Unboxing a bunch of mining hardware.

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[Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream good morning happy Saturday to all of you is it the first is it the first Saturday of of 2024 yes it is what a great what a great week what a great week how how was your guys week how is it good good night from India oh my God it's it's night time in India what's up man uh minor Hut domg trainman hobbyist Miner all Trak all track uh tot cow China smell Co JK don't Lynch me Alexander Fleer what's up kto founder techman Chris javious SM does the S21 have that China smell when you Power It Up hobbyist Miner that's that's racist no just kidding Miner you have you seen the movie have you seen the movie Dune have you seen the movie Dune where you know they're in that when uh what's his what's his name like the the the prince or the king or whatever goes into the meeting with not the meeting but like he's about to die and he has like he he has the like like the poison in his in in uh in his mouth and he's going to like and when that guy goes to his face that's that's me like when he goes up into the ceiling that's me every time I open up a every time I open up a new box it's just like am I going to get sick and I'm talking about the the like the latest Dune movies not like the old old Dune movies I've seen the old old Dune movie it's it's great okay love it all right um old or new Dune the new Dune uh Brian Hollywood smells like money yes geek of all trades yo what's up man good morning geek of all trades are you streaming today travel is travels no Co in my box I promise all right so we're unboxing a bunch of stuff I got sent stuff from hi OS um jingle mining uh Rusty Krypto rusky crypto cave this the parallel parallel minor which I ordered myself not sponsored who else um Financial failure sent me something is financial failure in the chat and uh some other some other stuff I think um so let's do it Max voltage good morning Alexander Fleer he who controls CA controls the Universe I I I hope I hope to God for everyone's sake I hope so um all right so first package is from Mr Travelers travels thank you to my trusty altered component knife yeah this is the best knife ever all right so travel is travels is in the chat right now he has sent me something and I'm afraid to open it um Raptor mining what's up man Raptor mining what's up um Panda should do weekly hash giveaway um I could yes I mean I was actually uh thinking of doing that recently with the S21 okay all right I see something slightly I see something slightly ra either racist or stereotype or funny against because it it says pandon it Travelers travels ah this is great man this is great I love it I love it Panda Express Chopsticks this is Chopsticks Chopsticks from Panda Express oh my God so good so good ah all right dude you have a dude all right you got you got package packaging let's put this over here all right oh what is this dude you sent me some books Japanese vintage collection oh dude guitar book what dude this is sick yes Travelers travels bro this is so sick dude thank you thank you this is so nice man I know you're a guitar guy I'm also not I'm I'm a guitar guy too but not like uh you know religious but like I I love guitar dude awesome sick thank you all right you got some package more packaging in here um let's take it all out oh what oh my God what is this what oh my God okay okay hold on I'll take the box away now anything El else in this box no all right travel is travels bro what is this what is this S9 13.5 terahash S9 I have never had an S9 in my life that's pretty sick thank you travel is travel say did you put a new fan on here this is this thing looks brand like this thing looks brand new this fan is like did you use this at all for the heat bit you H the heat bit kit you have oh ah yes yes I have uh one of those heater things yes but I never I've never it's the 3D printed um thing but yeah nice very nice thank you man sick travels travels sick man you know what we'll turn this on we'll turn it on uh actually no I need I need a uh actually before we turn it on I need a power supply which I have a parallel minor order that I ordered like two weeks ago just came in so well we'll do that we'll do that so let me thank you thank you for this man thank you for the books and the Panda Express Chopsticks that's ah That's too great man than I'm going to put this I'm going to put this right here okay we'll turn it on we'll turn it on uh in a sec okay we'll turn it on in a sec all right um next package let's do the let's do the hios one oh my God hios sent me this massive I don't know what it is okay so travel is travels thanks so much man thanks so much um hio has sent me this and I just realized I think I'm bleeding I think I cut myself uh travels travels what did you do to me what did you do to me bleeding what do I didn't even feel that what happened did I I didn't even touch anything the hell hold on need tissues I didn't touch anything what happened okay um what did I get bit no something bit me wow oh my God this uh it's it's a circular it's circular can you guys see that come on camera focus focus focus focus it's a circular bite that is I have travel is travels what you have like dude is there a spider