BTC minor the bttf 888 hashes 88 hashes per second takes 1.2 gwatt power jock Miner what is that smokey Dan you are banned you are banned um bit tensor mining it's a Hidden Gem chemo I don't even I don't know if I trust that um rise globber are you doing one-on-one calls no availability on your website ever I have turned that off because I have been just way too busy uh it says sadly I have to close down one-on ones till the end of September 2023 we'll be back on October 2023 I totally lied there I got to I got to I got to fix that okay so I will um I will fix that I will turn it on shortly okay uh I don't want to talk to anybody uh okay just kidding just kidding I'll turn it on I'll turn it on shortly Coastal crypto mining has s19 95t for 597 tax and shipping included o let's check it out postal crypto mining now granted I would only buy those if you have very cheap electric okay there used 95 Terra hash variant these are used machines average hash rate batch 95t 697 yeah I mean if you got really cheap electric then uh then it's good then yeah Stephen you also have to consider who is selling new and used as6 what do you mean what do you mean by that um okay now Litecoin is this local Tech coming out okay the L9 was fake so I'm taking this out Delete R all right the pricing okay I have a compared to propane heating yeah I mean heating house yeah I bought one last week it will be a nice house warmer nice I have a coupon code 2% off if you okay if anyone's going to buy anything on Coastal crypto mining just uh go to my description below click on that and there's 2% off uh Rec picks Daily Number One new sub I'm going to start T daily one you got it three jeffro I'm sorry I have not been keeping up listen I got to keep up on Twitter it's so hard dude Twitter or X is so hard to keep up with G Miner is supposed to have an LTC minor coming soon too ah yes yes yes yes how much are l7s now I have not kept up with Litecoin mining for a while [Music] where are the l7s 5,000 4819 o they've gone up in price I think interesting uh pish Miner exactly red panda mining not got the association jock what are you guys talking about sounds like a delore oh oh you're talking about Back to the Future okay I did I did not catch that at 0.2 Kow hour what would you suggest for a newbie M to start M 0.2 like 20 cents or two cents r Rice lober uh yes I miss rigp pick it helped me get motivated to improve change my setup all right travels travels I will I will start doing R picks I will start doing rig picks okay is DJ mines here is DJ mines back yet um okay uh did I talk about everything um I think that's it I don't know the state of crypto mining right now it's like gpus and Asic mining ice River Casa mining it's just been it's just it's been crazy right Cas mining has been pretty insane over the past I don't know 5 four months uh due to these a 6 and now the network hash rate for Caspa is like what 50 pah has now 50 but you know what's funny even though it's like 50 petahash a0 is still generating a144 so that means tpa's Network hash rate could go up another 40 or 50 pah hash and then then then these will be like breaking even so I think kaspa never hash has to be like a 100 pet of hash for these KS zeros to be breaking even which it honestly it it could get there eventually um uh it's it's slowly getting up there getting a pi five to play with techman Ty I would love to get a a Raspberry Pi five yes yes yes sir um give me all your KS zeros John English Tech go get your self k k Zer you snides you totally skipped over the cell phone mining vars to the Moon a I don't have my cell phones I don't know how I can show that but I still have them going I'm mining Varys on my cell phones just Mining and hodling look look at this Bros look at this beautiful up time look at this 19 hours and 14 minutes oh this one's a little bit higher next I let me refresh this look at that oh isn't that beautiful 19 hours for these are these rigs are so stable these are so freaking stable DX flux Ergo lithium zel neox XA narai clor kapow look at that love it I love it I love it all right all set I can do another Asic Max 3400 Watts 20 k z or one more BTC as6 uh all set minor it's up to you man just got a DJ Minds alert okay let's uh let me go DJ mines Bros let's go support DJ he's going to stream um okay break my PC crypto mining chat all right so all right let's go let's go over there Bros thank you for watching I will see you guys there I'm going to redirect everyone hit that like on the way out I will see you guys over there okay thanks for the stream hope you guys enjoyed uh if not then let me know why Down Below in the live chat all right peace out guys peace out peace out peace out red panda my up time is 25 days at the moment Philip n whatever bro whatever all right peace out Bros you guys have a great day thank you thank you so much

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