What Does 10K Crypto Rig Earn Daily? Chia Farm Template + Bitcoin and Ethereum Comparison

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all right everybody today we're going to jump into 
a template that i've created for a 750 tibia bite   farm this also fits in a little bit better with i 
think the gauges that i want to have pegged here   for the analysis between bitcoin mining ethereum 
mining and chia farming so this hits roughly a   little bit over a ten thousand dollar price 
point which is pretty easy to do on these   other cryptos also and that gives us kind of a 
better bar if people are thinking in their minds   what does it take to scale out to 10x that or 
5x that or 2x that whatever all right so let's   dive in okay so as you can see here i've put 
together a template for a 750 tibi bite farm   this comes in right at about 10 500 for 
this that's in the enterprise offering   if you look at what you would pay outside of 
that for a consumer offering say usb drives   it is quite a bit more so i walk through all the 
things that you need i even have a nice diagram   for you of how to wire this all up in a rack rack 
is included in the cost and i even include things   that are nice to haves that are not included 
in the others like power conditioning because   power conditioning is something that you 
should be thinking of if you are looking at   a mining operation i will say this you cannot 
really get cost-effective power conditioning   at scale for a bitcoin or a gpu farm they are 
just too expensive however you can get that nice   security in a chia farm because again incredibly 
low wattage so this includes your plotting machine   which comes with 256 gigabytes of ram so that'll 
that allows you to run a full instance of mad max   in your ram this also comes with 80 10 terabyte 
sas hard drives now some people have asked me   isn't it better to go with a larger size so i 
did some comparison also on that and you can   definitely go with a larger size and you do lower 
the number of disc shells you need however this is   ten dollars per terabyte if you look at what the 
best offering for the 18 terabyte and all these   things links below in the description if you're 
interested in any of them but the 18 terabyte   does have a 280 price point here as well there's 
a few here that i think you know i love the hc   uh 550 lineup of drives these have no warranty 
i checked the serial number on this these have   no warranty this seller does not allow returns 
so be very careful if you were to go with those   in particular i do like them at 275 but even at 
the 279 i think the make offer button here would   allow you to get those for even a cheaper price 
but even if you got them at 250 that's still more   than ten dollars per terabyte and since you're 
buying such a number of them that really doesn't   scale out to be more cost effective actually it 
cost as much as the entire project just in hard   drives to get to that same 750 tibi bytes so if 
we look at 800 tibi bytes and we divide that by 18   you can see that we need 45 disks to get there if 
we take that and multiply that out times even 250   you can see that that is 11 250 so even at if you 
could get them for 250 you're looking at a higher   total cost for the project now what would you be 
able to shave off if you were to go that route uh   one of these cables and one of these uh jbods and 
one of these rail sets so that would technically   still be more cost effective to go this route 
i would say you would want to start considering   that at a break-even price if you saw them at the 
if you saw 18 terabyte drives roughly at about 240   dollars then i would definitely say you would want 
to go that route so let's take a look here at what   it costs if you were to go with it just a consumer 
chia farm so this is five 10 port usb powered hubs   50 of the 16 terabyte external hard drives 
these are usb or 45 of these wd 18 terabyte   hard drives now what's interesting here is yes 
these are substantially more expensive price per   terabyte but they come out if you are looking 
at the 16 terabyte or the 18 terabyte to be   the same cost per terabyte in the usbs uh so yeah 
there is one thing you definitely need a bunch of   plugs that's 14 plug expanders so that is a lot 
of plug expanders that you're looking at there   and i do recommend that people have a ups that 
they plug the back side of those cables into this   came out to a whopping 15 500 ish dollars that's 
a good amount of money uh additional over what   you're looking at for the enterprise chia farm 
here that is basically including a half rack   and can scale out to probably or you could fit 
two units quite readily inside there and be it   about 1.2 pebby bytes i would like to point 
out if you are looking at getting into a chia   farm and you want none of the headache of how to 
set it up you just want it to plug in and work   and that's it then give evergreen a check out 
they've got pre-built solutions from one to six   pebby bites and those come in nice half racks 
and full racks and while the cost per terabyte   is higher you have to look at what the cost to 
plot a pebby byte looks like if you are at a 10   cent per kilowatt rate you're looking at 
roughly 105 dollars to plot a pebby byte   so if you are in the eu and you have 35 or 45 
cent uh electricity that cost all of a sudden   is hundreds and hundreds of dollars so 350 to 
450 dollars to plot a pivoy bike now i want to   go ahead and toss in a comparison here a lot of 
different people in the comments have been looking   at the 30 70 ti's that i've been recommending 
you can get 11 of them for this price point   and they've been saying those are not the kind of 
cards you would get uh that's not going to be the   kind of earnings that you would get okay so i just 
want to point this out real quick 11 30 70 tis   uh 18 and 41 cents and again this is at a ten 