in here ow oh my God I yeah it's it's some yeah this is this is a spider bite or something massive oh my God yeah yeah cuz it's bleeding it's bleeding in dots it's not yeah this is bleeding I'm bleeding in dots this is so [Music] weird what the what the hell am I going to die is this where I die is this where is this where red panda dies it's bleeding in dots this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen look at that it's bleeding in dots oh my God okay I need to take I need a I need to take a I need to drink some water oh all right there we go what is this this is a spider bite this is the weirdest bite I've ever seen in my life well we'll see if I uh survive the rest of the [Laughter] day okay let's open this hion package oh my God okay I'm feeling I'm feeling dizzy right now all right ah excuse me I'm still sick from the flu or whatever the hell I have ah okay all right I'm trying to I'm trying to open it but my my finger is just bleeding non-stop I'm trying ah it's going all over it's going all over the Box okay all right hi Vos you sent me uh okay I'm I don't uh this is I don't think this is a minor okay they sent me gloves wish I had these earlier um travel is travels what did you say something bit me what is this hi vs what did you s what is this is this a light okay this is a light uh okay there's an a box within another box here hold on [Music] user manual 1525 what is this you'll receive the following R light frame installation okay all right this is a all right this is a picture of some sort okay hold on hold on let's open let's open this thing you know what let me H let's take out this box okay oh man oh my God oh my God it's a portrait of something that's a picture oh man okay some more tools for the picture frame okay here it's a portrait of looks like me or of a red panda if they actually drew me that'd be funny like oh man this is this is pretty cool this is pretty cool hiess what is this wow wow even sent a letter H or is this a letter okay hold on finger is still bleeding uh let's see what it says American Greetings you deserve all the happiness and holidays can hold and then some Merry Christmas hivon team 2023 ah yes ah this is supposed to be a Christmas present yes this the delay in shippings were terrible this year thank you Ivon thank you thank you now let's see this uh let's get this out let me take off this see the pick in all of its Glory a that's so sick yeah how can I here oh yeah reminds me of um Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy uh what's his name rocket dude that is that that's pretty pretty that's pretty sick he's actually a [Laughter] panda okay you know I'm curious about this light I'm curious about this light how does this uh I I want to see if it lights up hold on um okay hold on it looks like I plug it in I just plug it into here and uh this okay hold on dude something bit me man this this is bleeding uncontrollably usually like a cut would stop bleeding after like dude what is going on what is this all right all right let me turn it all right let me turn on this plug it in oh yeah that is whoa that's sick okay you can turn it on and off dude dude dude this light this light takes 18 18.7 Watts 18.7 Watts I find that funny that's pretty funny this is nice man oh my God yes hios that's hion thank you that's awesome red feret my oh my God that is sick that is awesome I will definitely uh hang that somewhere I will hang that somewhere good stuff thank you thank you thank you thank you if hivon is here Chuck danger raccoon pretty much looks like a raccoon red panda uh maybe a maybe a skunk they're all the same family that's sick good stuff okay got turn this off thank you iOS that's a very very kind gift very very kind very thoughtful uh Christmas gift even yeah even though I know shipping was shipping was really terrible the past like two weeks so that's why I came late wish I could open it earlier but thank you thank you so much thank you so much okay let me put this somewhere oh safe watch me drop it and break it definitely going to frame that or hang it up somewhere I don't know I need somewhere I need somewhere with power all right okay let's keep it going next package next package we got lots of unboxings to do oh Christmas time was uh Christmas time was supposed to be a lot of giveaways but I I didn't get them in time um all right a pirate what flag are you taking off for the portrait uh I might hang it upstairs I don't think I'm going to hang it downstairs okay all right this is from rusky's crypto cave ah it's a banner yeah speaking of oh stickers let's see ah yes resies crypto cave resky thank you so is resy here I don't think he's here but thank you thank you sir we'll add this to the sticker wall box I need to make a new sticker wall and then you got me one of your banners yeah oh yeah dude hell yeah dude this is nice dude I like the qu the quality of this of this Banner this flag is really nice that's sick good stuff resy thank you so much man rescue's crypto cave that's sick that's really cool I love it I love it yeah I'm I'm running out of wall real estate for for all the banners and stuff seriously L I'm running out of space resy thank you so much man that's sick I need to add this to the sticker box I need to make sure I don't lose those all