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The Osprey Electronics E300 is a unique device that features three FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) housed in a compact L3 Plus case. Unlike ASICs, which are known for their loud and annoying sound, the E300 is much quieter. One of the major selling points of this device is its ease of use. Unlike other FPGA Miners that require additional control boards and complicated programming processes, the E300 features a built-in dashboard and a GUI within the website, making it very user-friendly.

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In terms of efficiency, the E300 outperforms GPUs and offers excellent profitability. It has a maximum power usage of 900 watts and can be run on both 120V and 240V. However, it’s important to note that the supply of these FPGAs is limited, so if you’re interested in purchasing one, make sure to check for availability.

The E300 comes with three different codes for the different FPGAs available from Osprey. It doesn’t come with a power supply, so you’ll need to use your own. For testing, a 1200-watt power supply running at 120 volts is recommended. However, it is possible to run the device on 240 volts as well.

With the recent update, the power limiter has been removed, allowing users to achieve Casper hash rates of about 17.9 gigahash. In this article, we’ll explore some overclock settings and discuss what to look for in terms of temperature limits and other factors to maximize performance.

Currently, the E300 supports Ethereum Classic and Casper, but there are rumors that an update for Ravencoin may be released soon. Osprey develops and deploys its own bitstreams, which are then implemented into the team redminer software. Depending on the specific coin, there may be a small percentage of dev fees associated with mining.

Moving on to the web GUI (Graphical User Interface), which is accessed through a web page, it offers a simple and intuitive interface. The GUI allows users to stop the miner, configure pool settings, and make adjustments to the FPGA core clock and other parameters. The E300 supports Casper, ETC Hash, and soon, Ravencoin. The interface is straightforward and requires users to simply input their pool IP, Casper web wallet address, and worker name.

The FPGA core clock can also be adjusted individually for each FPGA in the E300. By default, it operates at 550 core clock, but for higher efficiency, the recommended core clock is 650. The E300 supports HBM memory, but this feature isn’t necessary for Casper mining. Additionally, there is a menu option that provides even more customization options.

Updating the firmware for new coins is a straightforward process. Once the firmware is updated, users can choose the desired coin, input the pool information, adjust the FPGA core clock and other settings, and begin mining. The GUI also offers options to adjust voltage lines, which can affect power consumption and efficiency.

Overall, the Osprey Electronics E300 is a powerful and efficient FPGA miner with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options. Whether you’re an experienced miner or new to the world of FPGA mining, the E300 offers an excellent solution for maximizing your mining profits.

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  1. You will never come close to mining the amount of coins you could just simply Buy straight out. If you Really believed in the Project?You Buying and Holding would actually increase the value of the Coin then apposed to Mining and Dumping more Coins on the market…Better yet?Just wait till these get online and you will be able to Buy for a Kaspa for a single Penny as the Market gets flooded with more Kaspa that no one is Buying equaling lower prices as Miners battle to ROI for pennies on the dollar…..
    Difficulty is only gonna go up…..No Mining Calculator takes into account?There are only so many Buyers of Crypto and the Availability of a Coin….There are no shortages of these coins as the Exchanges are full of Them just waiting to be sold?But they arent…..Thats why things are worth a couple cents…There is a ton of coins available already.More coins being minted is just gonna send the coin tumbling in value as Who is suddenly gonna be Buying?If there was Buyers like that?The coins would be worth dollars not cents…. Investing in Ethereum Asics and such was a different proven story..These coins are not at the invest 5k asic level when better hardware will come out in the future diminishing its value overtime and very quickly…. More supply equels less Value its exactly Why The Dollar is Failing and is constantly worth less .. How do you think Kaspa is gonna be any different then the fate of Kadana Asics and the cash cow they were supposed to be….

  2. Has anyone had this delivered to them when they purchased one yet? I keep seeing youtubers who have one on loan (only one) or access to one remotely but I am concerned that I haven't seen or heard of anyone ordering one and then getting it delivered and delivered on time.

    In otherwords, do they actually have the production volume to deliver the number of units that they are preselling?

  3. Dang, that video had some nasty noises going on in the background all along lol
    My brother Rabid, did you buy that unit with your money or did they send it for free to you?
    I would love to get my hands on one of these units just for mining on my ETC mining pool lol
    Have a great week ahead ❤

  4. Thanks for the video Rabid!

    Mine should be here before the weekend.

    I'm glad to see the good user interface & glad to see other algorithms will be coming soon. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for another great video… that looks like a sweet unit to get .. might see if I can get the single fpga version… 3 teenagers are expensive hard to find that much spare cash lol

  6. Yea man … idc i cant wait for my E100 to get here … will deff make a video … i ordered the noctua one too … only have one video so far … need more content lol

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