too much GPU Mining POWER tripped my PDU.

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[Music] [Music] he [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day I am in my first crypto mining basement here as you all know I got a bunch of GPU mining rigs mining but I have run into an issue so I I have decided to mine a few other coins and when I was switching in hios I blew I guess a breaker on my tripl light pdu here 240 volt 30 amp pdu okay this guy right here this is actually one of my first pdus I ever got back in like I think it was like 2018 2017 when I got this triplite pdu for like I don't know $300 $350 Canadian off Amazon and yeah this thing has been quite the Workhorse but I believe because I switched some flight sheets on three of my GPU mining rigs here the OCTA miners with uh these are this one here is a 6700 XT rig uh this one is a RTX 3090 rig just six of them and then I have 12 a2000s so these three were just fine before I think I was mining like something low power like a lithium and or radiant or something but then I decided to switch I think two of the rigs to mining narai which is a kapow coin so I think normally on this Bank all right this is a 240v 30 amp uh pdu but there's two 15 amp Banks so I believe each Bank should theoretically go up to what 3600 Watts but I was definitely trying to stay within the I guess the uh 80% rule which should be you know less than what 3,000 Watts or so and uh I think it pulled more than 3600 WS so I thought this would be I don't know a good video to make just in case I don't know anyone else runs into an issue like this or I mean it's it's not an issue it's more more so a mistake that I did myself here okay so you can see I I haven't been back to the basement for the past 3 days so these rigs have actually been off for the past 3 days so if we go to octom minor 01a okay this is the 3090 rig and I have the flight sheet on Al lithium now I think it was on narai before so now if I go back to the other one here my A2000 rig okay this one's off as well but this one's on uh XNA narai which is kapow okay and now if we go back to the uh third rig this is the I believe 6700 XTS and I wanted to do naray on this one as well okay so I didn't realize that it would I guess blow the breaker on that pdu so what I'm going to do first I'm just going to turn on the rigs slowly here and then you know since these are in octom miners they should you know see the power consumption uh exactly and I guess I didn't gauge that too well so hopefully this should report what uh once I turn on the couple of the rigs here so let's go ahead and I guess to enable the breaker on the pdu I have to press it okay so you can see I got two different banks here bank one and then Bank two so I'm going to hit it and uh I think once I do do that yeah okay so I just clicked it down okay now looks like the rigs are coming back on I I guess I can't really turn them on one by one anymore uh let's see no the 6700 XT rig turned on you know what I think I can turn on the A2000 rig okay yeah these are the octom miner X12 Ultras so they don't turn on automatically I know the 3090 rig looked like it's on but the motherboard and one of the gpus is not on it's not actually on it's just I don't know why it's like that but anyways uh let me just see how much power we're using with the A2000 rig and then the 6700 XT be right back okay so here are the two rigs a 26700 XT rigs they're mining XNA both combined are taking about almost 2,000 Watts okay so if I just did some quick math here so 15 amp time 240 volt I'm just doing it by one of the banks on the trip light so that'd be about 3600 Watts now if I times this by let's say8 okay for 80% rule then the max I should really go on that bank is 28 2900 Watts so if I'm already using like pretty much 2,000 Watts here and actually we can verify this on the pdu itself cuz there is a meter on it right so we are at okay we are at 10 amps so what's 10 amps time 240 that means I'm probably using almost 2400 Watts so if I turn on my 3090 rig right now that's definitely going to pull more than I think 3, maybe 3600 Watts if I'm going to be mining a lithium which I think each GPU was taking about 150 160 Watts so I think my issue here is I should change my 67 XT rig over to a lower algorithm coin but right now I guess for mining right now for AMD cards the Kapow algorithms are where it's at and in terms of profitability as well and more so I'm not really caring about profitability I am you know kind of spec mining a few different other things here um you guys may see I do have a random X on nice hash here and uh actually I am testing out nice hash on a lot of my not a lot just like four three other C few mining rigs right now as uh that seems to be doing quite well in terms of I guess uh profit wise okay so I'm just testing it out right now just a quick update I guess on my CPUs just a few of my CPUs I am getting a whole bunch more okay just giving you guys that uh just disclaimer there uh for those that have not been keeping up but I am going to be getting heavy into CPU mining very soon I got a bunch more I got about 15 or 16 new CPU mining rigs coming they're not new but they're uh used you know 30 900s x's and 5950 X's okay I guess my other alternative is I keep these two rigs that I want 82000 and 6700 XT on that pdu and I could probably just move the 3090 rig to another pdu which I have extra uh capacity so 12 amps and 10 amps already used on this pdu so I think that's that's good enough that's Max I want to go now if I go over here I have a pdu that is about let's see 19 amps all right if I go up to 24 then that means I'll hit up the 80% rule so I feel like this one's kind of capped out already if I add the 3090 rig it's going to take more than that so that probably won't be a good idea then I have another pdu here looks like this one is at uh this one is at 9 amps almost 10 amps so I could add the 3090 rig on that one I think that's a better call and then I do have a another P here by itself with nothing so but that's going to be for a bunch of my 5700 XTS which I am going to be getting on real soon here right after this video I'm going to make another video on populating the rest of my octom Miners and then filling up the octom miner wall for this basement okay so I think that's a good idea I'm going to get some longer C13 to c14 pdu cable and get them run up to that pdu so that I can sleep better and knowing that I'm not going to blow or trip a pdu here okay I'll be right back let me uh change that right now okay so I got the rig moved over actually I decided to move the A2000 rig uh to that pdu to this pdu here okay okay so now we're using 13 almost 14 amps there because I did not have well actually I do but I was too lazy so I didn't want to change the uh c-13 to c14 power cables longer cables for the 3090 rig over to uh that pdu so yeah but now we're using 9 amps on this bank for the 3090 rig and now the 6700 XT rig together mining uh I guess we're mining a lithium on 390s and then XNA narai on the 6700 XT so 9 amps there now I should mention the C13 the c114 power cables that I'm using these are from infinite okay C13 to c14 these are the 14 gauge cables okay the ends of them look like this okay to be exact infinite cables sell these for really good price I'll have it linked down below I'm not affiliated with them but they did put my videos on their website which I thought was pretty cool but anyway C13 and c14 these are the 14 gauge cables they do have the 16 gauge and then 18 gauge cabling but obviously it is best to buy the thickest cable gauge possible because the capacity the wattage I guess amperage as well 15 amps capable at 250 volt okay so that gives a lot more capacity available through a a thicker gauge cable like this right you want to have this just to be safe you know the higher gauge you go like 16 gauge or 18 gauge you can see the amp uh capacity is much less right 13 and then I think 11 or 10 amps for the 18 gauge so thicker the cable the better highly recommend uh if you are going to be you know GPU mining or crypto mining that the thicker gauge cabling that you have even for like pcie cables like go to the veteran for thicker pcie cables it's just best to have that so you don't like start a fire or you know have melted cables or anything like that it's always best to have thick power cables for anything you do for crypto mining hopefully that's a a good disclaimer for anyone that's watching this video I mean for anyone that's already on the red panda mining YouTube channel you guys have heard me talk about this a million times before but it's always best practice to make sure you have thicker gauge cabling for your octom miners your regular ATX psus you know HP server psus all that kind of stuff it's just it's it's just best practice uh to have that okay guys I think that's it for this video that's all I want to do stay tuned I'm going to be building some more rigs right now because GPU Mining profitability and just GPU mining in general is going to start exploding here real soon I feel so I feel like yeah it's time for me to start just buckling down and start building my rigs start getting them up and uh enjoy what's to come here so let me know what you guys think of today's video I'll see you all on the next one have a good one peace out

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