right um ah RPM you need a first aid in the basement yeah I know I do I do I I've never seen it's like this is like some sort of like flesh eating disease or something it it's very weird because it's bleeding in dots like it's not bleeding like a cut it's bleeding in dots I've never seen that before never seen that before um Raptor mining yes Raptor mining can I send yeah dude if you want to send me your sticker I'm down I'm down Yeti don't worry my pen I've ran out of wall space for banners already Yeti D miners my dude happy New Year happy New Year man happy New Year bro all right next package what's the next package um okay uh let's do what do you guys want to do I don't know let's let's just do what's this one uh all right what's the this one okay let's open this one I don't know who this is from it didn't say a name that I recognized all right ah all right who what is this what the oh my God uh um okay this looks pretty cool what is this well I'm bleeding all over the table what is this I'm scared I'm very scared I'm scared for my life this is just is this just pack this is just packaging it's packaged it's packaging in a plastic bag that's awesome oh my God oh my God uh oh uhoh I think it broke but is this from is is this from Charlie oh my God Charlie Lynn dude wow okay that's pretty I'm going to have to glue I'm going to have to glue this piece back on but that's that's sick dude Charlie bro looks like you sent a letter here let's read this can I read this yes this is from Charlie all right I'm going to read this I say I can read this there's nothing incriminating uh there's nothing incriminating in here all right it says hey uh dear red pen I hope you're doing well Merry Christmas in advance the little red pen your figuring is is finally ready looks like it's all good except when I got to your ear it fell off so I had to apply some glue to put it back on but when I was trying to do that the glue was so strong that my thumb was glued to your head for once you can still see the marks my finger left there some more glue while still the liquid form even trickled down your face making it look like you are sweating from the heat of mining I hope you will like it all the best Charlie Lynn ah Charlie Lynn such such a a thoughtful very very thoughtful gift thank you good sir dude that's this is pretty sick man that that is awesome Charlie thank you good sir if you're watching this after the fact really sick man thank you holy crap did you dude this is like is I'm assuming this is handmade yeah I can see the glue here yeah I'm definitely sweating that's awesome that's that's awesome Charlie Charlie Lynn thank you good sir that's sick this is man that is so cool that's going in my like trophy room all right so awesome Charlie man I'm I have no words right now this is this is so cool I have no words and you put in such a nice box red box as well might I add ah all right that's it putting this out over here thank you again Charlie good sir all right oh next one next package all right next package ah this one's got a lot of incriminating information on the box so I'm just going to open it like this hopefully it doesn't show anything all right I think this one's from I think this one is is from uh greater good mining slash uh uh Financial failure um I think I saw greater good mining here greater good mining what's up bro what's up man what's up what did you send me oh boy oh boy there's a whole letter in here and everything oh my god let's see oh my God okay hold on my hold on I need to wipe my finger okay all right oh my God all right what's going on here okay first off we got a great good mining sticker okay I love it this is really nice actually great a good mining hello good sir all right I need to read this hey RPM here's that flag that Financial failure sent to me to forward to you also here's a picture of Kermit the Frog telling his boss to f off Bitcoin is up 10% in a week my boss why were you so late me watch your mouth be grateful I'm even here SM see you in the live streams brother and don't forget to keep it decentralized for the greater good the greater good like he does in his videos greater good mining bro I love it bro that is so funny Bitcoin is up 10% my boss why were you so late me watch your mouth oh my God so good 10% I oh man so good so good I need to take a sip of water here hold on oh my God that was so good ah great a good mining I love it man thank you thank you okay um let's open up this one uh this is a I'm assuming this is a massive uh looks like a uh a poster Banner uh type deal let's see as I'm getting blood all over it okay uh okay what's going on here Financial ah dude nice man I wish I could show I wish I could show the whole thing on camera here but it's like all right potential failure Financial fa I learned to learn f+ and then the money of the burning of the American dollar there I I love it I love it Financial failure thank you for this bro I will definitely I will definitely hang this up somehow this is a massive Banner this is a massive this is I this Banner is huge man holy love it okay I need to roll it back up this is this is really nice different material from all the other banners I've had okay hold on I'm just rolling it Financial failure thank you great a good mining thank you for