thousand to ten thousand five hundred dollar   investment point and you can see that that 
is eighteen dollars and forty one cents there   and if we were to go here and do that and go with 
seven thirty eighty tis which you can definitely   get that at those price points because those are 
thirteen hundred dollars a piece roughly on ebay   right now and hit calculate on that you can see 
that we are looking at about 30 okay so 18.39   so i've been pretty spot on with my analysis i 
have been checking the 3080 ti's and they have   come down in price so i do have links to all of 
those things if you're interested in them uh and   the price that you can get them at actually buy 
it now used in the united states does come out to   about 1300 that seems to be where they're pegged 
at even if you were going to auctions that's where   they're usually falling into line at the 30 70s 
going for about 850 to 875 right now shipped so   either which way you go about it seven 30 80 ti's 
is what we'll leave up here because that allows   you to get one board unit cost okay so let's take 
a look at the updated miner that we've got for   our asic comparison okay so this is the s19 pro 
this is 110 tara hash and it is roughly the same   kind of electricity footprint 3250 that we've been 
looking at prior so let's go back here real quick   and we see that either which way we go with that 
we're looking at roughly 18 and 40 cents that's at   13 cents which is the average kilowatt rate in the 
united states now we're gonna take 110 tara hash and we've got 13 cents per kilowatt hour 
and we can see that we're like at 11   and 70 cents for bitcoin and now we're gonna take 
our chia farm and we've got 13 cents we've got   750 tibi bytes that's our plotted size for that 
that's with our 80 drives our four uh essentially   running base units that are hosting those drives 
our electricity kilowatt hours used to farm daily   only 15 kilowatt hours so quite cost effective 
and you can see that our earnings are 12.27   that is at a 13 cent per kilowatt hour 
electricity rate that is the base average   cost of electricity in the united states 
now let's do something fun really quick   let's see what that looks like at the average 
electricity cost in the eu for each of these   so with chia we can see that we're at 10.46 
here so that's you know scaling in kind   of the right direction let's see how that 
plays out when we start looking at an asic okay so we're at about two dollars and 36 
cents after the electricity cost comes out   of that which wow yeah that's eating 
up a ton of the electricity cost there   and let's take a look at what 
that looks like for gpus okay and you can see that we're about at 12.76 
so you can definitely see where there's   a impetus for electrical efficiency in a mining 
operation you can see how that's changed over time   and you can also see that there are certain 
things that definitely are less and less to   almost not at all viable in certain countries 
this is also probably a lot of people in the   united states on the coasts i know that there 
are some people that i've talked to that have   much more much more than a 25 per kilowatt hour 
electricity rate i feel for those people uh that   limits a lot of what you would be able to mine but 
if you look at chia chia still does earn better   than asics at that rate and it is very close 
when it comes to gpus at that rate again if   ethereum were going to continue to be something 
that was mineable into the foreseeable forever   future then that would be one thing however we 
have the merge coming up that is coming up soon   and so that is a huge point of uncertainty for 
anybody out there that is farming so uh one of the   other things i want to point out here if you add 
all these things in to your cart on ebay you can   see that while we've got this as our price here if 
i remove this this is just your base cost uh which hello if i remove that you can see that 
your base cost is about two thousand   one hundred dollars this two thousand one hundred 
dollar base cost scales out pretty well because   all you have to do is slap another jbod disk shelf 
array whatever type of jbod disk shelf array you   want as far as the density and that is a 
very cost effective way to scale because   literally all you need is another set of 
the apc rails a disk shelf and a cable   and that is your next 24 units so i hope that 
that illustrates some of the stuff that we've   been talking about links below again for 
all of this stuff if you are interested in   any of it definitely check those out i want to 
make sure that everybody has good information   accurate information going into any mining 
operation so this is actually accurate information   i know some of the people in the comments have 
not liked hearing some of the stuff that i've   been putting out recently but it is accurate if 
you want to debate me that's one thing but if you   want to debate math that's kind of a different 
thing all right everybody send off let me know   what you're thinking in the comments below also 
you can make sure to hit me up at go spaceport   on twitter the website digitalspaceport.com 
the link to the template the link to all of   this stuff literally all of this stuff so you can 
go check it out yourself you don't have to trust   me you do your own math i've got the links for 
everybody so you can go and check it out yourself   uh do check that out and we have a lot of 
really cool content coming up this week   uh gonna be getting a different type of a start on 
a project so keep your eyes open for that if you   are into crypto i think there's some stuff that 
is in the pipeline that you will be interested in   all right everybody have a great rest of your day 
and we will see you guys next time be sure to hit   like and subscribe and check out these videos for 
more information on your favorite crypto topics


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