Ultimative Mining Rig Maschine Ver2: Bitcoin / Litecoin / DOGEcoin ~3,2MH/s German Deutsch Eng. subs

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Hello my Name is Maurice and today I like
to show you the second version of my DIY Litecoin or DOGEcoin mining rig. You can use it for
a variety of cryptocurrencies and it really shines on scrypt based currencies. It consists
of five Radeon 7950 graphicscards from different vendors. Sapphire boards are best suited.
This one and this one. I would really recommend these if you can grab them. I was not that
fortunate and had to use a XFX board or two XFX boards. This one is an XFX as well. There
is a special thing, you can remove the red cover to get lower temperatures (labelled
Ghost cooling). You can squeeze some more hash out of them this way 🙂
The miner uses version 3.7.2. of CGminer. It starts from a USB thumb drive with linux
operating system. This has several advantages: you don't have to buy a windows license, you
don't have to buy a hard disk because windows will not boot from thumb drives and you don't
have the energy costs related with a hard drive. This miner has successfully solved two Litecoin blocks which have been added to the blockchain.
A few DOGEcoin blocks have also been solved.

I particularly focused on efficiency of the
miner. Okay, you have to buy the 5 graphic boards. The case is just a cheap plastic crate
from the hardware store. It's made of soft plastic which can be easily cut. I, for example,
cut out the front and rear. The mainboard sits on a heat mat which you would normally
use for serving hot pots on your kitchen table. Normally, you would need a power supply with
1200 or 1300 watts to power a miner with 5 graphic boards. I use two power supplies with
850 and 500 watts. Two small power supplies are cheaper than one BIG one.
One last thing in terms of efficiency: I don't use a power on switch. You don't need one
if you setup your BIOS that ways that the device powers itself on after a power loss.
Therefore I use a simple socket with a switch to turn the whole thing on.
This device yields about 3,211 Megahashes per second.

pexels photo 730564

You can see the 5 graphic cards
with their respective temperatures and their hashrates.
The whole system takes in about 1400 watts at the wall and can run very reliable with
these setting 24/7. I spend lots of time on optimizing the software
settings for optimal results with my graphic cards.
The whole system costs about 1700€ (approx USD 2300) which is very cheap considering
you get a machine capable of getting 3,2 Megahashes. I hope you liked the video. I'd love to get
"thumbs up"! Or just subscribe to my channel and don't miss anything. Have fun with mining
of cryptocurrencies 🙂

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