relaying it relaying this all right so I got resies and then Financial failures banners Ah that's so sick okay all right that was that was cool all right what's the next one uh okay I have a little small one here but it has a bunch of uh information on here so I'm just going to open it like right here it's a little tiny box I don't know I don't know what this is crypto X Miner bitm is selling right now 70k containers what's that red pen I'm mining uh yeah Bitcoin container what's this what's this little guy [Music] huh what jingle Miner huh what is this uh what what do I do with these Lily Lily go Lily go oh BTC minor USB minor oh these oh this is a oh it's one of these uh little USB miners oh okay okay okay uh how how much um I'm assuming gigahash there's no way that there's no way this is going to do a terahash or not even not even uh not even uh gigahash maybe megahash 55 Kash F SE mat electron what's up man overboard Tech what's up 78 Kash oh it's not even it's not even in it's not even in the megahash OR wow that's really small so how do you how do you you just connect it USB into the PC or is it like you have to do windows connect like this is not you need a host device to power this up this this is really small man holy smoke this is this is r b Jingo mining thank you thank you for sending me this um uh you know what we'll probably do giveaway actually I just realized I opened up a package last week I actually have one right here as well I forgot to open this this is another one so I have three of them yeah definitely got to do a giveaway definitely I I don't I don't need these um oh that's really small 55 Kil 55 Kash so what's what's the yeah I got another one I got another one right here is it the same thing yeah it's the same thing okay so I got three of them here how does it get internet uh is it through the computer or Wi-Fi um no via Wi-Fi and just give it power oh oh that's pretty cool I guess it uses one watt oh interesting okay well um how about tomorrow tomorrow I'll give away too tomorrow's live stream tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow's live stream remind someone remind me tomorrow let's let's let's let's give away both of these tomorrow all right you guys want to do that or no does anyone want these how much are these how how much are these things I'm assuming they're like $20 $50 oh wow that's I mean would you buy an old S9 for $50 or one of these for $50 we don't want them Yeti you shipping over the pond I mean something this small Yeti it would probably get lost on the on the boat none but all right nobody wants this no nobody wants it nobody in the live chat said they wanted it all right that's that's how that's how sad this thing is oh my God all right well forget it give it away another day all right okay um thank you jingle mining thank you all right let's keep it going let's keep it going all right um okay next package let's go let's keep it going greater good mining look at your sticker band love it I also have your mouse pad greater good mining I love this mouse pad I use it religiously I use it I love it okay what is the next package hold on I need to clean up I need to clean up hold on um okay this is mounting hardware for the hi picture which I freaking love smash the like Bros let's get to 100 likes yeah is almost at 100 okay um all right next package let's do this one what's this one I don't know who this is from let's see also if nobody wants one I'll take one Smokey 10 [Music] okay Bitcoin merch oh boy why did they send me okay okay Bitcoin merch I'm must I think I know what this is I think I know what this is I think it's a I think it's a hard drive Miner your portal to crypto has arrived Evergreen minor.com it's an evergreen minor wait Bitcoin oh my God a Pokemon card an evergreen Miner when did Bitcoin merch start selling these interesting interesting I this is a this is the is this uh this is the Chia Miner man I haven't looked at mine forever um you know what I'm I'm going to give this away I'm definitely going to give this away but this is pretty nice this is the is this the Vos coin uh orange Edition it's a nft not a Pokemon card yeah I I know I know I know I know it's an nft I know I was just I was just I was just joking I just it looks like a actually doesn't look like a Pokemon card it looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh looks more looks more like a Yu-Gi-Oh card um Tails Edition ah this is the tals Edition okay interesting interesting okay well um we'll give this away then this is pretty cuz I don't need any more I definitely don't need any more Chia stuff um but that's cool that's really cool ever uh Bitcoin merch thank you thank you for sending this to me that's awesome well we will uh I guess I should include the nft inside here okay and uh this is the power oh this is the power supply for it oh yeah this comes with yeah this comes with all the uh daisy chaining of the power supply yeah all right pretty sick pretty cool thank you Bitcoin merch thank you thank you awesome awesome comes with uh ethernet cable too okay all right oh someone remind me I don't know we can do that tomorrow maybe we can do that tomorrow or uh I can incorporate this into a video yeah maybe that that'll be that'll be easier okay these guys okay all right