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Title: The Epic Power and Hash Rate: Exploring the Performance of Dual Epic CPUs for Mining

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In this article, we will delve into the power consumption and hash rates of the Dual Epic CPU mining setup. This setup has garnered significant attention in the mining community due to its potential for high performance. We will analyze the performance of the Dual Epic CPUs, explore the power consumption, and discuss its viability for mining operations.

First, let’s understand the context of the article. The author begins by addressing the smoky conditions caused by wildfires in their area. They apologize for their throat irritation and eye discomfort, which limits the length of the livestream. After a quick roll call of viewers, they dive into the main topic of the article – the Dual Epic CPU mining setup.

Understanding the Dual Epic CPU Mining Setup:

The author highlights the queries from viewers regarding any updates on power consumption and hash rates for the Dual Epic CPUs. They assure the viewers that they are actively working on obtaining accurate data. The initial test run revealed lower hash rates than expected, prompting them to investigate further.

The Challenges of Testing Third-Party Setups:

The author acknowledges the testing challenges associated with third-party setups. While they can provide general guidance and analysis, comprehensive testing requires firsthand experience with the hardware. In this case, the author relies on communication with users who have access to Dual Epic CPUs.

Power Consumption and Hash Rates:

Despite the initial hiccups, the author shares some power consumption data for the Dual Epic setup. They mention that a single Epic CPU achieves a hash rate of around 53 kH/s with a power consumption of approximately 291 Watts at the wall. In contrast, the Dual Epic setup shows a hash rate of 105 kH/s, but the power consumption is yet to be determined. The author plans to compare the power consumption and hash rates of a single Epic CPU with those of the Dual Epic CPUs to assess efficiency.

Analyzing Factors Affecting Performance:

To provide a comprehensive analysis, the author identifies factors that may impact the performance of the Dual Epic setup. One such factor is the power supply used. For instance, the system in question employs a 900-watt ATX power supply that may not be operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, the mining rig is located in a particularly hot environment, which could affect overall performance.

The Importance of Firsthand Testing:

The author emphasizes the value of firsthand testing to gather accurate data and insights. While communication with other users is helpful, it cannot replace real-world testing. To bridge this gap, the author mentions that they have reached out to individuals with various Intel Xeon processors to conduct extensive tests. This effort is aimed at expanding the data available for the CPU mining calculator at


In conclusion, the Dual Epic CPU mining setup has shown promising performance, although accurate power consumption and hash rate data are still being gathered. Testing third-party setups presents its own set of challenges, which underscores the importance of firsthand testing. By engaging with other users and aiming to expand the data available for the CPU mining calculator, the author is committed to providing miners with valuable insights into the potential of the Dual Epic CPU setup.

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency mining, articles like this help miners make informed decisions and optimize their mining setups.

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