all right next unboxing you know what let me put this let me put this over here paint it red and plug it in okay next unboxing all right let's do you guys all right we got two left you guys want to do the ice rer one or the uh uh parallel minor one I'll remind you of that 20 GP t Chuck danger you can you are banned all track have a good one bro ice River parallel ice River everyone wants to see ice River uh it's just it's a it's just a it's just it's another this is a yeah this is definitely a this is definitely a KS zero um but the thing I'm going to be doing with this thing is uh yeah this is a KS Z Pro um I'm going to power it with an HP server PSU and the veteran Miner uh he has a new Barrel plug that you can plug in to a typical breakout board uh so once I get those cables in I will be that's what I'll be using this for stuck comes with a PSU that's the thing about these ksz Pros it's really it's really stuck in this foam which is great pain to get out there we go oh this one has like more stickers on it KS even has a KS zero sticker oh yeah k z Pro high [Music] temperature okay yep so I have a I have uh once I get it in I'm going to try the new Barrel plug connector uh to six pin power from uh from veteran minor so I don't need I don't need to use this I essentially I don't need to use this cable I'll be using a veteran minor going into a HP server PSU awesome uh thank you thank you to I think it was crypto Miner Bros for this one pretty cool pretty cool stickers add hash rate I don't know I don't know um okay uh okay okay would love to see a video for the z9 mini uh yeah I have the z9 mini sitting right there it's it's been staring at me for the past couple weeks I I've been I I'll I'll get to it once I uh I'll get to it I'll get to it okay all right putting this over here okay last unboxing is going to be my parallel Miner unboxing uh parallel Miner order oh it's it's huge I ordered a lot I ordered a lot like 20 power supplies I'll show you guys what I ordered I hope it's oh these boxes are heavy not sponsored okay not sponsored by parallel Miner all right so there's okay there's some incriminating information here he uh all right we got a bunch of okay I ordered I ordered I almost cut myself I ordered a bunch of these the 14 00 watt oh there's another box in here box within a box okay hold on ah lot of power supplies a lot okay okay so that's good that's the first box uh let me open up what's this [Music] ah ho [ __ ] holy crap okay oh it comes with all the little uh okay so these power supplies okay these are all the breakout boards these little adopters okay so okay so these are all the X11 uh these are all the X11 breakout boards which wey I want to try right now actually this is the last unboxing so let me yeah I want to try this right now who wants to see if we're going to have a fire in this live stream right now let's see if we're going to have a [Music] fire all right all right how clean are these these look pretty clean oh yeah all right these are the 14 uh what is this 1,400 watt Max 200 to 277 volt yeah okay and then they came with the adapters right these power supplies are what $20 or $17 on Parallel minor again not sponsored but I'm going to try this I'm going to try this adapter this goes in like okay that's really hard that's really hard to put in okay I had to I had to really put some Force okay so that's in there all right now will one of these X11 adapters work in this Dell power supply let's try it Yep looks like it fit 1,400 Watts of goodness this total together this is $40 for this setup now I know a lot of people have reservations regarding their breakout boards personally I've never had an I had one issue with the zsx amp board um I have a bunch of x11s I haven't had any issues with these um but I heard there was a a a pretty big bad uh a pretty big a big batch a bad batch of uh these X11 boards and I think uh z ax2 Oh I need to drink some water ah ah their breakout boards with the amp readout is terrible and they won't refund them after the warranty uh I've heard many people been able to get uh I've heard many people able to get refunds even after the warranty um but anyways I've been I've been pretty happy with their stuff I haven't had many issues except for one um so I'm going to let's turn this on let's turn this on let's turn this on actually no hold on I got to unbox all the other stuff there's still one more box so I ordered a bunch of breakout boards I guess we'll see how many fail over time I I'll keep you guys updated um so I'm going to keep that box over here okay let's move this over and I have another box right here H this one's really heavy extremely [Music] heavy okay hold on this all right I'm going to have this box is so big I'm going to have to put on my lap and just oh yeah so I not only did I order the 1400 Waters but I also ordered a bunch of 750 Waters I love these these are my I think I I love the 750 watt hp server PSU they're just such a strong such a reliable power supply I love it ordered a whole bunch 10 10 of them to be precise 10 750 watts and 10400 watt Dells all right so that's oh my God my place is a mess again just boxes everywhere ah okay ah okay lot of power supplies hell yeah oh yeah oh yeah 750 watt ah these are these are pretty clean they have like little rubber grommets on the bottom I love 750 Waters L these are pretty good pretty good okay uh let me see if one of these breakout boards will fit uh let's see all right all right we'll see if that works okay I want to turn on the S 9 I want to turn on wait what time is it is uh rabid mining streaming what time is it right now is rabid mining it's 959 oh my God exactly 10 is rabid mining streaming is Mr rabid mining streaming um why 750 watt over 1200 uh Chuck danger well for one p Miner was selling the 7 the 750 watts for I think 178 $15 the the 1200 watt hp server PSU ones were TW were $90 plus I wanted to have a lot of 750 Waters because I was going to do um a couple small rig setups on these plus the efficiency range of 750 watts is in the middle like 400 to to to 550 Watts or something for for the 94% Platinum uh if efficiency range so yeah it's uh that's why I got these it's good it's good to have I need a lot I need to have a lot of spares anyway so yeah okay let's power one up let's power one [Music] up uh okay uh let's see I need to plug this into the pdu okay let's let's try this one [Music] first got a light am I going to get shocked yeah obviously I don't have I don't have anything plugged in uh okay how much power uh how much power does a S9 take uh Max voltage stop pressing the power buttons on the break up boards those things I think will fail on the breakup the most on the breakup boards I've never had any of them fail I've never had any of my power buttons fail I have like 50 of them over the past three years I never had I've had one zsx amp board break yes not not the X11 though I I've heard many people I there many experiences with these with a lot of people and I think it's I think it's due to the big bad batch that they had um they even said it uh Max um how much watts does uh Travelers travels 800 watts Max okay so this this will not work this 750 watt will not work uh let me Let's uh I need to take a sip of water no the 750 W not okay so I have the 1400 watt 1, 1400 watt Dell let's try this I've never had I've never had a Dell um power supply and this crazy looking adapter on the back I've never I've never uh I've never played with one of these before so let's uh see if it blows up I don't know if I trust that look at that I already feel air I already feel cool air coming out okay will this open oh it's loud oh oh oh no it was [Music] loud it just clicked on me it just clicked okay looks pretty good I mean 1,400 Watts it was it it did a little fan noise in the beginning but uh it's it's uh it's okay now all right let's power the S9 let's power the S9 with this thing here let's try it let's try it let's see if we get any smoke from Travelers travels S9 beautiful beautiful S9 um oh I need oh I need nine crap I need nine PCI cables oh boy that's going to be that that's that's going to be an issue I don't have nine PCI cables with me I just realized that nope never mind I cannot power it on ah crap I should have ordered I forgot to order PCI cables from P Miner or I guess I could order from uh I could order a crap ton from veteran Miner yeah veteran minor.com um gam is smoking down but you're on top chat nope I'm on live chat I'm on live chat um crap where can I get where can I get uh hold on I think I have some PC cables wait is is rabid mining streaming hold on is rabid streaming I don't want to I don't want to go over uh I don't want to go over anyone's uh time here rid mining oh yeah he's streaming right now yeah all right let's go to him let's let's go to rabid um thank you I'll end off the stream here Bros uh but thank you everyone thank you for the packages uh let's see if I forget anyone but uh Financial failure great a good mining thank you for sending that Banner thank you hios thank you hion for the amazing portrait seriously amazing um thank thank you travels travels for the S9 bro I got to pay you back for this I'm going to pay you back uh travels travels you know what travels travels you want one of these travels travels I'll send you this back and something else you want a power supply you need power supply travels travels I'll send you one um what else uh thank you rusky crypto crave thank you so much bro for the banner and sticker thank you Crypt Miner Bros for the ks Z pro thank you to myself for the parallel minor order thank you to uh uh Charlie Lynn for the lovely red panda figurine lovely lovely thank you so much and uh Bitcoin merch for the Evergreen minor which we will give away all right I will see you all in the next video T Swift why are you perpetually sick um it's mainly because of my kid and daycare daycare is a cesspool and like 80% of the daycare was wiped out wiped out um uh Nick Riley when you get a chance look at my rig I want to show you it Nick Riley all right sounds good great or good mining thank you bro everyone thank you guys so much smash the like on the way out you guys have a great day we will do giveaways tomorrow's live stream tomorrow's live stream we're going to give away one of these one of these guys okay okay tomorrow peace out peace out Bros peace out thank you so much thank you so [Music] much Panda raid make sure you panda raid rabid mining let's go see you bros see you see you bye bye bye bye okay

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